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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options September 1, 2017

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Iannis Xenakis  Polytope de Cluny   Options Iannis Xenakis  Edition RZ  0:00:00 ()
John Duncan & Carl Michael von Hausswolff  ...Like a Lizard   Options Our Telluric Conversation    0:24:26 ()
David Toop  The Long Sleep   Options Hot Pants Idol    0:48:01 ()
Robert Ashley  Yellow Man with Heart with Wings (English)   Options Yellow Man with Heart with Wings    0:54:39 ()
Pauline Oliveros  Beautiful Soop   Options Alien Bog / Beautiful Soop    1:22:26 ()
Adam Bohman  At Home (Red Mullet, The Woodcock Of The Sea)   Options Words and Music    1:50:30 ()
Charles Amirkhanian  Gold and Spirit   Options Walking Tune    1:58:54 ()
Paul De Marinis  Beneath the Numbered Sky   Options Music as a Second Language    2:09:32 ()
Bernard Parmegiani  Violostries   Options Bernard Parmegiani  INA-GRM  2:25:37 ()
Claude Ballif  Points-Mouvements   Options Archives GRM    2:43:02 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:19pm steveo:

playlist withholding as art...
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:19pm chris:

hi there. zennnnnaaahhhhkisssss!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:20pm Bryce:

i forgot i was here
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:20pm Chris from DC:

Clicky star goes to Xenakis. Also, hello.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:21pm themutante:

Step inside the mind of Bryce, David Lynch or whoever...?
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:22pm KenW:

Heeeeey Bryce, GREAT start my friend, XENAKIS!!!!
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:22pm JakeGould:

Hey Bryce!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:22pm Lixiviated Life:

I struggle with the music broadcast during this program.
I'd like to understand it better.
Any help I could get from the listeners (or DJ) would be accepted and appreciated.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:23pm themutante:

Oh, and don't forget to buckle up, Buckaroo.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:23pm steveo:

@lix there is a lot written about this piece if you google for the title
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's the struggle that makes it so worth it.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:25pm steveo:

feature request: clicky stars for listener comments
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:25pm Carmichael:

Good morning Bryce and Brycelets. Looking at 109 degrees this afternoon in my quaint little California hamlet.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:25pm Lixiviated Life:

Thanks for the leads. I'll do my homework.
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:26pm bill:

This is fmu's drivetime show. Management cynically and undemocratically schedules it to suck the most fundraising dollars out of its day-job working audience
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:27pm VealCutlet:

This sounds great being streamed on my pho be, laptop, and radio simultaneously
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:27pm KenW:

@lix, many times Bryce will play things that would not be considered music per se, some of it irritates or confuses, think of it as expanding what one considers music. Write down the pieces you like and hate, sometimes the pieces you hate today become the pieces you'll love in the future.
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:27pm bill:

sounds like somebody knows how to party!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:28pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

@Steveo: It's coming, not very soon though
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:28pm themutante:

Aint nothin' like a Xenakis paaaarrrty!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:29pm steveo:

:) take your time, Kenzo
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:29pm Carmichael:

@lix, the phrase "marbles in a blender" will come up in conversations here, due to a disgruntled commenter from years past.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:29pm Chris from DC:

Wish I could have seen the installation for this one.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:29pm chris:

how's the air, Carm? da bay is filled with so much smoke, it looks like Bakersfield up in here.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:30pm steve:

the key is to eat exceedingly spicy vegetarian indian food during the show
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:31pm Carmichael:

@chris, I just got back from Oregon. Ashland was so smoky it looked like sundown all the time. Not so bad here, at least not yet.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:31pm chris:

wow. yuck. see any good shows?
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:31pm KenW:

@lix, also, sometimes it helps to think of this as a radio show transmitted from an extraterrestrial other worldly source,,,, not being sarcastic actually, I love this show because it's opened my mind and ears to so much I'd never been exposed to.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:32pm Carmichael:

No, just dropping the dependent unit off at college in Salem, so I was in and out.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:34pm Carmichael:

Forgot about the Indian food, Steve! Required eating for required listening.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:34pm themutante:

This sounds like an alien soundtrack. And to think we sent them Chuck Berry and a host of other shite.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:35pm themutante:

SETI be accidentally tuned to this and creaming their pants.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:37pm themutante:

Put some fuzzy Hitler speech under this and I'd be creaming my pants.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:37pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Grabbing my Indian food. Bryce, I'm going to have to mix this in during my next show. So my show can be drive time$ too
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:37pm themutante:

I'm totally seriously.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:38pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

@themutante: That's the kind of thing you'll hear! Probably not this coming Wednesday 5-7pm on the Drummer stream but the next one. Wed. 9/13 5pm ET lastever.org
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:38pm nic:

love this !!!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:38pm themutante:

I'm there already @Kenzo
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:39pm Carmichael:

So how many DJs are off this weekend? I need to set my FMU listening schedule accordingly.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:39pm themutante:

I'm beyond loving this... this is existential as fuck!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:40pm Carmichael:

Bryce must be in the ... ahhh ... "throne" room.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:40pm VealCutlet:

What are the aliens going to think about 'My Ding Aling?"
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:41pm themutante:

All of this, all of the time!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:42pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

@Carmichael: I only see subs for Todd, Nate K, Jesse Jarnow, and D:O Radio on GTDR
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:42pm themutante:

Careful @Carmichael I got sent to the penalty box for that talk by Daddy Ken.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:43pm Bryce:

lixlife (love your handle, btw!), yeah, i'm getting off to a noisy start today, lol.....

thanks for not just being, like, "this garbage is why i don't donate to fmu any more!"

i think the trick with this kind of textural stuff is not to try to understand it as music music, because it doesn't have the same kind of structures and logic as harmonic/rhythmic music. that just leads to frustration and feeling like you're missing something other people are hearing. you're not!

the thing to shoot for is more like letting your brain go out of focus, allowing your left hemisphere to take a half-hiatus from its analytical duties, so you can experience the details and layers of sound almost spatially, as if you were watching it.
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:44pm JakeGould:

Also Becky the Honky Tonk Radio Gal is doing a 2 hour fill-in tonight for Downtown Soulville.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:44pm themutante:

@Bryce That's exactly what I said.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:45pm themutante:

Would like the title of that John Duncan track.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's like those Magic Eye 3-D pictures, but in sonic form?
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:46pm Mister Dobalina:

Why are whispering?
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:46pm Mister Dobalina:

Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:47pm Bryce:

Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:49pm themutante:

I've been needing this.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:49pm steve:

this makes me super tingly
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:50pm VealCutlet:

Is this freeform ASMR?
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:51pm steveo:

if you want to make me go deaf, just segue this into something very loud
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:52pm themutante:

Are we tuned in simultaneously with NPR? Kidding, love this!
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:53pm JakeGould:

This sounds like some rando at a party I went to who was eating Indian food and creeping on me for a job.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:53pm Bryce:

vealcutlet, just pretend this is your hairdresser
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:54pm Bryce:

you gave him a job, right???
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Outtakes from the Central Scrutinizer recordings?
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:55pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:55pm VealCutlet:

That's exactly what my hairdresser would talk about.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:56pm steveo:

Hausswolff was great in Baywatch, too
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 12:57pm themutante:

Not had a haircut in a while, sweet nothings like Duncan & von Hausswolff would have me in there at least once a week.
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:58pm JakeGould:

@Bryce: No, I did not give him the job.
  Fri. 9/1/17 12:59pm JakeGould:

I didn’t even have a job. He assumed I had jobs.
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:00pm JakeGould:

It was basically a micro-aggression. White guy (that guy) assuming another white guy (me) just always has a list of jobs.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:01pm Lixiviated Life:

Toop has a sort of a Trip Hop feel.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:03pm themutante:

Man of few words, Bryce. Back to making contact with those alieums.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:04pm Bryce:

i got nuthin!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:04pm themutante:

Keep twistin' those dials/knobs.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:05pm BronwynB:

hey bryce and brycettes!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:09pm steveo:

can you play something terrible? I need to go out and get some lunch
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:11pm themutante:

@steveo If you hurry back you'll catch the tail-end of this track.
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:11pm Mark Williams:

yeah, and this Ashley does NOT qualify Bryce!
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:13pm JakeGould:

@steveo: Get a salad.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:13pm Lixiviated Life:

I've read all of your helpful comments and I'm thankful for the guidance.
So far all is reminiscent of how I've felt reading Burroughs or looking at a Francis Bacon work. Now that I'm typing this, I think maybe it's more akin to Richard Serra's work, there's an experiential element that is difficult to explain.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:14pm Bryce:

  Fri. 9/1/17 1:15pm JakeGould:

Anyone have a list?
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:17pm themutante:

I'm looking forward to the climactic moment of this set when we make contact with the aleiums, after that... anything can happen.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:18pm themutante:

Is this it? Help me out people!
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:20pm KenW:

@lix, welcome aboard my friend!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:21pm themutante:

Alexa, why did the music stop?
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:22pm zopa:

Hi Bryce. I haven't heard Ashley in quite some time. My favorite has always been Perfect Lives (particularly, The Bar).
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:23pm Michael 98145:

i frequently let my brain go out of focus
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:23pm nic:

it's a deep morning !!!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:23pm BronwynB:

Hey Carmichael, I'm late but if you want some jazzy sounds from 9am-noon on Sunday, I'm filling in for Destination Out on the drummer stream.
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:24pm noahl:

@Lixiviated Life: For me, it helps to -not- be doing tasks with words or numbers while listening. Manual work, visual work go better. Of course, if I can sit with headphones and pay close attention, even better. The analogy to visual artists may be apt. Compared to pop music, the 'rules' for visual art and this music aren't very apparent, sometimes they seem nonexistant. As you can tell, people here are always excited to make a convert; I hope you find your way into the sound!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:26pm People Like Us:

this garbage is why i donate to fmu!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:27pm themutante:

@People Like Us Yaaaaaaasss!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:29pm Bryce:

hahaaaaaa :)
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:31pm KenW:

Me toooo! And GREAT point NoahL!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:35pm steveo:

@mutante didn't hurry enough
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:35pm steveo:

@people exactly; where else can I find such high quality garbage?
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:36pm steveo:

@jake got a sound salad
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:36pm northguineahills:

Pauline Oliveros does make a beautiful soop!
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:38pm JakeGould:

Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:39pm themutante:

It's the stock that's the secret, but she'll never give it up.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:40pm themutante:

The way she makes the stock, that is.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:41pm themutante:

It's mos def not kosher.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:41pm northguineahills:

I didn't start listening artists on this playlist (for example), it was a gradual process of discovery by finding different analogs in more accessible music little by little, and then wanting to study processes behind it before I would fully appreciate it. Now, it's automatic (or beyond).
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:42pm themutante:

We are getting closer to the meaning of life, people. Hang in there.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:43pm Mister Dobalina:

Really loving these sounds! A+
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:44pm themutante:

This might be the 1st episode I've favourited because I need to hear it wearing headphones. Alexa is aiight, but I'm missing some of the story here.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:46pm northguineahills:

Isn't the narrative Alice in Wonderland, or is that another Oliveros work?
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:47pm George of Troy:

Hiya, Bryce! Playing some old favorites today.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:47pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Dan Bodah on his Vocal Fry program has played Pauline Oliveros a bit.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:48pm themutante:

Not so much a narrative, more the tone and tenor of the whole mix.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:48pm Mister Dobalina:

Robot MUSIC, made for robots, by Robots.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 1:50pm Bryce:

on the narrative tip today. story time!
  Fri. 9/1/17 1:55pm nic:

love this !!!!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:05pm Michael 98145:

- sparse -
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:06pm steve:

weirdest racketball game ever
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:10pm Mister Dobalina:

I feel very Twin Peaks-ish.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:10pm Cliff back in the U.S.S.A.:

"That kind of sounds like a robot dog." - says my 4-year-old niece.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:11pm Michael 98145:

yes, it does
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:23pm Michael 98145:

an auspicious start to the end of summer
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:26pm steve:

today's my last day of vacation, was supposed to go to the beach and play pinball, now i'm kinda glad i stayed home!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:27pm steveo:

Seasons occur because of the tilt of the Earth's rotational axis, which is about 23.4 degrees. Around the June Solstice, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun. This causes summer there. The Southern Hemisphere, on the other hand, is tilted away from the sun and therefore, experiences winter. The opposite occurs around the December Solstice when the Southern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun, while the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:27pm Bryce:

our last day of steve. :(
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:28pm Bryce:

snorkels for xmas!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:29pm Carmichael:

@Bronwyn, thanks for the heads up. That would be 6 am my time ... Can't promise I'll catch the whole thing.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:30pm steve:

im doing Arduino class during the show this Fall... at some we'll see if the kids can handle it! i'll be sure to check in. children ARE the future.
  Fri. 9/1/17 2:30pm KenW:

LOVING THIS! And Bryce, a phenomenal description earlier on listening tips for challenging music, beautifully said!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:32pm steveo:

Build an Arduino-Controlled AM/FM/SW Radio

Combine the Si4844-A10 analog-tuned radio receiver with an Arduino to make a full-featured multiband radio.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:33pm BronwynB:

No worries Carmichael, feel free to tune in when you can :D
  Fri. 9/1/17 2:33pm JakeGould:

@steve: Sorry you are off of the schedule Steve,
  Fri. 9/1/17 2:34pm JakeGould:

Any news on the new Steve?
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:36pm Cliff back in the U.S.S.A.:

steveo - sounds like fun, I made a transistor radio in 5th grade
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:37pm steve:

hmm that looks good steveo
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:37pm Bryce:

steves, (gateway to joy) donna stopped by my flat a couple weekends ago, toting this guy, big fun on the lower-left:

Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:38pm chris:

yes, i would like a bit of Parmegiani. thank you, Bryce.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:39pm steveo:

this looks like more fun than plugging an fm receiver into a breadboard (in the future everyone will be named steve)
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:40pm Michael 98145:

oh, my. the KOMA should be a supporter Premium !
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:41pm Bryce:

oooh!!! . . . . . .
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:42pm Bryce:

*touches chin*
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:42pm steve:

i made something that was just like the koma thing in 2009 but mine also had a step sequencer and midi built in farm4.static.flickr.com...
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:43pm Michael 98145:

wow. you guys are much more clever than i.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:44pm Bryce:

don't take *that* to the airport!
  Fri. 9/1/17 2:46pm nic:

music to paint by_great !!!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:47pm Cliff back in the U.S.S.A.:

Hahaha, TSA in Asheville, NC were *very* interested in the mini-ITX box I was lugging around in a duffle bag, and that didn't even have any wires sticking out...
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:48pm Jeff:

@steveo: so one of these


is in that tiny little Si4844-A10 chip?
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:50pm steveo:

is that a flux capacitor (lol @ ebs test)
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:50pm chris:

i want Bryce's voice for my siri/cortana/alexa/nav bots
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:55pm Michael 98145:

thanks again, Bryce
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:55pm Bryce:

thank you guys! nice to see you, as always!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:56pm northguineahills:

Thanks Bryce!
  Fri. 9/1/17 2:56pm nic:

love this great show bryce thx !!!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:57pm chris:

thanks, for preventing scrolling on the playlist, Bryce. great stuff!
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:58pm Cliff back in the U.S.S.A.:

Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 2:58pm ERU:

Indeed, a non-scrolling playlist: great!
  Fri. 9/1/17 2:59pm Mark Williams:

a lovely show, Bryce.
Avatar Fri. 9/1/17 3:00pm steveo:

thank you, bryce
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