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I play music that is old and that is new. Some of it is digital while some is analog. It is from many different countries; sometimes it is loud and at other times it is quiet.

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Options November 5, 2016: In this hall of thine I have a corner seat

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Derek Piotr  Wash   Options Drono  Line  2016     
Unknown  Hôhai-bushi (Aomori); Tusgaru-yamauta ホーハイ節 津軽山唄 (青森)   Options Japanese Traditional Music: Songs of People at Work and Play  World Arbiter  2016  Original 1941  0:17:20 ()
Unknown  Iso-bushi (Ibaraki); Tairyô-bushi (Chiba) 磯節 (茨城) / 大漁節 (千葉)   Options Japanese Traditional Music: Songs of People at Work and Play  World Arbiter  2016    0:20:25 ()
Unknown  Bon-odori-uta “Yagi-bushi” (Tochigi) 盆踊り唄 八木節 (栃木)   Options Japanese Traditional Music: Songs of People at Work and Play  World Arbiter  2016    0:23:21 ()
Ogoya Nengo  Owano Ojwang   Options On Mande  TAL   2016    0:26:39 ()
Spooky-J  Pfer   Options Limbo Yam / Pfer 12"  Blip Discs  2016    0:32:32 ()
African Head Charge  Snake In The Goal   Options Return Of The Crocodile  On-U Sound  2016  Original 1981-86  0:38:40 ()
Muggi Dane  Caveman Thrills   Options Small Talk Series Vol. 2  Zenon Records  2014    0:43:35 ()
Max Graef & Seibt  Tamboule Fudgemunk (Original Mix)   Options Rivers Of The Red Planet  Tartelet Records   2014    0:52:14 ()
Haruomi Hosono feat. Amina Annabi 細野晴臣 & أمينة العنابي  Laugh-Gas   Options Omni Sight Seeing  Epic  1989    1:09:02 ()
Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou Akrouni  Achibaba   Options Les Filles de Illighadad  Sahel Sounds   2016    1:20:45 ()
Kunitaka Sato 里国隆  Ame gurumi 雨ぐるみ   Options Agareyu nu Harukana あがれゆぬはる加那  Off Note  1996    1:23:13 ()
Unknown elder people from Amis tribe 阿美族  laliu no maldengnai 老人聚會歌 Elder' Gathering Song   Options Polyphonic Music of the Amis Tribe 阿美族的複音音樂  Wind  1993    1:28:00 ()
Gendang Lima Sedalanen  Imbou Manibung   Options Sumatra: Batak Music  Inedit  1995    1:40:10 ()
Seijin Noborikawa & Sadao China 登川誠仁 & 知名定男  Yudan shiruna 油断しるな   Options Seijin Noborikawa & Sadao China 登川誠仁 & 知名定男  Respect Record  2004    1:43:25 ()
Volta Jazz  Mama Soukous   Options Bobo Yeye: Belle Epoque in Upper Volta  Numero Group  2016    1:45:32 ()
Kayembe Yirung  Wadim Washantet   Options Guitar Songs From Tanzania, Zambia & Zaire  Original Music      1:50:48 ()
Eola  B and O Blues   Options Dang  Leaving Records  2016    1:55:02 ()
Norberto Lobo  Oma   Options Muxama  Three:four Records  2016    1:59:17 ()
Akihiro Miwa 美輪明宏  Yoitomake no uta ヨイトマケの唄   Options Zenkyokushu 全曲集  King Records  2003  Original 1966  2:19:39 ()
Les Baxter  Gardens Of The Moon   Options The Sacred Idol  Capitol Records   1960    2:25:02 ()
Mort Garson  Walking in Space   Options Electronic Hair Pieces  A&M Records  1969    2:28:07 ()
Idoli  Rusija   Options Odbrana i poslednji dani  Jugoton  1982    2:31:27 ()
Tenko 天鼓  Nightrope Dancing   Options SLOPE - Gradual Disappearance  RecRec Music  1987    2:36:24 ()
Fushitsusha 不失者  Namae wo tsukenaide hoshii namae wo tsuketeshimauto subete de nakunatte shimaukara 名前を つけないで ほしい 名前を つけてしまうと 全てで なくなってしまうから   Options Mada atatakai uchino kono ima ni subete no nazo wo sosogikonde shimaou まだ温かいうちの この今に 全ての謎を 注ぎ込んでしまおう  Heartfast  2013    2:39:05 ()
Glenn Gould  Johann Sebastian Bach: Aria da capo   Options The Goldberg Variations  Columbia   1956?    2:49:48 ()
Ryuichi Sakamoto 坂本龍一  Royal Space Force Main Theme   Options Aile De Honnêamise - Royal Space Force オネアミスの翼 ~ 王立宇宙軍  Midi Inc.  1987    3:06:30 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 11:58am fred:

Good afternoon Mayuko and spinning listeners
  Sat. 11/5/16 12:02pm zmzz:

Hi Mayu, Listening yours in Morioka, very cold already.
  Sat. 11/5/16 12:03pm zmzz:

Hi Mayu, Listening yours in Morioka, very cold already.
  Sat. 11/5/16 12:08pm P-90:

Greetings, DJ Mayuko. You WILL lift up my mood on a day when I'm a little sad.
(This is not a command, just a positive affirmation of what I believe will happen)
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:08pm Mayuko:

Good afternoon, fred! zmzz! That's gotta be COLD there! Got some stuff cued up from Aomori.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:08pm Mayuko:

Man I wish I could travel to Iwate again too.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:09pm Mayuko:

oh, P-90! I do hope you'll feel a bit better listening to music. I got 3 hours amount of it again today.
  Sat. 11/5/16 12:11pm P-90:

Another Jumbo Vertigo! Yayyyy!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:11pm Mayuko:

@zmzz funny enough I thought of doing Kenji Miyazawa theme show today, but didn't have enough time to put things together. some other time. although I do seem to remember that I think it was you who said not a fan of him, haha!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:13pm fred:

Yeah for 3 hours!
Aomori is the land of apples to me, because a friend is part of a project bringing apples (and other forms of relief) to people displaced by the Fukushima disaster
  Sat. 11/5/16 12:16pm zmzz:

Iwate in summer is beautiful but I am not good of anywhere cold. People here warships Kenji Miyazawa I can't even hint anyone I am not fan of his.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:21pm fred:

I love these vocals. That same friend sometimes does DJ sets using minyo records she inherited from her grandfather
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:30pm Mayuko:

I should've taken all my mother's old traditional Japanese nagauta and hauta records too. I guess I should ask her if she still has em. Although shipping must cost crazy.
     Sat. 11/5/16 12:32pm mdashkin:

Hi Folks! Mayuko--Just emerging from the shadows for a moment to say that I just contributed some scratch to WFMU's fundraiser to support Play Vertigo and all the other great stuff on the station! Pls keep the vertigo rolling!!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:32pm Mayuko:

I was in Iwate in May! wandering in that deep green land all by myself, wild wisteria flowers blooming all over mountains, feels like it was a dream.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:38pm fred:

I was looking vids of her DJ sets, in vain. But her discogs pic is pretty funny in light of your east coast/west coast discussion from some time ago: www.discogs.com...
Is Aomori east or west? North sure makes both look alike there
  Sat. 11/5/16 12:39pm zmzz:

I am more sea side person than mountains. Iwate has unworldly beautiful tiny ports very hard to access tho. gotta go catch you later.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:39pm Mayuko:

@mdashkin! Thank you so much for your pledge helping me getting close to my goal! & Glad to have you here!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:39pm Mayuko:

good night, zmzz!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:41pm Mayuko:

Aomori is the very north top of the main island, facing both east/west, fred.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:48pm fred:

Perfect vertigo inducing spin through genres in that set. I already gave up keeping track and clicky-starred the whole show
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 11/5/16 12:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, Mayuko and members of Drummerdom. Hanging out at Best Buy while my daughter is getting her phone upgraded.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:54pm Mayuko:

Thank you, fred! I clearly saw something can be connected from some local villages in Japan country side to the dance floor of a club. People gathering. Glad to hear I managed to do it sonically.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 12:54pm Mayuko:

Hallo, Ken, welcome on board while waiting for the phone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 11/5/16 12:58pm Ike:

Good afternoon!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 11/5/16 1:00pm Jeff:

Hello all! I finally remembered on time that there's something to listen to on Saturday afternoon!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:02pm fred:

If this hall has people dancing, you can have the corner seat. I don't like seats, so I'll be sitting on the floor in another corner
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:05pm fred:

@Jeff: you're in luck: you missed one hour but we're treated to a bonus one
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:08pm fred:

I do think he got the Nobel prize, one of the first non westerner to do so
  Sat. 11/5/16 1:11pm rw:

Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:12pm Mayuko:

Ike! Jeff! rw!! Glad to have you all here!
  Sat. 11/5/16 1:14pm WebHamster Henry:

Hi Mayuko ! I'm listening and drinking Genmaicha.
  Sat. 11/5/16 1:15pm rw:

Cold coffee here. Not bad, but not particularly good either.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:16pm fred:

@WebHamster Henry: I do like Genmaicha. But I'm drinking Guinness right now, waiting for ice cream to thaw a little
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:22pm fred:

I listened to a YMO record for the first time in years this week. I was thinking of loading up my mp3 player with stuff for the weeks I'll spend away from WFMU. Then I realized its battery lasts a few hours and needs a USB connection to recharge. Useless
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:24pm fred:

Les Filles de Illighadad are touring in Europe right now: sahelsounds.com...
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:26pm Mayuko:

hi Henry! drinking apple cider here, but lately I'm into this mysterious Chinese cure tea good for your stomach. Ginger and some magnolia related stuff and other Chinese medicines I cannot identify.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:28pm fred:

Wow, I love this Kunitaka Sato track. It sounds close to the music from Okinawa that I know, but the rhythm is different. Where is he from?
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:35pm Mayuko:

fred, Kunitaka Sato is from Amami Ōshima, which is an island between Kyushu (southern part of Japan) and Okinawa, and spend lot of time performing in Okinawa. He played Koto but think he played Sanshin too which is an Okinawa musical instrument...
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:37pm Mayuko:

and an Okinawa musician Rinsuke Teruya brought Sato home and recorded his first recordings, so there is a strong connection there.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:37pm fred:

This Amis music reminds me of native american music. Appropriate, as Taiwanese coworkers told me that though the island's Han culture is more accepting, it tends to few these native people as mainly tourist attractions. Keeping them in poverty and out of jobs and prospects as usual, this time in the name of cultural respect.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:38pm Mayuko:

there's an adopter that connects USB cable to an outlet, no? being hospitalized without music sounds even more terrible.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:40pm Jeff Golick:

In the case of "unknown elder people," I actually do NOT prefer their early work.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:42pm Mayuko:

Haha! They're in their prime time! & hello, Jeff!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:43pm fred:

I'll be bringing a pile of books. The latest Colson Whitehead, Middlemarch (at last, ausmanx will stop nagging me about this), a Joyce Carol Oates lengthy book (first try of this author) and a big Bertrand Russell collection. It should be more than enough (no vacation there)
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:43pm fred:

Yeah Okinawa!!!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:45pm Jeff Golick:

Which JCO are you bringing, @fred?
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:47pm Jeff Golick:

This Bobo Yeye set looks insanely great. Glad to hear from it. The station has a copy, @Mayuko?
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:48pm Mayuko:

@Jeff yes! I'll send it to you after my show.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:49pm Jeff Golick:

I mean, look at this beauteous-ness: www.instagram.com... (has sound)
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:49pm Jeff Golick:

Ooooh nice; thx!!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:53pm fred:

@Jeff: The Accursed. That's the one my fave bookshop had in the used section. None in the "new" section, but it only hit me later than the bookshop is Canadian and has a separate section for Canadian writers I didn't think of checking, though it's often behind piles of books. If you ever come to Paris, I highly recommend it: Abbey Bookshop.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:56pm Jeff Golick:

Ah. Thanks for the rec., @fred. I have read very little of Oates' work, honestly, but understand that it can be highly variable in quality. Unsurprising, considering how much she pumps out. Don't have anything to offer re THE ACCURSED.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 1:59pm Jeff Golick:

Great set, and this Eola is lovely. Just went and put their whole oeuvre on my bandcamp wishlist.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:03pm fred:

@Jeff: a somewhat representative pic of what kind of bookshop it is: c3.staticflickr.com...
Usually there's tea and coffee available too. Though maybe only Brian (the owner) knows exactly where. Same goes for books
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:28pm fred:

I'm relieved that your show finally got credited for my pledge. I didn't want to complain to Ken about it, especially when I'm not in a position to give more. But it was really bugging me
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:33pm Mayuko:

Me too, fred! I'm missing some pledgers in the list yet, but hope to catch everyone.

