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Elysian Fields
Monday, June 2nd, 2014, Noon - 3pm
on Irene Trudel's show

With sultry vocals by Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow providing guitar, vocals and a host of other instruments, as Elysian Fields they have been quietly releasing their jazzy, eclectic albums since the 1990s. Jennifer and Oren were drawn together through the early incarnation of The Knitting Factory where Jennifer worked as a booker. And Oren's worked with the likes of Henry Threadgill, David Murray, Sonic Youth and Jeff Buckley, who also had ties to the Knit Fac. Their latest disc is "For House Cats And Sea Fans" and Elysian Fields drop by to play some tunes for WFMU.

Oumar Konate - Smoldering Electric Guitar from Mali
Saturday, May 31st, 2014, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

The Songhai towns of Northwestern Mali are a hotbed of brilliant guitarists. The late great Ali Farka Toure is still the Songhai guitar king - but now Oumar Konate is making waves with his big, bold sound. As Pop Matters put it: Oumar "shreds like a demon". The young Malian marvel is touring behind his first international release, Addoh (Clermont Music), an intense album recorded as political strife ripped apart his home region. Oumar hits NYC Wednesday May 28 at Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side, Thursday May 29 at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, and Friday June 6 at Meridian23 in Chelsea. But once again we get the Garden State exclusive - Oumar Konate and his blistering band right here on WFMU!

Dan Melchior PLUS The Flatmates
Saturday, May 31st, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T
Two great live sets: Dan Melchior PLUS The Flatmates perform live at WFMU's 2014 Record Fair. Tune in over the radio or watch the live video feed 3:30-5:30pm at or on your smartphone using the WFMU app.

Clay Pigeon visits the Minotaur's Lair
Friday, May 30th, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
As happy, hopeful collectors line up outside the 69th Regiment Armory, their eyes wide as saucers, their wallets fat like stuffed pasta shells, Clay Pigeon will pay a pity visit to Miniature Minotaurs, swapping musical memories and stories of vinyl fetishism all the while wishing they were there too.

Dead Leaf Echo
Thursday, May 29th, 2014, 3am - 6am
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie

Dreampop, shoegaze, ambient, all these words can be used to describe the Brooklyn four-piece, but they aren't easily confined. Centered around LG Galleon's echoing electric twelve string and featuring male often combined with female vocals, DLE's sound focuses more on the ethereal dreaminess reminiscent of '90s era 4AD than the distorted noise common in shoegazers. Dead Leaf Echo will be playing a tribute show for their frequent collaborator Christo Buffam at the Silent Barn on May 31st.

Bodega Pop’s Bollyvault
Wednesday, May 28th, 2014, 7pm - 10pm
on Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Take an action-packed 3-hour tour from the dawn of Hindi cinema to this year’s hottest hits from the indefatigable film factories of Mumbai. Toss back a bottle of Bombay Gin with Bollywood’s biggest lush, K.L. Saigal! Thrill to the lilting highs and lows of Lata Mangeshkar’s fiercest competitors: Shamshad Begum, Geeta Dutt and Rajkumari! Get your hip drive, shoulder shuffle and hair flip on to Hindi funk, soul, disco, rock and hip-hop unavailable on any compilation!

Holly Elson / Moondog
Wednesday, May 28th, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
British film director Holly Elson will appear on Irwin's show Wednesday May 28 between 3-4 pm to discuss "The Viking of 6th Avenue," her upcoming documentary about the miraculous musician Moondog. The film chronicles the wide-reaching influence of this blind musician and longtime New York icon known for his Viking persona. His life was an outrageous adventure, which included befriending Charlie Parker and Benny Goodman, living with Philip Glass, being photographed by Diane Arbus, having his music covered by Janis Joplin, recording a children’s album with Julie Andrews, and performing with Elvis Costello. Moondog was hugely influential and continues to inspire artists today, from Bjork to Philippe Starck.

Steve Bucemi and more tonight!
Tuesday, May 27th, 2014, 9pm - Midnight
The Goddamn Dave Hill Show
Dave welcomes special guests Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Bower from Eyehategod, Comedian Myq Kaplan, and musical duo Yesway from San Francisco.

The New Lines
Tuesday, May 27th, 2014, 9am - Noon
This Is The Modern World with Trouble
This is the Modern World welcomes the New Lines! May 23rd they will be rowing across the Hudson, dinghy overflowing with vintage organs, to officially ring in NYC Popfest week. 60's and early 70's pop psych sounds for our alien landscape. Viva la revolution! But first buy your tickets for NYC Popfest - May 29-June 1.

Split Single
Monday, May 26th, 2014, Midnight - 3am
on Therese's show

Jason Narducy (Verböten, Verbow) stopped by with his band Split Single to play a power-pop tinged set of songs from his excellent new album "Fragmented World" and discuss returning to songwriting after an 8-year hiatus, his time playing bass for the likes of Bob Mould and Superchunk and the burden of having the Sexiest Elbows in Rock Music.

