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Options June 9, 2016: Optimized! Day 4 with Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White, Jason Willett & MC Schmidt, Buttress O’Kneel, Osymyso, Nick the Bard, John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV from Monty Hall (skype letspaintwfmu), Dina Kelberman + evening Monty Hall show!

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12:00pm Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White - A Thought Experiment

What do we talk about when we talk about talking about things? Where do elephants come from? What’s up? These are questions we ask ourselves but not usually out loud for fear of being labeled a person with unanswerable questions. But in Hearty’s world, all questions are asked and then quickly forgotten as Hearty attempts to trick people into loving themselves and others through the art of confusion.

Hearty White lives and doesn’t work in Lexington, KY, birthplace of Richard Hell. His radio non-career spans decades. He loves you in theory.


(Listen: )

Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


12.30pm Jason Willett and MC Schmidt - Optimism Show

willett and derek & clive
willett & schmidt
bert kaempfert: watusi trumpets
willett, schmidt {bobby mcferrin}
willett edit: happy talk
willett {bobby mcferrin} {ornette coleman} schmidt
willett & schmidt {mike curb congregation)
mr. tap toe
sublime elevator music

jason willett is an American musician, known largely for his work with experimental rock groups including Half Japanese, Can Openers, Pleasant Livers, X-Ray Eyes, The Dramatics, The Jaunties, The Attitude Robots, Leprechaun Catering and many more. His record label, Megaphone, initially set out to issue work by punkish Rock in Opposition-derived performers like The Work, Fred Frith, the Molecules, Matmos, Tim Hodgkinson and Jac Berrocal but became largely a venue for Willett's own collaborative music. He has also made records with Ruins, Jac Berrocal, James Chance,Jon Rose, Michael Evans, Ron Anderson, Benb Gallaher, Mick Hobbs, Chris Cutler, Little Howlin Wolf, Yamatsuka Eye & his various pet ducks.

Based in Baltimore, M.C. Schmidt is one half of the acclaimed electronic duo Matmos. As half of Matmos, Schmidt has worked with Terry Riley, Bjork, The Kronos Quartet, Peter Rehberg, the INA/GRM, Rrose, Marshall Allen, Horse Lords, People Like Us, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Antony Hegarty, William Basinski and many more.

(Listen: )

Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


1.00pm Buttress O’Kneel - Optimise or Die!

Buttress O’Kneel is a plunderphonic culture-vandal from Australia who has been mixing, mashing and morphing found-sound since 1998. Honestly, she’s really too old for this shit, but it’s sort of too late to stop now.  Her Frankensteinian sound-mangling activities have been written about in several academic texts, so she must be doing something right, or worthwhile, or something, surely.  Please, let it all mean something. Please. 

Will you optimise?  Or will you die?  Or both?  For her “OPTIMIZED!” piece, Buttress O’Kneel explores the concept of the evolutionary optimisation of the humyn organism: whether it be motivational, spiritual, technological, multi-dimensional, or just growing a freakin’ beak.  Our culture seems to obsess over this kind of thing constantly: being better, faster, more capable, sleeker, smarter, upgrading until we die.  And then what?  These issues are explored with the irritating machine-gun editing and meticulous lack of overall cohesion that Ms O’Kneel is famous for.


(Listen: )

Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


1.15pm Osymyso - Sadtimism

The relentless chasing of happiness and the insistence that we should always be optimistic no matter what can have the opposite effect and make us all sad. So people can be outwardly very happy when they're privately very sad, hence a happy themed mix that sounds miserable. You can't be happy by just stating that you are over and over. It's not meant to be a massive downer as I'm an optimistic person just that you can't force happiness or fake it, just be grateful when it comes and to make the most of it.

The mix is called Sadtimism which I don't think is a word anyone's used before. I thought of sadimism too but it's too close to sadism and I wouldn't want to give the wrong impression.

Osymyso has been doing his thing since the early 1990's, lots of sampling, sound collage and daft beats. His career highlights are now so long ago it's embarrassing to mention them, he's currently in the process of seeking out a new career highlight to talk about. Due to work commitments osymsyo is in an effective hibernation, some would be mistaken for thinking he's stopped producing idiotic music but some fresh recordings will emerge sooner or later and he's hoping you'll stumble across them one day as you bounce around inside the internet.


(Listen: )

Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


1.30pm Nick the Bard - Optimized

A (bad) Transformers fan-fic based around the delivery of a single line from the episode "Divide and Conquer".  A line delivery I could never stand, even as a kid.  Who had the episode on VHS.  As one of only two Transformers tapes owned.  That got watched over and over and over. 

