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Playlist for 20 September 2017 Options | Velveetica

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Artist Song Album Images New Approx. start time
Brix and the Extricated  Moonrise Kingdom   Options Part 2 
June  The Plan   Options Who the Hell: A Tribute to Richard Hell 
  0:03:24 ()
Philistines Jr.  Something in the Air   Options Superhits Of The Seventies: Pure Dyn-O-Mite! 2017 Marathon Premium 
  0:06:41 ()
Best Coast  Rihannon   Options Just Tell Me That You Want Me - A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac (V/A) 
  0:10:58 ()
Big Blood  Thank You For the Path   Options The Daughter's Union 
  0:13:29 ()
Prince Rama  Welcome to the Now Age   Options Top Ten Hits of the End of the World 
  0:19:02 ()
Saint Vincent  Some of Them Are Old   Options ENOugh: Garbage Time's 2017 Marathon Premium 
  0:22:47 ()
Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies  We Come in Peace   Options The Homeland 
  0:26:20 ()
Die Trip Computer Die  America's Burning   Options We Are Your Friends 
  0:29:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
Rockabye Baby 
        0:33:24 ()
Danielle Dax  Big Hollow Man   Options Inky Bloaters 
  0:37:40 ()
Danielle Dax  Brimstone in a Barren Land   Options Inky Bloaters 
  0:43:36 ()
Gong  Opium for the People   Options Live Floating Anarchy 1977 
  0:46:44 ()
Velvet Underground  Guess I'm Falling in Love   Options White Light White Heat 45th anniversary 2cd 
  0:51:00 ()
Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power  Take You Slow   Options This is Ming Beat: A Tribute to Sexton Ming 
  0:54:23 ()
Lorette Velvette  Boys Keep Swinging   Options Lost Part of Me 
  0:56:25 ()
Justin Bieber  Baby   Options Death metal Version: Vovals by Bördi 
  1:00:49 ()
Marilyn Manson  Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)   Options Smells Like Children 
  1:03:53 ()
Rihanna  Love on the Brain   Options  
  1:08:21 ()
Irma Thomas  Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)   Options  
  1:10:13 ()
Rihanna  Love on the Brain (The Rest of it)   Options  
  1:12:33 ()
Happy Valley Band  (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman   Options Organvm Perceptvs 
  1:14:51 ()
The Detroit Emeralds  Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)   Options Baby Driver: Music from the Motion Picture 
  1:17:55 ()
Re  Dif Juz   Options Soundpool 
  1:29:05 ()
Psapp  Seven   Options What Makes us Glow 
  1:32:22 ()
Deerhoof  Con Sordino   Options Mountain Moves 
*   1:36:20 ()
Bloody Sweaty Tears  And When I Die (Stretch Version)   Options       1:40:36 ()
Kiki and Herb  Institutionalized   Options  
  1:46:00 ()
Danzig  Mother (Lounge Version)   Options  
  1:52:08 ()
Rockabye Baby  Heroes   Options       2:01:37 ()
David Bowskie  Helden   Options  
  2:02:17 ()
Sparks  Edith Piaf (Said It Better than Me)   Options Hippopotamus    *   2:05:33 ()
Edith Piaf  Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien   Options  
  2:10:01 ()
Jeanne Moreau  India Song   Options  
  2:12:25 ()
Saint Black  Alex   Options Alex 
  2:16:07 ()
Ruth  Polaroid/Roman/Photo   Options Polaroïd/Romans/Photos 
  2:20:04 ()
Wir sind Helden  Guten Tag (La Reclamation)   Options Dance with Me: Trouble's 2017 Marathon Premium 
  2:25:09 ()
Faith Healers  Try :-)   Options Try 
*   2:28:24 ()
The Limiñanas  Kostas   Options Malamore 
  2:33:49 ()
Frenchbloke and Son  Sexy Model   Options  
  2:37:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
        2:42:00 ()
Barry Adamson  They Walk Among Us   Options Love Sick Dick 
  2:48:11 ()
William S Burroughs and the Eudoras  Old Lady Sloan   Options The Mortal Micronotz Tribute CD 
  2:52:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Friends of Dean Martinez 
The Warmth of the Sun   Options       2:55:07 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 6:12am -Ken:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 7:21am cory:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 7:27am Ken From Hyde Park:

Good morning! Any citizens calling the station to complain about the billboard yet?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 7:33am Michael:

Morning Ken. Billboard looks great!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 7:47am geoff mcq:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 7:48am Wild Neil:

Peace all. Well, that billboard certainly would draw attention. It's an odd mashup of characters.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 7:57am AnAnonymousParty:

GM all.
Is the billboard available in bumper sticker form?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 7:58am -Ken:

Mornng all, yes, I have received a few complaints. Some upset people have claimed that the billboard includes CHARLES Manson, the serial killer from the 60s, but I am pretty sure it's showing MARILYN Manson, the singer. That was who I requested, anyway.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 7:59am -Ken:

@AAP, yes, the billboard will be available as a sticker for Kickstarter supporters.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 8:21am Mark S:

Gosh Marilyn has changed
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 8:25am -Ken:

I have double vision since my accident and I am also slightly color blind but I'm pretty sure it's Marilyn Manson. But I defer to others who have better vision and knowledge of pop culture than me.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 8:32am AnAnonymousParty:

Billboard looks fine to me; but then, I don't live in NJ.
  Wed. 9/20/17 8:33am Listener Robert:

Marilyn's a girl's name, so that must be her on our left. That's Charles Rihanna on our right. The names go audience left-right, but the faces go stage left-right.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 8:35am -Ken:

Thanks AAP, Thanks Robert, appreciate the reality check.
  Wed. 9/20/17 8:38am ŦšŦš (:

Good morning, Ken, people!

