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probably waiting for maturity to hit.. so, right around the corner of my act

I remember that I said to Chris T that I have no relationship with banks so a pledge from me would be a difficult achievement ..

follow the concierge into a non exit, one way path to the heart, because all you need is .... a brain?

now working @ a bar as well - not a bikers bar whose beer price discount is determined by arm wrestling and*or the proximity of others determined by the odor of ones armpits (as it could be a reality if I would impose my character aggressively and actively like I've wrongly done in the past most virtually but also in (artistically mutilating my natural colored body) - oh what a delusional slowly experienced fast aging "cactus" I've been - I'm ashamed on viewing my past attitude like I was really so important but
HEY, epiphanies happened and it's time to love the nearest, and keep steadily outsourcing on the inner source)
It's a soft rock jazzy dutch bar ! in the wonders of cocker, Ritchie, and, "sniff", Bolton.. so any help on choosing relevant according musicians would be nice, something like the Mitchel concert with Pastorius and Metheny or some good vibrating soul chandelier like Tori Amos or funk ringer like Prince, or a superb group like Creedance? I don't know, just know that first I had money saved for records, than it started to convey into Air passages with stay inclusive, now it's looking to go more into a mobile home or some rickenbacker bass and gretsch acoustic set ... just kidding, but what do I know if I am not honest with myself?

love you and wish you the best - Long Live Free Form

* FM stands for Fashion and Music ..


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