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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options November 14, 2016: Dave's got your back as he welcomes mysterious doers of good Odyssey Works and hot rock band Overlord to Studio A for good times all the time. James rocks the phones. Danne D is in jail again.

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Artist Track Album Images Approx. start time
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch 
0:00:00 ()
Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band  The World (Is Going Up in Flames)   Options  
0:05:00 ()
Johnny Marr  Upstarts   Options  
0:08:03 ()
Bad Brains  Attitude   Options  
0:09:53 ()
Gil Scott-Heron  Lady Day and John Coltrane   Options Pieces of a Man 
0:36:44 ()
AC/DC  Big Balls   Options Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 
0:39:49 ()
Split Single  Untry Love   Options Metal Frames 
0:44:42 ()
The Misfits  Where Eagles Dare   Options  
0:46:35 ()
Leonard Cohen  I'm Your Man   Options I'm Your Man 
0:48:51 ()
Dave takes important calls.     
1:00:20 ()
Guided by Voices  My Son Cool   Options  
1:35:31 ()
The Kinks   Two Sisters   Options  
1:37:33 ()
Happy Chichester  Knocking at the Door   Options  
Linda Jones  I Just Can't Live My Life (Without You Babe)   Options  
Iron Kobra  Vanguard of Doom   Options  
Overlord live in-studio!     

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:01pm DaveHill:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:02pm Dennis D:

Que pasa?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:02pm yddo:

  Mon. 11/14/16 9:02pm JeffHQ:

L'Amour to all! Hi Dave.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:02pm Jo Cdn:

Hey Dave!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:02pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo Dave! Hullo everyone! ^_^
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:03pm Debbie:

Happy Super Moon, Dave!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:03pm James:

evenin everybody!!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:03pm Dennis D:

how are ya Dave?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:03pm DaveHill:

Hey Jo!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:03pm Supermeowy:

Dave and all! it's good to be with you all!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:03pm DaveHill:

Hey LightninBluEyes!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:03pm DaveHill:

Hey Dennis! I'm good under the circumstances! How you?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:04pm Dennis D:

Hi all!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:04pm spacecowboy:

i could use some sweet jams and tom foolery
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:04pm moreguinness:

Good evening kids
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:04pm DaveHill:

  Mon. 11/14/16 9:04pm Jo Cdn:

Same @Supermeowy !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:05pm JakeGould:

Hey Dave!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:05pm JeffHQ:

@Supermeowy \m/
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:05pm Dennis D:

I'm good, a recording I did in Ireland is being debuted in the USA in December
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:06pm BenDoverMD:

Yo! Hello Dave &'Hillistines!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:06pm Jo Cdn:

Hi James !
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:06pm Dennis D:

Are feeling ok Dave? Lots of my friends are sick
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:07pm JeffHQ:

Bronchial beast and part-time echo chamber.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:07pm James:

Hey Jo!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:07pm DaveHill:

I'm a little under the weather but okay mostly, Dennis.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:07pm chad from oregon:

Is it weird that I'm already itching to hear a check-in from YngMom?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:08pm BenDoverMD:

Take some emergenC before the big gig Friday Dave!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:08pm Jo Cdn:

Weather!! Snow's coming tomorrow. Lol
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:08pm chad from oregon:

I wonder if YngMom was an Angel Witch back in her younger years.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:08pm yddo:

@Dave - coming in hot, musically and physically!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:08pm DaveHill:

Call in and remind me about the gig Friday, BenDoverMD!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:09pm Jo Cdn:

Haven't finished my floor plans for 2016-17 Igloo design
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:09pm JakeGould:

I want to hear YngDave talk about the election.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:09pm Ms. Sim:

This past week has been a week of increased inebriation. I'm SO glad I have Dave Hill to ease me into this week.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:09pm JeffHQ:

Dextro-Morphine : new Leonard Cohen ska blues piano dirge band
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:09pm DaveHill:

You know it!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:09pm Dennis D:

I'm seriously hoping to be at the gig Friday!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:10pm DaveHill:

I too have been very hammered lately.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:10pm James:

YngDave was all about Jill Stein JakeGould
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:10pm JakeGould:

I want to hear YngDave talk about the election.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:10pm DaveHill:

Cool, Dennis! Let me know if you are coming down!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:10pm Supermeowy:

Knowing Yngdave, he'll think Dave is asking about his erection. i'm sorry, I'll see myself out.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:10pm JakeGould:

@James: As long as he supported her in Bensonhurst, I’m cool with it.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:10pm Ms. Sim:

  Mon. 11/14/16 9:11pm Ms. Sim:

(But you're right.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:11pm chad from oregon:

I'm sure that YngDave is ready to go full blown on the election.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:11pm Jo Cdn:

Lol.. @Supermeowy
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:12pm James:

Meowy bring the early heat
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:12pm moreguinness:

everyone who can please come see Dave and crew bring the heat friday. We can hug and drink and stuff and things
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:12pm yddo:

Made my week Supermeowy!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:12pm spacecowboy:

valley lodge playing fri nov 18 mercury lounge- old men playing hot rock - will dave stage dive? only if inspired - or he forgets where the end of the stage is
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:12pm Dennis D:

-I will Dave, it'll be my first night out since July.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:12pm JakeGould:

Maybe do a remote of YngDave outside of the Trump Tower.

