[Chimp with maracas]

The WFMU Sound Bite Collection

(all samples in the low-fi but economical .au format)

station ID - danny o'day and farfel (121k)
station ID - dj irwin sounds fed-up (55k)
station ID - dj irwin still sounds fed-up (33k)
wfmu's doorbell - makes a fine system start-up or boo-boo sound (55k)
wfmu's format in a nutshell (55k)
generic warm welcome (33k)
cesar romero: very fresh fellow? (231k)
function of art (165k)
krusty's main squeeze (33k)
sandler & young: something about a shoe (77k)
more sandler & young (77k)
"who's the musician in the family?" (99k)
wfmu means "tolerant radio" (77k)
smooth segue technique (44k)
"turn your radio down" (33k)
the ditto-head god-head spells it out for us (88k)
the ditto-head god-head's mission statement? (77k)
victor buono: "...stop using euphemisms" (66k)
duplicate this ad! (77k)
a cloying shopping ditty (187k)
"something is wrong with my..." (49k)
"blow the meat to pieces...big hunks...juicy segments..." (127k)
"the word 'happy' appears fewer than thirty times in the bible." (60k)
"wwww & h...y?" (101k)
a demographic surveyor's take on it (100k)
inspector clouseau: "his monkey was breaking the law" (77k)

last updated february '97

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