Someone ask Justin Bieber to post a selfie of him and the billboard in the background so he can share it with his 1.8 billion followers. I'm pretty sure there would be at least one potential WFMU listener among them.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 8:40am Ken From Hyde Park:

Hazmat Report = Good name for a band.
  Wed. 9/20/17 8:42am ŦšŦš (:


Wait...Can I shout animated GIF artists names as well?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 8:43am -Ken:

I think somebody just did, f+f+
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 8:52am -Ken:

No Elk Juice fans out there?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 8:53am cory:

i always mix elk juice with vodka
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 8:54am AnAnonymousParty:

I hear there's fresh squeezed Elk Juice available this AM, somewhere.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 8:54am cory:

wtf, there are no bands called Elk Juice
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 8:57am AnAnonymousParty:

@cory: There is now. They all dress up like Manson and do Justin Bieber covers to a Ska beat.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 8:58am cory:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 8:59am Davee:

Morning Ken!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:00am Aaron Working In Newark:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:02am pantz:

Good morning, Rocket Man!
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:04am Listener Bop Monroe:

oh god, no shatner please
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:04am Sebastian:

Good day, congrats on the billboard!
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:04am John in Bklyn:

Morning Ken! Is this Fall Brix?? This is great! I was going to head over to the Elks Lodge for a Genny, but I think I'll stick around and listen.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:04am WFMU listener WADE:

Is it possible to record and play billboard calls on the air?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 9:05am -Ken:

@JohninBklyn Yes!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:05am Threemoons:

Hey Ken! Running out the door soon but great to catch part of your show this AM...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:05am geo in jc:

When I take off my glasses Manson looks like Jesus.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:06am doctorjazz:

Having trouble with the Popup, going in and out every few minutes.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:06am Cheri Pi:

me too @doctorjazz
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:06am geoff mcq:

Me too doctorjazz. I thought it was just my age.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:06am Brian C.:

Dr J -- me too
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:06am Listener Bop Monroe:

LIVE call the complainers. that would be today's 7SD
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:06am Threemoons:

BTW LOVE the Billboard and your Vimeo clip introducing it! You rock! F*ck any pinks who complain about it. It's about time that the freak secret handshake went public! Love you ALL!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:06am Paul In Bloomfield:

Elk Juice fan right here!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:06am Sebastian:

my stream is beaking down, too
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:06am Sem Chumbo:

Yeah, good on 32K using Rhythmbox.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:07am John in Bklyn:

@Ken "Extricated" should have given it away!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:07am Threemoons:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:07am Threemoons:

Ken--and yeah, the stream popup is flakey today. All good on the Alexa in my kitchen, but the popup has been burping and farting all morning for me.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:07am Uncle Michael:

I want to know if the number of complaints is running ahead of the number of media hits.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:08am Danny in Bloomingburg:

Hey Ken no 90.1 on the billboard???
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:08am pantz:

If you stop the pop-up and start it again, it's right as rain.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:08am Random Wikipedia Article:
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:09am Wild Neil:

PEACE all. Is Elk juice anything like Reindeer juice (musical) from Fortitude? Just wondering....also, there are antidepressants in Lake Erie due to people peeing them out and getting into the waste treatment stream...glad I have a Culligan RO system.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:09am Lizardner Dave:

Good morning! Enjoying working from home and listening to the 91.1 FM signal, the way God and Glen Jones intended radio to be.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:09am Brian C.:

g'morning Ken, really enjoying Clay's Wake & Bake…
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:09am Sebastian:

I'm using the goddamn windows media player at work, 24k - it was working fine during the morning tho, problems started with this show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 9:10am -Ken:

@Danny, given that the location of the billboard is 45 mi9nutes away from any trace of 90.1fm, no. We could do another billboard for 90.1 on Route 17 perhaps.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 9:10am -Ken:

@Sebastian - stop using that piece of shit windows player. Jesus.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:11am John in Bklyn:

Around MY house, Elk juice has always been part of a healthy breakfast.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:11am Sebastian:

I'm at work, don't have a choice
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:11am Danny in Bloomingburg:

@Ken. Please put one there. But with my suggestion. Since the sentencing has started.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:11am bobdoesthings:

good morning. congrats on the billboard. looks amazing
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:12am Okasa:

Good Morning Uncle Ken! And good morning to all the Kenophiles.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:12am pierre:

Bonjour Ken and Billboards enthusiasts
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:12am ⓔⓘⓚ:

The billboard is visible from Audible offices!
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:12am ŦšŦš (:

My stream is weak and it has a dark colour. Overall I have difficulties urinati....Wait. What are kind of stream are you guys talking about?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 9:12am -Ken:

@Sebastian - what about VLC?
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:13am Listener Robert:

Danny, I'e a location or 2 picked out for a WMFU billboard: US 206 facing northbound in Byram:

"Just over the hill...[cartoon of Courtney T. Edison DJing]...switch to 90.1 FM, WMFU."