Past anything, I still can’t accept a d-bag in a tall black tower with his name in gold on it is now president elect. That’s some Marvel comic level nonsense right there.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:12pm DaveHill:

True, spacecowboy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:13pm James:

you're not wrong at all Jake
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:13pm Jo Cdn:

I must admit I look forward all week to hear @Dave 's voice. Humour and Rocking Tunes!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:13pm spacecowboy:

marvel comic book level nonsense indeed! funny but true
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:14pm Ms. Sim:

Right on, @JakeGould. And installing his familia in the White House like a made-for-tv mafia goon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:14pm chad from oregon:

He's a less obese Kingpin with almost-hair.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:14pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 11/14/16 9:15pm JeffHQ:

Damn, I dropped my safety pin in the pit.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:15pm Dennis D:

I doubt Trumpie will last a year, too much work, and you have to read and shit.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:15pm Supermeowy:

the Election left me feeling unfulfilled.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:15pm Jo Cdn:

Yeah! There he is!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:15pm chad from oregon:

Who would YngDave be in this real Marvel Comic world?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:16pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: Need a keyboard player for your Dextro-Morphine tribute band?

Hi Dave and Hillsters! Let's get to this!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:16pm chad from oregon:

A Willie Lumpkin with a guitar and an occasional toilet mouth?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:17pm Dennis D:

The people Trump surrounded himself with are scarier than Trump.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:17pm JeffHQ:

@Matt: I got the cowbell covered.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:17pm spacecowboy:

im noy gonna lie i felt unfulfilled before the election as well
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:18pm P-90:

Hello Dave and Ynglection Survivors!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:18pm Jo Cdn:

Have my Beer, cigars, puppy and blanket as I listen to WFMU and Goddamn Dave Hill show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:19pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

You can rub on me anytime
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:19pm Matt from Springfield:

YngLector from those Jodie Foster movies!

Jo Cdn's got it covered! To include fun screen name!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Come to the chom board, everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:19pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: Dude! Did you read that he has NO CLUE how to be President? Him and his staff? “During their private White House meeting on Thursday, Mr. Obama walked his successor through the duties of running the country, and Mr. Trump seemed surprised by the scope, said people familiar with the meeting. Trump aides were described by those people as unaware that the entire presidential staff working in the West Wing had to be replaced at the end of Mr. Obama’s term.” www.wsj.com...

And on a positive note, but Taylor Swift is wearing a nice outfit in that GIF. The skirt material is really flowing nice.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:20pm Ms. Sim:

Oh my god Dave Hill said my name I am dead now. No longer a sexy single, I am a sexy corpse.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

All hail new mascot Bosco the cat, known to like Angel Witch!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:21pm Dennis D:

@jakegould that is both funny and scary.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:21pm Stephen Radford:

Morning everybody. I'm drifting in and out of consciousness, but I'm present. Sorta. Hi!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:21pm JakeGould:

Does Bosco know how to be a mascot? I’m not too sure about that box shitter.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:21pm P-90:

Did Dave just quote from "American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: There's plenty of terrible worst-case scenarios, I don't go further down that path until it actually happens. The Scary Hypothetical Sensory Tank is scary enough without inventing new scenarios.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:22pm James:

Evenin Stephen
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: He's coming to your town, he'll help you party down.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:22pm Supermeowy:

bringing international heat! hi Stephen!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:22pm Dennis D:

Trump the new mayor of the USA
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:22pm spacecowboy:

not enough people listened to timmy his previous advice was- dont vote trump vote the girl!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:23pm Paul D:

I'm digging the new WFMU mascot.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:23pm yddo:

@Jake - Bosco has a team of mouse toys to rely on, but his top confidant is a dented ping-pong ball.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:23pm Matt from Springfield:

YngDave :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:23pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: Speaking of mafia family, hook the kids up with access, no big deal, right? “The Trump team has asked the White House to explore the possibility of getting his children the top secret security clearances. Logistically, the children would need to be designated by the current White House as national security advisers to their father to receive top secret clearances” www.cbsnews.com...
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:23pm Jo Cdn:

I haven't seen a movie since Saving Private Ryan! I got out more??
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:23pm JeffHQ:

Concert tickets for Timmy!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:23pm Stephen Radford:

I'm also bad at saying goodbye.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dennis D: SEE! Marvel Comic universe! Or rather, DC...they have a lot of "mayors" running everything there.

Also: how ya doin!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:24pm JakeGould:

@MattfromSpringfield: Why are you complaining about Taylor Swift’s outfit like that?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:24pm Dennis D:

I hate the Trump kids
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:24pm Timmy:

  Mon. 11/14/16 9:24pm Jo Cdn:

I looked up pictures of Cleveland, like a good little Stalker..Lol
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:24pm BriJet:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:25pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: There's just too much coral bands within the skirt!!! Aren't you shivering with rage over this?!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:25pm Ms. Sim:

Those Trump spawn are some serious backpfeifengesicht
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:25pm Stephen Radford:

I'm on Mobile so I can't see Taylor's "Swift."
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi BriJet!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:25pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: As long as you are cool with Taylor Swift’s outfit!

