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Join Jo Firestone for some smooth and easy soft rock every week. Call in and dedicate a song if you feel like someone really deserves one.

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Options May 13, 2017: The Celebrity-Only Call-In Show with Jo Firestone and Brett Davis

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Cher With Beavis and Butt-Head  I Got You Babe   Options The Beavis and Butthead Experience  0:00:00 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:02pm RomanDogBird:

uhh no wait a minute
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:03pm Charlie_pseudonym:

you need a chick who did time for murder...I met one when I drove a cab
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 5/13/17 9:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This chick is cool! Huh huh!
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:06pm RomanDogBird:

bevis and buttface are two of my favorite celebrities
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:06pm Charlie_pseudonym:

play the damn song already...
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:07pm RomanDogBird:

settle down charlie
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:08pm Georg2 Bush:

I approve your message
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:09pm grace gold way:

ivanka, find zen at the basement of wing fat mansion by doyers street.
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:10pm Charlie_pseudonym:

I'm charlie hyper active pyseduem and I need to hear star power
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:13pm Charlie_pseudonym:

can I have sex with ivanka?
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:14pm jerry kid:

ivanka is so adorkable
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:16pm George Soros:

I'm God and this is your big chance.
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:16pm yeeboi:

This is out of control
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:18pm grace gold way:

yea....and not quite.
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:22pm yeeboi:

Digging this one
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:23pm Circo Americano:

Utterly amazing! Great rock solid call-in sketches!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 9:23pm JakeGould:

This is good radio. I hope some more famous people call in. It’s rare to hear their opinions so this is a great public service.
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:23pm Carmichael:

  Sat. 5/13/17 9:23pm George soros:

I'm really Gerald Ford and I suspect I'm as dead as Paul
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:26pm toni braxton:

this song is dedicated to me. i wanna rest in peace
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:27pm toni braxton:

  Sat. 5/13/17 9:29pm Charlie_pseudonym:

hey Braxton me and you make poverty babies
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:30pm toni braxton:

youre infertile so we gotta make them out of tar and feathers
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:31pm grace gold way:

if north bergen county freezes over, count on toni braxton's voice to resound through the frost...
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:31pm Charlie_pseudonym:

I guess it will work that way
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:32pm Carmichael:

Does this guy live in the pine barrens?
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:34pm George soros:

no fraternization between the help
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:35pm Carmichael:

This is engrossing.
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:35pm Circo Americano:

This is the "New Saturday Night Live" radio style!
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:36pm George soros:

yes toni and charlie are strictly the help
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:37pm toni braxton:

good thing i have a fire stone to melt the frost
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:38pm Charlie_pseudonym:

toni we know "the engine runs on glue and tar"
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:39pm RomanDogBird:

good lord
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:39pm grace gold way:

but is firestone man enough?
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:42pm Charlie_pseudonym:

is a Firestone a tire or something obscene...if it's something obscene let's get together and do it.
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:42pm Carmichael:

This guy works at Cinnabon in Iowa and watches E!
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:44pm Charlie_pseudonym:

who doesn't want to eat a Cinnabon all the way
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:45pm Carmichael:

Cinnabon only call in show!
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:46pm George soros:

I'm still God as far as I'm concerned
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:47pm Charlie_pseudonym:

just keep my identity hide
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:47pm toni braxton:

jo firestone is female
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:47pm grace gold way:

so be it! so be it, george!
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:49pm Charlie_pseudonym:

so George sores is female...should that matter in the age of enlightenment?
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:50pm grace gold way:

i never make assumptions @toni
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:52pm George psychedelic:

I guess it's all good as long as I can rob money
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:54pm grace gold way:

you call it the age of enlightenment, and i'll call it the age of delusion
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:55pm toni braxton:

shes a girl i saw it on youtube
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:55pm Marc15:

No Pat?
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:55pm Charlie_pseudonym:

George soros for government execution specialist
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 9:56pm JakeGould:

It’s like a comedy club? 1/2 a dozen acts and you have to buy two overpriced, watered down drinks to enjoy the privilege?
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:57pm George soros:

delusions are our specialty
  Sat. 5/13/17 9:57pm toni braxton:

its the age of endarkenment
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:59pm RomanDogBird:

Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 9:59pm RomanDogBird:

.com, FUK
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:02pm George soros:

we are the drain ...you are the water we've made dirty.You go down the drain and we become richer for your efforts.
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:03pm grace gold way:

the age of shadows and feeling...
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:11pm George sores:

once trump is impeached I'll take his place...actually I'm controlling him as we speak...I'm very evil but I blend in well with the mediocrity
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 10:11pm JakeGould:

Some women are grapefruits, others are strawberries.
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:11pm grace gold way:

liza wrote a song about the apartment my grandparents lived in
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:12pm Marc15:

Isn't the Fruit Bowl a college football game?
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:12pm fleep:

Someone left the screen door open again.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 10:12pm JakeGould:

Who can forget that song, “Grace Gold’s Grandparent’s Apartment is a Nice Place.”
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 10:13pm JakeGould:

Mike Pence apparently likes a fruit plate at the end of a meal in the White House.
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:13pm Charlie_pseudonym:

hey kids I did the best I could...God bless and good night
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:13pm grace gold way:

it looked like the inside of an art deco sea shell
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:17pm abbie hoffman:

weird al wrote a song about my drug den
     Sat. 5/13/17 10:19pm Listener Robert:

Are these improv calls? Seems too good to be.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 10:20pm JakeGould:

Old Mother Hubbard lived in a cupboard.
There was an Old Woman who lived in a shoe.

