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Options August 20, 2016: Beware of Moles

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Artist Track Album Year Images Approx. start time
BEWARE OF MOLES           
Ottawan  Shalalala   Options        
Vengaboys  Shalalala   Options       0:10:14 ()
The Wailing Wailers  Put It On   Options       0:13:39 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tri Angular Bent 
Set 1   Options       0:19:15 ()
A Teens  Super Trouper   Options       0:26:36 ()
Mabel  Disco Disco   Options    
0:30:24 ()
Trio  Anna   Options       0:33:51 ()
Superaquello  Rompiendo el Hielo   Options       0:37:15 ()
Tri Angular Bent  Don and the Voyager   Options       0:41:41 ()
Bee Gees  How Deep Is Your Love?   Options       0:48:09 ()
Yoko Ono  Kiss Kiss Kiss   Options       0:51:49 ()
Sun Dial  Mind Control   Options       0:54:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tri Angular Bent 
Set 2   Options       1:02:52 ()
Dr. Galigari  Freaks   Options   1991    1:10:26 ()
Chrome Ozone  Soul Oddity   Options       1:16:33 ()
Freelon  Spacetime Continuum   Options       1:22:57 ()
The Cure  Fire In Cairo   Options       1:28:48 ()
Metal Urbain  Lady Coca Cola   Options       1:32:08 ()
LIO  SAGE COMME UNE IMAGE   Options       1:36:12 ()
The Plastic Men  Scratch   Options       1:39:19 ()
Dire Straits  Sultans of Swing   Options       1:44:29 ()
Shango Dance Band  Alupandu-gbe   Options       1:48:52 ()
Red Axes  Papa Sooma   Options       1:55:24 ()
Trio  Da Da Da   Options       1:59:33 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sun Dial 
Mountain of Fire & Miracles   Options       2:06:13 ()
The Shirelles  Dedicated to the One I Love   Options       2:15:21 ()
Twiggy  Rain on The Roof   Options Amanda Nazario's 2015 Premium <3      2:17:23 ()
Dada Kidawa  Njoo Mpenzi Njoo   Options       2:19:44 ()
Van Morrison  Wild Night   Options       2:22:37 ()
Mistress Mary  Dance Little Girl   Options       2:28:02 ()
Etta James  Dance With Me, Henry   Options       2:31:18 ()
The Go-Devils  Gonna Git That Man   Options       2:37:32 ()
Ottawan  D.I.S.C.O.   Options       2:39:22 ()
Pointer Sisters  Neutron Dance   Options       2:44:14 ()
Aqua  Cartoon Heroes   Options       2:50:00 ()
Matching Mole  Mutter   Options       2:53:39 ()
Dan Penn  Close to Me   Options       2:56:13 ()
Derrick Harriott  Reach Out I'll Be There   Options       2:58:30 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 1:25am listener mark:

The small mammals that live in the ground or those growths on the skin? Or the Mean Old Lady Envelope Sorters?
  Sat. 8/20/16 2:34am neil:

moles are coming! moles are coming!<residents><mark ov thee mole>
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 2:44am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Matching Mole?
"O Caroline"?
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:00am neil:

  Sat. 8/20/16 3:02am Larry:

Those giant guinea pig things are capybaras, becoming an invasive species in Florida now.
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:06am Larry:

In Kung Fu Panda, the eponymous panda, Po, has a goose for his father.
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:09am the Canterbury wood-elf:

...and why is that mole running away with a pram full of baby eagles??
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:09am Larry:

The Louie, Louie riff!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:09am Stashu:

Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:10am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Ms. Stashu she say "yes"!
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:12am Larry:

That's a mole?
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:13am neil:

mole with ice cream sunday with wheels & baby bird sprinkles. <also nice flowers> hi! stashu!!!
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:15am neil:

what lies beneath thee radio?
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:15am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Fohat digs holes in radio space!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:17am David Vanbellinghen:

What's the music you're talking over, Stashu?
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:17am Arizona Brian:

My mom is from Columbia, Mississippi
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:18am Stashu:

I just updated it 'Bellinghen
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:19am Stashu:

My mom is from: Poland.
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:19am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Star-nosed moles might be able to pick up radio waves with their weird electromagnetic-sensor star-shaped noses.

My earthly mum's from Wimborne in Dorset.
The Great Mother Goddess is from the void beyond the void (is that were we're heading with this digging?)
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:20am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:21am David Vanbellinghen:

Thanks, Yvonne
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:21am neil:

<music>beyond music now.<proto-sound>its everything thee dinosaurs said millions ov years ago.<languages lost to time><paramecium conversations>
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:23am the Canterbury wood-elf:

the cosmic whisper
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:26am Larry:

Mole rats are matriarchal, so that Mama mole rat is like a queen bee. By the way, if you want to freak out look at pictures of mole rats.
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:33am neil:

<paramecium enjoy dub-step gospel><makes em horny>
  Sat. 8/20/16 3:40am neil:

  Sat. 8/20/16 3:45am neil:

  Sat. 8/20/16 3:49am neil:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/20/16 3:53am Goyim in the AM:

Nothin' like an Onogasm to make a central European jump out of bad and take on the day. Morning all!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:53am Stashu:

Take the day! It's yours!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:53am Stashu:

Haha Onogasm. Good word.
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 3:57am Stashu:

A wallaby hugging a teddybear.
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:00am listener mark:

Fighting moles is easy! Stand on a chair!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:01am listener mark:

The sound track of the Olympics has been non stop Bossa Nova. I am glad to be here.
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:02am listener mark:

Teddy bears? Theodore Roosevelt! Bully! Bully!
  Sat. 8/20/16 4:04am neil:

how deep is ur mole?
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:06am listener mark:

Two and a half pounds. Three pounds if you count the stuffing!
  Sat. 8/20/16 4:08am neil:

this is baddd ass!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:09am listener mark:

More buzzy, thaan bad ass.
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:13am rosso:

Hi Stashu! I'm late to the party, but I heard there would be moles.
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:14am Stashu:

We are the moles!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:17am Stashu:

Wee are the moles. Or are they not wee?
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:18am rosso:

We are thee wee moles. Not to be mistaken for wee weasels.
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:19am Stashu:

No weasels allowed!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:20am Stashu:

Only moles.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/20/16 4:22am Goyim in the AM:

"A wallaby hugging a teddy bear, forever." -- Orwell's vision of the future if he weren't such a Debbie Downer.
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:22am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Loving the deeeeep tunes Stashu, but this mole's going to have to turn around and head back up to the surface now. Bye!
  Sat. 8/20/16 4:23am neil:

careful out there elf!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:29am weasel:

shunned as usual.
  Sat. 8/20/16 4:30am Larry:

Secret Squirrel's sidekick, Morocco Mole, sounds like Peter Lorre!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:37am Stashu:

Hey is that weasel still here? We have an extra mole costume...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/20/16 4:39am Ken From Hyde Park:

Look out for the mole's bigger cousin, the pocket gopher.
  Sat. 8/20/16 4:42am neil:

Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 4:47am Stashu:

What ever happened to pocket protectors?
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:06am I enjoy so much when you play music:

instead of the readings. I hope that is not offensive!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 5:07am Stashu:

Hey honesty is the BEST policy. I'm totally NOT offended!
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:08am neil:

theres 7000 listings ov pocket protectors on ebay.<not sure if they r moving >
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 5:10am Stashu:

Neil, that is NOT enough pocket protectors.
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:11am Eric:

I am glad to hear that, but I really love your musical selections ,and I listen every week, just getting home from work! thanks!
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:12am Holly from New Zealand:

New Zealand must be a backwards country, I've never seen a pocket protector in the flesh/pocket/wild. Sigh. So much life to yet live
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:12am neil:

more more more!<or just a giant pocket protector to protect us all>
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 5:15am Stashu:

Holly you just gave me an idea for a DJ Premium. Pocket Protectors!
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:16am Holly from New Zealand:

Yessssssss, secrets hidden inside! It's brilliant
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 5:19am Stashu:

  Sat. 8/20/16 5:20am Holly from New Zealand:

I actually had to check the Pocket Protector wiki page, they're SO much older than I realised. And they hold "various small items". Such scope, I'm fascinated
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:21am neil:

typed moles into ebay & got 13000 mole traps <nasty>& mole poisons. looks like war on moles. no nice mole products. ur picture is Krtek mole<czechia>postcards available!
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:23am neil:

also a book entitled "rock and roll mole" is available.
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:23am neil:

van morrison resembles a mole...
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:24am Holly from New Zealand:

Top show btw, it's half nine on Saturday night and I'm sipping whiskey trying to wrestle my way through a gigantic painting composition and the choons are definitely helping. New pocket protector fascination not so much :)
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:25am Holly from New Zealand:

MOLES!!! Another thing NZ doesn't have
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:29am neil:

all ov thee moles were eaten by thee wetas...<giant NZ bug>
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:33am neil:

hans moleman is probably my favorite character on thee simpsons, now that i think about it...
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:34am Holly from New Zealand:

I'm very fond of wetas, don't get the huge ones where I live but even the little, sprightly ones appear to be capable mole killers. I think they may scare 'em to death with their formidable appearance. Anyone who's not a mole knows that wetas are sweet, gentle beasts and worthy of friendship
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:37am Holly from New Zealand:

Great moments in history
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:37am neil:

moles also dont swim too well. hard to get to New Zealand.<aquatic moles><???>
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:41am Holly from New Zealand:

Ok my brain stopped when I tried to figure out what the aquatic equivalent to a mole was. Best I could do was some kinda bivalve, a scallop maybe
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:42am neil:

wack-a-mole, why not hug-a-mole?
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:43am Holly from New Zealand:

I've seen pictures of them and they look pretty cute, I'd hug one, I like sniffly things and the smell of dirt
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 5:44am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Unexpected return!
PLEASE Play this Stashu: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 5:45am the Canterbury wood-elf:

  Sat. 8/20/16 5:47am neil:

thee northern stargazer is a burrowing sea creature, or thee california sea grant...
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:51am neil:

elf, saw that marching moles record while searching too, one guy looks a lot like allen ginsberg.
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:52am neil:

Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 5:53am Stashu:

Thanks Elf!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 5:55am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Thanks Stashu!
@neil Thee Ginsberg-a-like is mystery keyboards man Dave MacRae, who went on to do the incidental music for this early 70s TV programme en.wikipedia.org... (part of my early childhood)
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:57am neil:

misread: marching=matching. thee goodies, ill check em out!
  Sat. 8/20/16 5:58am neil:

word up stashu! well done!!!
Avatar Sat. 8/20/16 6:01am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Thanks again Stashu, great stuff! Get some (well-deserved) sleep...
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