@BriJet: HI THERE! HELLO!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:25pm JakeGould:

@StephenRadford: Here you go! i.giphy.com...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:26pm Dennis D:

Hi Matt From, I'm actually feeling really good, things have changed for the better for sure.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Amen Ms. Sim :)
Actually there's a ton of punchable faces on his whole team.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:26pm Dennis D:

I'm definitely down with TS's outfit
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:26pm spacecowboy:

what ding a ling said at least there will be great art==---uggghhhh
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:26pm P-90:

Greets, BriJet!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:26pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 11/14/16 9:27pm Jo Cdn:

Canadians favorite game is " Sorry"
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:27pm BenDoverMD:

Dennis! Glad you are feeling well! I heartily approved of the gifs but they eff up the chat feed on the iPad... I'll live
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:27pm Stephen Radford:

Thanks Jake!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:27pm glenn:

is that taylor swift telling us to honk on bobo?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:27pm Dennis D:

hi BriJet
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:28pm Matt from Springfield:

That's great Dennis. Glad to hear good news for one of our Hill-people!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jo: "Sore-riy."
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:28pm James:

hey Brijet
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:28pm amy:

Hi everybody!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:29pm BriJet:

hi james!!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:29pm spacecowboy:

"shred us all into a better tomorrow" haa
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:29pm JakeGould:

Jerry Saltz in New York Magazine said it. Also, considering all of the horrible things that have happened in recent years, any artist who needs THIS to make great art is not trying hard enough. www.vulture.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:29pm JakeGould:

@amy: Hi Amy!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:29pm BriJet:

hi p90 dennis and allllll
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:30pm P-90:

"Buzzy" or not, Yng sounds a bit better on that Strat than on the PRS
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:30pm Stephen Radford:

In the UK, trump also means "to fart" sooo...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:30pm Dennis D:

Hi Amy
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:30pm JeffHQ:

I blame myself for seeing Gimme Danger. Great doc on Stooges but i tempted fate.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:30pm DaveHill:

That is beautiful, Stephen Radford.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:30pm Matt from Springfield:

The tragic events of 8. 11 (Euro style)...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:30pm amy:

Hi Jake!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:31pm amy:

Hi Dennis!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:31pm BenDoverMD:

Dave & YngDave make things better
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:31pm glenn:

no hallelujah, i beseech you.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Nice, Stephen :)
But like "Santorum" we need to invent an even worse noun/verb for him!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:31pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Know what? You can't spell "Triumph" without "Trump." If you need to spell "Dump," start with "Drumpf."
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Thank you BillDolan, for mentioning Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell--their passings have also made me sad this week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:32pm James:

Marconi does the mamba

Thats all I remember from that song
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:32pm Dennis D:

My friend Jim Jarmusch directed Gimme Danger, dying to see it
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:32pm James:

Matt, hasnt this been the worst week ever?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:32pm BenDoverMD:

How did Bill Dolan not know that?
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:32pm P-90:

Dump Drumpf! Not a bad slogan to start...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:32pm spacecowboy:

gotta admit jane is pretty decent
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:32pm BenDoverMD:

  Mon. 11/14/16 9:32pm Ms. Sim:

If I HAVE to hear one more cover of treacly, miserable "Hallelujah" I'd prefer it be from Jimmy From Kearny.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I took a massive Drumpf at the gym this morning.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:33pm Matt from Springfield:

I've heard Elvin Bishop talk on the Midnight Special show--actually he was a thick-yokeled accent who I guess played guitar or led the band or something, and others performed or sang with him.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:33pm JakeGould:

Folks, please… Maybe we should all look at our “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters for inspiration.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:33pm James:

Jimmy will have the version that makes everyone stop singing it because there could be none better once he was done
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@James: And not in some half-hour MTV clip show way, either!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:33pm JeffHQ:

@Dennis D: Awesome, go see it!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:34pm Jo Cdn:

You please me @Dave and Thanks!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:34pm Dennis D:

@JeffHQ I will see it soon, now that I'm getting around a bit better
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:35pm yddo:

@Jake - haha!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:35pm P-90:

Craig Chaquico melts some legitimate face on "Ride the Tiger." Gotta give credit wherever it's due
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Go high, people. Go high to Jah.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:35pm Paul D:

How low can you go?
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:36pm BriJet:

Davy is gonna defend us!!!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Bill has gone pretty "low"..
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:36pm Jo Cdn:

That's right! I will always go Hi!!
Wow! I gotta a name I could pass on!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:36pm Ms. Sim:

Dave Hill, I am holding you to this oath. I will call on you to dispense gutter justice to every douchebag I encounter in life.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:38pm Jo Cdn:

Samsies @Ms.Sim
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:38pm DaveHill:

You got it, Ms. Sim!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:38pm DaveHill:

You got me word on it, BriJet!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:39pm JakeGould:

I think I figured out how to rejigger those “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters to make us all happy! www.keepcalmandcarryon.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Massachusetts is going high starting next year. Some other states, too, but I don't recall which ones.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:39pm Paul D:

this is a good jam
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:39pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:39pm spacecowboy:

i wonder if dave will ever freestyle rap on this show ? he needs to let out his inner rapper
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:39pm Art:

I'm kind of glad Gil Scott-Heron didn't have to see Trump rise to power in Amerika.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:40pm Dennis D:

I want to do a gig in Boston once it's legal, that'd be fun
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:40pm Art:

He suffered enough.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:41pm Dennis D:

Think of the Art he would make Art
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:41pm DaveHill:

I am an incredible rapper, spacecowboy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 9:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

That angry Bad Brains lady ... Is her skirt black and orange or blue and white?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:41pm Art:

It'll be up to us...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:41pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: The Queen's crown jewels approve that message!

