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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options October 17, 2017: SINGLES GOING STEADY: U.S. New Wave and Post-Punk

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
The In-Theme          0:00:00 ()
Danger Roads  It's Time to Become Robots   Options 7"  Break'er  1979  0:01:59 ()
The Marina Swingers  I'm a Swinger   Options 7"  L.A.X.  1979  0:05:22 ()
Cold Warrior and the Mercenary Band  Gucci Shoes   Options Gucci (7" EP)  T.M.I.  1981  0:08:39 ()
Re Styles  The Nuclear Beauty Parlor   Options The Nuclear Beauty Parlor [split 7" w/ V.K. & Sci-Fi]  NBP  1983  0:11:47 ()
Los Microwaves  Time to Get Up   Options 7"  Posh Boy  1981  0:15:02 ()
The Tom & Marty Band  Radiation   Options New Wave Twist [7" EP]  Artifacts  1981  0:18:03 ()
Crash Course in Science  Mechanical Breakdown   Options Cakes in the Home [7" EP]  Go Go  1979  0:21:44 ()
Oh No!!  Cementhead   Options 7"  Bogus  1985  0:23:31 ()
Conversion  Interference   Options 7"  Conversion  1980  0:26:53 ()
Artichokes  Nothing   Options V.A.: Seaside Curios [7" EP]  Oranj Productions  1983  0:34:49 ()
Strappado  Me and Orange   Options 7"  Big Sam's Giant Records  1985  0:37:18 ()
Otto Kentrol  Public Eye   Options Learn Greek in Greece [7" EP]  Control  1980  0:40:31 ()
Noise Я Us  Let's Go Dancing   Options 7"  Played Write  1980  0:44:36 ()
Psyclones  Let's Fly   Options 7"  Gigantic  1988  0:48:00 ()
The Trouble with Larry  Blind Eye   Options Cold Day in Hell [7" EP]  Good Kitty  1986  0:51:39 ()
Jonathan X and Black Heat  The New Kings   Options 7"  X-Factor  1986  0:54:48 ()
Ogden Edsl  Idi Amin   Options At Home [7"]  Real Gone  1984  0:57:24 ()
Wanton Loverboy  Bumblebee   Options 7"  Cubist Productions  1990  0:58:44 ()
Christian Lunch  Toyfish   Options Product [7" EP]  Fish Ranch  1979  1:01:05 ()
Beat Happening  Nancy Sin   Options 7"  K Records  1990  1:03:35 ()
Stewart Struzer  Drone   Options 7"  Stew  1983  1:09:32 ()
WKGB  Ultramarine   Options 7"  Fetish  1979  1:13:50 ()
Foreign Bodies  Long Walk Home   Options 7"  Bizart  1980  1:16:58 ()
Les Raving Sounds  Empty Bottles (Close the Door)   Options 7"  Terminal  1981  1:19:36 ()
Rozz Rezabek  Until the Last Time   Options 7"  Truce  1986  1:22:16 ()
The Spanish Dogs  Oh   Options Don't Sweat the Petty Things [7" EP]  Rasta Dog  1982  1:26:44 ()
Tom Furgas  It Is If It Is By Me   Options Six Tunes [7" EP]  Xograph  1989  1:30:06 ()
Speed Limit & the Rhythm Machines  Patterns   Options The Sound of Music [7" EP]  Play Records  1981  1:32:27 ()
Ibbilly Bibbilly  Thinking All the Time   Options V.A.: Seaside Curios [7" EP]  Oranj Productions  1983  1:35:10 ()
Arkansas Man  Every Job   Options 7"  Subterranean  1983  1:42:15 ()
The Stick Figures  Crayola Bowling   Options 7" EP  Green Records  1981  1:44:33 ()
Ixna  Mi Ne Parolas   Options 7"  Dumb Records  1981  1:48:56 ()
Neptune's Car  Baking Bread   Options 7"  Koolie  1980  1:51:44 ()
The Wild Stares  You   Options 7"  Propeller Product  1981  1:53:57 ()
Wallmen  Milo 9   Options 7"  Dead Judy  1988  1:56:49 ()
Delta  Diagrams of Women   Options 7"  Classified  1981  2:00:21 ()
Golden Gate Jumpers  Masochist in Drag   Options 7"  Slithering Disc  1983  2:02:59 ()
Bizarros  The Cube   Options À l'Angle des Tourments [7"]  Sordide Sentimental  1980  2:07:16 ()
Ogden Edsl  A Rainbow Ball   Options At Home [7"]  Real Gone  1984  2:09:56 ()
Inflatable Boy Clams  Marin   Options 2x7" EP  Subterranean  1981  2:12:06 ()
Science Fiction  Secret Agent Man   Options 7"  no label  1981  2:18:50 ()
Voice Farm  Sleep   Options 7"  Optional  1981  2:23:27 ()
Culturecide  Another Miracle   Options 7"  Information Records  1980  2:26:20 ()
German Shepherds  Booty Jones   Options 7"  M&S Records  1981  2:31:00 ()
Factrix  Splice of Life   Options 7"  Adolescent  1980  2:35:07 ()
Jimmy Smack  Hating Life   Options Death Rocks [7"]  RE: Death Vault  1983  2:39:13 ()
Fish & Roses  Monks Hate You   Options Friar Tuck [7"]  Ajax  1991  2:42:25 ()
Factrix  Empire of Passion   Options 7"  Adolescent  1980  2:46:10 ()
Slovenly  TFIF   Options Plug [7"]  New Alliance  1986  2:53:49 ()
The Out-Theme  Gelbart: My Favorite Vacation [part of] + Die Trip Computer Die: Airborn [part of]   Options       2:58:02 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 11:57am Nick S.:

I'm in! Pledge to come!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 11:59am Tony Coulter:

Hey, Nick! Thanks!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 12:00pm JtotheK:

hi everyone!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:01pm Tony Coulter:

Hiya, JtotheK!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/17/17 12:01pm Carmichael:

Heya Tony, ling time to tune in.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:02pm Tony Coulter:

Greets, Carmichael!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/17/17 12:02pm listener james from westwood:

How do, Tony and all! Hugely looking forward to today's theme, in content and format!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/17/17 12:02pm Carmichael:

*long ... It's not quite time for ling.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:02pm Tony Coulter:

Hey hey, James!!
  Tue. 10/17/17 12:02pm Psychspaniolos:

Greetings everyone
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:03pm Tony Coulter:

Greetings, Psychspaniolos!
  Tue. 10/17/17 12:03pm Dean:

M-a-y-b-e Vivabeat today? One day?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/17/17 12:03pm coelacanth∅:

greetings Tony and Coultered listeners
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:04pm Tony Coulter:

Greets, Dean and coelacanth∅!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:08pm Yvang:

Hello, robots and swingers and robot swingers!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:09pm Tony Coulter:

Greetlets, Yvang!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 12:10pm Nick S.:

Hey, Tony, can you see if my pledge went through. It did something weird.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:11pm Tony Coulter:

Sure, Nick -- I'll check in a sec.
  Tue. 10/17/17 12:12pm Dean:

The Tubes' vocalist Re Styles?
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:13pm Tony Coulter:

@ Nick: Don't see it, no -- but big thanks anyhow!! I'm sure it went to the station anyway.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:13pm Tony Coulter:

@ Dean: Good question! Not sure....
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 12:13pm Nick S.:

Thanks! Yeah, I think I got kicked out.
  Tue. 10/17/17 12:14pm Dean:

Sure sounds like "Don't Touch Me There."
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 12:15pm Webhamster Henry:

I like the "silly" new wave stuff like this.
  Tue. 10/17/17 12:15pm Dean:

Looks like some of the Tubes were in on that record, too.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:16pm Tony Coulter:

Hey hey hey, Webhamster!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 12:18pm Nick S.:

Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:20pm Tony Coulter:

YAY!! Thanks so much, Nick!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/17/17 12:20pm Carmichael:

I must have seen the Tubes 15 times during the 80s/90s.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:22pm Tony Coulter:

I saw them once -- but I'd be lying if I said I really remembered it. I do remember that I enjoyed myself, though....
  Tue. 10/17/17 12:25pm Dean:

Saw them once at a Southern California university campus. Festival seating. Result was a riot, windows smashed. But I loved the band.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:28pm Tony Coulter:

Oddly, this Conversion track (on now) kinda reminds me of Genesis.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 12:28pm Nick S.:

Saw the tubes 8 years ago in a downtown summer concert series. No one knew who the fuck they were. They had one of the lowest turnouts of the series, and they were incredible. Played for two hours with a mostly original lineup. I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of a 70yo, shirtless Waybill with a TV on his head.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 12:29pm Nick S.:

Take it back Fee was 59. Ooops!
  Tue. 10/17/17 12:33pm Dean:

The show I saw was April 4, 1976, at CSU Fullerton, $5.50: http://www.lookatstubs.com/displayticket.php?name=kcbands_thetubes_calstate3_040476&forsale

