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Gary Sullivan spelunks New York City’s teeming immigrant-run shops collecting Abigbo, Bollywood funk, Cantopop, Nortec, Shibuya-kei and pure pop from Peru to Palestine—and all points in between. Grab the best of the booty at bodegapop.com … and shake your own booty with Gary here each week, live.

Wednesdays 7 - 10pm (EST) (Web-only) | On WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio (Info)
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Options February 1, 2017: Seven Countries
An ear-bending assortment of tracks from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Bodega Pop 
Intro   Options Bodega Pop Live  2017     
Ahdieh  Shahzadeh   Options     Iran  0:04:32 ()
Unknown Persian Artists  Ay Robabe Jan Te Belare   Options     Iran  0:07:06 ()
Dariush Eghbali - داريوش  Cheshme Man   Options Booye Khoobe Gandom - بوى خوب گندم    Iran  0:09:52 ()
Googoosh  Vaghtesheh   Options Dar Emtedade Shab  1977  Iran  0:14:07 ()
Maryam Ruhparvar  Qasam   Options     Iran  0:17:50 ()
Music behind DJ:
عشق در خلخال (Love the Anklet)   Options بلک متال آریایی (Aryan Black Metal)  2015  Iran  0:22:56 ()
Sita + Ali Ali Imam  Basta   Options Music of Iraq  1987  Iraq | A compilation on King Record Company, Ltd., Japan  0:26:30 ()
Sultana Youssef  Khouthni Bthemmetak   Options Give Me Love: Songs of the Brokenhearted, Baghdad 1925-1929  2008  Iraq  0:29:40 ()
Kazem el Saher  Jabbar   Options Kazem el Saher  2009  Iraq  0:32:49 ()
Sajida Obeid  Mawal Introduction   Options Choubi Choubi!: Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq  2013  Iraq  0:37:44 ()
Ahmed Nima Kamal + Safwat Mohammed Ali  Wash Your Heart with Wine   Options Ud Taqsim and Pasta  1981  Iraq | Probably should read "Basta," but Pasta is what's printed throughout the CD  0:40:38 ()
Naseer Shamma  Al-Andalus Abre Sus Puertas. Al-Andalus Opens Its Gates   Options Viaje De Las Almas. Travelling Souls  2011  Iraq  0:46:16 ()
Music behind DJ:
Nasser Mizdawi 
Two Months   Options The Libyan Melodies Around The World: Volume 1    Libya  0:52:43 ()
Alnaja3  Molah   Options [unknown]    Libya  0:59:55 ()
Chaco  Chohada   Options Awal Akalin  2015  Libya  1:06:55 ()
Banat El Awael  Zamzamat   Options [unknown]    Libya  1:13:10 ()
Music behind DJ:
Unknown Yemeni Artists 
'An sakini Sana'a   Options Traditional Yemeni songs  1996  Yemen  1:23:02 ()
Mohamed Suleiman + Hibo Mohamed  Gobanimo   Options Somalia Sings Songs Of The New Era  1972  Somalia  1:28:31 ()
Dur Dur  Shered   Options Africa    Somalia  1:36:13 ()
Mahamoud Esma, Roble Hoche + Kihien Ebrahim  Guelabiessi   Options Opike Pende: Africa at 78 RPM  2011  Somalia  1:41:31 ()
Music behind DJ:
Berta Tribe Musicians 
Ania. Bulhu-Ensemble   Options Sudan: Music of the Blue Nile Province: The Music of the Ingessana and Berta Tribes  2015  Sudan  1:44:21 ()
Ingessana Tribe Musicians  Solo Song with Lyre Accompaniment   Options Sudan: Music of the Blue Nile Province: The Music of the Ingessana and Berta Tribes  2015  Sudan  1:48:37 ()
Abdel Karim el Kabli  Elleil Aa'd   Options Music of Sudan    Sudan  1:56:12 ()
Zedan Ibrahim  La Hamak Adhabouna (My Suffering Did Not Concern You)   Options The Lost 45s of Sudan (ShellacHead Annual 2015)  2015  Sudan  2:02:35 ()
Music behind DJ:
Rizan Said 
Electric Mawwal I   Options King of Keyboard  2015  Syria  2:05:06 ()
Jermain Tamraz  Khaima Gerhcha, Khaima Bikhya   Options Memory Lane    Syria  2:10:40 ()
Adib Dayikh  Side 1 Track 1   Options [unknown Syrian cassette]    Syria  2:15:01 ()
Mayada el Hennaway  Sheft el Outta   Options     Syria  2:28:38 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sami Al Shawa 
Yemen - Rast Nawa   Options Master of Arabic Violin      2:30:47 ()
Samar  Al Sabah   Options Music from Yemen Arabia  1973  Yemen  2:36:28 ()
The Kawkbani Brothers  Wa Seed Ana Lak Mn Al Khodan   Options Music from Yemen Arabia  1973  Yemen  2:43:22 ()
Unknown Yemeni Artists  Wa Ya Habb   Options Traditional Yemeni Songs  1996  Yemen  2:49:48 ()
Ahmad Al-Harazi  Amsi Sameer Al-Nojoom   Options Qat, Coffee & Qambus: Raw 45s From Yemen  2012  Yemen  2:56:18 ()
Music behind DJ:
Catrina Paslaru 
Hei La Bodega   Options Hei La Bodega - Carnaval!  2000    2:59:22 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:02pm tim abdellah:

