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best of 2001
(not in strict "ranking" numerical order)
  • DIRTBOMBS - Ultraglide In Black (In The Red)
    The best rock record this year was an album packed with covers - usually that's annoying, so you now know how good this record must be.
  • YEAH YEAH YEAHS - self-titled (Shifty)
    This BK band has more props and chops than most. See them in a small club while you can!
  • THE SECONDS - self-titled (5RC)
    This band makes me smile from ear to ear. A kinetic vibrant record and crazed live act!
  • EX ORKEST - Ein Rondje Holland (Ex Music)
    I never thought the Ex could be more intense or moving until I heard this orchestrated incarnation. Wow.
  • THE LOST KIDS - Belle Island Is On Fire (GSL)
    Ex-Starlight Desperation. They make the list even if they never write anything as good as "Alive In The Snow" again.
  • MINK LUNGS - The Better Button (Arena Rock)
    Start to finish a very well-rounded, well-written, well-played rock album. Oh, and I did I mention this is also totally subversive in its twistedness?
  • MUSCULAR CHRISTIANS -Dan Marino: Important Message (Media Man Media)
    Sorta like Michael Hurley meets the Frogs. Brilliant, lovely and disturbing. Highly Recommeded.
  • ERASE ERRATA - Other Animals (TMU)
    These women embody the iconoclastic spirit of punk without any chunky anthemic chords or mohawks or ‘oi mates!' Dissonant, angular yet totally together! Oh if I could be a band it would be these guys!
  • THE QUAILS - self-titled (Inconvenient Press)
    All the songs are well-written and ‘catchy', but they are also razor sharp edgy. Their next record will be even better than this.
  • THE LOST SOUNDS - Memphis Is Dead (Big Neck)
    VERY intense. VERY dark. Yet somehow funny as hell.
  • TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS - Tyranny... (Lookout)
    As good as it gets within the pop genre.
  • TED SHRED - Vs. It All (Upper Playground)
    An amazing hip hop/mix record with samples of everybody from Cookie Monster to Joan Jett.
  • LIGHTNING BOLT - Ride the Skies (Load)
    Full on amped up noise. This will melt your brain.
  • BARBRA MANNING & THE GO-LUCKYS - You Should Know By Now (Inner State)
    Barbra sings her joys, sorrows and secrets with a beauty unparalleled.
    Where did these crazy muthers come from?! This sounds like early Siouxie having her way with Rob't Rental!
  • BLACK BOX RECORDER - The Facts of Life (JetSet)
    Lovely and so damn sad & sexy!
  • VON BONDIES - Lack of Communication (Sympathy)
    A complete ROCK album. This just grabs u by the groin and don't let u go, bro!
  • THE LIARS - They Threw Us... (5RC)
    Yeah, they keep getting compared to early PiL, but y'know these songs might be better. And go see them live!
  • SOLAR ANUS - Nextworld (Gyokumon)
    (Should be subtitled ‘NEU! Oh boy!') . The ultimate straight-edge record...u listen to this record so you *don't* have to take drugs.
  • ONEIDA - Anthem of the Moon (Jagjaguar)
    Live they are a full- on roar, on album they'll knock you to the floor (and I'm sorry, but it's Fat Bobby I still adore!)
  • DONNA SUMMER - Belligerent Supervision (Cock Rock Disco)
    Not the 7T's disco diva, but the Double 0's f*cked electro dementer. Skewed electronics yet really dynamic and catchy still
  • RONDELLES - Shined Nickels (K)
    Solid, excellent pop all the way thru.
  • SPOON - Girls Can Tell (Merge)
    Flawless and heart-felt.You might actually cry listening to this.

Best tattoo of 2001 (altho i think he's had it longer than that): Record Fair Director Mike Lupica's Radio Birdman tat!
over 40 and much cooler and punker than u

oh, and also: the best of 2000!