Nick the Bard started with WFMU in 2005, bringing along and leaving a mark with his own brand of stupid.  He lives somewhere in the suburbs of New Jersey with his cat Barry, collecting action figures and instructional VHS tapes.  Some have claimed him to be a wizard, others one of the few people that should be wearing a fez.


(Listen: )


2pm-3pm John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV live from Monty Hall

Mr Let's Paint (John Kilduff) does it all! Multitasking his way through life...exercising, painting, cooking and taking your calls!

Taking your calls on Optimized! Live from Monty Hall at WFMU 6-10 June @2-3pm EST

SKYPE call now to: letspaintwfmu
Also, John can see your Comments in the Playlist and will respond!



3-5pm - Repeat of Noon-2pm Programming


8pm at WFMU's Monty Hall, live in-house and on uStream

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 8:40am People Like Us:

Starting at noon today! And remember this evening the show at Monty Hall - come along in person or watch by way of the "Next Playlist" here
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 11:48am People Like Us:

Starting at the top of the hour: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White - A Thought Experiment
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 11:57am melinda:

hello! Looking forward to today's Optimized. Just figured out how to find the comments board.
  Thu. 6/9/16 11:57am vince:

good hello!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 11:57am People Like Us:

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 11:58am People Like Us:

I'm just in the lift at WFMU
  Thu. 6/9/16 11:58am vince:

Very excited to hear some NEW Osymyso!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:00pm People Like Us:

and we're on the air and the ear
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:01pm heartywhite:

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:01pm JP from KC:

Hearty White in the early PM? Fabulous!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:03pm People Like Us:

Hello Hearty White!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:03pm JP from KC:

Hiya Hearty! I'm loving the show so far!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:04pm People Like Us:

John Kilduff (Let's Paint TV) is here at Monty Hall with me right now unpacking his easel and he says to tell you that he's a big fan, Hearty
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:04pm melinda:

hi Hearty and JP!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:05pm JP from KC:

Hi melinda! Hope all is well.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:07pm melinda:

All's well here.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:09pm JP from KC:

Glad to hear it!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:10pm heartywhite:

Tell John Kilduff thanks!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:12pm People Like Us:

he says thanks
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:13pm Michael:

Have John Kilduff paint Hearty White!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:14pm JP from KC:

I agree with Michael! A Hearty White portrait for all to see!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:15pm People Like Us:

I just told him, Michael
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:20pm melinda:

I wanna read the book about the fake Rockefeller.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:23pm JP from KC:

I wanna hear a jam band improvise behind Hearty White's monologue, just once. Like Joe Frank, but more existential and stream of consciousness... and with rootsier music.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:29pm JP from KC:

Those Miraculous Nutrients certainly left me feeling optimized. Thanks, Hearty! Great show!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:29pm melinda:

Bye Hearty!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:30pm heartywhite:

Thank you, JP!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:30pm People Like Us:

Now: Jason Willett and M.C. Schmidt (Matmos) - Optimism Show
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:35pm melinda:

I am enjoying this Optimism Show.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:38pm Webhamster Henry:

Swingin' Safari!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:42pm Webhamster Henry:

No way I can make it down tonight .. but "I'll be with you in spirit".
  Thu. 6/9/16 12:42pm vince:

tarting working with my future at a record store when this song first came out
  Thu. 6/9/16 12:44pm vince:

have to excuse my bad sentence....It's SO HOT here!
  Thu. 6/9/16 12:47pm vince:

We've been hitting the Hundreds EVERY DAY during OPTIMIZED!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:47pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi there, optimizers!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:49pm melinda:

hi Ken!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:50pm melinda:

This gingerbread man number is pushing my optimization over the top.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:52pm Webhamster Henry:

tap toes , inducing sugar shock here.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:56pm Webhamster Henry:

Who plays Haisai Ojisan in an elevator?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:57pm People Like Us:

I was just in the elevator with the stream
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 12:57pm People Like Us:

just sorting some bits out for tonight
  Thu. 6/9/16 1:00pm zax:

Thanks PLU et al, for injecting a much needed dosage of optimism
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, melinda. How are you today?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:03pm People Like Us:

hi Zax!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:05pm Kat in Chicago:

This is all so delightful!
  Thu. 6/9/16 1:06pm vince:

I like it, too!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:06pm melinda:

I'm good Ken.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:06pm Cliff:

Hello, just "tuned in" (on the interwebs) I like experiencing various dimensional realities
  Thu. 6/9/16 1:07pm zax:

Herro! There's a little breach in reality here I'm just gonna prod open for a wee while...
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:08pm Cliff:

I heard Dio in there!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:11pm Webhamster Henry:

Looking forward to Osymyso, too!
  Thu. 6/9/16 1:15pm vince:

Sounds like The Weatherman at the beginning there!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:26pm Lori16mm:

been listening and watching since Monday.... it's been a utmost pleasure to have all this optimizism!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:27pm Webhamster Henry:

Nick The Bard : I'm expecting Optimized Optimus Prime. I'm even expecting Optimized Megatron.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:27pm Nick the Bard:

Well that's at least part of it
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:28pm People Like Us:

hi Nick!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:30pm Nick the Bard:

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:30pm Kat in Chicago:

Yay Nick the Bard!
  Thu. 6/9/16 1:30pm Pseu Braun:

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:33pm Cliff:

"a 5-1/4" floppy disk", bwahahahaha
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:35pm BriJet:

Nick rocks! ;)
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:36pm Nick the Bard:

@Cliff - that actually happened in the original Marvel comics series

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The video is showing me a series of yellow-colored images with people enjoying water activities. Is that correct?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:37pm Kat in Chicago:

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:38pm People Like Us:

hi Pseu! See you laterrr
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks, Kat. I stepped away for a bit and was just checking to make sure.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:42pm Cliff:

"Ethan Zachary reveals that he has saved a copy of Optimus Prime's character on a five-and-a-quarter-inch floppy disk." - Must not be that big of a program if it all fits on one of those
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:46pm Nick the Bard:

title drop!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:46pm Webhamster Henry:

My kids used to play at Transformers for hours like this. They had a standing Decepticon camp set up. My son made a large number of (weirdly popular) 3d videos featuring Transformers. www.youtube.com...
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:47pm Nick the Bard:

Gen Abernathy = Gen Hawk's real name
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:49pm Kat in Chicago:

I like how this suddenly turned into the WWF
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:50pm Nick the Bard:

Well it is 1985
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:51pm Kat in Chicago:

Those were the days
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:51pm steve:

this has successfully transported me back to 1985
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:52pm Cliff:

That's about when my parents gave me a Commodore-64 for Christmas
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:57pm People Like Us:

Mr Let's Paint can read your comments here - ask him a question / say hello - on at the top of the hour
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 1:58pm Cliff:

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:00pm People Like Us:

thanks Nick :))))
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:00pm steve:

wow, amazing writing and voice acting... great as always Nick
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:00pm Nick the Bard:

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:00pm bryce:

still waiting for the VCD of that, nick....
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:01pm steve:

i want mine on CED Videodisc
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:02pm People Like Us:

Ask Mr Let's Paint your questions here:
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:02pm Cliff:

Oh boy, I love pancakes!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:03pm JP from KC:

Mr. Let's Paint, will you paint a portrait of Hearty White today?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:04pm Kat in Chicago:

Remembering my mother's Bisquick pancakes circa 1966.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:05pm JP from KC:

Thanks, Mr. Let's Paint!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:05pm Cliff:

Aren't you in New Jersey?!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:06pm People Like Us:

If someone scrolls down the playlist panel a bit there's a pic of Hearty there
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:12pm Nick the Bard:

fry up the apple skins a bit first then put in the pancake batter
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:13pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

So i am confused are you taking skype calls or not
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:15pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Ah your just bnot taking them for the evening event right?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:15pm People Like Us:

correct, Aaron
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:15pm Chris M.:

i would like to see Hearty White with some delicious Kentucky Bourbon.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:15pm People Like Us:

you can call now though :)
  Thu. 6/9/16 2:15pm Torbjørn:

Some quality pancakes coming along there, great. How was your exhibition yesterday, Mr. Lets Paint ?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:16pm steve:

Why are pancakes I make at home always less fluffy than pancakes you get at a diner?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:19pm People Like Us:

SKYPE call now to: letspaintwfmu
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:19pm Chris M.:

thanks. i love this show and this painting.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:20pm People Like Us:

will you auction your painting tonight John?
also folks, John will be able to see the playlist tonight (just no skype)
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:23pm Cliff:

Hearty White usually wears a hat too
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:25pm Michael:

Needs maple syrup. Hearty too.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:30pm Cliff:

If cory shows up we can ask him how they do the pancakes in a restaurant
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:32pm Cliff:

I've never seen a pancake stamped onto a painting before!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:37pm Cliff:

At least the treadmill is consistent in its failure
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:44pm Cliff:

I think everyone else is at work John, I might be the only self-unemployed person here :D
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:44pm Lewis:

food coma on the chat board?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:45pm People Like Us:

I think people are mortified
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:46pm steve:

academic journal Mathematics TODAY published an study on perfect pancakes earlier this year. according an article about it "The hope is that better understanding the textures and patterns of pancakes could improve surgical methods for treating glaucoma." really.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:46pm People Like Us:

I'M self-employed! And I'm watching but I'm also testing out my CDrs of stupid music for tonight
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:46pm Cliff:

I'm self-UNemployed!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:49pm People Like Us:

thanks for the directions
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:52pm People Like Us:

Watch us here tonight on the WFMU front page and the playlist and comments is set up here: wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:53pm Chris M.:

i feel like i just saw Bill Murray use a blender in a deleted scene from Meatballs
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:53pm Cliff:

Pancakes & bourbon were a good choice for the Hearty White painting, that sounds like a typical meal for him
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:54pm People Like Us:

I'm upstairs writing the lyrics to your karaoke song with a sharpie
  Thu. 6/9/16 2:54pm Torbjørn:

Maybe a little bourbon in the in the blender would do the trick, taste-wise. Probably an idea for later tonight ..
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:58pm Cliff:

That's a good rule of thumb - always add a little more butter.
  Thu. 6/9/16 2:59pm Torbjørn:

Thank you, Mr. Lets Paint !
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:59pm heartywhite:

That's amazing!!!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 2:59pm Cliff:

That wasn't wrong, they also have WMFU in Mount Hope!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:00pm People Like Us:

Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:00pm Cliff:

Can't wait for the show tonight!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:02pm People Like Us:

hold on a few secs and we'll have the repeat of noon-2 back on
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:10pm Cliff:

That's great, because now I can finally find out where elephants come from
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:12pm ian:

this is so good, what is it?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:14pm JP from KC:

I got called out of the room and didn't get to see the final product of the Hearty White portrait! Will any of this be archived at all? Could someone send me a photo?
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:14pm ian:

what the flying fuck is going on with the programming? i like it but i feel like i have gone into the twilight zone deep.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:15pm Cliff:

It's WFMU, just more WFMU-ier

JP - it was a pretty good likeness, although he forgot to put a hat on him, and for a while there it had a pancake stuck on too
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:15pm ian:

lets paint is on fmu? have i seriously died and gone to weirdo heaven?
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:16pm ian:

why did this have to happen the month i finally gave up and moved back to baltimore? i want to be there!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:16pm JP from KC:

But I must SEE it, Cliff! How can I see it?!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:17pm People Like Us:

yes, tonight at 8pm then tomorrow 2-3pm
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:17pm People Like Us:

we'll have the noon-2 feed back shortly, just trimming it
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:18pm Cliff:

If I knew how to record video feeds I would....maybe if you ask somebody at the station they can send you a photo of the painting JP!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:20pm JP from KC:

I would absolutely love that. Is there anyone there who is also on the playlist and would be kind enough to do that for me?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:21pm People Like Us:

ok the stream will be up for a couple of hours
see you HERE tonight from 8ish pm: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:22pm People Like Us:

join the facebook event here for more media updates/pics www.facebook.com...
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:22pm ian:

ah i deleted my Facebook too. lol.
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:24pm People Like Us:

oh well, we're here :)
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:24pm Cliff:

Is the repeat stream up on the home page Vicki?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:26pm People Like Us:

yes, and left of here
audio archive of noon-2pm will be on each page from 3pm each day
we are making a doc about the whole week and will finish it in the next weeks
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:27pm JP from KC:

That sure is a fine looking portrait. Thanks for posting it, Vicki! And for the link!
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:29pm ian:

I've been an wfmu listener supporter for at least a decade, but i haven't been able to tune in for a couple months due to life. And this is still baffling me...
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:30pm ian:

wfmu is one of the few forces of good that is thriving currently
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:30pm ian:

this web design is so out it's back in again!
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:32pm Cliff:

ian, I've been a listener since 2001, and I'm equally baffled (but in a good way!)
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:33pm ian:

i can see the publicly shared stuff on Facebook that you don't need to log in for, where is the portrait?
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:35pm Cliff:

Hmm, is Hearty White's segment not in the repeat stream? It's only 1:29 long and seems to start with Jason Willett & Mc Schmidt
Avatar Thu. 6/9/16 3:36pm JP from KC:

It wouldn't let me see it without logging in. Sorry, Ian.
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:47pm ian:

as long as it's there i can rest easy
  Thu. 6/9/16 3:48pm ian:

though it does rub a bit against the grain that you'd need a Facebook login to see wfmu content.. sort of opposing philosophies.
  Thu. 6/9/16 9:15pm Metttle:

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