Hi Gary - so looking forward to tonight's show! Howdy Bodegans!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:03pm melinda:

hi Gary & folks!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:06pm Gary:

Tim and Melinda! Nice to see you guys!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:07pm Gary:

As mentioned, and I'll post this URL at the end of the show as well, DJ Papa Gentle will be spinning tracks from these countries tonight at 11 PM ET (8 PM PT) on Los Angeles's KXLU: KXLU 8-9 PM PT kxlu.om...
  Wed. 2/1/17 7:07pm Lins:

It's true that all bodega owners are striking tomorrow?
  Wed. 2/1/17 7:08pm Bill:

Sorry I'm late. My flight was delayed.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:08pm Gary:

Lins and Bill! Yes, Lins, I'll post a URL in a moment
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Righteous !
Did you see that FMU-J Dan Bodah is a lawyer who volunteered @ the airport to help people w/ the ban?
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:09pm Gary:

Info about tomorrow's Yemeni bodega strike: www.grubstreet.com...
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:09pm Gary:

RevRab! Yes, that man is a superhero
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:11pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Aside from the relief he brought to those people - it's such an uplifting thing for us all.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:14pm Gary:

He said that one of the people he helped actually came back to the airport after they went home to help interpret for others having difficulty
  Wed. 2/1/17 7:15pm Lins:

Thank you! Great set
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:18pm hyde:

hello to all my friends. this show looks (and sounds) v. promising so far
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:19pm Gary:

Howdee, Hyde!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:22pm listener james from westwood:

How do, Gary and all! Caught a bit on mobile but happy to be home with this show!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:23pm listener james from westwood:

And holy shit, my esteem of DJ Dan Bodah only further grows.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:23pm Gary:

James! Thanks for the 411 on the strike
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:25pm listener james from westwood:

As true today as when that soundbite was uttered: BODEGAS ARE OUR FRIENDS
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:30pm Gary:

Haw haw -- indeed
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:30pm ndbob:

heya Gary, Melinda, James, everyone!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:31pm ndbob:

here for a few
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:31pm ndbob:

things are crazy as you can imagine
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:31pm Gary:

Bob! Nice to see you!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:32pm ndbob:

yep - I was reading about Dan Bodah
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:32pm Gary:

Alas, we don't need to imagine
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:34pm melinda:

hi bob!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:35pm hyde:

hiya, ndb! long time, no see
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:36pm ndbob:

heya hyde!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:37pm ndbob:

I'm all moved and slowly getting things together
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:37pm Gary:

Where did you move to?
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:37pm ndbob:

Athens, Georgia
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:37pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:38pm ndbob:

so two moves past ndbob
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:39pm Gary:

Speaking of Sublime Frequencies, I just started reading this book: www.amazon.com...
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:39pm hyde:

@ndb ah, warmth
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:40pm ndbob:

warm today tho it gets sort of cold here
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:42pm ndbob:

that looks great Gary!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:43pm Gary:

It's pretty good so far, no academese, critical but supportive, 400+ pages of essays
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:47pm northguineahills:

Arab speakers do have problems differentiating b/tn Bs and Ps in English.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:49pm Little Danny:

Hi Gary and all! Been tuned in for the last ten minutes or so and already I feel myself immersed in the glorious depths
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:49pm ndbob:

hello ngh
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:49pm ndbob:

and Danny
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:49pm Gary:

NGH! In this case, Japanese, same publisher as the 1987 Sita and Ali Ali Imam track -- a great series, btw: World Music Library
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:50pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:51pm Gary:

Danny! Nice to see you, man!
  Wed. 2/1/17 7:56pm Dean:

All music is world music. What? Verdi isn't of the world?