Cripes, over 40 years ago.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:35pm Tony Coulter:

@ Nick: Hard to tell how old someone is when they have a TV on their head.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:37pm Tony Coulter:

Steve Mackay is the sax player on this Artichokes track, btw
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 12:38pm Nick S.:

and I never got up close because it sounded better a bit back. He looked old but probably in better shape than I am now at 50. A very strange retro show that certainly ranks as one of my top 10 retro shows. They blew me away and I've never been the biggest fan. I didn't know half the songs.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:41pm still b/p:

Waybill way back: Saw Tubes 3 times, all in 1975 to 76 or 77 in Boston -Cambridge.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:43pm Tony Coulter:

Greetings, Sir still b/p!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:45pm Tony Coulter:

By the way, the 'R" in Noise'R'Us is actually a backwards 'R."
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:47pm still b/p:

My knighthood came through?! Sweet!
  Tue. 10/17/17 12:48pm Dean:

You mean:


Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:49pm Tony Coulter:

@ Dean: Yeppers! Thanks. Will cut and paste that into the playlist later.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 12:52pm Tony Coulter:

  Tue. 10/17/17 12:58pm Dean:

Isn't it Edsl?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 12:59pm Webhamster Henry:

Ohh Casiotone!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:00pm Tony Coulter:

@ Dean: Yep -- typo fixed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 1:08pm doctorjazz:

Hey all! Cool singles!
  Tue. 10/17/17 1:09pm Psychspaniolos:

Learn Greek in Greece [7" EP].....:) It's easy
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:10pm Tony Coulter:

Hey there, doctorjazz!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:10pm Tony Coulter:

@ Psychspaniolos: Ha!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:22pm Tony Coulter:

By the by, the track on now (Les Raving Sounds) is a cover of a Pagans song, by a Pagans offshoot.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:25pm Tony Coulter:

And ... Rozz Rezabek was Courtney Love's boyfriend, pre-Kurt. Owns an antique store in Portland now.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:26pm Tony Coulter:

Plus, most importantly, he was in Theatre of Sheep.
  Tue. 10/17/17 1:33pm Dean:

Maybe *most* most importantly he was in Mentors (wow!) and, purportedly, Sleepers. I remember seeing the Sleepers in LA at the Whisky, when Ricky Williams was the vocalist. Was Rezabek really in that band?
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:33pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hello Tony! I'm just tuning in now. Glad to be here.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:34pm Tony Coulter:

Wendy! I'm glad you're here too!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:34pm Tony Coulter:

@ Dean: Rozz R. was also in Negative Trend -- he was in every band, apparently.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 1:39pm Nick S.:

Love Negative Trend.
  Tue. 10/17/17 1:39pm Dean:

Could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he never played in Woody Herman's "The Herd."
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:41pm HollyT:

Holy smoke, Tony! I had that song "Me and Orange" on a cassette I recorded in high school in the mid-80s. It's been stuck in my head for YEARS, and I never knew who did it. (I finally found out last year). Amazed to see it on your playlist
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 1:42pm Sem Chumbo:

Laid back and listening to the singles as they flow by. Sounding good, Tony, thanks, and how-dee-do from Nova Scotia on a sunny, sunny day.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:42pm HollyT:

Also, I did a guest show on WPRK a couple months ago (college radio station here in FL) and played songs by Los Microwaves and Crash Course in Science. :)
  Tue. 10/17/17 1:42pm Dean:

"Arkansas Man" also happens to be a terrific song by Zeke.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:43pm Tony Coulter:

Holly!! Great to have you here!! And glad to have solved your Orange Mystery!!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:44pm Tony Coulter:

Greetings, Sem!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:46pm Tony Coulter:

@ Holly: Saw the playlist for that WPRK show you did -- looks great! Have to give it a listen.... (Hope it's archived ??)
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:48pm geezerette:

Hello, Tony!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:48pm Tony Coulter:

Ahoy, geezerette!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:49pm geezerette:

@Dean: yes I read yes I did yes.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:51pm geezerette:

Wow, this Ixna! :D
  Tue. 10/17/17 1:52pm Dean:

@geezerette: Excellent! I think this year I failed to celebrate on February 2 (Joyce's birthday) and June 16 (Bloomsday).
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:52pm Tony Coulter:

I think it's in Esperanto!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:52pm Tony Coulter:

The Ixna track, I mean.....
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:53pm Tony Coulter:

Scott Krauss, of Pere Ubu, is drumming on this Neptune's Car track....
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 1:55pm Stanley:

Hi Tony. Got a bit of teaching on Esperanto on Continental Subway, some time back. Knowing a bit of some European languages, I'd guess the title of the Ixna track is something like 'I'm not speaking'.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:55pm geezerette:

@Dean: Could not believe I was so into the comments that I forgot that! I love Joyce.