Dungeons & Dragons Live! Part II
Sunday, May 25th, 2014, 9am - 11am
on Imaginary Radio

Yes, it's a D&D game live on the radio! The exciting saga continues in the land of Neverwinter as we are reunited with our heroes: the ancient wizard Quarthon, the muscle-bound king Brodus, the effete and impudent Darby and the completely creepy Creep Lord. Plus the excellent Dungeon Master Lauren of the 20 Sided Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is back! Bring your D20 and don't miss the next chapter of this tale about... well, dungeons and dragons.

Gen Ken Montgomery guest DJing: 7" singles
Sunday, May 25th, 2014, 6am - 9am
Undancing In The Dirt with Thomas Storck
Celebrated sound and mail artist, Minister of Lamination, founder of Generator Gallery and co-owner of the Generator Sound Art organization GEN KEN MONTGOMERY visits Dangerous For The Brain this Sunday to celebrate his birthday and spin 7"s from his personal collection.

The Glass House Project: Lost Hungarian Jewish Music
Saturday, May 24th, 2014, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

The Holocaust in Hungary was especially efficient thanks to government cooperation. But there were exceptions, including a few dozen safe houses set up for Jews in Budapest. The Glass House was one of them - and the The Glass House Project is an all-star Hungarian-American musical collaboration led by Frank London (of Klezmatics fame). Frank and company are using archival sources to recreate the Jewish musical culture lost in the Holocaust in Hungary - as well as to create new and experimental music inspired by the source material. The inspired ensemble hits the stage for the first time at Drom in the East Village this Friday (May 23) and at a free concert at the Museum of Jewish Heritage near Battery Park on Tuesday May 27 - as well as making its first-ever radio appearance right here on WFMU.

Julie Byrne
Saturday, May 24th, 2014, 6am - 9am
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
Julie Byrne's first album-length release, "Rooms With Walls and Windows" (Orindal Records), was originally issued in 2012 on two separate cassettes. Easily one of my favorite records of this year, it is a deeply emotional and spiritual one, due in no small part to her beautiful and intensely poetic lyrics. After finishing up a two-month tour, she stopped at WFMU for a live session and conversation.

Alex Mitchell
Thursday, May 22nd, 2014, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Diane's Peer Pressure guest will be Alex Mitchell, the voice of Circus of Power and NY Hardcore legends, Crucial Truth. We'll hear some of his music and influences, and talk about his rise as a RnR raconteur -- literally-- he is working on his 4th book! Alex will be on at 1pm!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014, 3am - 6am
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie

Since coming to New York, Australian dark duo Vows (formerly Wazu) have been a fixture on the local goth scene. With their synth-heavy sound, danceable beats and haunting male & female vocals they are the perfect highlight for Julie's 3rd annual World Goth Day show. Turn off the lights, feed the bats and enjoy the non-silence.

Sewer Rats
Thursday, May 22nd, 2014, Midnight - 3am
Nickel And Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
NYC's Sewer Rats are a healthy mix of gutter punk and electronics. Features members of God is My Co-Pilot, plus Jason Blackkat and CX Kidtronix, who will also do some guest DJ sets afterwards. Tune in for some proper mayhem.

Joe Frank - Somewhere Out There: "Justine"
Wednesday, May 21st, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour radio dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. May 21st we'll air an episode entitled "Justine," from Joe's SOMEWHERE OUT THERE series. After going thru a devastating breakup, Joe begins stalking his ex-girlfriend late at night. Later a female friend explains to Joe why she's attracted to older men.

Ian McLagan
Tuesday, May 20th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

A true rock legend comes to Jersey City today - McLagan of course was a founding and esssential member of the Small Faces and the Faces, played that mean electric piano on "Miss You" and did two tours with the Rolling Stones and played with just about everyone else, from Chuck Berry to Paul Westerberg. His new album, "United States," comes out next month.

Joe Bataan and Harvey Averne
Tuesday, May 20th, 2014, 9am - Noon
This Is The Modern World with Trouble
The triumphant return of boogaloo super heroes Joe Bataan and Harvey Averne to This is the Modern World. Trouble promises to learn to speak Spanish for their morning visit. No really. DJ extrodinaire Pat Longo will man the wheels of steel. Guaranteed fantabulous stories from the past and plans for the boogaloo future!

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014, 6am - 9am
Marty McSorley's show
LA noise hip hop crew Clipping stop by the studio for a live set. These guys sound like if Bone Thugs and Saul Williams have got Einsturzende Neubauten and Wolf Eyes held hostage in the basement and they are forcing them make party music. Listen in and listen loud.