I need to scout to see if there's a billboard there. I think there was one until they widened the road & added a truck climbing lane.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:13am AnAnonymousParty:

Winamp working great here.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:14am pantz:

Yes. VLC is a must.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:15am ŦšŦš (:

Oh, the internet stream! That stream. Oh, yes. I also got some problems, specially at the start of the sho. But now everything seems fine.

32K, Android WoofMoo App .
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:15am doctorjazz:

Pop-up doing better after a rough start on this end.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:15am Sebastian:

VLC? it's great, use it at home all the time - I'm in a public servant, it's amazing we even have computers and the internets here
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:16am Listener Bop Monroe:

punxatawny poppins
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:16am ɨ ɛ k:

App stream won't play here, so I'm listening at 91.1 as the billboard commands.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:17am Listener Bop Monroe:

i take all my commands from billboards
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:17am Sebastian:

last year we changed the OS from XP to Win7, that was exciting!
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:17am Danny in Bloomingburg:

@Listener Robert. I know the owners of highway displays. There are a few on the 17 in ny empty
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:18am ŦšŦš (:

Windows is for people that like Door's Greatest Hits albums.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 9:18am -Ken:

Sounds like we did have some stream problems this AM but keep trying as we do have backup streams, but they dont always kick right in.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:18am Sebastian:

I'll be off for a bit now, it's my turn on the treadmill to keep the electricity going
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:21am ɛkɨ:

This app problem might not be on FMU's end. I'm going to switch it off and back on again.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:22am mark v:

nice dreamy moody morning muse, Ken! Love the Fleetwood Mac cover
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:22am Will:

Billboard is going to backfire. Charles Manson has a swastika tattooed onto his forehead. His solo record LIE has never been played on FMU as far as I can find. No amount of ironic or even nihilistic humor can be used to justify using his image. Still a subscribing listener but a bit ashamed, Will J.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:23am Listener Bop Monroe:

mac firefox works fine plus i have the over the air going all day
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:23am maestroso:

The iphone app stream has been steady all morning here.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:25am Okasa:

I'll bet David Byrne is not proud of WFMU's billboard either.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:25am Listener Bop Monroe:

snow white gif is smooth repetition, no glitches. A-ok.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:27am Listener Bop Monroe:

can you say dunk shot? knew you could.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 9:27am -Ken:

@Will, we will have to agree to disagree, but we have played "Lie" many, many times.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:28am Listener Bop Monroe:

  Wed. 9/20/17 9:29am John in Bklyn:

I didn't know Mr. Rogers shot Rick Barry-style.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:29am Asheville Jon:

good morning Ken, other Ken's, and any other non-Kens!
stream was funky for a few minutes at the beginning of the show, but has been fine for a while now.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:30am Danny in Bloomingburg:

Thank you Ken for all you do. Swastika or not. It is brilliant. Signed self- hating Jew
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:31am Okasa:

Mr. Rogers shoots Mr. Rogers style.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:31am doctorjazz:

This samples the Love track, no?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:31am Fuzzy:

Speaking of Charlie, that Trump GIF reminds me of this:
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:32am Sebastian:

the mighty windows player is also working fine again, thanks to whoever is responsible!
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:32am V Priceless:

  Wed. 9/20/17 9:32am John in Bklyn:

Maybe Barry copped it from Fred, @Okasa?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:32am Asheville Jon:

not seeing the swas tika on the billboard, was it airbrushed out?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:33am doctorjazz:

"You Set The Scene"? Maybe not...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 9:33am -Ken:

  Wed. 9/20/17 9:33am Listener Robert:

Danny, in NJ pretty much the whole of route 17 is in WFMU's, not WFMU's, coverage area. Do you mean north of Suffern? Maybe on the Quickway?

I hope you get the gag in my proposal: WMFU gets good reception starting just north of that hill on 206 in Byram, the Old Codger symbolizing being over the hill.

