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🌜 I Was Mooned By The Serious Moonlight Sonatas Marathon 2024

WFMU's Marathon 2024
WFMU's Hellraiser 2023
WFMU's Marathon 2023

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a 33 minute 33 second film
in 11 parts with 45 original
pieces of music to be screened
and performed live in Venice,
Berlin, Antwerp & Birmingham
Der Farout Ricochet by Der Farout Ricochet, a group of sound makers - 2 Zen Gals, Nica Baraškova, Sabaka, Sal Senior & -you- - inducing a transformatadortion of their tonechopome born out of the ashes and diamonds of a 77 page exquisite cut-up corpse, written traversing the science fictional spheres of def tone echoetics, transformatadated into 33 tracks with all these sounds found made relayed played in Antwerp Birmingham East Berrrlin The Ancient Republic of Venice by Der Farout Ricochet by Der Farout Ricochet a tale of burning recurring and returning and where are we now available here and everywhere near here and far...


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