Andrew Sharpley - "Black Ships"
Monday, May 19th, 2014, 7pm - 8pm
on Do or DIY with People Like Us

Andrew Sharpley (late of Stock Hausen & Walkman and other off-the-wall electronic & improvising outfits) returns to WFMU to present 'Black Ships', a 23 minute nonsense word game in which a tongue--twister becomes increasingly mangled by being fed 30 times through a not-very-good Japanese /Portuguese translation app. The result - a sort of digital update of the old parlour-game Chinese Whispers - is read by his daughter Lia Sharpley over a mutating backdrop of electronic rhythms and acoustic piano. The title 'Black Ships' was the name given to the Portuguese trading ships that first arrived in Japan in 1543. With a nod to the WFMU presenter and exponent of 'uncreative writing' - of which this is an example - it is dedicated to Mr Kenneth Goldsmith.

Melaena Cadiz and Leif Vollebekk
Monday, May 19th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
Irene Trudel's show
Another double delight for Irene's show! First up, Melaena Cadiz, who's been busily preparing for the May 20th release of her second album, "Deep Below Heaven." Cadiz has a touch of a vocal growl underscoring her delicately soulful songs. In 2013, she released a song each month that she put up on Bandcamp as "The Singles Project." For her latest, Melaena was inspired by her Photographer/husband Mikael Kennedy's small portraits of people and places in the American landscape, and by a line from a Sam Shepard story. Melaena plays some of these songs live.

Then Canadian singer-songwriter Leif Vollebekk plays a set, recorded when he breezed through town last month. Vollebekk's vocal style is very reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, but there's a touch of Dylan's improvisational style in his delivery. Lief's songs conjure up the many places he traveled in North America in search of the perfect recorded take on the songs. Leif Vollebekk is in the middle of a tour that leads to the Newport Folk Festival in July, and dropped by to play some songs for Irene.

Surveillance Special with Susan McGregor
Monday, May 19th, 2014, 11am - Noon
on Too Much Information with Benjamen Walker
(on WFMU stream & FM radio & Video)
WFMU's Benjamen Walker is joined by Susan McGregor of Columbia University's Tow Center for Digital Journalism to present a video broadcast all about surveillance: from the streets to the internets. Learn all about hidden sensors, 3rd party cookies, and other covert tracking technology that is being used to follow your every move. Tune in over the radio or watch the live video feed at or via the WFMU app on your smartphone.

Post-Punk From Former-Yugoslavia
Sunday, May 18th, 2014, 9am - 11am
on Imaginary Radio

Special guest music journalist Goran Kompos from Radio Student in Slovenia discusses some music selections from former-Yugoslavia republics and provides context, perspectives and pronunciations.

Leni Stern African Trio: Malian Desert Music, New York Style
Saturday, May 17th, 2014, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

Guitarist / songwriter Leni Stern fell for West African music in a big way. She mastered Malian guitar styles as well as the traditional n'goni lute. Stern did so well that she was invited to play Mali's legendary Festival of the Desert several times. She's even featured in a new documentary film about the festival, Last Song Before the War (screening this Friday at New York's African Film Fest). Tonight Leni and her African Trio will be quite busy right here at home: Right after their FMU session they head to the East Vilage to play at Nublu.

The Black Hollies
Saturday, May 17th, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
on The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T

New Jersey's own Black Hollies return to perform live on WFMU for the first time in over two years. Their latest LP "Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere" (Ernest Jennings Record Co.) has won raves for its melding of swirling psychedelia and sturdy songwriting hooks. The last time the band graced our airwaves, it was an absolutely stunning set. If they manage to muster even a fraction of its power for their upcoming session on the Cherry Blossom Clinic, it's a can't miss!

Joel Selvin, author of the new Bert Berns biography "Here Comes The Night"
Saturday, May 17th, 2014, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes Joel Selvin author of "Here Comes The Night" which chronicles the life and short but prolific career of Bert Berns, the force behind over fifty chart singles including work with Solomon Burke, The Drifters, Emma Franklin, The Isley Brothers, Lulu, Van Morrison, Wilson Picket and tons more!

Steve Fishman
Thursday, May 15th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Steve graced the WFMU studios several years ago as Hugh Cornwell's bassist. Along with touring and recording with Hugh, he is a member of Chrome, who will be embarking on a tour of Europe later this month, as well as being a member of Trashbeat, featuring members of the Damned and Sex Pistols. He also has toured with Paul McCartney and Elton John. Check out his picks on the Peer Pressure segment of Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine, this Thursday. Steve will be on at 1pm!

La Nuit Obscure de L'âme Part Deux with special guest DJ Glockabelle
Thursday, May 15th, 2014, 3am - 6am
Dark Night of the Soul with Julie
The French once again invade the Dark Night of the Soul as Glockabelle returns live to combine her French music collection with Julie's to give an advanced lesson in une marelle musicale française (French freeform) taking you beyond the rudiments of Gainsbourg, Gall & Piaf.

BBQ Special
Wednesday, May 14th, 2014, 6pm - 7pm
Seven Second Delay with Ken and Andy (on WFMU stream & FM radio & Video)
Show up at Andy's house for a hot piece of meat! Seven Second Delay presents a special video broadcast to kick off summer tonight. Listen over the radio or watch the video feed at or on the WFMU app on your smartphone.

