Dave Mandl’s Recommended Listening List

  1. African Head Charge: Environmental Studies

  2. Dick Annegarn: Anticyclone

  3. Aqsak Maboul: Onze Danses pour Combattre la Migraine

  4. Art Bears: The World as It Is Today

  5. Kevin Ayers: Joy of a Toy

  6. Albert Ayler: Spiritual Unity

  7. Bela Bartok: String Quartets

  8. Franco Battiato: Fetus

  9. The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds

  10. The Beatles: All of them

  11. Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica

  12. Biota: Object Holder

  13. Bongwater: The Power of Pussy

  14. Jack Bruce: Songs for a Taylor

  15. John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano

  16. Can: Tago Mago

  17. Charalambides: Being As Is

  18. Ornette Coleman: Beauty Is a Rare Thing

  19. Colleen: Colleen et les Bôites à Musiques

  20. John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

  21. Shirley and Dolly Collins: The Power of the True Love Knot

  22. Shirley Collins and Davey Graham: Folk Roots, New Routes

  23. Alice Cooper: Love It to Death

  24. Elvis Costello: Spike

  25. Curd Duca: Easy Listening 3

  26. Miles Davis: Miles Smiles

  27. Deep Purple: Machine Head

  28. Jean Derome & Rene Lussier: Soyez Vigilants, Restez Vivants!

  29. Die Trip Computer Die: We Are Your Friends

  30. Tymon Dogg: Battle of the Wills

  31. Eric Dolphy: Out to Lunch

  32. Nick Drake: Fruit Tree

  33. Julie Driscoll: 1969

  34. The Durutti Column: LC

  35. Electric Light Orchestra: No Answer

  36. Brian Eno: Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

  37. Espers: Espers

  38. Essential Logic: Wake Up

  39. Etron Fou Leloublan: Les Trois Fous Perdegagnent

  40. The Ex and Tom Cora: Scrabbling at the Lock

  41. John Fahey: Return of the Repressed

  42. Fairport Convention: Liege and Lief

  43. Marianne Faithfull: Greatest Hits

  44. Faust: Faust

  45. Fly Ashtray: Clumps Takes a Ride

  46. Fred Frith: Gravity

  47. Serge Gainsbourg: De Gainsbourg a Gainsbarre

  48. General Strike: Danger in Paradise

  49. Grant Green: Green Street

  50. Jimmy Giuffre: Free Fall

  51. Herbie Hancock: Thrust

  52. Henry Cow: Western Culture

  53. Michael Harrison: From Ancient Worlds

  54. The Homosexuals: The Homosexuals Record

  55. Honeymoon Killers: Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel

  56. Mary Hopkin: Postcard

  57. Incredible String Band: The Big Huge

  58. Bert Jansch: Rosemary Lane

  59. Jefferson Airplane: After Bathing at Baxters

  60. Jethro Tull: Benefit

  61. King Crimson: Larks' Tongues in Aspic

  62. The Kinks: Face to Face

  63. Basil Kirchin: Charcoal Sketches

  64. Klimperei: Tout Seul sur la Plage en Hiver

  65. Fred Lane: From the One that Cut You

  66. The Left Banke: There's Gonna Be a Storm

  67. Little Annie: Short and Sweet

  68. Lothar and the Hand People: Space Hymn

  69. Albert Marcoeur: Album a Colorier

  70. Marine Girls: Lazy Ways

  71. Massacre: Killing Time

  72. Paul McCartney: Ram

  73. Meadow House: Tongue Under a Ton of Nine-Volters

  74. Microstoria: microstoria_snd

  75. Christof Migone: Hole in the Head

  76. Piero Milesi: Modi

  77. The Monochrome Set: "Westminister Affair" soundtrack

  78. Thelonius Monk: The Complete Blue Note Recordings

  79. Wes Montgomery: The Incredible Jazz Guitar of

  80. Lee Morgan: Search for the New Land

  81. R. Stevie Moore: Delicate Tension

  82. The Move: Shazam

  83. The Murphy Orchestra: Frankincense

  84. Muzsikas: The Prisoner's Song

  85. New Age Steppers: New Age Steppers

  86. Nico: The Marble Index

  87. Alva Noto: Transform

  88. Laura Nyro: Eli and the Thirteenth Confession

  89. Officer!: Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes

  90. Only a Mother: Naked Songs for Contortionists

  91. Frank Pahl & Klimperei: Music for Desserts

  92. Andy Partridge: Take Away/The Lure of Salvage

  93. Big John Patton: Let 'Em Roll

  94. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Music from the Penguin Cafe

  95. The Pentangle: The Pentangle

  96. Lee Scratch Perry: Arkology

  97. Pink Floyd: "More" soundtrack

  98. The Pop Group: For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?

  99. The Portsmouth Sinfonia: Plays the Popular Classics

  100. Francis Poulenc: Piano Works

  101. Pram: Sargasso Sea

  102. The Pretty Things: S.F. Sorrow

  103. Psychic TV: Dreams Less Sweet

  104. The Raincoats: Odyshape

  105. The Red Crayola with Art and Language: Kangaroo?

  106. Hans Reichel: Death of the Rare Bird Ymir

  107. John Renbourn: The Lady and the Unicorn

  108. The Residents: The Residents' Commercial Album

  109. Marc Ribot: Shrek

  110. Ferdinand Richard: En Forme!

  111. Rip Rig and Panic: I Am Cold

  112. Arthur Russell: World of Echo

  113. Slapp Happy: Acnalbasac Noom

  114. The Slits: Cut

  115. Soft Machine: Third

  116. Bridget St. John: Songs for the Gentle Man

  117. Strawbs: Preserves Uncanned

  118. Sun Ra: Heliocentric Worlds, Vol. 1

  119. Sweeney's Men: The Tracks of Sweeney

  120. Ghedaliz Tazartes: Disaporas

  121. Television Personalities: ...And Don't the Kids Just Love It

  122. Third Ear Band: "Macbeth" soundtrack

  123. This Heat: This Heat

  124. Mayo Thompson: Corky's Debt to His Father

  125. Throbbing Gristle: DOA

  126. Thunderclap Newman: Hollywood Dream

  127. Tindersticks: "Nenette et Boni" soundtrack

  128. Trader Horne: Morning Way

  129. Trees: On the Shore

  130. The Turtles: Turtle Soup

  131. Ultramarine: United Kingdoms

  132. Various: The Fruit of the Original Sin

  133. Various: Guitarrorists

  134. Various: Pillows and Prayers

  135. V-Effect: Stop Those Songs

  136. The Vitamin B-12: Box Set

  137. Stephen Vitiello: Chairs Not Stairs

  138. L. Voag: The Way Out

  139. Tom Waits: Raindogs

  140. Lal and Mike Waterson: Bright Phoebus

  141. Ben Watt: Summer into Winter

  142. Wha Wha Ha: Wha Ha Ha

  143. The Who: The Who Sell Out

  144. Wire: Chairs Missing

  145. The Wilde Flowers: The Wilde Flowers

  146. W.O.O.: Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong

  147. Robert Wyatt: Old Rottenhat

  148. XTC: English Settlement

  149. Larry Young: Into Somethin'

  150. Young Marble Giants: Colossal Youth

  151. Frank Zappa/The Mothers: The Grand Wazoo

  152. Zion Train: Natural Wonders of the World in Dub

  153. ZNR: Barricades 3

  154. The Zombies: Odessey and Oracle

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