@Tony: Thanks! I was wondering why I couldn't understand it but felt like I did!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:56pm Tony Coulter:

Hey, Stanley!! Your title guess sounds right....
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 1:57pm geezerette:

Great jukebox you've got here Tony!

Hi, Stanley!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 2:01pm Stanley:

Hi geezerette. I look forward to Tuesdays, when the stream is terrific for hours on end.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:01pm Tony Coulter:

This Delta 7" (on now) is the triangular thing in the playlist pic. (The record isn't triangular, just the sleeve.)
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:04pm Wendy del Formaggio:

"Syncopated snob" is a great phrase.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 2:04pm Stanley:

Can someone please remind me. An EP - how come you got, say four tracks on a 7" record. Still plays at 45rpm?
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:06pm Tony Coulter:

Sometimes -- most of the time they play at 33rpm ... but that's legal in my book, as long as the record is a 7"-er.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:06pm Tony Coulter:

Legal for Singles Going Steady week, I mean.....
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 2:07pm Stanley:

Thanks, that figures.
  Tue. 10/17/17 2:09pm Dean:

Blast from the past, Bizarros. I think the only track of theirs I have is on the Akron sampler from Stiff.
  Tue. 10/17/17 2:11pm Dean:

And the only Sordide Sentimental record I ever owned was Joy Division's "Dead Souls," which I picked up new around the time of its release. Sold it later for a *ton* of cash.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:13pm Tony Coulter:

The Sordide Sentimental records are all beautifully and elaborately packaged.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 2:14pm Nick S.:

I got this Boy Clams double 7"
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:20pm Tony Coulter:

It's a winner, fer sure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 2:21pm Nick S.:

Secret Asian Man!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 2:22pm northguineahills:

Been listening since 1, forgot to say hi. Hi Tony!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:23pm Tony Coulter:

'Lo, NGH!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:32pm Kay:

Three Bizarros cuts appear on the Soul Jazz Punk 45 for Akron (Burn Rubber City Burn! Akron, Ohio : Punk And The Decline Of The Mid West 1975 - 80)

Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:33pm Tony Coulter:

Hey, Kay! Thanks for the info....
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:37pm Tony Coulter:

As you can tell, we're in the cheerful, upbeat portion of today's show.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:43pm geezerette:

It sounds like the front page of every paper.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:43pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Haha, only a few bars in and I already love this Fish & Roses song.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:43pm Tony Coulter:

It's a Monks cover!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:44pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I know! More people should cover this song.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:45pm Tony Coulter:

Plus, they did it early -- well before the Monks "revival."
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:46pm geezerette:

Always loved the way these records were both angry and hilarious.
Large part of what made punk so great.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:46pm Tony Coulter:

  Tue. 10/17/17 2:50pm Dean:

Damnit! I missed Voice Farm's "Sleep"! I heard them live at Madame Wong's--or was it Hong Kong Cafe?--in LA's Chinatown. Their show opened as they--two guys, as I recall--walked into the audience in the dark snapping Polaroid pictures.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 2:51pm Nick S.:

Punk had a sense of humor and hardcore lost it.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:53pm geezerette:

Thanks,Tony! Super fun!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/17/17 2:53pm listener james from westwood:

Rapt enjoyment thru this show; thanks muchly, Tony!
  Tue. 10/17/17 2:53pm Dean:

Gabriel Bondage. I guarantee we'll hear them.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:54pm Tony Coulter:

@ Dean: You are most correct, sir!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 2:55pm JtotheK:

enjoyed the show, thanks Tony!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:55pm Tony Coulter:

Thanks for showing up. everyone!! See you next week!!
  Tue. 10/17/17 2:56pm Dean:

And another band with an allusion to Genesis for a name, Happy the Man, I suspect. Does Canada count? Symphonic Slam?
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:57pm Tony Coulter:

@ Dean: Canada will not be allowed past the gate, no. But Happy the Man will be there, or course.
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:57pm Tony Coulter:

"of course"
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:57pm HollyT:

Great show, Tony!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:58pm Tony Coulter:

Thanks, Holly!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 10/17/17 2:58pm doctorjazz:

Thanks, Tony, fun show!
Avatar Tue. 10/17/17 2:59pm Tony Coulter:

Ta, all! Don't forget to PLEDGE, PLEDGE, PLEDGE!
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