Dieter Meier of Yello / Filmmaker Alan Roth
Wednesday, May 14th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
The Duane Train
The legendary Swiss visual artist/singer Dieter Meier will be doing a special interview on the Duane train ahead of the NYC premiere of his new Jazz project "Deiter Meier's Out of Chaos." Meier first made impact as a celebrated European visual artists in the 1970's. In 1979 Swiss musicians Boris Blank & Carlos Peron tapped Meier to serve as frontman for the seminal new wave electro band Yello & the rest is history. Dieter Meier now fronts a cabaret jazz combo that's just as provocative as the work he did with Yello. Duane will be interviewing him ahead of his performance at Le Poisson Rouge May 18th.

NYC based Fillmmaker Alan Roth will also swing by to chat about his new documentary, "The Breath Courses Through Us" (2013), about the early 1960s avant-garde jazz group, the New York Art Quartet. The film focuses on the group’s 35-year reunion, while reaching back through their recollections of their foundations and innovative musical ideas. The year 2014 is the 50th anniversary of this group, and a revolutionary period in jazz music, which declared its existence in the October Revolution in Jazz, in October 1964. The film will premiere on 5/18/14 at Anthology Film Archives in NYC.

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

Dial up some great power pop tunes with the 1-800-Band. They have a brand new 4-track 12-inch EP out on Almost Ready Records.

Amen Dunes
Sunday, May 11th, 2014, 6am - 9am
Undancing In The Dirt with Thomas Storck
Amen Dunes perform live on Dangerous For The Brain. Truly extraordinary acid folk music. Beautiful psychedelic ballads at their most euphoric. They've made another great record - it's called "Love" and it's out on Sacred Bones next week! Record release show is at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn on Thursday May 15th w/ Helm and Hubble"

Saturday, May 10th, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
on The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T

Sharing a member with partying revolutionaries Chain and the Gang, Washington, DC's empowering post-punkers Priests have stirred up a lot of literal and figurative noise with a slim discography of a 7 inch and pair of cassettes. Join them as they make their live WFMU debut in anticipation of their forthcoming inaugural full length, "Bodies and Control and Money and Power," out June 3rd on Don Giovanni Records.

Jeff Murphy of Shoes
Saturday, May 10th, 2014, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael welcomes Jeff Murphy of the Zion, Illinois band Shoes back to the show to discuss the band's 38 year history, their brand new album "Ignition," (their first release in 18 years) and the band's Saturday May 10th show in Brooklyn - part of the Brooklyn Power Pop Festival!

Sam Moss
Saturday, May 10th, 2014, 6am - 9am
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
Songwriter and string player Sam Moss stopped by WFMU recently, during a long-overdue trip to New York, and recorded a set of mostly original tunes. His latest album, No Kingdom, is his eighth solo release. A track of his was also included on Tompkins Square's Imaginational Anthem, Volume 4, and Sam went on to curate the following volume. The series has featured the very best contemporary guitarists. Sam is also a member of more than one old-timey outfit, including the Howling Kettles. He will be returning to the area for a gig at Pete's Candy Store on Sunday, June 8th.

Doug Gillard
Friday, May 9th, 2014, 9pm - Midnight
on Pseu's Thing With A Hook

Doug Gillard has been indie rock's secret weapon as lead guitarist for outfits like Death Of Samantha, Cobra Verde, Guided by Voices, Bambi Kino, Nada Surf and dozens of others. His fourth solo release on Nine Mile Records, "Parade On" is a riff-heavy ride on the wings of classic pop and rock. Doug will stop by live this Friday on Pseu's show to play some cuts from the new album plus lots more!

Friday, May 9th, 2014, 7pm - 8pm
Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam
Unique prolific producer L'Orange, who recently released a collaborative full length album with Stik Figa, has just unleashed yet another album: his own latest solo work "The Orchid Days" on Mello Music. Orchid, which features guest vocalists on 7 of its 18 tracks including Blu, Homeboy Sandman, and Billy Woods, continues the Nashville based producer's trademark production style of creating an old world mood by building layer upon layer of carefully selected samples - digging deep into old jazzy records and bygone era, often static sounding, classic old radio broadcasts. L'Orange discusses this brand new album and his unique hip-hop production style on WFMU this week when he is Billy Jam's guest on Put The Needle On The Record, Friday May 9th 7pm on WFMU.

Live at Union Square Park
Thursday, May 8th, 2014, 6pm - 7pm
The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon (on WFMU stream & FM radio & Video)
Clay Pigeon does his infamous man-on-the-street interviews with innocent bystanders at Union Square Park in Manhattan. Tune in over the radio or watch the live video feed at or via the WFMU app on your smartphone!

Fredrik Nilsen of the LAFMS
Thursday, May 8th, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
Strength Through Failure with Fabio
Fredrik Nilsen is an integral part of the Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) and has been involved in/with the groups Airway, Bpeople, Doo-Dooettes, and Extended Organ among others. He'll be bringing a bunch a rare recordings related to the LAFMS and its long history, the music and art that has emanated from that crew of experimentalists, and discussing his career as both a musician and photographer.

