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While I travel the world, I cannot take a local radio station with me. The beat goes on, as they say. The music of WFMU is simultaneously two things. It is a window on the world which plays music the local stations never could. Also, WFMU is virtual box, where you can take your home music with you. This isn't the same five songs that any commercial station in the world play, It is a chance to show our diversity and homeland music to others in this world.

Yes, that is wheat flour and black paint on my face. The part around the mouth is chocolate syrup. This is my monster face for a class on monters, movies, and vocabulary in English as a Second Language. The V symbol is not important. I looked at forehead tattoos and decided : Anything that is understood and scary must be rejected. Look for something innocent and confusing. The V was the only thing I could imagine. My hands are covered by common non-latex gloves.


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