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How to Get Organized for School
Get Organized to do my coursework for School in time
Homework, after school jobs, research, studying, sports, music lessons...the list goes on and on. Sometimes it seems impossible to get organized for school. But organized people aren't born that way. They develop habits and routines that organize their days so that they get the most out of every minute and hour. Routines and habits also prevent you from forgetting important tasks and from feeling rushed. If you're a student struggling to get organized, these tips will help you feel more in control - and make your parents' lives easier, too!
Set Up a School Only Area in Your House
A "school only" area is a space in your house where you'll leave your backpack, books, and anything related to school. A chair in the living room (that your parents agree you can use), a shelf in the closet, or a spot in your bedroom are all good places. Every day when you get home from school, leave your backpack, sports gear and anything else you need for school in this space. When you are ready to leave in the morning, you'll just return to that spot and pick up what you need. If you move anything from your school space to another room, be sure to replace it. Setting up this routine helps keep your stuff organized for school.
Buy and Use a Memo Pad or Small Notebook
When you're at school, use a memo pad or a small notebook to write down your assignments. Use one page per day. Write the date at the top. Write the class name, and then details about the assignment and due date. Skip a line between each item. When you go home at night, look over your assignments. If anything is due tomorrow, put a star next to it so you know that's what you need to do first. Other assignments can be written on a big calendar that you hang on the wall of your room or in the kitchen so you can see what is due next.
Use a Wall Pocket to Hold School Memos
Do you bring home a lot of papers from school such as memos, lunch menus, and things like that? A wall pocket or a locket pocket attached to a door can help you organize these materials. Just take them out of your backpack and place them in the pocket each day. Parents can then check the pocket each evening to see what, if anything, they need to take action on.
Organize with a Binder
Although you don't necessarily need fancy gadgets to help you organize your work for school, a binder with pockets and sections for each class can help you keep track of handouts, dittos, homework and other assignments. Use a separate tab and space for each class and label it. Make sure you only use that section for the indicated class.
Organize with Color
Speaking of organizing your class materials, you can also organize them by color. For instance, buy a red notebook and a red folder for your math notes, and a blue notebook and folder for science. By using a different color for each subject, you can see at a glance in your locker or backpack where your materials are and grab them quickly when heading for class.
10 Tips to Help Your Organize for School
Use these 10 tips to keep your life organized as well as your school work.

1. Make your lunch the night before if you take a brown bag lunch to school, and place it in the refrigerator. Take it out and put it in your backpack when you grab something for breakfast.
2. Do your homework as soon as you get home from school. This way, you'll have plenty of time and won't forget anything.
3. Study for a test at least two nights before the test. On the first night, go over your work in great detail. On the second night, review quickly and focus on the parts you struggle with. Review materials again the next morning before school.
4. Lay your outfit out the night before. Install a special hook on your closet door and assemble your clothes and accessories there. This is especially useful if you share a room with brothers or sisters who get up later than you do; you won't have to turn on a light and wake them up.
5. Have a big paper to write? Give yourself plenty of time. Most projects have three distinct phases: research, writing and revision. Count backwards from the paper's due date and use a calendar to schedule days for each phase. You know yourself best, and you know which section you may struggle with and which ones you might breeze through. Give yourself plenty of time on the sections you struggle with and save time on those areas that come easily to you. By planning the entire project, you'll feel more organized an in control.
6. Communicate with your family about events, items you need to buy, projects that need to get done and special occasions. Nothing can make you feel more disorganized than scrambling at the last minute to find poster board, glue and glitter to make a project. Most parents can help you if you tell them ahead of time, but don't dump it on them at the last minute!
7. Having trouble getting up for school on Mondays? Give yourself Saturdays only to sleep late. Better still - and I know this is a stretch - get up around the same time every day. If that's too early, then pick on weekend day when you can sleep late, but don't try to catch up on sleep over the weekend. It doesn't work, and on Monday you'll feel disorganized and end up oversleeping.
8. Limit computer and social media time on evenings before a big test. Although it's fun to chat with your friends online, it wastes time. Use a kitchen timer and set it for 15 minutes to limit your time on social media.
9. For parents, hang a large erasable calendar in the kitchen. Use colored erasable markers to note each child's activities and assign each child a color. At a glance you can see that Katie needs to go to ballet lessons and John to Little League, and make plans to handle all the items.
10. Relax. Nobody can be perfectly organized at all times. The secret to a truly organized person is practice. Practice these habits, and don't get lazy and let yourself slide. Once you start creating routines for yourself, you'll find it becomes second nature, and you'll be more organized for school.


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