Zombie Zombie
Thursday, May 8th, 2014, 3am - 6am
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie

Don't let the name fool you, Zombie Zombie is no horror band. They may have become known for their interpretations of the music from John Carpenter films but now they're the ones creating the score. Playing primarily instrumental pieces built around analog synth, drums and other noises, Zombie Zombie is a world apart from previous Dark Night guests but you'll never forget your trip to space with them.

Trouser Press co-founder/co-editor Ira Robbins
Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, 9pm - Midnight
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

Trouser Press began as a mimeographed fanzine in 1974 and quickly grew from there, covering bands that were largely ignored by the mainstream music press of the day. As punk and new wave started to emerge Trouser Press became an enthusiastic champion of those scenes, and the magazine is remembered fondly by many who came of musical age during its run. The subsequent Trouser Press Record Guide books remain invaluable references to non-mainstream music from the '70s through the '90s, as does the website.

Trouser Press recently celebrated its 40th birthday, and co-founder and co-editor Ira Robbins will join Evan "Funk" Davies this Wednesday night at 9pm to discuss its storied history and play some of his favorite records. The festivities continue when Trouser Press co-presents the Brooklyn Power Pop Festival at the Bell House on May 9th & 10th with Dwight Twilley, Pezband, Paul Collins Beat, Shoes and more!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, 7pm - 10pm
on Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Bollywood-influenced Kampuchean synth, French pop made by Southeast Asian immigrants in Paris, rippin’ Lao metal-hip hop, obscure collections by Luk Thung giants and never-heard-before '60s Cambodian rock — from CDs Gary recently plucked off the shelves of Phnom Penh Market and Vientiane Asian Grocery Store in one of Seattle’s most diverse ZIP codes.

Joe Frank - Somewhere Out There: "The Sacred"
Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour radio dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. May 7th tune in for "The Sacred," from Joe's SOMEWHERE OUT THERE series. Joe contemplates futility, paralysis, and his role on life's ant hill. He challenges God to show his presence and demonstrate his power by destroying the radio studio in which Joe sits.

Through Thorn and Brier
Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, Midnight - 3am
on Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet

Through Thorn and Brier represent yet another highlight, another unique voice in the metal-punk hybrid subgenre, doing what they do not quite like anyone else. Serious and hardworking; their releases are direct, brief perhaps, and without one ounce of fat on them. The Good Grief EP is 10 minutes of highly memorable wallop, and the new LP Failure Prone, sees the band still dancing with some short fist-pumpers, but also fleshing out their ideas across a few 6-7-minute songs that show off their abilities and still bring the darkness ("Kicking Out The Coffin Nails" is a personal favorite.) The most ready sonic comparison is Cursed, but for more contemporary reference points, see Low Threat Profile, or Much Worse, but TTAB sound like themselves more than anyone else—no band quite combines sly, sparing, articulate riffing with raw vocals and a throat-grabbing presentation the same way. And the final kicker, the coup-de-grace? Through Thorn and Brier are from Bayonne, NJ, one mere Turnpike stop away form WFMU, and that means a lot, as one of the big reasons we're here is to present community arts. Don't miss these guys; they're mighty mighty, know how to write and execute a song with extreme prejudice, and are sure to be another unforgettable page in My Castle of Quiet live-music history.

Howard L. Feinstein
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, 6pm - 7pm
on Aerial View

On Aerial View this Tuesday, 6 pm, Chris T. welcomes Howard L. Feinstein, Civil Rights Attorney, Musician and author of the new book “Fire On The Bayou: True Tales From The Civil Rights Battlefield,” about his years on the road in the '60s and '70s, prosecuting corrupt sheriffs, KKK members, Neo-Nazis and other perpetrators of hate crimes.

The Safes
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

It's punk rock and roll family style with the safes as Chicago's O'Malley brothers return to WFMU for the third time, touring behind their new album, 'Record Heat.'

Kevin Morby
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, 9am - Noon
This Is The Modern World with Trouble
The wonderful Kevin Morby does a gorgeous solo set on This is the Modern World with Trouble. Kevin will perform a few songs from his super fab "Harlem River" record, AND a few brand new titles! Gasp, sooooo good.

Hallock Hill
Monday, May 5th, 2014, 9pm - Midnight
on Airborne Event

Tom Lecky has been releasing meditative improvised music under the name Hallock Hill since 2011. Hallock Hill's music is primarily made with guitar and, lately, piano, but other instruments and production elements also make appearances. It's careful music full of questioning -- curious, even wide-eyed, though never naive. The music is abstract, but it communicates in a narrative and visual way that's unusual for improvisation. A very special surprise guest will also join Hallock Hill in the studio.