Actually WMFU's usually receivable fairly well in Stanhope; it's the shadow of that hill north of Shop-Rite that cuts it off around Shop-Rite. But there may be a hill on Route 17 in NY that has a similar effect -- though at that point it might be the "watershed" between WMFU and WFMU xltr WEE239 (?) on 91.9.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:33am cat:

ken i love the billboard. i guess thekenschlampen was too long to fit (thats what she said)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 9:34am Ken From Hyde Park:

Billboard video:
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:34am John in Bklyn:

Manstrump reminds me of some other celeb... Rod Stewart or Alan Rickman, maybe?
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:35am Will:

@Ken. That's funny, I playlist-searched song and artist before I wrote that comment, found nothing (except 'Manson Family'). Respectfully, Will
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:35am Asheville Jon:

Pseu's show yesterday was great
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:35am Okasa:

Maybe that photo was taken before Charlie got the swastika tat? He looks pretty young...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:36am Tokey the Bear:

billboard looks great
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:36am Sebastian:

Manson probably wasn't born with a swastika on his forehead, maybe it's an older picture?
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:36am Listener Bop Monroe:

no one has said the obvious-
Rihannon Manson & Bieber
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:37am Danny in Bloomingburg:

Listener Robert i know where all the signals are thanks. I lose it on the thruway going up to Albany outside New Paltz. In my town on top of Bloomingburg mountain all static. Transmission from Mt Hope
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:37am Sebastian:

yeah, what Okasa said!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:37am geo in jc:

Search Central shows 44 times Manson was played.
12 from LIE
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:40am Tokey the Bear:

how many people might think marilynn manson? is it possible..
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:41am morphe:

Simon and I met a (punkish)family in a park in Madrid, my Spanish is not complete shite, but I asked the wee dauhter's name? It was Diana, but with the Castellano lisp, it sounded like Rihanna. I looked at the mother and said(probably with a scowl) "YOU NAMED YOUR DAUGHTER RIHANNA." She looked at me with a look of "ASSHOLE - IT IS DIANNA? I think that was our last family friendly park chat.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:41am John in Bklyn:

Maybe it's a reverse O.J. The Photoshop was done to make him look LESS menacing.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:43am Danny in Bloomingburg:

Or the Robert Johnson stamp without the cigarette
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:44am ɛkɨkɛki:

On first glance it looks like Father John Misty or some other hipster jackass rather than Marilyn Manson to me.
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:44am davej:

cracking Danielle Dax tracks. I'm transported.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:45am Nick S.:

Dax double shot!
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:45am Brendan:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:47am dfb:

question: exactly who is the gif for philistines jr. of (clean your room). i'm getting a mitt romney vibe?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:49am Megaroni:

Gong it out!
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:52am John in Bklyn:

@dfb. That was my first thought, too.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:53am Nick S.:

"Hey, Moe!" - Curly
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:54am Brian C.:

Mix for "Guess I'm Falling in Love" sounds different, fuzzier, need to check the 2CD WL/WH more closely
  Wed. 9/20/17 9:54am Will:

@geo. Guess I didn't know about Search Central.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:57am MD:

XOXO! and the billboard looks fantastic!!! I must call Ch 9 and 11 ASAP!!!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:59am Wild Neil:

@MD-what about channel 5?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 9:59am dfb:

this is a great version of a song by bowie i actual like
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:00am doctorjazz:

What a great cover!
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:00am listener monica:

and i remember when all there was for music was Neil Young...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:01am Okasa:

Charlie would certainly make America great again, no doubt. But I assume felons are not eligible to run for office...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:01am MD:

how would liar and chief pivot on my "prestdent" miss-spell? "Prestdent and all the Presidents..." !!! Or Present Dents???!!!
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:01am listener monica:

my car stereo now understands why it exists.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:01am Sebastian:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:01am MD:

Yessss Ch 5 Also...FOX Baby!!! FOX!!!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:02am Tokey the Bear:

love the velvet underground gif to this
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:02am Tokey the Bear:

lol@goatee trump lmao omg hahahah shit
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:03am John in Bklyn:

Manson is the love child of Rhianna and Bieber.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:04am BronwynB:

good morning ken and everyone. i love the billboard and we should never ever replace it. the people on the wfmu subreddit (yeah, that's a thing) hate it and want to replace it with a "conventional" billboard. "wfmu isn't that weird," they say. oh really now?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:05am DreamCricket:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:07am Tokey the Bear:

rhianna next or manson manson
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:07am Sebastian:

haven't heard this one in some time, still a great cover
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 10:07am -Ken:

haha thanks BronwynB - Im sure if we had done a "conventional" billboard, people would all be talking about it just like this one. Jaysuss
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:07am ɛɨɛk:

Although I would have gone with the four out of five doctors, a "conventional" billboard is a HORRIBLE idea. Free publicity from huffy outraged moral-majority types is PRICELESS! Although it's NJ and people are probably pretty hard to offend these days, so it may not work... we'll see....
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:07am Okasa:

I'm not taking sides in the Justin / Marilyn feud. I hear they are both large tools.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:09am Tokey the Bear:

rhianna slow mo
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:09am BnowB:

lmao oh shit this is rhianna hehe
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:10am dfb:

is this slo mo? i'm not able tell
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:10am bobdoesthings:

the dream is that someone driving by the billboard tunes in right now out of curiosity and wanting to hear some rihanna..
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:11am pierre:

i'm listening to WFMU
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:11am Asheville Jon:

oh Ken, you play this song, and now i get all black mirror freaked out.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:11am Sebastian:

man! I was so into it, I thought something had finally snapped in my head
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:13am JakeGould:

The billboard is stunning! Stunning in the fact we live in an age when a stupid off the cuff joke can be translated into a baffling reality thanks to crowd funding.