You're not dismissive of Hamza el Din?!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 7:56pm ndbob:

time to go - hopefully back longer next time - excellent show Gary!
  Wed. 2/1/17 7:59pm Doug Schulkind:

What do you call a noisy noxious substance?

Hazmat din.
  Wed. 2/1/17 8:00pm Dean:

Well, @Doug, he did play a tar!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:01pm Gary:

Dean! Doug!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:03pm Gary:

Night, Bob!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:04pm tim abdellah:

This sounds great!!
  Wed. 2/1/17 8:04pm Doug Schulkind:

I oud and awed at that one, Dean.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:05pm northguineahills:

I'm still waiting for the Beach Boys cover, "Oud it be Nice".
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:06pm northguineahills:

hais everybodies!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:07pm Little Danny:

"Molah" has got its own unstoppable groove
  Wed. 2/1/17 8:09pm Dean:

Heard Hamza el Din live at McCabe's Guitar Shop in LA, but I swear the LP on Water Lily Acoustics puts him and his drum and oud *right there* in the living room. I suppose it's a good thing that the stereo system won't do the same for, say, a recording of Mahler's Eighth Symphony. Not enough room for everybody!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:16pm tim abdellah:

Dang, this Libyan stuff is fantastic! Where did you get it?
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:19pm Gary:

The last track was Bandcamp, but the two that bookend it were from: soundsimported.blogspot.com...
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:19pm Cheyenne:

You're doin' the lord's work, Gary, thanks for staying relevant and bringing lovely tunes to our ears!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:20pm glenn:

i like the group of seven.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:20pm Cheyenne:

oh BTW did y'all see that every purchase on bandcamp on Fri will be part of a giant ACLU fundraiser? daily.bandcamp.com...
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:21pm Gary:

Cheyenne and Glenn! Yes, this Friday is the day to fall down the Bandcamp hole
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:21pm hyde:

busy reading along to this soundtrack. fantastic.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:22pm glenn:

and has anybody heard drumpf's black history month speech? the man's fucked in the head.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:24pm Cheyenne:

I read some of the transcript and put it down. It was mostly whining and self-aggrandizing.
  Wed. 2/1/17 8:26pm Dean:

The BHM speech was pure inspiration. I mean, how can you improve, "Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more"?
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:33pm David D:

So inspiring tonight, Gary, thanks!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:34pm Ike:

Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:34pm Gary:

David! Everyone, David's thrilling new (to the stream, anyway) show debuted yesterday and can be heard in the archives at: wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:34pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:37pm Ike:

Ah, thanks for reminding me to check out that new show in the archives. I switched on the GTDR stream at around 3:30 but then I got all impatient, switched to something else, and forgot to come back. Derrrr.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:39pm David D:

Thanks, Gary! I'm thrilled to be part of the stream!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:40pm David D:

And thanks Ike!
  Wed. 2/1/17 8:47pm Dean:

D2D are the best.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:48pm hyde:

haha, that was an audible sip
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 8:51pm Gary:

Have to do a D2D show soon
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:06pm hyde:

i'm not saying much since i'm just listening while i read this robert van gulik judge dee book, but damn, this show is aces
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:13pm Gary:

I had to Google "robert van gulik judge dee"
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:20pm Mayuko:

I'm late! But hello!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:20pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:27pm Little Danny:

This track from the unknown Syrian cassette is incredible.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:29pm Uncle Michael:

Good evening.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:30pm Gary:

Michael! This track only has a left hand side
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:44pm hyde:

sorry, i've been distracted. BUT THIS SHOW HAS BEEN AMAZING
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:46pm Dave in Vermont:

Thanks, Gary. I'm headed.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:48pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:48pm cklequ:

Everything about tonight's show has been brilliant.
Thanks, Gary.
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:48pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:52pm hyde:

thank u, good nite
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:53pm Gary:

Have a great night, Hyde!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 9:54pm Gary:

As previously mentioned, DJ Papa Gentle will be spinning tracks from the 7 countries at 11 PM ET (8 PM PT) on KXLU. No archive so listen live in an hour from now: kxlu.om...
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 10:01pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks, Gary!
Avatar Wed. 2/1/17 10:02pm Gary:

Goodnight Michael & all!
Avatar Sun. 2/5/17 5:19pm Stanley:

Terrific show, Gary. Was directed to it by Jeff G, who played a show honouring Muslim jazz masters, this morning. Amazing suff.
And I'm 100% with you on the shameful behaviour, we're seeing.
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