Guitarist Matt Sowell and Diane Cluck with Isabel Castelvi
Monday, May 5th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
Irene Trudel's show
Double delights in live music for Irene this day! Up first, the American Primitive style is strong in Guitarist Matt Sowell's playing. Sowell attributes his first awakening to old-time music through his grandfather Frank, who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. Then, as a furniture apprentice to Nevin Fahs, who runs Red Head Mandolins and is a great guitarist himself, Matt was introduced to unadorned guitar playing from the likes of Missippi John Hurt & Bukka White. Matt Sowell is about to release his 2nd album and visits WFMU to play some of it live.

Then a set by Diane Cluck, the writer of many quirkliy beautiful songs. Diane at age four remembers admiring a friend's piano, later taking lessons, then picking up the electric guitar at age twelve. Her musical travels through the years included some theatre, but about eh year 2000, as she describes it, "...this is when i became part of an artistic community going through a collective awakening." Diane Cluck has just released her newest album, Boneset, and was recently in town with cellist Isabel Castelvi and found time to record this set for Irene.

Arpan: A New Generation of Indian Classical Virtuosos
Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

Arpan is a youthful all-star ensemble of Indian classical instrumentalists led by harmonium player and composer Kedar Naphade. Arpan's FMU session previews the group's participation in a very special yearly happening: The 15th annual all-night Indian classical concert, Saturday night May 10th (into Sunday morning) at the Society for Ethical Culture in Manhattan.

LiveFastDie & Sonic Avenues
Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T
This Saturday, Terre has not one but two fantastic punk rock bands playing live on her show. NYC's LiveFastDie are old skool styled punk that sound like a long lost KILLED BY DEATH band. LiveFastDie have been resurrected to coincide with the release of "Hit Stains," a collection of their long out of print singles. Joining them will be Sonic Avenues, who'll be coming across the border from Montreal to share their high energy power pop with WFMU listeners.

Dwight Twilley
Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, 11am - 1pm
Michael Shelley's show
Michael welcomes power-pop legend Dwight Twilley who will be in town May 9th for a performance at the weekend long Brooklyn Power Pop Festival at The Bell House. The Tulsa Oklahoma native is best known for his two iconic top-20 hits “I’m On Fire” (1975) and “Girls” (1984) and his legendary trials and tribulations through the ups and downs of the music business.

Somnambulism by Serena-Maneesh
Thursday, May 1st, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
Strength Through Failure with Fabio
On thursday, May 1, Fabio will air a recording from a unique live performance of Somnambulism by Serena-Maneesh and vocal ensemble -- an homage to Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim, which was part of the Ultima Festival at Issue Project Room on April 26. Thursday, May 1st, 3-6pm on Strength through Failure.

Peter Stormare on Ramases
Thursday, May 1st, 2014, 9am - Noon
Surface Noise with Joe McGasko
Actor, musician, and producer Peter Stormare drops by Surface Noise to talk about psychedelic mystery man Ramases, who recorded two classic albums in the early '70s for Vertigo Records, Space Hymns and Glass Top Coffin. Stormare's Stormvox Records has issued an amazing 6-CD set of Ramses recordings called Complete Discography, which includes the albums as well as a huge amount of previously unreleased material. We'll hear cuts from the release and find out more about the man behind them.

Kristeen Young
Thursday, May 1st, 2014, 3am - 6am
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie

Julie's first musical guest returns! With her voice and keyboard as powerful as ever, Kristeen returns with her new band, adding bassist Megan X Thomas and drummer Baby Jeff White to heighten the beat and boom of her heart-racing sound. Kristeen plays songs from her forthcoming album, The Knife Shift -- her first release on vinyl!-- as she wraps up a NYC residency and heads off on a national tour.

The Split Squad
Wednesday, April 30th, 2014, 9pm - Midnight
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

The Split Squad began to take shape in 2011, when Keith Streng of the Fleshtones and Michael Giblin of the Parallax Project (and previously of early '90s power-poppers Cherry Twister) started talking about recording some songs together. The band grew to include friends and past bandmates, including Clem Burke (Blondie), Eddie Muñoz (the Plimsouls), and Fenway Park organist Josh Kantor, who also plays with the Baseball Project and Jim's Big Ego.

The Split Squad released their debut album earlier this year, and it's full of big hooks and catchy songs, as you'd expect from that lineup. If you can't catch their East Coast shows (including Friday April 27 at Bowery Electric and Monday the 28th at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch) you can hear them live WFMU Wednesday night, April 30, at 9pm!

Song Sung Long
Wednesday, April 30th, 2014, 7pm - 10pm
on Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Super-human singers, jet-fueled jams and all manner of time-insensitive, audacious audio from Cairo to Tokyo clocking in over 10 glorious minutes a track -- each plucked by your humble host off bodega shelves from NYC to SEA.

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
The Duane Train
The production duo of James Young and Aiden Whalley gathered acclaim early in 2010 for their stellar self-released 12 inches and the acclaimed "Need U" single on the Hyperdub. The always progressive duo added vocalist James Buttery and the dreamy electronic psych-pop album "New From Nowhere" on Warp Records was the result. Darkstar will be swinging through for a guest DJ set on the Duane train 4/30, ahead of their Glasslands show that night.