And hey, Florrie Fisher! Brooklyn kooks represent!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:42pm Jo Cdn:

Rapper? That's right x-mas is just around the corner
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:42pm LightninBluEyes:

Omg, I love this song! AC/DC!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:42pm P-90:

On the other hand, old Gil might have found all this political trauma energizing, he lived for a good fight, or THE good fight
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:42pm JeffHQ:

Is this the first ACDC song on the show? Nah.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:42pm Jo Cdn:

Who's got Big Balls!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:43pm amy:

When they go low, we go high!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:43pm BenDoverMD:

Is this one of those double meaning songs?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:43pm DaveHill:

I think it might be, BenDoverMD!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Is there something ulterior meaning within this AC/DC song??
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Buy you a soda, Ben!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:44pm P-90:

Who needs Spinal Tap when you've got the real thing?
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:44pm Supermeowy:

@davehill - know that my 10 yo is infinitely amused at this song.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Is that an un-doctored avatar, amy? That's cool!
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:44pm herb.nyc:

"we built this city" - I keep forgetting to read this: http://www.gq.com/story/oral-history-we-built-this-city-worst-song-of-all-time
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:45pm Matt from Springfield:

By pretty much every measure of a song, herb.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:45pm Paul D:

Living for these gifs.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:45pm Jo Cdn:

@Dave Do Crunches? I like soft chewy cookies
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:45pm Ms. Sim:

@herb.nyc That story delivers! Read it!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:46pm BenDoverMD:

Thanks Matt!! Ha ha
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:46pm JeffHQ:

Just leaning on this concrete column in sublevel of Gallery Place Chinatown. Phone signal intact for now...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:47pm amy:

@matt -- Yes! I drove in her motorcade! :O
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:48pm BenDoverMD:

I got a new favourite jam!!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Yeowchh--that last GIF looks quite painful.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:49pm Jo Cdn:

Putting see Dave Hill perform on my Bucket list
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:49pm JakeGould:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:50pm DaveHill:

Doing shows in Canada next year, Jo!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:50pm yddo:

@Matt - agreed. But I wonder if the other guys top it somehow.
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:50pm Jo Cdn:

Great I'll be there!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:51pm Matt from Springfield:

DAVE ain't no goddamned son of a bitch!!! Just a goddamned Dave Hill with a SHOW!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:51pm yddo:

Dave - how about the west coast???
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Sincerely, L. Cohen.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:52pm glenn:

where, dave?
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:52pm Jo Cdn:

L.Cohen was Canadian.. just putting it out there.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:53pm DaveHill:

Yes, I'll be in San Francisco doing shows in January, yddo!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:53pm spacecowboy:

do is john whiggins -
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:53pm spacecowboy:

so is john whiggins
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:53pm yddo:

Sweet Dave!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Nice GIF of Leonard at mic.

Check out Scott Williams show today and Flash Strap's show a few days ago, they both have played one of his best songs, "Joan of Arc".
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:54pm Ms. Sim:

Look at that Cohen stare. No wonder he made time with so many fancy, rarefied ladies. He's a goddamned mesmerist.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:55pm amy:

Dave, please come back to the midwest. I promise I wont try to murder you. ?
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:55pm Jo Cdn:

I wonder if@Dave is playing this song for me.

Stalker thinking. LOL
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:55pm spacecowboy:

fancy rareifed ladies are the bests kind
  Mon. 11/14/16 9:57pm JeffHQ:

Music save us all.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:57pm Dennis D:

My favorite Misfits track is Hybrid Moments.
Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 9:58pm Supermeowy:

Is tonight's official hashtag #JustAMayor ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:58pm JakeGould:

I like “Horror Business.”
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:59pm LightninBluEyes:

Yes, Dave, please come back to the midwest!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 9:59pm DaveHill:

Soonish, Amy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 9:59pm JakeGould:

What? He’s not at O’Cayz Corral? Burned down I guess. Or Nick’s downtown?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:00pm amy:

Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 10:00pm Supermeowy:

This caller Greg is also describing me living in Austin, Texas. Very liberal town living in southern Ohio. With a 10 yo.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Well at only 9 years old, that probably would be the worst day.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:02pm P-90:

I'm telling you all: it's these kids who are living through this who will grow up and make GODDAMN sure that nothing like this happens again
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 10:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Tuesday late evening, I sent my daughter a text "Are you ready for President Trump?" along with the steaming pile emoji. She responded "No" with the crying tears emoji.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 10:03pm JakeGould:

Pretty certain there are a ton of kids being mean to each other in schoolyards and classrooms because of this.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:03pm Jo Cdn:

I'm sorry that Trump got in. Obama seemed comfortable with him. You'll know what will need to be done after 100 days.
Positive thinking Canadian
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:03pm Stephen Radford:

Dave and Paul F. Tompkins best dressed winners!
Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 10:03pm Supermeowy:

My son said "we're screwed" when I told him. Boy is he wise beyond his age.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:04pm Bill Payed:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:04pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: And worldwide too, I hope. So many people just weren't aware of how bad reality can get. This hopefully will inspire them to keep a strong sense of civility.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:05pm yddo:

@Jake - sadly so. any excuse to be a-holes
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:06pm Jo Cdn:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:07pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Stephen!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:07pm Jo Cdn:

Wrestlers? The only wrestler I know is Bret Hart Stampede Wrestling
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:08pm JeffHQ:

What's your Wrestler based question?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:10pm Jo Cdn:

Lol..Hulk Hogan for President
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:10pm P-90:

Hulk Hogan for Secretary of State!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:10pm Dennis D:

Trump and Hulk should wrestle for the presidency.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:10pm glenn:

i know the old school wrestlers. whipper billy watson, sweet daddy siki, the sheik et al
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:11pm Dennis D:

Matt from on the air
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:11pm Monstrositor:

Hogan's campaign will be sponsored by Brawndo.
Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 10:11pm Supermeowy:

I've met that guy!!! Matt from Springfield!! It's cool to meet Hill People!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:11pm amy:

  Mon. 11/14/16 10:12pm JeffHQ:

Above ground from Ft Totten to MD on Metro, rock on Matt!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:12pm P-90:

Watch @Dave Hill recover after that caller ran his show off the road with that pro wrestling spiel
Oh here we go: Matt to the rescue!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 10:12pm JakeGould:

Matt never calls. Go Matt, go!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 10:12pm braveness23:

Is there a state that doesn't have a Springfield?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:12pm Jo Cdn:

So much for matching a voice to an Avi pic.
@Matt from Springfield
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 10:12pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@MattfS - Which direction are rats running there? Toward DC or away from?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:14pm Jo Cdn:

Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 10:14pm Supermeowy:

Wait, @matt_from_Springfield you didn't speak to me in rhymes when we met!! This is an amazing party trick you have!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:14pm P-90:

In the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, the rats are kickin' back and enjoying life, like everyone there
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:15pm P-90:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Woooo! Glad to publicize that message! :)

*Rhymes*, Supermeowy?? I'll have to go back and listen, I didn't notice!! (I prepared some observations on Friday and earlier today, but mostly just talked a corazon).
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:16pm yddo:

@Matt - is this like the Treehouse of Horrors with the advertisements came alive? Just don't look?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:16pm Jo Cdn:

Oh my God I just looked I saw the moon it's super!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:17pm Marc15:

It's the Monroe of WFMU
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 10:17pm Supermoon:

Kneel before me! Worship me!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Jo, Jake, P-90, JeffHQ, amy, DennisD!

As for the rats Ken HP, I think they just run around in circles, going whenever they think the next grain of barley will drop..
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 10:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How is YngMom tonight?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:18pm P-90:

I keep thinking I might be getting over the shock, the someone on TV or the webs says "President Trump" and my stomach clenches up involuntarily
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@yddo: In a manner of speaking (singing), yes! Just don't look :)
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:19pm yddo:

I'm wary of anyone asking me to look at their supermoon.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:19pm DaveHill:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:20pm Matt from Springfield:

It's the were-callers tonight, Supermoon!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 10:20pm JakeGould:

Supermoon… In my pants!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:20pm Pee Wee Herman:

Hey, have you seen my supermoon yet?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 10:20pm JakeGould:

America hate-fucked Trump into office.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:21pm glenn:

yep, spite's a GREAT reason to elect somebody. moron.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:22pm Chairy:

Oh Pee-Wee!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:22pm Jo Cdn:

1/2 moon in my Pants!!
Haha just kidding it's Super
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:22pm Ms. Sim:

Eesh. A union man voting for a repub gets what he deserves. Your union is your only recourse, citizens. Check the states that went right-to-work, are they a worker's paradise?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Like I said, even most Trump voters seem to be decent people who don't like him. They hate-fucked Trump, love-fuck better ideas into our orbit.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:23pm amy:

@ms sim Amen.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:23pm Stephen Radford:

Is the "in my pants" thing a Letterman origin?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:23pm Monstrositor:

Yeah, celebrities need to shut up about politics; except Ted Nugent. Oh, and Scott Baio. And Kid Rock! And Five-Finger Death Punch. Legitimate political scholars right there.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:23pm Jo Cdn:

People choose to live in a bubble
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:24pm P-90:

I'm a tad wary of a guy who smugly want to list every person and group he thinks is "smug". And what does this guy actually know about what "Hollywood Types" are really like?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:24pm Jo Cdn:

In my pants is a Dave Hill thing
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:24pm Marc15:

Remember, in the film "Putney Swope," the Board Members voted for Putney because they thought nobody else would
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Good on your honesty caller. This is a lesson to all of us: don't play with fire, cause you're gonna get touched by fire and seared by heat and face pain that would've been better avoided so don't play with fire.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 10:24pm JakeGould:

This guy hates music videos? Blow me.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:25pm Monstrositor:

YouTube's a video medium? Can anyone verify that?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:25pm Jo Cdn:

I follow Dave Hill on YouTube
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:25pm Ms. Sim:

Billy Bragg's "Power in a Union" would be PERFECT right now. *ahem* Dave.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:26pm Matt from Springfield:

"Jesus-like things", wow, thanks.

@P-90/Jo Cdn: That too is a problem, though I living in a bubble is hard to break--unless something bursts that bubble.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:27pm P-90:

That 21st Century Ralph Kramden needs to find his 21st Century Ed Norton to clear a few things up for him...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:27pm Matt from Springfield:

But wasn't Chris Rock already President in 2004? I saw it on TV, or maybe Showtime Comedy West on premium cable?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:27pm Monstrositor:

The 2020 race is already shaping up to be like a revivial of Hollywood Squares.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:27pm Jo Cdn:

Traveling opens ones mind. Even if it's across America
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:28pm Matt from Springfield:

GO Dave! Velvet is the new USB mic! :D
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:29pm Jo Cdn:

I love Velvet. I wouldn't even suggest wearing velvet in prison
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/14/16 10:29pm JakeGould:

“The Velvet Face Puncher”
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:29pm Dennis D:

Matt love the Jesus like things you say.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:30pm Matt from Springfield:

I wish the prison up the Hudson in our Rockland Co. transmitter's range would let FMU hosts do shows from there (Ken & Andy tried a while back, they declined to let them).
Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 10:30pm Supermeowy:

I'm quite a fan of the lamb sweater. It'll do when velvet isn't available.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:30pm JeffHQ:

He purrs among us.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Well thanks Dennis!
Just some applied Christianity - and a touch of applied Buddhism, and Hinduism, and Islam, and Judaism. I don't know much about Zoroastrianism yet, but as soon as I do, I'll apply some of that as well!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:32pm P-90:

@Matt: you don't get the Rockland County FMU signal out where you are?!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:32pm Jo Cdn:

I had Gold Velvet Curtains with Tassels. Thought of Dave every time I closed em
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Happy PC-or-not-your-choice Thanksgiving to Shelley in Dayton!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:32pm Ms. Sim:

The proverbial "iron fist in the velvet glove" idioms.thefreedictionary.com...
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:33pm P-90:

I like lambs WEARing sweaters. Adorable.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:33pm amy:

@matt LOL!!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:33pm Stephen Radford:

Crime Blotter! Oh Chinatown!!! Yes! This I have missed!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: Sadly no! I was told that before Internet streaming, people were confined to listening to only whatever was within range!

