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High and low energy music.

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Options December 11, 2016: George Burns Jr

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Artist Track Album Label Images Approx. start time
The Strangers  Step Out of My Dream   Options 12"  Salsoul 
0:00:00 ()
Brian Martin  Sex Tonight   Options 12"  American 
0:06:57 ()
Verycheri  69 Cancer Sign   Options 12"  Zakia 
0:12:08 ()
Scotch  Penguin's Invasion   Options 12"  Il Discotto 
0:20:00 ()
Tempest Trio  Do You Like The Way It Feels   Options 12"  Marlin 
0:26:09 ()
Ingram  Hot Body   Options Night Stalkers  Mirage 
0:33:16 ()
Atrium  Funny Dancer (Remix)   Options 12"  Time 
0:39:31 ()
Nospy  Woiajo   Options 12"  Discomagic 
0:45:41 ()
Mike Skanner  Hot Dog   Options 12"  C&R 
0:52:16 ()
Virginelle  Fantasy   Options 12"  A Beat C 
1:01:02 ()
Colby  Arabian Night of Love   Options 12"  Out 
1:06:33 ()
Just-Ice  Cold Gettin' Dumb   Options 12"  Fresh 
1:13:12 ()
Donnie Mark  Stand Up For the Soul   Options 12"  Simply Soul 
1:18:07 ()
Suma  Eterna   Options 12"  Discomagic 
1:23:51 ()
Kado  Tonight   Options 12"  Musicata 
1:29:54 ()
Jackie Marsala  Mike   Options 12"  Titan 
1:36:02 ()
Solid Strangers  Gimme the Light   Options 12"  ZYX 
1:40:28 ()
Zanza's   This is A Day   Options 12"  Blow Up 
1:46:13 ()
Alex Valentini  Beautiful Life   Options 7"  Interntional RAI 
1:51:49 ()
Steve Reich  Phase Patterns   Options UC Berk  Modern Silence 
1:58:31 ()
Malcolm Pointon  A   Options Electromuse  Public Information 
2:13:11 ()
Michael Morley  Ocean   Options Ocean/Quarters  The Spring Press 
2:35:56 ()
????????????  ~   !  X    2:46:27 ()

Listener comments!

  Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 12:02am Mido:

  Sun. 12/11/16 12:03am Eric Hat:

Sweet Jesus
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:03am Joel St. Germain:

hell yes!! hello boys!!
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:05am Eric Hat:

It's the real Joel! Whaddup
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:06am Joel St. Germain:

where have you been all my life, eric??
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:06am Joel St. Germain:

and you especially, mito
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:10am Eric Hat:

Here and there... and you?
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:15am Joel St. Germain:

AT THE GYM!! locker room, steam room, sauna
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:15am Joel St. Germain:

(I'm a towel boy)
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:19am Eric Hat:

Kush Kush Kush, kushkush, kushkush
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:19am Eric Hat:

Probably taking in more than us cabbies. Unless that's a volunteer gig...
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:19am Joel St. Germain:

sounds good. come by the studio!!!
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:19am Eric Hat:

Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:20am Joel St. Germain:

you seen the back cover of that Double Exposure album?
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:22am Carmichael:

Heya Joel! Ready for the synth handclaps and the thump.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:23am Joel St. Germain:

hey Carmicael, thanks for joining. Will see whtt I got for you.
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:26am Carmichael:

What's happening now is great!
  Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 12:26am Mido:

yeah truly
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:31am Robin:

Hey Joel!
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:35am Joel St. Germain:

hey Robin!
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:37am Robin:

Had fun with Geo and Linda today. She reminded me I could find your station on the web. Geo and I ran into Zach on our way home. Cool to meet him.
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:38am Carmichael:

Dennis Coffey was involved with Tempest Trio? I did not know that.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:38am Joel St. Germain:

Ladies and gentlemen... Robin Crutchfield! Special WEB ONLY guest!! Ask him anything!!
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:43am Carmichael:

From DNA? No shit ....
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:47am Joel St. Germain:

FINALLY a decent mix. OK feelin' it. Hello everybody
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:48am Carmichael:

Someone earlier this week posted an early DNA photo on their page. It was at a corner in front of a severely angled building, with a flat iron bridge in the background. I've been wondering where in NY that was.
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:49am Carmichael:

I think it was the Bodega Pop show.
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:50am Robin:

Yeah, I know that picture. I wasn't in it though. Long gone from DNA. Tim Wright had taken over where I left off. I think it was way over the in lower east side off Houston St.
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:51am Robin:

Joel, your chat room is keeipng me on my toes. Having to do my math homework for each post. Is that to keep the non-sober Santacon's away?
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:52am Carmichael:

Thanks, Robin!
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:53am Carmichael:

Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:53am Joel St. Germain:

if you create an account and sign in you won't have to do that.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:54am Joel St. Germain:

aaaand Carmichael crashed the servers!!!!!!!!
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:55am Carmichael:

Uh oh .....
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:56am Robin:

Ahh. This track reminds me of/makes me want to hear Sylvester,. and Patrick Hernandez.
  Sun. 12/11/16 12:57am Carmichael:

I apologize for breaking the internet.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 12:59am Joel St. Germain:

this song is supposed to be a "parody" of sorts.. the back cover says "For celebrating the 1000th imitation..."
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:05am Robin Crutchfield:

testing new account posting
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:06am Joel St. Germain:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 1:08am Scraps deSelby:

h'lo, gosh
  Sun. 12/11/16 1:09am Carmichael:

So Mike Skanner did What is Love? Being old and out of it, I have to play catch up.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:10am Robin Crutchfield:

Tuned in your show along with a microwave reheat of leftover diner fries and onion rings from two nights ago. (that part was a mistake). Opted for some leftover choc chip mint ice cream instead which is going down better with your jam.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:12am Joel St. Germain:

Mike Skanner is Gino Caria working with Contini and Dave Rodgers. The What is Love you are thinking of is Haddaway.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:12am Joel St. Germain:

nice, Robin. I like mint chocolate chip
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:15am Robin Crutchfield:

On the way home today, Geo and I stumbled across one of the few remaining record shops in the Village area, Academy Records on 18th St. Found a copy of the Philip Glass music for the Lucinda Child's Dance piece we saw today. You would have loved it there. They had a lot of used stuff cheap and some great obscure DVD's. Saw a copy of Vampyros Lesbos. Did you see that or hear the soundtrack?
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:15am Joel St. Germain:

OH, hey Scraps
  Sun. 12/11/16 1:16am Carmichael:

That's what discogs told me. Knew it was too good to be true.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:16am Joel St. Germain:

yes I know Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack well. some classic slinky euro sleaze. I've been to Academy plenty o' times, Robin. got a Barbara York - Tonight Remix 12" there once.. the good ol' days
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:17am Robin Crutchfield:

So many shops closing. Glad they're still there, fightin the real estate squeeze.
  Sun. 12/11/16 1:22am Carmichael:

Our new President should help us with that. <sarcasm mode off>
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:28am Robin Crutchfield:

Joel...enjoyin' your show. I just might have to plug in the old Xmas tinkle lights and disco down to yer tunes.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:30am Joel St. Germain:

thanks for stopping by Robin. glad you dig. christmas lights most definitely!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 1:30am Scraps:

Good to know Academy is still there. They are the best source of used classical and straight jazz around (at least five years ago)
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:31am Robin Crutchfield:

Yeah. Academy. I don't if there even is another source left for classical in this city. Damn!
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:34am Robin Crutchfield:

J., I'm reminded that I heard a track in the cafe the other day that I swear used a sample of Sylvia Robinson's voice, from one of her songs in an updated remix of a whole different track. (You know her of course from "Pillow Talk" and Sugarhill Records?
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:35am Joel St. Germain:

lovin' this song lately
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 1:35am Scraps:

They didn't buy my excellent 20th cen opera vinyl (complete Tippett set! I mean), though. Maybe they thought I was a burglar.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:36am Joel St. Germain:

Pillow Talk, yeah I know it. I have a nice cover of it by Lustt
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:36am Robin Crutchfield:

With vanishing sources so rare these days, I'll take what I can get. I don't vouch for the ethics or Academy, just that it's still there.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:37am Robin Crutchfield:

Joel, if you played anything I'd ever heard before, I think I"d probably faint. Every track is new to me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 1:37am Scraps:

Oh, I still went there! And vouched for it
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:39am Robin Crutchfield:

I noticed the other night on the way home from the bar, that Golden Oldies, (was that the name of it? On W. 4th St.) closed! Another one bites the dust. There sister store Generation Records is still open down the street from me, but it's mostly used vinyl now. Maybe stock left over from the other store.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 1:40am Scraps:

I really like Rolling Motion because I've never heard of most of it.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:41am Robin Crutchfield:

I was so depressed passing by the old location of Rebel Rebel and seeing a brightly lit clothing shop there now. Ugh!
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:42am Joel St. Germain:

I literally had nothing on the turntable when that Mike song ended. holy shit that burned some calories
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:42am Robin Crutchfield:

This track is funny! Has elements of Dead Or Alive and Paul Simon's 'You Can Call Me Al".
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:43am Joel St. Germain:

I love this song.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:44am Robin Crutchfield:

Sounds like it could be from a soundtrack to one of those 80s teen movies.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:45am Joel St. Germain:

Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:45am Robin Crutchfield:

Well, it's a solid stranger to me.
  Sun. 12/11/16 1:52am Desdemona:

Do you take requests?
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:53am Joel St. Germain:

Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:54am Robin Crutchfield:

I request you dance around the studio in your underwear.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:54am Robin Crutchfield:

This Alex Valentini has been listening to Amanda Lear.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:55am Joel St. Germain:

ohh boy
  Sun. 12/11/16 1:55am Desdemona:

Do you have any Trophy Scars?
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 1:56am Joel St. Germain:

yeah the vocal cadence in the verses and bridge is reminiscent of amanda lear, true.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 1:58am Robin Crutchfield:

That Steve Reich is very reminiscent of the minimal Philip Glass music used today in the Dance performance. You would have loved it!
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:00am Joel St. Germain:

Des the station prob has your Trophy Scars but I do not. maybe the next DJ will hook you up if you can make it through the next hour. I'm not going to make it easy for you though
  Sun. 12/11/16 2:00am Desdemona:

This sound is mesmerizing. And Desdemona knows something about mesmerizing.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:01am Joel St. Germain:

cool dude OK you proved me wrong. that's awesome.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:01am Robin Crutchfield:

I don't think I realized Steve Reich did keyboard oriented stuff. I thought he was all about percussion and vibraphones and marimbas.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:02am Joel St. Germain:

nah I have another record of his, split with John Cage , that's kinda like this. RObin do you remember the Rothko Chapel LP you gave me some years back? I played that one the air once.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:03am Robin Crutchfield:

Yeah, that's a great record.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:03am Robin Crutchfield:

Morton Feldman!
  Sun. 12/11/16 2:04am Desdemona:

This is like a John Taggart poem but without the sense of getting somewhere.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:05am Joel St. Germain:

yeah that's right, Morton Feldman. it's a great record. prob his best
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:05am Robin Crutchfield:

Somebody quoted Dylan the other day in it's not about getting there, it's about the journey.
  Sun. 12/11/16 2:08am Desdemona:

Buffy time.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:11am Robin Crutchfield:

OK, I think this track is becoming "Joel's bathroom break."
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:14am Joel St. Germain:

I like to let 'em go long
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:14am Robin Crutchfield:

Well, git along little dogie.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:15am Robin Crutchfield:

This one reminds me a little bit of the earliest more experimental Kraftwerk albums before they got more pop.
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:16am Robin Crutchfield:

I can't remember, did you ever find that Kid Baltan record?
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:19am Joel St. Germain:

find ?
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:20am Joel St. Germain:

I have a 7". I know where it is. yeah this does sound like Kraftwerk/ Baltan. I guess this guy had Alzheimers.. proceeds from this record go to an Alzheimers charity says the back cover.
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:20am Joel St. Germain:

you still here, Mido?
  Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 2:21am Mido:

yeah dude never left... killer set
  Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 2:22am Mido:

been Christmas shopping on the other monitor
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:22am Joel St. Germain:

cooool. good to see you. write me
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:23am Joel St. Germain:

Has anyone seen the video of the doped up girl in the hospital bed who starts talking about balls and then mouths "call me" while she's passing out? I LOVE THAT GIRL
Avatar    Sun. 12/11/16 2:34am Joel St. Germain:

This episode is for her.
  Swag For Life Member    Sun. 12/11/16 2:43am Mido:

night Joel... thx for the tunage / peace
  Sun. 12/11/16 2:48am ice in bklyn:

Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:55am Robin Crutchfield:

Winding down towards 3am. Did I miss a station ID?
  Sun. 12/11/16 2:56am ice in bklyn:

  Sun. 12/11/16 2:57am ice in bklyn:

Dj creams coyl in da house
Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 2:57am Robin Crutchfield:

Nighty night Joel
  Sun. 12/11/16 3:00am ice in bklyn:

Avatar Sun. 12/11/16 3:00am Robin Crutchfield:

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