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An exploration into the musical output of religious cults, new religious movements, and individuals of a spiritually inspired and divine nature.

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Options October 30, 2018: Devil's Night 666 Satanic Metallic Panic

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Mercyful Fate  Satan's fall   Options Melissa  1983  church of satan   
burzum  Ea, Lord of the Depths   Options s/t  1992  black circle  0:19:09 ()
mayhem  Cursed In Eternity   Options De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas  1994  black circle  0:23:24 ()
amaka hahina  o solitude...accueille moi   Options aheah saergathani  1992  black legion  0:36:33 ()
black murder  fresh flesh   Options   1994  black legion  0:39:37 ()
Ferocity  Second Act   Options Ferocity  1999  Beasts of Satan  0:52:06 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 10/30/18 6:00pm melinda:

Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:01pm david_:

Hi Melinda and Micah and all
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:01pm david_:

do you guys remember when 60s and 70s rock band names were spray painted everywhere?
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:01pm queems:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:01pm chris:

throw those muthafukkkin horns up!
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:02pm ultradamno:

Headbanged mind control edition!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:02pm adampsyche:

Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:02pm david_:

headbanging gif
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:03pm slugluv1313:

YES there was even a METALLICA spray painted on the side of a building here in Hoboken -- early 1980s
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:03pm RomanDogBird:

hail the dark lord
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:04pm Cheri Pi:

Damn, I'd listen to this
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:05pm chris:

as a silly kiddo in the 80s, i got busted for defacing some mailboxes with the van halen 'vh' logo thingy. hehehe.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:05pm ultradamno:

Hoping for A 1000 Days In Sodom, a big Lucy lover hit!
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:07pm Kathi K:

Awesome. Love Merciful Fate!
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:07pm slugluv1313:

  Tue. 10/30/18 6:08pm melinda:

Satin rules.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:08pm david_:

@slugluv nice. we had a wall with pink floyd, black sabbath and iron maiden. it was pretty sweet
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:09pm david_:

I think someone wrote (sprayed) out "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:09pm Dave in Vermont:

“There are very few things that I will defend with true passion: medical marijuana, biblical Satan as a metaphor for rebellion against tyranny, and motherfucking goddamn cryptocurrency.” - Gilfoyle
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:10pm david_:

@chris badass!
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:11pm david_:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:11pm chris:

Fox in the house! wooot!
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:11pm dale:

devil worship. catholicism. it's all the same.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:11pm RomanDogBird:

satan is scarey
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:11pm Cheri Pi:

We have a great Cincinnati puppeteered music review called The Super Satan Show, blessed to call them f(ri)ends
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:12pm david_:

I like that Church of Satan group. They seem like an upstanding org
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:12pm ultradamno:

Devil goes down to burning man: youtu.be...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:13pm adampsyche:

detroit just burns shit down www.tripsavvy.com...
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:14pm david_:

Oh not Church of Satan. I meant Satanic Temple. Duh
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:14pm david_:

oy lavey
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:14pm adampsyche:

  Tue. 10/30/18 6:14pm HuskLife:

That king diamond album was released 35 years ago today!!
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:14pm Jay:

Devil's Night/Gate Night/Mischief Night isn't a national thing - it happens in weird little pockets here and there.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:15pm david_:

Wait was it all not satan talk before?
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:16pm ultradamno:

Well, if he was good enough for Sammy
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:17pm dale:

my mother called it beggar's night. but we were poor so begging played into it.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:17pm ultradamno:

You can just declare yourself a count?
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:17pm slugluv1313:

@ david_ and chris -- nice!
while still in college (late 1970s), my ex, his younger brother, and i spray painted stuff like The Ramones, Dead Boys, etc. on the back of a Huffman Koos building in Rahway, NJ -- thankfully we did not get caught; we ran when we thought someone was approaching (it was dark & we saw car lights coming from somewhere)
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:18pm gw:

We called it Gate Night in lower Rockland county ny . Total vandalism through the 70’s .
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:19pm slugluv1313:

ahhh Anton Lavey -- my Mom was so proud of our Hungarian heritage and "famous" Hungarians -- but she never mentioned him, hah!
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:19pm david_:

@slugluv very cool
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:20pm gw:

Always thought “mischief night “was for chumps .mischief ? Hah! Mayhem !
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:20pm david_:

@gw why gate night?
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:21pm Little Booka:

  Tue. 10/30/18 6:21pm eric in Baltimore:

there’s an indie doc on this subject .... I think it’s called “until the dark takes us” ... chilling
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:21pm pat:

What about deathcrush? Euronymous is on this one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:21pm queems:

this show is such a joy
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:21pm gw:

I believe it goes back to a time when vandalism or pranks included removing peoples garden or front gates from their mounts and stealing them .
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:22pm chris:

sweet, slugluv! cooler things to write than i did. :)
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:22pm eric in Baltimore:

No it’s Until the Light Takes Us
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:22pm ultradamno:

I don't want get too stuck on this, but calling yourself a count out of the blue is kind of like the character on Walking Dead making himself Governor, where's the ambition?
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:23pm slugluv1313:

i grew up in "the sticks" (rural/suburban central NJ) and we called it Mischief Night -- eggs thrown everywhere (INFURIATING to my Mom, who thought it was a terrible waste of food!), toilet paper festooning tree branches, chalk or soap on house and car windows . . . no real property damage (mostly), just goofy kid stuff
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:24pm gw:

We ended up in fights with the local cops , throwing bottles at them and lighting fires . Stores would not sell eggs to kids the whole week leading up to Halloween . Fun times . No fucking cell phones
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:24pm Little Booka:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:26pm chris:

i regularly picked up a metal head hitchhiker from my neighborhood a while back. he introduced me to burzum. cool guy.
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:27pm Will:

Burzum! Can't get a copy of their first LP for less than 150 bucks! I knew I shoulda bought it back then.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:27pm ultradamno:

Everyone makes fun of metal Cookie Monster voices, but I far prefer them to the squeaky falsetto metal voices.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:29pm ultradamno:

Squealy, I meant, not sqeaky (which spellcheck tried to change it into again)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:29pm queems:

@slugluv same! rural central nj, nobody did anything too outlandish
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:30pm slugluv1313:

just watched that trailer -- i see what you mean!
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:31pm ultradamno:

It'll likely be a comedy no matter how serious it is.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:31pm Krys O.:

Home at last in time to chime and say thanks for the great show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:32pm queems:

Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:33pm ultradamno:

  Tue. 10/30/18 6:35pm exile-on-hicks-st:

Neet or Nair in a spray/water-gun was a big thing on Devil’s Night where I grew up.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:35pm ultradamno:

Are we talking about Indictment with James Woods?
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:37pm HuskLife:

Firecrackers, houses and cars getting egged, Trees getting toilet papered, and lots of innocent bystanders caught in the middle. Describes every Devils night of my childhood in North Jersey
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:41pm ultradamno:

I could see choosing to listen to this one. The directionlessness is almost charming.
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:42pm Dilly Bar:

This is fuggin INTONSE. I love it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:42pm chris:

i'm going with zombie metal as the genre for these two tracks
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:42pm david_:

@gw damn
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:43pm david_:

we would put a safety pin in a shaving cream can, stick a lighter to the nozzle so it sprayed super far
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:44pm Dilly Bar:

I would let someone eat my face to this.
  Tue. 10/30/18 6:50pm HuskLife:

Too many things
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:52pm ultradamno:

Killing people who make fun of them could quickly become full-time work for a satanist
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:53pm queems:

saving the best for last, i see
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:54pm Cheri Pi:

This is serving me some winged insect-voice realness
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:56pm slugluv1313:

Eight Ridiculous Black Metal Videos:
(there are more collections but this has some of the funniest)
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:56pm ultradamno:

Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:57pm ultradamno:

This sound like the suction thing at the dentists
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:57pm slugluv1313:

@ david_ -- COOL! re: shaving cream trick
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:58pm slugluv1313:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 6:58pm chris:

beat me to it, ultradamno. :)
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:58pm ultradamno:

Now, rinse!
Avatar Tue. 10/30/18 6:59pm slugluv1313:

THANK-YOU so much, Micah!!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/18 7:00pm chris:

thanks, micah!
Avatar Wed. 10/31/18 9:57am Cecile:

there's a reason why Prof Dum Dum always plays these guys. Mercyful Fate are so dopey.
Avatar Wed. 10/31/18 10:13am Cecile:

Big thing in Michigan and Detroit.
Unpopular teachers got their houses egged up where I lived.
Avatar Wed. 10/31/18 10:22am Cecile:

Big thing in Michigan and Detroit.
Unpopular teachers got their houses egged up where I lived.
Avatar Wed. 10/31/18 10:23am Cecile:

It looks like a European production. If German or Swedish cop shows are any indication, there's often a lot of weird humor among the gore.
Avatar Wed. 10/31/18 10:42am Cecile:

Reverend Rabbit came up with this definition of different metal genres:
- death metal: "I weel keel you"
- black metal: "Hail Satan"
- blackened death metal: "Satan weel keel you"
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