And yes, lambskin sweaters or sweaters on lamb's skin are lovely!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:34pm Jo Cdn:

Love it! Crime Blotter music
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 10:34pm James:

Matt, applied chrisitianity is in such short order
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:34pm Jo Cdn:

@P-90. Hilarious
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Har har, Dave! Dolan-worthy!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:34pm amy:

@dave stop saying that
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:35pm JeffHQ:

Gilded guilt.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:35pm Jo Cdn:

20 pairs of panties Wow like 40 days worth!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Doing my best to spread it round, James! Feel free to apply something yourself! :)
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:36pm P-90:

"Banned from a store at the mall" sounds so humiliating. I'd wanna move and start fresh somewhere else. With a mall where nobody knew me.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:37pm JeffHQ:

No more cheeze fies.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:37pm Matt from Springfield:

I don't like all these Stop signs getting knocked over, or stolen! in Ohio, especially during commuting hours! THIS IS GETTING DANGEROUS, PEOPLE!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:37pm yddo:

Guided by Leashes
Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 10:37pm Supermeowy:

First they ban butthole, next thing you know, they'll ban balls. Again, sorry. I'll see myself out.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: You could go to the mall on the other side of town, but like, eww. No one goes there anymore. You might as well move to another state and start anew at the next A-list mall.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:38pm Matt from Springfield:

"Two Sisters"!!! :D
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:39pm Jo Cdn:

I can't stop smiling
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:40pm JimmyfromKearny:

Hey Dave, hey everyone...I just found out that a woman I used to go out with got engaged to a guy who's half-Irish, half-Italian....the guy's name is Dick O'Zinnia...
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:40pm Jo Cdn:

I hide my dirty dishes in the oven
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:40pm Matt from Springfield:

So, I guess that Seeing-Eye Cat experiment didn't turn out too well then?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:40pm BenDoverMD:

Not enough harpsichord in modern popular music
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 10:40pm James:

tryna do what I can. but i'm like Jules in pulp fiction. I'm tryin real hard ringo!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:40pm notmymonkey:

The Crime Blotter segment is so good, it should be a crime.
Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 10:40pm Supermeowy:

The meme of the cat walking!!! I'm d-e-d.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 10:41pm James:

Jimmy! there was a request earlier, i think Bill Dolan. he wants to hear Hallelujah next time you call in
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:41pm Matt from Springfield:

That we can all agree on, Dr Ben!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:41pm glenn:

the kinks are absolutely the best band of all time.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Give it a try, Jimmy!! Any Leonard Cohen tune would be most appropos tonight!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:44pm Ms. Sim:

But Jimmy, Hallelujah would really be best, because we all agree you'd perform the definitive interpretation, and then we'd never have to hear another desperate, thirsty-ass cover of it ever again.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:45pm Jo Cdn:

I have NEEDS I need to meet
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:45pm JeffHQ:

Michael Douglas Drama
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:45pm Jo Cdn:

I Googled them before your show
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 10:45pm James:

The Game was a great movie!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:46pm JimmyfromKearny:

I don't want to alarm anyone but in in Clara Maass ER...difficulty breathing...feels organic...I can't hear the show but I can see these comments in my phone...
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:47pm Jo Cdn:

My app would include picking up a case of Beer
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:47pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 10:48pm James:

Damn Jimmy
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:48pm Jo Cdn:

Do they only do this for famous people. Is it expensive?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:48pm Dennis D:

Keep us informed Jimmy
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Feeling alright Jimmy?
(Hope we didn't stress you out with our suggestion..)
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:49pm JeffHQ:

Just saw Sean Penn dressed as a Gatorade delivery guy at 7-11.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:49pm Marc15:

Key Party. Like the tragic film "The Ice Storm"
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:49pm JimmyfromKearny:

I'm sure I'll be okay vitals are okay...Enjoy the show...
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:50pm Jo Cdn:

Do they have a TV on this Retreat because I have a whole list of shows I like to watch
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Good luck Jimmy, we're pulling for ya.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:50pm P-90:

Where can I book a "Dave Hill-based retreat"?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:51pm JeffHQ:

Judah Friedlander's If The Raindrops United after Dave Hill everything.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:52pm cash:

what true crime book, dave?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:52pm Jo Cdn:

@Dave Instagram a picture of you and your guests, please.
Wanna see your Blazer
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 10:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Good luck to you, Jimmy. Make sure you come home with free stuff.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:53pm Jo Cdn:

They said Canada!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:53pm Matt from Springfield:

"installation of mulch" - you heard it here, folks.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:53pm P-90:

A Dave Hill-based retreat sounds more satisfying than these "Star Trek Cruises" they beep sending me emails about
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:53pm cash:

Zits Hardware?
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:54pm JimmyfromKearny:

No didn't know about it until just now...only thing stressing me out is my circumstances and the next four years..wish they could give me a valium-drip til 2020...then reevaluate...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, first published in the Welsh language!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:54pm Jo Cdn:

I used to sleep under my bed as a kid. Never thought of sleeping under the sidewalk
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:55pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: Dave Hill retreat and convention, should be held in Shaker Heights or Chagrin Falls! Driving distance of beautiful downtown Parma!
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:55pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 11/14/16 10:55pm P-90:

It's only recently the FCC lets you say "Regina" on the air
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:56pm Jo Cdn:

It's Regina, Saskatchewan. Not to be confused with Vagina, Sasquatch
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:56pm Matt from Springfield:

*rimshot* Jo Cdn!
Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 10:57pm Supermeowy:

Jimmy - get well super quick!!! We need you in our Hill family!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:57pm Matt from Springfield:

I'd like to go to Denver, CO - for several reasons, but I heard they also have city parks that run from the city, between the mountains, and run out into nothing on the outskirts.
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:57pm JeffHQ:

And the cube was his wife!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: Scary how realistic that twist sounds like! ;)
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 10:58pm BenDoverMD:

"mediocre hotel" track 8 on the macho Slüts debut LP
  Mon. 11/14/16 10:59pm JimmyfromKearny:

Thank you SM...
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:00pm P-90:

@Jimmy: put the lime in the coconut, you drink it all up, and call me in the morning
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:00pm glenn:

is it just me, or is dave somewhat infatuated with saskatchewan? and why has he never played the ballad of wendel clark?
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:01pm JimmyfromKearny:

Ha! P-90 Nilsson...
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:01pm P-90:

@Matt: Denver is indeed gorgeous (air is a bit thin, as you've heard)
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:03pm map:

lol dave was so holding back after the "make great art" comment
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:03pm Jo Cdn:

@JimmyfromKearn. Hope you looked up the words for the song Hallelujah. I know Hallelujah is in a lot if that helps
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Odyssey Works: www.odysseyworks.org
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Empathize! We could all use more of that! The more you empathize, the more empathy you can create out there, right on!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: I look forward to the thin air and standing exactly 1 mile high in elevation on the state capitol steps!
Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 11:05pm Supermeowy:

Clicked on that link and saw Rick Moody listed. He has an essay called "Boys" which I discovered before I was a parent to a boy. Every time I read it post-being a parent, I cry so hard at its powerful message. It's worth finding and seeking out.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:05pm James:

empathy doesnt satisfy social media snark quotas
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:05pm Jo Cdn:

So hard not to think of funny things when conversations are so deep. Oops
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:07pm JakeGould:

Crap! Be well, Jimmy!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:07pm Art:

Election was epic tipping point & a minority of mostly-white voters tipped America into decline. We're in for a long dark age with a right wing supreme court. Time for democracy people to 'find the others', stick together, and be flowery weeds in the cracks of crumbling republic.
Avatar    Mon. 11/14/16 11:07pm Supermeowy:

I found a link for anyone interested. It's a short read. engl273g-shannon.wikispaces.umb.edu...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:07pm James:

well said Art
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:08pm Matt from Springfield:

The modern world and social media can be such an alienating, smartphone navel-gazing bubble without much empathy, I would say "screw that" but people are using it and aren't going to stop. Maybe progressively higher levels of virtual reality will enable more empathy in social media use. One can dream, anyway.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Art. Even if most of the country declines, be the flowery weed (and be courageous enough to be that flowery weed!)
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:10pm JakeGould:

FWIW, this election was won not due to major media pushes but a new media world.
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:10pm Jo Cdn:

@Matt from Springfield Virtual reality will probably be used for Lap Dancing
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:11pm JeffHQ:

Craigslist: 1 ticket for cool experience $250 o.b.o.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:12pm daveB from before:

  Mon. 11/14/16 11:14pm Jo Cdn:

Guess people still take LSD
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:14pm Art:

I agree, Matt. Virtual reality could be a great way to create community. But the tidal wave will be towards a consumer culture matrix with people wearing VR goggles and seeing a 'personalized' world created by profit-seeking algorithms.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:14pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jo Cdn: I don't doubt that. In fact I think that will be among the first commercial uses of VR!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:14pm notmymonkey:

  Mon. 11/14/16 11:15pm JeffHQ:

I'm an artist. Yeaah, been chat rooming for 20 years.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:16pm daveB from before:

Can you please play glen Campbell's "moon's a harsh mistress" for the super moon?
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:16pm Matt from Springfield:

All right! Thanks Aidan(?) and Abe(?) from Odyssey Works, that was really interesting! Blow more minds!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@Art: That's also probably true. But hopefully, it will be an improvement on balance over the current social media landscape.
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:17pm Jo Cdn:

Dance Time!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:19pm amy:

these gifs make me so happy
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:20pm Gladgirl Shelly:

Jimmy- Sending you good thoughts and hope for speedy recovery.
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:21pm Jo Cdn:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes amy! Thanks Dave for adding GIFs, definitely spruces up the program(me)!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:21pm DaveHill:

The gifs make for a hot time! Glad you like them!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

You can even clicky-star the GIFs into your collection of favorites and enjoy them any time.
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:23pm Jo Cdn:

Wag the you're naughty finger!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:23pm Danne D:

Mother is playing over the stadium audio system and it made me think of you guys. Go Bengals!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:23pm Matt from Springfield:

HOLY SHIT you're right Ken HP!! :D
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Danne!
Haven't heard from you today, really on "house arrest" ain't cha? ;)
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:25pm amy:

@ken that's awesome!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:27pm Matt from Springfield:

The Overlord! Auxiliary Percussionist!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:28pm JeffHQ:

Tertiary percussion.
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:28pm Jo Cdn:

Instagram some pics please
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:28pm JimmyfromKearny:

Thanks for the well wishes...they just mainlined 5mg of Valium in my IV
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:29pm JeffHQ:

"I'm Jim."
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Dave *presides* over a 3 hour show every week!!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:30pm JeffHQ:

Dave IS really terrific.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:30pm Matt from Springfield:

"The Well-Tempered Overlord" :)
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:31pm Jo Cdn:

Wanna see Dave on SNL and Live with Kelly.
Is that crazy?
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:31pm Danne D:

At the same time?!?
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:32pm Jo Cdn:

I'll settle for the Same month
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:33pm JeffHQ:

Great sound.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:34pm Matt from Springfield:

With his upcoming Major Motion Picture, same month appearances might be possible! At least by his third Major Motion Picture!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@DanneD - The Bengals could use some help over there.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:35pm Matt from Springfield:

These bastards, like THIS!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Clearly the best! ;)
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:35pm Jo Cdn:

Or SNL does a Spoof of Live with Kelly starring Mr.Dave Hill
That'll work
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:37pm Jo Cdn:

Keep getting a high squeaky noise
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:37pm Matt from Springfield:

"Friends" and "Mad About You" were the 90s Thu night lineup on NBC.
First they replaced "The Single Guy" with a reality show, and I said nothing...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Booty bass night!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Like 9/11, 8. 11 is definitely a shock, an "anchor moment" of "where you when".
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:41pm Matt from Springfield:

They've been in a band for nearly 20 years, I think it's pretty obvious they DO hate money!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:42pm Jo Cdn:

Doesn't everyone listen to the whole show??
The chat board gave you up
Hi Matt and Danne
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:42pm James:

Matt is on fire tonight!!!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:43pm Jo Cdn:

@James. Agee!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:44pm Jo Cdn:

Wow! Great sound!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Whether a simmering heat or a blaze of glory, this show deserves a nice flame!!

@Jo: I wonder if people dropped out or are just digging the music and interviews.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:44pm DaveHill:

Overlord is back!!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:46pm Ms. Sim:

This is the band I would have dropped out of college to follow around the country.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:46pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I'll bet many people have turned into werewolves by now and are out menacing the populace.
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:47pm Jo Cdn:

Could be. I have the habit of just listening to the Music not the words. And have resorted to over the years creating my own lyrics.
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:47pm P-90:

@Matt "Straight Outta Springfield": there's lots of us who always listen all the way through. We wouldn't want to miss anything...
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:47pm Matt from Springfield:


Ah, Ken has the answer, probably right. Oh hey, Ms. Sim is still here!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:48pm Matt from Springfield:

And P-90 :)
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:48pm Jo Cdn:

Overlord jamming !!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:48pm Ms. Sim:

lol matt, CAN'T KEEP ME DOWN! ;)
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:48pm P-90:

Us "core Dave Hill" fans always wait till after the show to menace the populace.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:49pm yddo:

DH is a monday night commitment. I usually do dishes towards the end.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:49pm DaveHill:

Thank you, P-90!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:49pm Gracie:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:49pm yddo:

Listening all the way through!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:50pm James:

percussionist killin it!!!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:50pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:53pm Matt from Springfield:

The band "Dot Biz"
With their album "Enable ActiveX Controls"..
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Overlord, this is great stuff!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:54pm Jo Cdn:

Do they ever come to Canada?
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:54pm Jo Cdn:

Or Go? Geez
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Dave + YngDave "Taxman", that would RAWK!
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:56pm Jo Cdn:

Lmao!! Nut shell
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:56pm Dennis D:

Jimmy is in the ER
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks, Dave and guests. Sleep tight, all. Good night, supermoon.
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:57pm Ms. Sim:

ooo-ee, a final dose of YngDave.
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:57pm Jo Cdn:

Why is Jimmy in the ER
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:58pm James:

Gnite everyone!!!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Wooooooohooooooooo! :)

Thanks Dave and guests and callers and commenters and everyone here! Have a good night!
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:58pm Dennis D:

Go see Dave and band at Mercury Lounge on Friday
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:58pm Dennis D:

He posted here
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:58pm Jo Cdn:

There's still 2 minutes @Jamed
  Mon. 11/14/16 11:59pm Ms. Sim:

Dave, Jimmy commented here. Trouble breathing.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:59pm yddo:

Thank you Dave and everyone! Be well to yourselves!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 11/14/16 11:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Jimmy reported that news at 10:40, from above.
Avatar Mon. 11/14/16 11:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Save Ferris, er Jimmy.
Pray for Jimmy.
Good, good, good, good vibrations out to him.
  Tue. 11/15/16 12:00am moreguinness:

Get well Jimmy...everyone come out Friday...Yngdave bring your ass!!!
Avatar Tue. 11/15/16 12:00am Dennis D:

Have a great week everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 11/15/16 12:00am Ken From Hyde Park:

Sorry, 10:46.
  Tue. 11/15/16 12:01am Ms. Sim:

ok, good night to all... I feel better about the week, having been part of such an AWESOME show tonight. HUGS! <3
  Tue. 11/15/16 12:01am Jo Cdn:

Great show good night everyone
Avatar Tue. 11/15/16 12:03am Matt from Springfield:

HUGS Ms. Sim! The wonderful Hill-raising community supports each other!
Avatar Tue. 11/15/16 12:51am DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, everybody! We shall overcome!
  Tue. 11/15/16 7:41am Naila:

My fave GBV song!
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