Thank you all for generous pledges! Really appreciated. For those of you who hasn't pledged yet - the fundraiser extended and I'm still 38% away from my goal - please donate and help the station, and me!!!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:35pm fred:

My boss agreed to review a thesis about rhythm in Indian music. 370 pages. He was asked to review another about melody, but he asked about page count first: 320, so he refused.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:36pm fred:

Mayuko, are you on the stream? The playlist doesn't seem to match what I am hearing
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:38pm fred:

(hence the confusing comment about Indian music)
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:38pm Mayuko:

hmm? my wfmu app says Play Vertigo is on.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:39pm fred:

The title says so, but the sound doesn't match
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:40pm Mayuko:

oh! you're right, now it switched! let me see...
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:41pm fred:

This is totally not Fushitsusha! I tried pop-op and 128k
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:41pm Mayuko:

Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:41pm Mayuko:

Does it sound more depressing now? if so that's my show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 11/5/16 2:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

OK, back home with happy daughter. Good thing there is a bonus hour today.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:46pm fred:

Depressing? Did you see the pic of Satoko with Keiji Haino and Makoto Kawabata? I can't take Fushitsusha seriously enough to be depressed by them. Love them though. Maybe that's why I love Boris so much, they're not as seriously serious. Also, Wata rules
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 2:54pm fred:

In hindsight, the concept of an unreleased demo of Fushitsusha doing Bollywood and funk covers sounds like a great thing
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 11/5/16 2:59pm Jeff:

That was from Gould's 1955 Goldbergs? Funny, I'd have sworn from the contemplative pace that it would've been the 1981 recording. I need to listen to the 1955s again.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 3:02pm fred:

Words can get in the way. My most important personal memories are etched in smell or touch. These don't get into words easily. For me words are problematic anyway: French is my first language, but I'm usually much more comfortable in English (except when speaking, my accent is terrible). For me French is the language of physical stuff and childhood, English is the language of concepts and relationships.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 11/5/16 3:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Bonus bonus time! Thanks, Mayuko. Have a good week.
  Sat. 11/5/16 3:05pm zmzz:

hey mayu, couldn't sleep too well here, too cold! checking in again.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 3:09pm fred:

I have and love this record! I went through hoops to get it from Japan, this was before I had internet access. Thanks so much for telling the story I missed all these years. How the hell did you know this?
Thanks so much, for all your shows, and this hits home so perfectly. I'm crying but smiling too. I'll be back as soon as I can. You're the best
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 3:11pm Mayuko:

@Jeff huh! maybe you're right, I only have digital sounds of em someone gave me and have no cover to see credits. the artwork was related to the 50's one.
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 3:12pm Mayuko:

Thank you Ken, zmzz for tuning back!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 3:14pm Mayuko:

@fred ha, that's amazing you have that record! I watched the film a long time ago - story is kind of simple but the visual was a bit like Akira and pretty great. good luck for the op!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 3:14pm Mayuko:

Thank you all for listening and pledges! Bill Mac is in next week. I'll see you all the following week!
Avatar    Sat. 11/5/16 3:26pm fred:

I got it when I was in my Sakamoto completist phase in college, probably in 1992, ordering it from Japan through a record store. The booklet is in Japanese, so I never had a clue of what it was all about. But I always felt the music was positive and straightforward. Akira was something else, of course.
Don't worry about me. I'll be bored for a while, but back in a few weeks. No news is good news
Avatar    Sun. 11/6/16 12:36am Mayuko:

@fred It wasn't a too commercially successful movie, so probably didn't get screened in Europe? Glad I was sble to provide some info. Get well soon!
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