The Ohio Express and The Baseball Project
Tuesday, April 29th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock
It's a big two for Tuesday! First up, The Ohio Express! Before being chewed up and spit out by the bubblegum machine, the Ohio Express were the kick-ass garage band Sir Timothy & The Royals. We'll get the lowdown on their early days plus the scoop on a new Ohio Express comp on Cameo-Parkway! Next, it's the top double-play combo from The Baseball Project, Steve Wynn and Scott McCaughey. Their latest baseball-themed LP is called 3rd and now features not one but two former R.E.M. members.

Sharon Van Etten
Tuesday, April 29th, 2014, 9am - Noon
This Is The Modern World with Trouble
On April 29th, Sharon Van Etten will visit This is the Modern World with Trouble. Sharon will bring out some records, and a healthy appetite for cookies. We will relax and chit chat, we will talk and talk, play songs and generally have a grand ole time. Please stop by and give a holler!

Man Forever
Monday, April 28th, 2014, 9pm - Midnight
on Airborne Event

Man Forever is the percussion project led by John Colpitts (aka Kid Millions), a founding member of Oneida. Colpitts is an in-demand drummer who's been all over the place lately, including stints on tour with Spiritualized and playing on the Jimmy Fallon show with Yo La Tengo. Man Forever's new record, "Ryonen," features the help of famed percussion group SO Percussion. Tune in on April 21st as Colpitts and the Man Forever crew bring their tuned drums and furious polyrhythmic precision to the WFMU airwaves.

The Winner and New Cohost!
Monday, April 28th, 2014, 6pm - 7pm
Pig Talk with Bronwyn C.
Studio B Ben, winner of the Sportsy Talk NCAA Brackets Challenge, will be collecting his prize on Monday at 6:00 as he becomes an official Sportsy Talk Cohost-for-a-Day. Tune in and accord Ben all the rights and privileges attendant on a Sportsy Talk Cohost, i.e., call in and rant at him incoherently or savagely taunt him on the Comments Board. Ben!

Don Bikoff with Percussionist Stephan Brandstatter
Monday, April 28th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
on Irene Trudel's show

Some forty years after the release of Don Bikoff's debut, "Celestial Explosion," the album's reissue has propelled him into the spotlight again. Bikoff's rejuvenation inspired him to create a new album called "Hallowed Ground" which is out now. Don also recently found his own "basement tape" with percussionist Stephan Brandstatter, recorded many years ago, which he hopes to release as well. Don Bikoff and Stephan Brandstatter visit WFMU's "love room" for a live performance.

International Bellows Battle: Uri Sharlin (accordion, US/Israel) & Dogcat vs Mangey Khan (harmonium, India) & Barmer Boys
Saturday, April 26th, 2014, 6pm - 9pm
Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg
Two live sets tonight spotlighting a couple of our favorite bellows instruments! Ace accordionist Uri Sharlin and Dogcat blend jazz and classical influences with Balkan rhythms, Arabic modes and Brazilian harmonies. Tonight's FMU session is the first half of Dogcat's Garden State spring awakening: Uri and band will perform at the Puffin Cultural Forum in Teaneck on Saturday evening May 3rd.

Plus: Harmonium-driven Rajasthani roots band the Barmer Boys made a big splash at home on MTV India's Coke Studio - the subcontinent's answer to MTV Unplugged. And now vocal powerhouse Mangey Khan and the Boys are raising eyebrows abroad, on their first US tour. The Barmer Boys' New York debut is this Thursday night (April 24th) at Drom in the East Village but their New Jersey debut will be right here on WFMU!

Roadburn Recap 2014
Thursday, April 24th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Diane presents 3 hours of chronicling this year's Roadburn Festival that she visited in Tilburg, Netherlands! Overflowing with sheer heaviness, doom, sludge and riff rock, she is still recovering, and will present 3 hours of music with accompanying pix for the listeners! Some bands that performed at the festival who will be featured: MAGMA, MORNE, TRIPTYKON, WINDHAND, NOOTHGRUSH, YOB and more!

David J
Thursday, April 24th, 2014, 6am - 9am
on Underwater Theme Park with Meghan

David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, etc.) will be performing live and speaking with Meghan about his current solo projects (and answer some questions about the former bands). Iconic gothic/post punk beginnings have mellowed to a similarly dark cabaret sound on his new album Not Long For This World. He will have just finished playing in the NYC area for 3 nights before heading up to Canada to continue on his tour.

Chinas vs. SARs
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014, 7pm - 10pm
on Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
In tandem with a talk on Rebecca Pan and the Hong Kong indie music scene that he’ll give at this year’s EMP Pop Conference, Gary Sullivan has planned a three-hour journey from the dawn of modern Chinese pop, or shidaiqu, to contemporary punk, hip-hop, hard rock and twee from the mainland, Macao, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Joe Frank - Somewhere Out There: "An Enterprising Man"
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour radio dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. April 23rd we'll air "An Enterprising Man," from Joe's SOMEWHERE OUT THERE series. With a bottomless fortune and boundless ambition, Joe develops one reckless venture after another. They all fail in spectacular fashion, except one. But Joe refuses to let success stand in his way.