Sorry to sound like a wet rag, but is the publicity WFMU going to get from the billboard going to translate into anything? Like more listeners? More donations?
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:13am howard in nyc:

The unofficial theme song for Black Mirror
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:14am WFMU listener WADE:

Black Mirror is so good and frightening.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:14am BronwynB:

this rihanna song is legitimately enjoyable. do i have to turn in my wfmu card now?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:14am dgg:

hhahaha got to get that Rihanna in now! Congrats on the billboard ken & all.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:14am Davee:

Love on the billboard
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:15am Sebastian:

and we're back, thanks!
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:15am JakeGould:

Keep the billboard but I hope this impulsive funding experiment can be translated into an experience that might seem more boring but keeps WFMU afloat in the long run.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:15am northguineahills:

I was thinking the same thing, BronwynB.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:16am Davee:

That Rihanna song will be in my head all day now, thanks Ken
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:17am BronwynB:

@jake: I like the billboard because it's bound to get people who don't know the station and have a sense of humor curious enough to tune in. I know if I didn't already know the station and saw it, I'd tune in immediately just to know wtf this station was all about and then I'd be drawn in and become a listener and therein lies donations and all that. But then not everyone has that kind of sense of humor/tolerance for weirdness...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:18am doctorjazz:

Man, Ken plays some GREAT covers! Aretha would be having fits...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:18am dgg:

Oh man, you got your Mansons switched? This is a BIG faux pas.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:19am Nick S.:

Are there designs for the billboard? Sorry if I'm out of the loop. Great idea!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:19am The Oscar:

When I told my girlfriend about the billboard, she said, "The best part is I'm sure there are DJs on WFMU who unironically play all three." Congrats, all!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:20am

i too am iffy on the billboard, but i'm guessing the press will pick up on it and then social media (i like to say "so-called" media). hey, i saw richard branson at the hotel on bowery below e3rd st, yest. i should leave a note for him about the billboard. then he told 2 friends, and they told 2 fri...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:21am pantz:

So this is the song De La Soul sampled on 3 Feet High And Rising!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:21am Nick S.:

Haha! I like the billboard! Just checked it out. Good work!
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:21am JakeGould:

@BronwynB: I think it’s a silly prank at best and doubt any new listeners will come from it. But like I said, it’s stunning crowdfunding could help make an idea like this. So congrats on the social experiment become real!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:22am pierre:

time to float on…
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:23am Agent Peter:

Say No Go

their response to "Just Say No"
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:24am JakeGould: Well, most people nowadays stream “radio”… Especially the young kids who WFMU might need as listeners in the future.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:24am Wilson K:

Tommy Boy wants another "Say No?" —huh
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:25am BronwynB:

@jake: crowdfunding is an amazing thing, indeed. i wish i could figure out how to harness it.
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:25am medson:

Elk juice !!!!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:25am Sebastian:

all this talk of Elk juice is making me thirsty!
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:25am karl van beijk:

artificial incompetence - hahah!
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:26am PMD:

Ah Manson really can sing despite his wild eyes
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:28am BronwynB:

back when i was first getting into outsider music i made an outsider music pandora and occasionally i'd hear a folk song and think "hey this is all right i dig it" and i'd look and it would be the manson family. this happened like 4 times.
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:29am JakeGould:

When Manson gonna die already? I mean look at all the recent deaths and that guy is still alive?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:30am The Oscar:

I've shared this before, but when I lived with roommates I used to love playing LIE with the door open and wait for people to wander in and ask "Hey, what is this? It's nice!"
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:30am Mark Williams:

so unexpected for you to pull out this Dif Juz.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:32am Listening Out There:

I be late. Meetings...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:32am melinda:

@Bronwyn that's really funny
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:34am pierre:

@BronwynB: this happened to me quite a few time as well.
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:38am Nicholas:

I see it on my way home from work, where it sits atop a wasteland of bulldozed factories and rubble.
It looks perfect there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 10:39am Ken From Hyde Park:

What becomes of the billboard after the thirty days are up? Can you retrieve it and wrap the building? Or is it property of the billboard company?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:39am

[oops, i'm offline now - just checking out vimeos of JOHN DOE and ALLISON CRUTCHFIELD & THE FIZZ, shows from Terry Hall (we're not allowed to say Monty Hall, right?)]
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:41am ŦšŦš (:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:42am Dominick:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:44am coelacanth∅:

this remix goes well with my computer freaking out over a page full of gifs
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:44am pantz:

This song was ridiculous to begin with, but good lord!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:45am fleep:

laughing while lifting dumbbells = not productive
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:47am Brendan:

Sounds like the Bloody Sweaty Tears singer is going through a teleporter gone bad . Being ripped apart atom by atom. Yeah thats the sound I was looking for.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 10:50am Ken From Hyde Park:

Best of luck to DJ HotRod down in Puerto Rico. I hope she rides out the hurricane safely.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:52am Wendy del Formaggio:

Holy shit, this "Institutionalized" is brilliant.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:52am Wendy del Formaggio:'s even better than Black Velvet Flag's, dare I say.
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:52am Dean:

A little social distortion upsetting the stream?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:52am Listening Out There:

Fondly recalling past "Ken" program with umpteen versions of "Institutionalized"...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:55am BronwynB:

including my version i did with my boyfriend!!! being played on ken's show was our proudest moment and has not been topped
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:57am

oops, i missed Kiki & Herb's "institutionalized". they are one crazy duo - get their Carnegie Hall 2cd set (kinda cheap, online).
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:58am BnowB:

"Mother... "
  Wed. 9/20/17 10:59am Dean:

Why did I think that was Social D.? Perhaps I wasn't paying attention c.1980.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 10:59am BnowB:

put a box of matches next to it.. they can choose what kind of patriot
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:00am βrian:

Is it ok that I have no idea who Rihanna is, and only a vague notion of the Bieber character?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:00am Planet Tyler:

Patriot ambush!!!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:00am BnowB:

lol i remember bigot ambush lol that was a sleeper
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:00am Sam:

Anyone who picks up the flag should be allowed to come up and use your bathroom
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:01am P-90:

No UStream?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:01am Davee:

Stream? That reminds me, be right back.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:01am AnAnonymousParty:

@βrian: Sounds to me like you know all you need to know.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 11:01am -Ken:

@P-90, no video stream. Wanted to keep it simple.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:04am fleep:

Left dolphin is phoning it in.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:04am Wild Neil:

I think of my son in second grade and the heavy duty Institutionalized stuff that is going on, making him sit for long periods of time with recess maybe 2 times a week, not everyday like I had it back in the mid 70's...makes me sad, he is being turned into a "good worker".
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:05am Andrew Waterloo:

My daughter was asked about Bieber on the playground. Her response: "what's a beeber?"
I mostly know about Bieber because he's basically a local celebrity.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:06am Laura L:

Danke für dieses Lied von Bowiechen, Ken.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:06am Dean:

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:06am BronwynB:

  Wed. 9/20/17 11:07am Sam:

There's supposed to be big waves tonight from the hurricane. You and Andy should do a surfing show!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:07am BronwynB:

I'm seeing them at Le Poisson Rouge in October!!! I am excited to see my spirit guide, Russell Mael, up close and in person
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:07am Mark S:

perhaps a song in memory of Grant Hart?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:07am pantz:

New Sparks album is incredible
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:07am AnAnonymousParty:

@Wild Neil: At lest your son will know that 5X5X5 is wrong and 3X3X3X3X3 is right.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:08am ŦšŦš (:


I agree with you. I also hear songs from the archives without looking at the artists and it happened the same: I also liked a Manson tune because it is intrinsically good. But someone here in the comments says he's a horrible composer/singer but I guess he believes that because of what Manson represents. I guess we can judge the work of criminals independently of the person.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:08am BronwynB:

This song is particularly good. I've been listening to it upwards of 3 times a day.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:09am The Oscar:

How has Sparks stayed so good for so long? I remember when Hello Young Lovers came out it was the only album I listened to for about a week.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:09am BnowB:

im gonna rebuild my laptop i guess I'm that bored.. ? Thank Gd I have table top radio. cheers ken ty master dj!
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:09am Sam:

How is recess only twice a week?? And they claim they want to fight childhood obesity.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:09am AnAnonymousParty:

Oops. 5+5+5 vs 3+3+3+3+3. Even I don't get it.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:10am BronwynB:

When I was a kid we had it twice a day.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:10am pierre:

Sparks is like pizza, always the same, always good.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:10am βrian:

Je regrette Rihanna?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:11am BronwynB:

@pierre: are they really always the same? I wouldn't say so
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:11am Sam:

Nooonnnnnnnnn!!!!!!! Rien de rrrrrrrrrrien!!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:11am βrian:

Recess twice a day, and the rule was if you don't play, you can't work.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:11am pierre:

well played Ken
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:12am BronwynB:

That transition was funny because I've listened to the Sparks song on spotify a lot and because I've just been typing in "Edith Piaf" to find it, this song always comes next so now at the end of the Sparks song my brain plays the beginning of this one.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:12am The Oscar:

@Brian That's all I can hear now!
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:12am Sam:

I love how this sounds like it could be from an opera
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:12am ŦšŦš (:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:13am pierre:

@BronwynB : well, don't get me wrong I love them. I only think that they have a VERY recognizable sound. And I find that they often build their song in the same fashion. But in a very Sparks and unique way. Which I love.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:13am ŦšŦš (:

Jeanne Moreau died recently, Ken, and you haven't played anything from her. Son, I am dissapoint.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:13am pierre:

ŦšššššššššššššššŦšššššššššššššš !!!
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:14am ŦšŦš (:

Please disregard my last comment.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:14am BronwynB:

@pierre: that makes sense!!!
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:15am berbo:

For those who are not fluent in French, that song was "Give my regards to Rihanna".
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:15am joe mulligan:

Ken! This was the song that I thought sounded like Steely Dan's The Fez. It's the India song, I had it wrong the other month
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:15am Dean:

The stuff Sparks did with Giorgio Moroder was a nice deviation. Early Sparks makes me think of The Quick, which was like a sugar-coated version of the band.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:15am βrian:

Ça me rend giddy.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:17am ŦšŦš (:

Oh, for the love of crackers! How How can Steely Dan sound like Jeanne Moreau? That comparison hurts!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:19am steveo:

Nice billboard. Any complaints about that pink "Dirty Dancing" font used for the call letters?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:19am joe mulligan:

@ŦšŦš (: you made my day. I had to bring someone down to share my suffering. it's just a part of the melody, definitely not the tempo or arrangement.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:21am The Oscar:

@Pierre @Pierre I think the interesting thing about Sparks is how they've managed to "evolve" from genre to genre over the decades (Power pop, glam, new wave, dance, whatever you want to call Lil Beethoven), but the core elements-- Ron's songwriting and Russell's voice-- have remained remarkably consistent and recognizable throughout.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:23am The Oscar:

Err, that second @Pierre should have been @BronwynB :)
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:24am WFMU listerner WWIII:

Great show. 1st time listener. Will keep tuning in.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:24am pierre:

@The Oscar : seen like this, I agree. They've indeed manage to Sparks all the musical genre. If we could consider "to Spark" as a verb
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 11:24am -Ken:

@steveo, Yes, I have had a number of very angry complaints about the Dirty Dancing font, from these elitist hipster font nazis. I hate them so.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:25am Rich in Washington:

Font Nazis are the worst. Screw 'em!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:26am Rich in Washington:

you can always tell a armchair designer when they use the word font in the place of typeface, typography, etc.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:27am Sam:

I think the pink font is a playful contrast to the black and white all-caps starkness of the rest of the billboard.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:27am burpage:

Ken enjoying the tunes on the Atlantic City beach
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:27am BronwynB:

@The Oscar: I agree!!! What they keep amazingly consistent is their sense of humor which never wavers. They manage to be really funny without being a Dr. Demento novelty act. There really aren't many artists out there like that.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:27am Sam:

Qu'est-ce qu'ils font avec ce font?
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:29am Lewis Goldfarb:

Absolutely killing it today Ken!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:31am Fuzzy:

WFMU: the Comic Sans radio station for a Helvetica world.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 11:32am -Ken:

The Font Nazis are just so incredibly cruel. They can throw me into a deep depression with a single smirk. I can't take it anymore
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:32am steveo:

@ken: figures
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:32am The Oscar:

Ever since the new Twin Peaks the ":-)" emotion fills me with dread.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:32am Rich in Washington:

Font Nazis Must Die...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:32am mb:

I don't know if this topic has ever been broached but has WFMU (Ken) ever entertained the idea of adding a page to the website for musicians looking for other musicians to make music with?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 11:34am -Ken:

That's a cool idea mb but too much work for us.. just do it right here.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:35am Rich in Washington:

I have a bunch of unused canning jars. Come pick them up.
If this post is still up, they're still on my front stoop. Txt only.
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:35am Dean:

How about a website for typographers looking for other typographers to make fonts with?

(I agree that the musicians idea is cool.)
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:36am Listening Out There:

Do not confuse Helgavetica with Comic Frans...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:37am BronwynB:

@mb: great idea. i'll start. so as you can tell i'm pretty obsessed with sparks and so is my boyfriend and we're trying to put together a sparks tribute band so we can freak people out with sparks songs in the subway stations. we are only looking for female musicians for this project so that we can be the world's first female sparks tribute band. is anyone on this comments board a female musician who wants to play sparks songs?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:37am pierre:

This is Billboard fame there you go :
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:37am BronwynB:

im kind of joking but also kind of not really
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:39am Fox (Rā-chul):

Hi Ken! I got up early enough that I get to listen to you LIVE! How awesome!
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:39am ŦšŦš (:

When pierre comes to the comments section maginc happens. And Ken plays all the French hits! Oh, la la!
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:39am Dean:

No, but if you hum a few bars I'll fake it.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:40am Rich in Washington:

@BrownwynB: What would you call your all-female Sparks tribute band?
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:40am ŦšŦš (:

Did i say maginc? HA! I meant to say magick
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:40am Sam:

Oui Pierre, faut que tu viennes plus souvent!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:40am steveo:

congrats on adweek!
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:40am Dean:

  Wed. 9/20/17 11:40am Dean:

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:40am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and elk juice lovers.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:41am steveo:

adweek is your catwalk
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:41am steveo:

you're too sexy for this interstate
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:42am MenfussMike:

am I the only one who hears the oblivian riff in this song?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:42am Rich in Washington:

Long live confusing and tasteless! I am so proud of you, WFMU!
My station would never in a million years do anything even coming close to that.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:42am MenfussMike:

"blew my cool"
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:44am pierre:

@FOFO : I wish, so i can discover french stuff as well.
@Sam : je vais être "around" plus souvent.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:44am Rich in Washington:

The alternate ads are similarly inspired. I wish you had the resources to rotate them all - and more - at regular intervals!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:44am BronwynB:

@Rich: We are going to be called Sparkles. We thought about Femaels but if you say that out loud it sounds like you're just saying "Females" which would be weird. Sparxx is pretty funny though @dean
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:45am joe mulligan:

so great WFMU made Adweek!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:46am Rich in Washington:

Sparkles is great! I guess you could say Femaels in press mat'l, etc. Brilliant! Keep us posted!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:46am Asheville Jon:
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:46am Dean:

Sparkletts would invite a trademark dispute.