Lots of crappy housing for women in old fairy tails.
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:21pm fleep:

Gingerbread house: tasty in theory, awful in the rain
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 10:22pm JakeGould:

And the whole tale of the 3 little pigs makes bricks sound like magic. Sounds like it was an advertorial for the brick industry.
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:23pm Charlie_pseudonym:

"one more thought before I go" who doesn't love Pence as the insiders choice to be the guy who anally does us right to hell.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 10:23pm JakeGould:

Garfield! He hates Mondays and loves Lasagna!!!!
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:23pm abbie hoffman:

happy mothers day
happy mothers day
i am your son i am a runaway
livin on the east side always gettin stoned
always gettin high im glad im not home
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:25pm Charlie_pseudonym:

why do I feel like you folk know me?
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:27pm fleep:

I am celebrity adjacent. We have a popcorn bowl from Arnold Schwarzenegger. But that's for another show.
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:28pm Marc15:

Andrew Garfield kissed Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes.
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:28pm Charlie_pseudonym:

I live in a park..trust me it's not strawberry fields... I represent the future of former middle class white men and I don't give a damn.
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:30pm Hallie who the them:

I'll kiss you if you give me a place to stay
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:30pm Marc15:

Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:31pm RomanDogBird:

  Sat. 5/13/17 10:31pm Marc15:

From beyond the grave ...
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:31pm fleep:

Talking to the dead takes the show in a whole other direction.
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:33pm bobby socks:

didn't the pigs wall get blown down?
     Sat. 5/13/17 10:33pm Listener Robert:

I'm friendly with actor Allen L. Rickman. He's still alive.
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:35pm grace gold way:

i'd like to listen to a ghostly call from the world's foremost authority
     Sat. 5/13/17 10:35pm Listener Robert:

I get it! Allen Rickman has an "e" in his name, which Alan Rickman did not.
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:36pm fleep:

Abe Vigoda, if you can hear us, call in now!
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:39pm pooey flute:

yeah mello
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:41pm pooey flute:

mello is a teenage celebrity
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:44pm I'm the ghost of your future:

you need to worship only on sundays and take this rf chip... if your cerebral we'll give it to you on your forehead..if not In the palm of your hand..you can buy a lot of cool stuff from Amazon .com and be excepted
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:45pm Carmichael:

Good Lord.
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:48pm grace gold way:

mimi is probably having her skittles chromatically assorted
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:50pm RomanDogBird:

oh wow
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:52pm fleep:

The improv is strong in this one.
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:53pm spacecowboy:

who is this calling in?
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:54pm abbie hoffman:

drew barrymore your mom used to flirt with me on 22nd street
  Sat. 5/13/17 10:57pm abbie hoffman:

i once got someone to call wfmu from a mental hospital
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 10:59pm fleep:

Impersonation Pro Tip: Quick trip to Wikipedia before you call.
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:02pm Marc15:

How about the Ghost of Alan Rickman as the mouse?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:02pm JakeGould:

Terrence Stamp was Zod in “Superman.” He’s the guy who shouted, “Kneel before Zod!”
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 11:04pm fleep:

Timothy Leary's dead.
No, no, no, no, He's outside looking in.
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 11:06pm grace gold way:

unfortunately, zod was feated by the "rights of man"
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 11:08pm fleep:

Fade out any time.
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:08pm Jack Johnson:

OMG This show is amazing. I'm trying to hard to keep my laughter down while at work. Seriously this is brilliant. Thanks for keeping a boring saturday worknight interesting
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:11pm toni braxton:

what is zod like?
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:12pm Marc15:

Paris Hilton sings with Wisin & Yandel on "Stars Are Blind,"
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:14pm Marc15:

@fleep Your Timothy Leery reference: "What's Rangoon To You, Is Grafton To Me"
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:15pm Al Pacino:

A whollottacocaine. Whoooohaaaaa!
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 11:15pm RomanDogBird:

legalize it!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:17pm JakeGould:

Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 11:21pm grace gold way:

as far as im concerned, he played zod as a ghost revived
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:21pm JakeGould:

Okay lady.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:23pm JakeGould:

It took me a long time to realize that Kelsey Grammer sung the theme to “Frasier.” And when I finally realized it, I viscerally felt ill and couldn’t hear that theme anymore.
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:24pm toni braxton:

zod is friends with unicron
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:28pm JakeGould:

“I keep getting older, and they stay the same age.”
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 11:30pm grace gold way:

haha... uh oh, jake!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:30pm JakeGould:

I might lose it if he sings that piece of crap song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:31pm JakeGould:

I have gone through a lot of legitimate life stress this week that includes being at a deli steam table when ALL THE HOT WATER OVERFLOWED WHILE I WAS GETTING LUNCH! I don’t need more stress.

This fidget spinner can only calm me so much.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:33pm JakeGould:

Ahh… I like Eddie Murphy.
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 11:33pm grace gold way:

if eddie murphy can't call in, i hope that someone who was also fired from mcdonalds does
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:37pm JakeGould:

Liz Minelli!
Eating salami sandwiches at the deli!
Don’t get too close because his first are real smelly!
Avatar Sat. 5/13/17 11:40pm RomanDogBird:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 5/13/17 11:41pm JakeGould:

Say “Bababooey!” Larry the Perv!
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:52pm toni braxton:

grace gold way should call in shes famous for having something fall on her head
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:54pm toni braxton:

it would be a nice finale
  Sat. 5/13/17 11:57pm toni braxton:

jo you even look like blossom
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 5/13/17 11:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks, Jo and callers and listeners. Wishing you continued success in the show biz world.
Avatar Sun. 5/14/17 12:01am grace gold way:

yeah, a balcony fell on my head but now i'm dead
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