Doug Gillard and His Combo make the season-ending Pseu's Thing With A Hook a very special evening, with soaring pop tunes and lickety-split guitar magic! Live and loud from September 30, 2005.

Crispin Glover blows our minds, assuring that Pseu will die happy, stopping by to help her raise money for WFMU's 2005 Marathon.

Laibach cutie Ivan Novak gives us some serious hot phone action from Eastern Europe in lieu of an aborted NYC tour date. From October 28, 2004

Bringing it all back home again with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, live set and interview with Anton Newcombe from October 24, 2003

Uber Producer-engineer and founder of the Ardent and Lucky Seven labels Terry Manning with Max Wisley and Bill Phillips of power-pop pioneers Cargoe discuss early Memphis rock, Big Star and Chris Bell and more...from October 10, 2003.

Pseu reminisces with Alan Vega and Marty Rev of Suicide November 25, 2002

Glorious pop outfit The Shins dropped by June 29, 2001

Broadcast from the Museum of Television and Radio in NYC for the world premiere of the Guided By Voices album Isolation Drills featuring guitarist Doug Gillard and drummer Jon McCann. From March 2, 2001

Scratchie recording artist Dan Bryk drops by the studio to play his keyboard and perform a little Canadian karaoke. From January 19, 2001

Pseu Takes On! Kim Fowley's only-ever American radio interview and career retrospective (his way, of course) from July 8, 2000

Doug Gillard Appreciation Show. The best thing to happen to a Les Paul guitar and Guided by Voices hangs out for a day. From May 15, 2000