Good Throb
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner

Good Throb are a blazing, snot-headed primitive punk quartet out of London, snarling and ripping their way through a few 7" singles so far and doing their second ever radio session today. they're equal parts Flipper at 78 RPM and Messthetics DIY postpunk series, with singer Ellie sounding like Eve Libertine from Crass trying to get out of a woodchipper. See them live at Death By Audio in Brooklyn on April 5th and 18th, or catch 'em on the air and netwaves here!

Mark Fosson
Monday, April 21st, 2014, Noon - 3pm
on Irene Trudel's show

After his home recordings were unearthed for the album "Digging in the Dust," Mark Fosson has been getting some well deserved recognition for his other body of work as a singer-songwriter. In 2005 Fosson released a solo project, "Jesus on a Greyhound", a fine showcase for his rich baritone and fingerstyle guitar work. Mark Fosson has been touring a lot and drops by WFMU to play live.

Cibo Matto
Monday, April 21st, 2014, 9am - Noon
on Liz Berg's show

Rescheduled! NYC legends Cibo Matto have officially reunited and will swing by the WFMU studio for a short live set of fabulous and fun electronic pop! Tune in to hear hits from their new release "Hotel Valentine."

The Austerity Program
Sunday, April 20th, 2014, 9am - 11am
on Imaginary Radio

"The Austerity Program is two people from New York City and their drum machine." Making their WFMU debut, the Austerity Program perform new songs as well as some recent classics and then have a bit of a chat about their upcoming album, tour and new record label, Controlled Burn. And it's gonna be loud.

Amarrass Records Radiates Rajasthani Roots and Arki Sound Mines Ethiopian Gold
Saturday, April 19th, 2014, 6pm - 9pm
Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg
Arki Sound is a NYC-based outfit inspired by the Golden Age of popular music in Ethiopia - the 1960s to early 1970s. Arki follows this evening's live FMU debut with a show at Silvana in Harlem a week from tonight, Saturday April 26th.

Plus, we travel to Delhi to meet Ashutosh Sharma and Ravneet Kler, two of the four pals who run indie label Amarrass Records. The Amarrass mission is to spread the traditional desert sounds of Rajasthan around the world. One of the label's hottest properties is the Barmer Boys, whose first US tour includes a show at Drom in the East Village on Thursday April 24th. (Note: This segment was rescheduled from April 12th.)

Neue Vocalsolisten
Friday, April 18th, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
on Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk

For 30 years, the German a cappella group Neue Vocalsolisten has been merging contemporary composition with theater, video and electronic sound. The seven-voice ensemble has performed works by such composers as Luciano Berio, Luigi Nono, Salvatore Sciarrino and probably some non Italians as well. The group is in New York for an Easter Sunday performance at the MATA Festival and will stop by WFMU to perform Berio's stellar 1974 composition "A-Ronne" live on the air.

¿Cómo se dice "bodega" en español?
Wednesday, April 16th, 2014, 7pm - 10pm
on Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Bodega Pop’s Gary Sullivan has spent the last two decades scouring New York City’s bodegas from Brooklyn to Bronx in search of the spiciest, mas caliente tracks ever burned into wee sound-bearing discs of polycarbonate plastic. Join him as he spins three solid hours of candombe rock, Afro-Cuban hip hop, a rare extended disco track by filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, new wave mambo and mucho música corriente from Argentina to Venezuela by way of your local bodega.

Arto Lindsay
Wednesday, April 16th, 2014, Noon - 3pm
The Duane Train
For many WFMU listeners, this godfather of Downtown NYC avant-rock, needs no introduction. From forming and leading the seminal No-Wave band DNA, creating forward thinking, Mingus inspired post-Jazz with John Lurie's, to his beautiful explorations of the Brazilian samba of his youth, Arto Lindsay is musical force of nature. He will visit the Duane train for an interview and solo performance this coming Wednesday in support of his excellent double disc retrospective "The Encyclopedia of Arto."

La Misma
Tuesday, April 15th, 2014, 7pm - 8pm
Distort Jersey City with Reed Dunlea
Distort Jersey City is very pleased to be joined by New York City's La Misma. This is catchy riff-driven hardcore punk at its finest, with all lyrics in Portuguese to boot. These womyn's output gets better and better with each release, their latest being a self-titled EP on the almighty Toxic State Records. If you have not heard this band, get your head out from whatever rock it's under and catch this session.

Guest DJ Andy Kman from Tee Pee Records
Tuesday, April 15th, 2014, 3pm - 6pm
Brian Turner
The taxman can't take our heavy jams. Three hour riff-o-rama today with BT and his good friend Andy Kman of NYC's purveryors of heaviosity, Tee Pee Records. We won't be afraid to get stupid.

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