You could abandon the gender riff and go for something like Number One Band in Heaven.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:46am Sam:

Are you legally obliged to give Charles Manson a time slot now?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:47am Listening Out There:

"Dated font" - Some people have no sense of humor, eh?
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:47am morphe:

Tell them ANDY chose the Font - It was in one of his canned films
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:47am Wilson K:

No such thing as "just a font." But I don't mind it.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:48am Sam:

I dated a font once. I think it was Helgavetica.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:48am Planet Tyler:

It's the font from Drive!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:48am Asheville Jon:

i like the font. very Miami Vice
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:48am BnowB:

lmao we love the font ken. lmao i had to log in to look at font again. Its really really perfect pink perfectly dated font! Looks futuristic even.. honestly.. right Andy Breckman?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:48am Wilson K:

At least you paired it with with Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:49am Wilson K:

It's a generic brush script font. Lipstick on a motel bathroom mirror. It's perfect.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:50am Passaic River Blues:

Oh yeah, that's the site of the old Westinghouse factory. Super toxic most likely. The Mormons opened a church across Orange Street a few years ago.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:50am BronwynB:

@Rich: haha will do. i hope this does become a thing eventually. We just have to find our Ronette (I am the Russell-ette). I had a dream we got in a fight with an all-female Queen tribute band but I can't remember who won.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:50am BnowB:

"like a love sick dick" .. enough said about me stop it
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:51am Sam:

Next you should try to get a billboard put up in North Korea
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:52am BnowB:

Barry Adamson is using the beat from a band called "shit robot"
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:52am brycepunk1:

Really digging this Barry Adamson track.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:52am BnowB:

oh thats the name of the record.. love sick dick.. i hear the lyric and was drawn in.. to the dick..
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:53am coelacanth∅:

i couldn't figure out if he was trying to sound like Leonard Cohen, or Nick Cave.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:53am BnowB:

william ...
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:54am SueAdynamo:

i just turned off WNYC b/c they were talking about infant mortality!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:55am Ike:

That font is GREAT! Font unbelievers must be vanquished with the holy fire of hippie-punk free-formity! Or something.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:55am Laura L:

Helvetica in a Hurricane--perfect for our windswept times.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:55am Sem Chumbo:

For sale: slightly-used Jack LaLanne elk juicer. Hooves, antlers, even tough cartilage no problem. Also good for whelks.

See you next time, SM Ken, and Ken listeners.
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:55am ŦšŦš (:

I learned the word 'cuddly' from this William S Burroughs song.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:56am northguineahills:

Ha, nice adweek article, thanks for sharing, Asheville Jon!
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:56am BnowB:

wfmu knew :) we love wfmu knew
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:57am Jim Carroll:

It's too late to get a date with Sharon Tate
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:57am Asheville Jon:

northguineahills: joe mulligan mentioned it, i just posted a link to it.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:58am coelacanth∅:

offensive font??? is that possible?
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:58am Brendan:

Nice show man.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:58am MD:

  Wed. 9/20/17 11:58am ŦšŦš (:

What do you mean is over?!! Oh, well. Thanks a bunch, Ken, people! Great giffery, music, billboard comments, Spark reviews, correction corners (Alex - Saint Black). Till next episode and remember: Be happy!

Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:58am Planet Tyler:

How about engineering gothic?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:58am Sem Chumbo:

Comic Sans is now OK?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:59am BnowB:

cheers ken.. another week.. tc
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:59am steveo:

thx ken
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:59am Sebastian:

Danke, Ken!
  Wed. 9/20/17 11:59am Brendan:

It’s better than the new iOS 11 font
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:59am coelacanth∅:

offensive photograph, maybe. (justin beiber)
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:59am Planet Tyler:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/20/17 11:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

Pitchfork likes the billboard, too.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 11:59am Asheville Jon:

later Ken. Screw the font haters!
  Wed. 9/20/17 12:00pm bobo:

Hello I know im a bit late but techincally there are 30 secs left to 12PM. Any chance of playing a 30 secs tune? Are you still accepting requests?
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 6:45pm listener jeff:

Just caught the Mortal Micronauts-Burroughs on the archive. I went to the University of Kansas and they were a local Lawrence punk band. Saw them in a living room a bunch of times. Burroughs lived there at the time - he was shooting shotguns shells filled with paint at plywood sheets. Ginsberg hung out a bit also. Eudora was a town just to the east of Lawrence.
Avatar Wed. 9/20/17 7:22pm (Murakami Whywolf))):

BronwynB: please cover "Where Would We be Without Books?", Ron and Russell's theme for the radio show "Bookworm" on KCRW.
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