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From hip Philly organ trios to soulful brothers & mystical sisters... to the sun-drenched beaches of Ipanema to eclectic soundtrack geniuses, it’s all heard here on Gin & Orange radio...

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Options August 4, 2019: Gin & Orange - Show 5

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Artist Track Album Label Format Approx. start time
Hindal Butts  In The Pocket   Options   M-S  45  0:00:00 (MP3 | )
Jimmy Smith  Organ Grinder’s Swing   Options Organ Grinder’s Swing  Verve  LP  0:01:48 (MP3 | )
Chuck Brooks  I’ve Got To Get Myself Together   Options   AGP  45  0:04:02 (MP3 | )
Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames  The In Crowd   Options Get Away  Imperial   LP  0:06:29 (MP3 | )
Willie Bobo  Shing-A-Ling Baby   Options Juicy  Verve  LP  0:09:26 (MP3 | )
Billy Butler   The Soul Roll   Options This Is Billy Butler!  Prestige  LP  0:12:24 (MP3 | )
Pucho & his Latin Soul Brothers  Let Love Find You   Options Heat!  Prestige  LP  0:17:01 (MP3 | )
The LPT’s  Mo Soul   Options   Mary Jane  45  0:21:20 (MP3 | )
Senor Soul  I Dig Rock & Roll Music   Options   Double Shot   Other  0:23:46 (MP3 | )
Les McCann  Sad Little Girl   Options Plays The Hits  Limelight  LP  0:26:07 (MP3 | )
The Meters  Pungee   Options Look-Ka Py Py  Josie  LP  0:28:51 (MP3 | )
Big John Patton  Ain’t That Peculiar   Options   Blue Note  45  0:31:46 (MP3 | )
Ranny Sinclair  If I Had A Ribbon Bow   Options   Columbia  45  0:34:39 (MP3 | )
Brother Jack McDuff   Briar Patch   Options Hot Barbeque  Prestige  LP  0:36:32 (MP3 | )
King Curtis   Instant Groove   Options Instant Groove  Atco  LP  0:40:42 (MP3 | )
Booker T. & the MG’s  Soul Sanction   Options Hip Hug-Her  Stax  LP  0:42:58 (MP3 | )
Astrud Gilberto & Walter Wanderly  Tristeza   Options A Certain Smile A Certain Sadness  Verve  LP  0:45:29 (MP3 | )
Perez Prado   Mamma A Go Go   Options Something Weird’s Greatest Hits  Modern Harmonic  LP  0:48:51 (MP3 | )
Rusty Bryant   Fire Eater   Options   Prestige  45  0:50:55 (MP3 | )
Herbie Mann  Our Man Flint   Options Our Man Flute  Atlantic  LP  0:54:07 (MP3 | )
Paul Nero’s Blue Sounds feat. Atilla Zoller   Comin’ Home Baby   Options The Big Beat  Philips Germany  LP  0:56:43 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 10:57am bigplanetnoise:

Good morning! Almost ready!!!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 10:58am Gina Bacon:

Good morning! Yay!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 10:58am Julie P.:

Hi, Bob! Do I ever need this today . . . :(
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 10:58am Julie P.:

Hey Gina!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 10:58am Gina Bacon:

Me too, Julie. I was just saying the same.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 10:58am Daffodil2:

I'm ready!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 10:59am bigplanetnoise:

Morning, Gina & Julie & Daffodil - yes, I agree 100000%
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:00am Gina Bacon:

I feel better already.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:00am bigplanetnoise:

Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:00am Daffodil2:

Me, too! Thank you, Bob!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:01am bigplanetnoise:

Tunes from simpler times.
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:02am Eargasm!:

Good morning! Gin and Orange is the perfect antidote to the sickness of living in modern times
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:03am bigplanetnoise:

Morning, Eargasm! Thank you all for being here - so appreciated.
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:03am Eargasm!:

Julie P. !
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:04am Julie P.:

Hey, Eargasm! Glad you made it.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:04am Atomic Jon:

Hi Bob ! Poupée and I are painting the apartment, it's gonna go on smooth thanks to you ! ;-)
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:04am Gina Bacon:

What a great song!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:05am bigplanetnoise:

Good morning, Jon & Poupée!!!! Thank you being here!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:06am bigplanetnoise:

I agree with Chuck Brooks' message this morning.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:07am Gina Bacon:

Me too, bigplanetnoise.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:07am Julie P.:

Me three. Times do change but the things we are all concerned about always seem to stay the same.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:08am Daffodil2:

Great version of "The In Crowd." Super organ!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:08am bigplanetnoise:

They sure do. And they just get worse and worse.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:09am bigplanetnoise:

Yes - Daffodil!!! We love Georgie Fame 'round here!!!!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:10am Julie P.:

Bob, I think that's in part because there are so many more people, and we know so much more about each other than we did then. And knowing is often the scary part.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:10am Daffodil2:

Willie Bobo -- sooo cool!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:10am bigplanetnoise:

Shing-A-Ling-ing helps.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:10am Julie P.:

And yes, Georgie Fame rules! I'll stop being so gloomy and enjoy the music.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 8/4/19 11:11am Melissa Jean:

good mornin! I was up late, so this feels early...the perfect wake up!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:12am bigplanetnoise:

Hi Melissa!! So glad you're here!!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:13am Gina Bacon:

What a great groove!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:13am Julie P.:

These organ-heavy tracks always put me in mind of the skating rink.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:13am bigplanetnoise:

Easy grooves....
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:14am Julie P.:

Easy grooves to fall down to. ;)
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:14am bigplanetnoise:

  Sun. 8/4/19 11:14am Eargasm!:

Best hour of the month!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:15am bigplanetnoise:

NB: My voice might sound a little "tight".... I've been doing a lot of clenching...
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:15am bigplanetnoise:

Hard to relax, I guess.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:15am bigplanetnoise:

Thank you, Eargasm!
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:16am Eargasm!:

Wash the blood pressure pills down with alcohol like I did! Hahaha
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:17am bigplanetnoise:

I see you've been advocating that lately!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:17am Julie P.:

I don't take blood pressure medicine (yet) Eargasm, but there are other remedies I do apply.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:18am bigplanetnoise:

Whatever works, I say.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:18am Julie P.:

Two of them being this show, and Big Planet Noise on Monday.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:20am bigplanetnoise:

Thank you, Julie. ❤️
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:20am Gina Bacon:

Yay, Julie! They work for me, too!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:21am Mailman Tom:

Good morning, Bob!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:22am Gina Bacon:

We could all use mo soul! Thank you!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:22am bigplanetnoise:

Mailman!!! Good morning!! Thank you for being here!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:23am Gina Bacon:

It's really nice to have a place to gather with everyone on a Sunday morning!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:24am bigplanetnoise:

I so agree.... thank you, everyone.
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:24am Joeybug69:

Groovy tunes, thanks for bringing some ear candy to our morning.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:25am Julie P.:

Good to be together with like minds. Very soothing.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:25am bigplanetnoise:

Hey Joeybug69! Thank you for being here - much appreciated!!!!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:25am Gina Bacon:

I dig senor soul!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:26am bigplanetnoise:

Me too! ❤️
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:27am Gina Bacon:

And I really dig Les McCann! ❤️ Les McCann every month!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:27am bigplanetnoise:

Agreed! I KNOW you love this song! Me too! Why was it buried away on an LP???
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:28am Gina Bacon:

I dunno. This should have been a hit.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:28am Julie P.:

Les McCann, yes! And we need Gin and Orange every WEEK!
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:29am Eargasm!:

What a great track!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:29am bigplanetnoise:

I'd love to do it every week!!! Someday.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:30am bigplanetnoise:

Eargasm - which one?
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:30am Eargasm!:

Les McCann
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:31am Julie P.:

Bob, do I gotta come up there and help make that happen? 'Cause I will!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:31am bigplanetnoise:

Yes! And you can still find that LP around fairly easily!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:31am bigplanetnoise:

Julie - I need to find more hours!!!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:31am Julie P.:

Definitely going on the hunt for Les McCann later today.
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:32am AlanM:

Good morning Bob! Really enjoy this new show, and great music picks every week!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:33am bigplanetnoise:

Hey Alan!!! Thank you SO much for being here - and thank you!!!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:33am bigplanetnoise:

Julie - let me know - I'll keep an eye out, too!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:35am Gina Bacon:

I'm really digging these covers.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:36am bigplanetnoise:

I just LOVE Ranny's voice. She's living out in the Hamptons these days. She was married to a Prince (really).
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:37am Joeybug69:

R.I.P. Art Neville.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:38am bigplanetnoise:

Yeah, Joeybug - so sad. What a talent.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:39am Gina Bacon:

She's a big animal rights advocate, too! Extra points for that!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:41am Gina Bacon:

I'm doing my thing, King Curtis!
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:41am Eargasm!:

I am too, Gina! I actively eat BBQ!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:41am bigplanetnoise:

Do it, Gina!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:42am Gina Bacon:

I'm sure he'd approve, eargasm!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:42am Gina Bacon:

...and now I want BBQ!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:42am bigplanetnoise:

Those were some good-lookin' ribs you posted yesterday, Eargasm!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:42am bigplanetnoise:

And I'm really glad we talk about food in THIS chatroom, too!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:42am Gina Bacon:

They sure were.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:44am Julie P.:

Now I'm wanting BBQ too!
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:44am Eargasm!:

Sandshell and I split that full rack. I’m taking full advantage of her sudden and unexpected appreciation of BBQ.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:44am Julie P.:

Booker T! I had this LP.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:44am Gina Bacon:

Get it while you can, eargasm!
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:44am AlanM:

Fascinating use of the E-D-A cord pattern from the Shadows of Night "Gloria" hit. King Curtis stayed with the pattern from beginning to end of song.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:44am bigplanetnoise:

Can we all meet for BBQ later today? Julie - you'll really have to drive fast....
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:45am Gina Bacon:

I wish!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:45am Julie P.:

Don't worry, Bob, I have a lead foot! But I'll have to leave right after this show is over!
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:46am Eargasm!:

Julie P. We’ll take you out for BBQ when your twistin Bob’s arm about a more frequent show!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:46am Julie P.:

Works for me, Eargasm! Wanna help twist?
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:47am bigplanetnoise:

I LOVE Walter Wanderly's "roller rink" organ. Man - just makes me want a margarita with a jalapeño in it right now....
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:47am Eargasm!:

I’m right beside you!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:47am Gina Bacon:

Yes! And her voice may be one of the most soul soothing ever!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:48am Julie P.:

Bob, are you telling us you don't already have a margarita in hand?
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:48am Eargasm!:

Mix away, Senor Bob!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:48am bigplanetnoise:

I have to go play a gig right after this, Eargasm!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:49am Gina Bacon:

Mamma A Go Go!!!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:49am bigplanetnoise:

So great!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:50am bigplanetnoise:

You cannot sit still.
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:50am Julie P.:

Oh, right Bob! Though you could lend new meaning to the name "Loco Vibrato"! ;)
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:50am Gina Bacon:

Doing my own mamma a go go over here!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:50am bigplanetnoise:

That's true, Julie!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:51am Julie P.:

Shake it, Gina!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:51am Gina Bacon:

These horns are spectacular.
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:51am Eargasm!:

That Something Weird album is one of the coolest records I’ve heard in a long time! Absolutely essential!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:52am bigplanetnoise:

Thanks, Eargasm!! So much fun!
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:54am Debbie D:

This show is always too short!!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:55am Gina Bacon:

Thank you so much for lightening the load this morning, bigplanetnoise, and everyone else!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:55am bigplanetnoise:

Hey Debbie!!! Thank you!!! I'm workin' on it!!!!!!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:57am bigplanetnoise:

Thank you everyone for being with me! First Sunday of every month for Gin & Orange - until I just make it an all-day, every-day show!!! See you all tomorrow night for Big Planet Noise! Thank you again! Love to all!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:57am Gina Bacon:

Great show, bigplanetnoise!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:58am Julie P.:

Thank you for the soul soothing sounds, Bob! Always enjoyable, and especially so today. See you tomorrow night!
Avatar Sun. 8/4/19 11:58am bigplanetnoise:

  Sun. 8/4/19 11:58am Eargasm!:

Fabulous show! The quickest hour of the week and always a fun chat with everyone!
  Sun. 8/4/19 11:59am Joeybug69:

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