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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options November 16, 2018

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Artist Track Album Label New Approx. start time
Blomsterunge  Himmelens Hundar, John (Side 1A)   Options The Collected Vocal And Instrumental Works Of Blomsterunge, Volume 1  Bluorg  *   0:00:00 ()
D-84  Bottle— Your Glassy Eyes and Your Open Mouth   Options Pirate Planets  Phthalo    0:25:43 ()
D-84  The Body Disappeared— Down Into Language   Options Pirate Planets  Phthalo    0:29:25 ()
D-84  Odd— Untouched Tea   Options Pirate Planets  Phthalo    0:33:00 ()
Basic House  Ultra-Misted   Options Caim in Bird Form  Digitalis Recordings    0:39:09 ()
Brise-glace  Restrained from Do and Will Not (Leave)   Options When In Vanitas...  Skin Graft    0:52:48 ()
Ingar Zach & Speak Percussion  Before Nightfall One   Options Before Nightfall One  Sofa    1:05:26 ()
Nachtluft  Silence Réactif / Pen . . .   Options Belle View I-IV  Unit Records    1:39:44 ()
Mario Bertoncini  Chanson pour instrument à vent   Options Arpe eolie  Die Schachtel    2:01:36 ()
Sverre Larssen  Nordavinden II   Options Wind Harp Recordings 1976–1977  O. Gudmundsen Minde    2:13:43 ()
Sverre Larssen  Sønnavinden   Options Wind Harp Recordings 1976–1977  O. Gudmundsen Minde    2:19:22 ()
Alan Lamb  Beauty   Options Primal Image / Beauty  Dorobo    2:24:58 ()
Richard Harrison  [DC.26.97a / FB.21.98 / AR.8.99c   Options Drone Hill 225  Hot Air    2:42:03 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 11/16/18 12:09pm wfmu listener phillip:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:09pm Krys O.:

Allo! I made it to work about 30 minutes ago and these sounds are very sooooothing. Thanks, Bryce.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:10pm Cmurtha:

Good afternoon everyone!. Though its 8PM here
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:10pm wfmu listener phillip:

brighten my day. im in st barnbus hosp with the flu :-(
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:11pm Chris from DC:

Hey hey.
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:12pm wfmu listener phillip:

STUPID FLU SHOT gave me the flu again!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:12pm Krys O.:

Get well soon, Philip.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/16/18 12:13pm -Ken:

It IS a nasty flu Philip, glad you're getting care. I was ready to go the ER myself a few days ago..
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:13pm kudubundu:

Soothing tones for my tired head
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:14pm karen eliot:

good afternoon
@ phillip get well soon
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:14pm Krys O.:

The injected vaccine has a dead virus. You could have been infected before the vaccination. It takes a while for symptoms to appear.
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:15pm wfmu listener phillip:

second time they give ne a flu shot and hours later i have a fever chills and throwing up.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:15pm Chris from DC:

Reminds me to double check that my dad got his shot.
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:16pm wfmu listener phillip:

2 whole days! i miss food
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/16/18 12:18pm -Ken:

OK enough about the Flu. Can we talk about Blomsterunge? What makes them so damn Blomsterish?
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:19pm ben abs:

WOW - This is Special
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:20pm tim from champaign:

Howdy everyone.
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:20pm wfmu listener phillip:

i missed fabio yesterday. my battery is fully charged im not missing bryce
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:21pm tim from champaign:

It's so Blomsterish because they eat lots of rote grutze.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/16/18 12:22pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Side 1A sounds A-1! What other neat stuff is on the Bluorg label?
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:22pm tim from champaign:

This actually sounds like Station Manager Ken on vocals.
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:24pm wfmu listener phillip:

television is 6 dollars a day at saint barnabus. so all i have is my smartphone for comfort and wfmu
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:25pm karen eliot:

listening. trying to shake this mood.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:28pm Booz:

Shake the mood, shake it hard!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:28pm sphere:

hello volk.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:29pm tmbrett:

we are not folks we are class
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:29pm Bryce:

well helloooooo
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:29pm sphere:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:30pm blee:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:30pm Bryce:

thanks, ken, for covering, as the rideshareosphere shat the bed this afternoon
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:31pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Hvem har gulerodskage?
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:31pm Booz:

Must investigate the Bluorg label, if only just to say it a few times aloud.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:31pm Cmurtha:

Are we class? If so I claim petty intelligentsia. Who wants to be BOBO?
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:31pm Cmurtha:

This is also pretty 10/10
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:32pm tmbrett:

dj bobo <3
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:33pm George of Troy:

Bryyyyyce helloooooo!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:33pm sphere:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:35pm Booz:

@sphere - Famous last words.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:36pm sphere:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:37pm Bryce:

this is blevin blectum before blevin blectum
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:44pm D. Lightfoot:

Keep going
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:44pm mb:

((Vibes)) listener Phillip

hey its Bryce. Helloo
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:45pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Streaming from Denmark because vacation or not, there's no quitting Bryce. This show is like a having a joyful parasite in a place I can't reach.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:46pm Bryce:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:48pm tmbrett:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:49pm tmbrett:

join our experimental music group from hamburg on telegram messenger t.me/beschoenbigungsethiker
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:49pm tmbrett:

it's: t.me/beschoenigungsethiker
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:50pm KenW:

HoOooowdy Bryce, checking in late and loving this!
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:50pm wfmu listener phillip:

missed the snow yesterday. i hope it melts. i got into the ambulance in my flip flops. didnt take my shoes.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:51pm ben abs:

@ Cmurtha its a 10/10 afternoon!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:51pm Wild Neil||Peace All:

@philip-are you in the hospital? Are you ok???!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:53pm chris:

hi, Bryce and non-Bryces. happy Friday!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:53pm Chris from DC:

Basic House!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:53pm Wild Neil||Peace All:

Oh, the flu. I was in Monday for a suspected heart attack. It was just arm and jaw pain, no damage. I did start walking 2-3x a week 1.8 miles to start.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:53pm Cmurtha:

Its night here in Istanbul, but good music on WFMU, and pretty good day, so I'll agree Ben
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:54pm wfmu listener phillip:

yes. in saint barnabus hosp. i got a reaction to the flu shot again.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 12:55pm Wild Neil||Peace All:

This basic house is like slowed down house music. Is it 45 rpm played at 33 RPM?
  Fri. 11/16/18 12:58pm wfmu listener phillip:

hope they keep me till Monday. ive got fluids and meds being pumped into me by IV.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:03pm Devin B.:

This is great!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/16/18 1:08pm -Ken:

OK enough about the Flu. Can we talk about .? What makes it so damn .esque?
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:08pm tmbrett:

this is rad
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:08pm tmbrett:

still basic house?
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:10pm sphere:

D-84's Pirate Planet is in the Free Music Archive, BTW
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:10pm sphere:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:11pm Cmurtha:

Ken I'd say its the attention to detail that really makes . pop
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:11pm Devin B.:

"Brise-Glace was the most mispronounced band name in the Skin Graft discography until Koenjihyakkei came along."
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:12pm sphere:

don't forget the amazing genre ".core"!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:15pm Bryce:

sphere, that's great, thanks!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:16pm Bryce:

phillip, jeez! pleases please get well soon!!!!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:21pm Cmurtha:

yes geçmiş olsun Philllip!.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:22pm chocolate monk:

fryday brain burble gurps...
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:22pm steveo:

diggin da bells
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:22pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Be healthy or else.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:22pm Bryce:

tip of the unibrow to ye, dn
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:45pm Booz:

There's only one cure for the syndrome we call life, and even that one's iffy.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:45pm sphere:

whoh this is good.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:47pm Cmurtha:

This drum reminds me of the opening to Hot Head by Death Grips
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:49pm Cmurtha:

I am getting all sorts of good music today.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:51pm Booz:

This Nachtluft is now my favorite dead air. (Can we clickystar dead air?)
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 1:53pm steveo:

the air is alive with the sound of see-lonce
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:07pm Chris from DC:

Mmm, subterranean.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:10pm Bryce:

switching to aeolian harps to lighten things up a little bit
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:11pm Chris from DC:

This is amazing.
  Fri. 11/16/18 2:16pm Laska:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/16/18 2:17pm Michael 98145:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:30pm chris:

note to self. must visit here on a windy day with my recording equip. www.atlasobscura.com...
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:30pm Chris from DC:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:34pm Bryce:

contact mic recordings of very long stretches of telephone wire in australia
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:35pm George of Troy:

Really enjoying the show this afternoon, Bryce. Nice to have a snow day and be able to just relax and listen.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:35pm Bryce:

sort of a subsubsubsubcontrabass monochord windharp
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:36pm Bryce:

hey, george! thanks, nice to see ya :)
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:36pm Chris from DC:

I could listen to hours of this.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:38pm sphere:

nothing like long long long wire music
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:39pm Bryce:

ikr? they're deep.

there were two of these cds in the mid-90s. (so glad i was able to scoop 'em up)
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:40pm Wild Neil||Peace All:

@Bryce-what music is the telephone wire in Australia? How long are the wires?
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:41pm Chris from DC:

I never did manage to get his stuff, but I'm going to try again.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:44pm Wild Neil||Peace All:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:45pm Mister Dobalina:

Bryce, thanks for this hangover helper music.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:45pm steveo:

from wikipedia: "recordings of kilometre long spans of telegraph wire on 12 acres (49,000 m2) in rural Baldivis south of Perth purchased for that purpose"
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:46pm sphere:

@ Chris from DC - Warning there is some goofy British hip-hop DJ of the same name.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:46pm Wild Neil||Peace All:

@Steveo-thanks. Who?
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:47pm steveo:

Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:47pm chris:

i believe that was the Lamb piece, Neil.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:47pm Chris from DC:

Yeah, I noticed that one, Sphere:) Wouldn't that be an interesting mashup.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:51pm Fox:

I love this sound.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:51pm Bryce:

hey, wneil! sorry, was in the library looking for this misfiled cd of the same type of stuff, but from the UK — "south of a disused caravan site and north of a sheep wash"
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:52pm Bryce:

hey, ffffox!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:52pm sphere:

in the first Star Wars, they created the blaster sound by hitting telephone wire. :)
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:55pm Chris from DC:

Thanks Bryce, great set.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:56pm steveo:

thinking of going for a sheep wash after this
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:56pm Bryce:

thanks, everyone, have wonderful weeks!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:56pm Wild Neil||Peace All:

@Sphere-I heard that too, from my Freshman chemistry class professor at Syracuse University. He claimed he invented that.
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:56pm steveo:

super fantastic today, bryce, thanks
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:57pm northguineahills:

Thanks Bryce!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:58pm sphere:

thanks Bryce super duper indeed
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/16/18 2:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks, Bryce. Safe ride home!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:59pm chris:

thanks, Bryce!
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 2:59pm Cmurtha:

Thank you for the set!
  Fri. 11/16/18 2:59pm wfmu listener phillip:

WOW those three hours went fast! i lost track of the time
Avatar Fri. 11/16/18 3:00pm bore:

cool explanation!
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