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Somebody send me a tank top.

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Options December 4, 2018: Don Felder Up His Own Butt Farting on Himself

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Matt & Clay  Pre-Garbage   Options     0:00:00 ()
The Family Vibes  Garbage Man   Options     0:17:16 ()
Eric Burdon & The Animals  To Love Somebody   Options Love Is  MGM  0:17:30 ()
Ant Trip Ceremony  Elaborations   Options 24 Hours  Guerssen  0:25:32 ()
Daniel Bachman  Nandina   Options Miscellaneous Ephemera and Other Bullshit  Feeding Tube  0:31:42 ()
Elkhorn  The Black River   Options The Black RIver  Debacle Records  0:39:27 ()
Will Faber  Snow Branch Sway   Options Folded Hills  Cord Records  0:45:28 ()
Bitchin Bajas & Natural Information  Automaginary   Options Automaginary  Drag City  0:49:38 ()
Can  Pinch > Dizzy Dizzy   Options Live Aston, UK 3/4/77    1:06:11 ()
Richard Raux & Hamsa  Andranomadio Antsirabe   Options Kundalini  Monster Melodies  1:35:12 ()
Lijadu Sisters  Bayi L'ense   Options Mother Africa  Knitting Factory Records  1:43:32 ()
Nahawa Doumbia  Danaya (à Sidi Konaté Pour Toujours)   Options Korodia  King Music  1:49:48 ()
Don Felder  Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)   Options Heavy Metal Soundtrack  Elektra / Asylum  2:02:46 ()
Antarcticans  III   Options I/III  Poo-Bah  2:06:39 ()
Heron Oblivion  Rama   Options The Chapel    2:20:51 ()
Bonnie "Prince" Billy & The Phantom Family Halo  I Wonder If I Care So Much   Options The Mindeater  Sophomore Lounge  2:38:16 ()
Mope Grooves  Waves 2   Options The Waves  See My Friends  2:45:57 ()
How Do I  Knowing Me, Knowing You   Options Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02: Copenhagen by Trentemoller  RFN Music  2:50:18 ()
Sammy Hagar  Heavy Metal   Options Heavy Metal Soundtrack    2:54:12 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:14am Ike:

Don Felder Up His Own Butt Farting on Himself
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:15am Rocky Horror:

Doan's pills!!!!!
  Tue. 12/4/18 9:15am MplsCoco:

BEST crossover!!!❤️❤️
  Tue. 12/4/18 9:16am wha:

too much pigeon
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:17am Krys O.:

Whoa! I'm typing up an order for a customer and it's the Warwick School District in North Dakota. Spooky.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:18am Asheville Jon:

damn, that was the dog washing-est show ever!
  Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 9:19am AGirlNamedLou:

stanning for this crossover to become a reality! Clay Warwick/Matt Pigeon
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:19am Diezel Tea:

@Krys 0 - that is rather eerie.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:21am steveo:

hi! great track. apparently the identity of female vocalist is a MYSTERY
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:22am Ken From Hyde Park:

Good morning, you trashy, trashy people!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 9:23am Sean d:

Pheonixville!! I've been there.... I was born there!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:24am Sem:

Hello, King of the Heap, and those who bow down in his presence, and listen long to whatever garbage he plays.
Count me in.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 9:25am queems:

good morning matt ww & others
  Tue. 12/4/18 9:25am MUWFinMA:

now this is some good crackle
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:34am Vincent Nifigance:

Matt. Are you beneath the ceiling stain in Studio A?
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:34am Ike:

Hmm, I was in a bit of a hurry this morning. I meant to include more detail on the anatomical complications of Don Felder's head being shoved up his own ass in a beautiful symbol of eternity and the cyclical nature of time, music, and the butt. An homage to the enduring Ouroboros and its significance in our culture, and yet also an appropriate punishment for creating one of the shittiest songs of all time -- but then, terrible music is also infinite! A toast to life! To infinity! To butts!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:35am northguineahills:

"Mathor, of the trash people!"
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:35am YETI BOB:

this Daniel Bachman track is beautiful. Thanks for playing it, Matt
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:37am Matt Warwick:

Goooooood morning ya lil Garbaggios!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:38am Matt Warwick:

@vincent I'm beneath a different stain.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:40am Krys O.:

That's a good song title, "I'm beneath a different stain."
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:43am Asheville Jon:

sounds like it would be the perfect Bevis Frond song title
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:44am Vincent Nifigance:

Matt Warwick: "My halo is a stain."
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:48am steveo:

the google homepage is showing me a little text-only ad that says "Explore guitar equipment" ARE THEY SPYING ON MY AUDIO NOW???
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:49am steveo:

matt, the animals song is "to love somebody" innit?
  Tue. 12/4/18 9:49am P-90:

Loving the 12-string fest
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:50am YETI BOB:

steveo: best to just assume they are spying on everything
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:50am Rev. Turnip Druid:

These days, man, we're ALL under a different stain.

...............you may quote me.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:50am google:

YETI BOB: would you like to buy some Daniel Bachman? CLICK HERE
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 9:51am Henry in Hopatcong:

Good morning Matt!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:52am Matt Warwick:

@Steveo it IS. Just typed it in the wrong order. THANKS
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:53am Ike:

I fully expect Google to start offering me Don Felder repellent spray.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:54am Diezel Tea:

@Ike I think that's known as DDT.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 9:56am Lixiviated Life:

I'd like to send you a Rhyming Dictionary for Xmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / Druid Winter Solstice.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:57am google:

welcome you're
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:58am google:

delicious set
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:58am peapod ross:

Ironic, as Don Felder is vaguely repellent himself.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:59am peapod ross:

if you spray don felder with don felder repellent, the universe collapses on itself. so beware.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 9:59am YETI BOB:

love the Bajas and Josh Abrams
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:00am YETI BOB:

cool collab
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:00am ɨkɛ:

Actually, I usually use Startpage to avoid that Goog creepiness. But as I'm a cog in the Amazon machine, and since I don't clear my cookies often enough, *they'll* get me with them creepy ads for anti-Felder spray! Techtonic's Mark Hurst WARNED US, people!!!!! But did we LISTEN?!? NO!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:02am Vincent Nifigance:

The Groucho.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:03am Asheville Jon:

ok, i won't make a comment
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:03am peapod ross:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:05am ɛɨk:

@peapod ross, hmmm, *brilliant*! So like matter and anti-matter, eh? But if it keeps the oozing, gurgling slime of Don Felder away, it may be worth the risk of the universe imploding!
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:05am Zardoz:

Loved Mario Cart
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:09am Johnzon:

another band I learned about on wfmu! if anybody missed it there was a great interview with a guy who wrote a book about CAN a month or two ago... really interesting
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:10am google:

wow what a find this tape is amaze
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:11am Johnzon:

@ike I feel like I will get around to following their advice and killing my fb and gmail and deactivating my iphone eventually... it will probably be several years but i feel like they've definitely convinced me!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:12am peapod ross:

eik: Yes, Felder and anti-Felder. The two basic components that make up our universe.
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:13am Brendan:

Nobody can like Can can.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:14am Vincent Nifigance:

Even @Google was amazed at finding something! Yes, this is really crazy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 10:16am zopa:

I'm lost. I need inspiration for my homemade xmas cards this year. I need a theme. Please help me.
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:18am Johnzon:

a felder anti felder Christmas?
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:20am peapod ross:

Even you, eik, are made up of tiny etherial waves and particles of Don Felder.
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:20am Johnzon:

wfmu dj's as santa's reindeer? which I guess logically would make Station Manager Ken Santa...
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:20am mb:

@zopa: You will receive your inspiration in 40mins.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:23am Greg from ZONE 5:

Morning, gang!
(Matt is definitely Rudolph, and Irwin is definitely Comet.)
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:24am David in London:

Damn, Jaki is just cooking on these tracks.
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:25am kudubundu:

Still smiling after that amazingly funny crossover from Pidge to Garbage. I was getting wierd looks from other customers in the grocery store!
Great playlist today. Thanks for the laughs and music guys.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:25am ⓘⓚⓔ:

All my particles are anti-Felder particles. Every muon! Every quark! Every peon! Every peepwink!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 10:25am Booz:

My head exploding at Can. (This must be a soundboard tape?)
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:26am Will:

This Can song has been going on now for like 48 minutes.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:26am google:

too much is never enough
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:26am Brendan:

This track just picks up funk momentum like a glue ball rolling down a hill of dust bunnies.
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:26am Zardoz:

Just take a ride in Heavy Metal. It’s the only way you can travel down that road. - Don Felder
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:27am Bas NL:

Awesome Can track!
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:27am David in London:

@peapod ross - where do you stand on the Felder string theory debate?
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:29am melinda:

Hello Matt and folks
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:29am Mike tp:

digging Can...
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:30am Vincent Nifigance:

  Tue. 12/4/18 10:30am kudubundu:

Is this Can track available?
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:32am Vincent Nifigance:

Imagine playing Mario Kart AND listening to that Can tape?!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:33am Rob (Jerzcity):

did someone just say, "good morning?"
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:33am northguineahills:

Nice that I clicky starred Can before I left my house, and it was still playing when I got to work.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:33am Asheville Jon:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:33am Wild Neil||Peace All:

My boss wants to have painters spray paint with a gun inside with benzene in it. I said I would move my computer and chair to another building while he does this. Advised him to turn of our gas furnace also as IT IS IN THE ROOM WITH AN OPEN FLAME. Bosses are great. Mine is awesome, but some of his ideas need a little work.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:33am Rob (Jerzcity):

did a caller just infiltrate the airwaves? am i hearing things?
good morning
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:34am google:

@kudubundu looks like bootleg only www.discogs.com...
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:34am ⓘⓚⓔ:

@Zardoz, I'd expect nothing less than a terrible Don Felder quote from a giant stone head that flies around and tells us that the gun is good and the penis is evil!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:34am Wild Neil||Peace All:

Oh, and "Strange Panties" should be a band name. There.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:34am Rob (Jerzcity):

there's someplace in jersey city with indoor go karts, matt
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:34am Bismuth Wizard:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:36am Wild Neil||Peace All:

Zardoz sucked.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 10:37am Beast of Boonton:

RPM Raceway in Jersey City (cart racing)
Address: 99 Caven Point Rd, Jersey City, NJ 07305
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:39am Matt Warwick:

Oh DANG. Time to race some REAL karts
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:41am kudubundu:

@google Thanks for the info.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:42am google:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:43am northguineahills:

Raux & Hamsa, new to me!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:44am steveo:

haha i forgot i'd changed my name-label
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:47am northguineahills:

Only racing if turtle shells are involved....
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:47am Wild Neil||Peace All:

African rock music is so heavy. Wow. One time I was stoned on pot in the museum of Natural History (in the early 90's-I think I got it from The Pope of Pot) and was in the African section. The thumb piano really pulled me in. THAT was my African music awakening.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:48am steveo:

you can walk to the go-cart place from wfmu on my favorite bridge! (google maps: goo.gl... )
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 10:50am Lixiviated Life:

@Wild Neil
Benzine is carcinogenic is it not?
NJDEP might balk at your bosses idea.
Depending on the benzine levels.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 10:52am Lixiviated Life:

I look at your avatar and in my minds eye I see Pikachu.
Every damn time
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:53am peapod ross:

@LL haha I've always seen it as a little dog face somehow.
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:54am Zardoz:

IKE it was done in jest and the penis is evil!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:54am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Pikachu post-autopsy, maybe.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:54am steveo:

@lix that's funny; i'm a fan of pikachu but hadn't made that connection; sometimes i try to change my pic but it never feels like me and i change it back. it's funny how the miniature versions of avatars are hard to read / promote visions.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:55am βrian:

It's almost that time in the square dance when we have to exchange partners. I'm keeping an eye on the alternatives. (Or, an ear?)
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:56am Clay:

I wanna race go-karts, too, Matt!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:58am βrian:

I find pikachu a little gamey, but it helps if you add red wine to your braising liquid.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:58am Lizardner Dave Somethingorother:

Kitten Kaboodle Time!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:58am Lizardner Dave Somethingorother:

Or is Shut Up Weirdo still existed, it would be Kit-Tens Kaboodle.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:58am Vincent Nifigance:

What chuffing time is it, bugger-lugs?
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 10:59am Sem:

Is they any Felder here?
  Tue. 12/4/18 10:59am Brendan:

Do it!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:00am Rev. Turnip Druid:

th'KABOODLE has landed.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:00am Sem:

Felderize me, garbage bro.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:01am peapod ross:

@Brian, I just find the pikachu so difficult to peel that I've never bothered.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:01am Ken From Hyde Park:

Unleash the Felder!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:01am YETI BOB:

@google @kudubundu I've seen a few of these "B13" releases in record stores but never bought 'em because they are pricey
www.discogs.com... Didn't realize it was a semi-shady bootleg label from Russia! They released a whole bunch of live Can (including Aston) around 2012, but good luck finding 'em.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:01am Brendan:

The pyrotechnics are loaded, Matt. You have clearance . Drop the needle at will.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:01am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:01am steveo:

donut break!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:01am Krys O.:

How else would we know the time?
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:01am P-90:

Always with the stalling
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 11:02am zpulpa:

I feel nervous this time. like maybe I will break down on the first notes of le Felder... im SCARED!!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:02am peapod ross:

Matt is in denial.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:02am Lizardner Dave Somethingorother:

  Tue. 12/4/18 11:02am David in London:

Let slip the Felders of war!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:02am peapod ross:

Defelder is not just river in Egypt, Matt.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:02am βrian:

Wes Montgomery on WCBN right now...
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:02am Asheville Jon:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:02am rsj:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:03am Bootsie:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:03am northguineahills:

Last night, I met a Saudi 28-year old MS student, and he was like a normal 18-year old kid that just left their parents' for college. All he wanted to do was party, talk about poetry, and music. He wanted the bartender to play a song he wanted to show me, although the bartender said no, I convinced her. It was a beautiful Lebanese mournful song. Glad I got it to play....
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:03am Asheville Jon:

i dunno, the OOORRRRGGGG was a little weak today
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:03am peapod ross:

You can hedge your bet
On a clean Corvette

Folks It's art.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:03am melinda:

That was a top-notch org.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:03am ⓘⓚⓔ:

DKFM is playing My Dead Girlfriend: "Watashi no Aishita Manatsu no Shinigami."
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:04am Stanley:

Shit and I've just tuned in!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:04am peapod ross:

ngh - you're now obliged to return the favor to him by gifting him a used copy of the Heavy Metal soundtrack.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:05am Zardoz:

Whooo Hooo. Take a ride boys and girls. I called it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 11:05am Lixiviated Life:

Well done sir.
Full marks
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:05am Carmichael:

After-Felder is always great.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:05am David in London:

Feldatry in motion.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:07am Zardoz:

I never Feld like this before
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:09am steveo:

no donuts, but someone put out some iced cake cookies that looked very good, tasted a bit like lemon dish soap, then finished strong and sweet in the cake
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:11am convoy_pt2:

Hearing Plugz samples in this tune!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 11:11am Phillippe Bastille:

I was pulling into my driveway when this piece of aural art started coming out of my speakers. Heavy Metal. I thought, you know, nobody could ever say anything bad about that song. I dunno, maybe that's just me though.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:12am Barney Grubbs:

Antarcticans are cool--saw them open for Acid Mothers Temple at the Middle East a long time ago. Surfed-out post-rock or something? (and on Poo-Bah records was the greatest little record store in Pasadena CA for a while)
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:12am heyitschris:

@Phillippe you just haven't met Ike yet.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:14am northguineahills:

@peapod ross: As much as I like Heavy Metal, I'll have ike answer that for you....
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:14am βrian:

Ike is the conscience of the playlist. A true humanitarian.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:15am βrian:

Cool? Well by definition, they kinda have to be.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:18am Brendan:

Pardon my hiatus. I’ve finished my post Felder contemplation in silence. It is so restorative.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:19am Barney Grubbs:

@Brian--but for how much longer??!?? the permafrost's a meltin'!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:20am Ike:

β, hic, and NGH are true gentlemen of honor. I bow humbly. Dost thou hear the war cry of the Anti-Felder Resistance echoing through the hills? Hark!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:22am Granny Spicy Tuna:

Did i miss the echo of the century? Are we wearing tank tops?
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:22am steveo:

i wish i was not too lazy to stay up until midnight on a thursday night....
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:27am peapod ross:

there should be more music like this.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:27am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:29am Davis:

Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:30am Greg from ZONE 5:

Bummed I'm missing these guys Thursday, but when Yo La Tengo calls you gotta accept the charges.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:30am northguineahills:

Somehow (not this track), but I believe Heron Oblivion has listened to Mike Heron.....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 11:31am ben abs:

Well this is fricken great
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:33am northguineahills:

Ok, someone teleport me to Monty Hall Thursday!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:33am peapod ross:

I DO like loud guitar.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:34am Peter Horvath:

How is it that you can freestyle over your background music with no problem whatsoever, but you can’t rhyme with Clay over Black Sabbath?
This has perplexed me for a while now.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:35am peapod ross:

Don't show Don Felder the comments board, that's for sure.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:35am ɛɨk:

"Why does your song suck such enormous donkey wang?"
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:36am steveo:

i was inspired by the hollywood paycheck
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:36am Granny Spicy Tuna:

i think he was inspired by the check he received.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:36am steveo:

my favorite pie is american pie by another famous don
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:37am peapod ross:

"Have you no concern for the safety of the woman who you're suggesting to ride something until it explodes? This sounds dangerous."
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:37am Andy the painter:

i definitely think you should do more interviews like this one
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 11:37am Phillippe Bastille:

@Brian I will have to meet him sometime. Sounds like an asset to the FMU community
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:37am ɛɨk:

@steveo and @Granny, great minds!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:38am northguineahills:

What color was the color of your key lime pie, its important for Floridian authenticity!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:38am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Dunkin Donuts beer has been spotted here as well, in Our Nation's Capital™. Co-worker bought it as a SICK JOKE, then alleged it wasn't bad. I refuse to confirm this.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:39am tim from champaign:

Did you "accidentally" drink the DD beer, Matt?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 11:41am Beast of Boonton:

Drive up to Dunkin Donuts and get a beer
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:42am Greg from ZONE 5:

I thought I saw Will Oldham on the street this morning, but it was just some dude.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:44am Greg from ZONE 5:

PS This shreds.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:44am carrots:

great tune!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:45am mb:

This is a sweet jam right here with this collab. Full on machine gunning on this solo.
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:52am steveo:

can i get an "uh huhhhhh"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 11:52am Booz:

Emo'ing you, emo'ing me!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:55am northguineahills:

Well, Matt's playlist is a galaxy of clicky-stars, Merci,Monsieur des ordures!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:55am SueAdynamo:

yay more from heavy metal!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:55am Mick:

Jesus Matt
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:55am mrdonutsu:

Whoah, double Metal whammie!!!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:55am steveo:

c'est vrai! thanks Matt!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:56am Ken From Hyde Park:

Now what respectable junk pile wouldn't have a heap of heavy metal stacked up in the corner?
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:56am Lizardner Dave Somethingorother:

It's Two-Fer-Tuesday on Garbage Time!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:56am peapod ross:

matt there's been some mistake with the records. You're accidentally playing another track off the Heavy Metal soundtrack.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:56am David in London:

Full metal bookends. Nice.
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:56am Zardoz:

This is fucking awesome. Play Blue Lamp by Stevie Nicks next.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 11:57am ben abs:

THIS is why I tune in to wfmu. Thanks Matt!
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:58am Lewis:

right on...
  Tue. 12/4/18 11:58am fletchernyc:

I looked at Heavy Metal from both sides now
Avatar Tue. 12/4/18 11:59am Rich in Washington:

The Heavy Metal soundtrack takes me right back to my freshman year. Such a big deal. Had been reading the magazine for years. Took my first ever real date to see the movie. Both were huge letdowns.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 12/4/18 12:00pm Booz:

+1 RichInWashington. +1.
  Tue. 12/4/18 12:00pm Brendan:

Sacrilege! Thoust shall have no other heavy-metal before Felder.
  Tue. 12/4/18 12:00pm Zardoz:

Loved the movie as a kid and loved the magazine as well Rich. I still have some issues in storage.
  Tue. 12/4/18 12:00pm cee dubbles:

thank you Matt
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