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Options June 7, 2016: Optimized! Day 2 with Jim Price, Porest, Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan, Steinski, Brian J Davis, Irene Moon, Heather Phillipson, John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV live from Monty Hall (skype letspaintwfmu), Dina Kelberman

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12.00pm Jim Price - Taking Calls

Jim Price makes at least seventeen sounds: tooth-grinding, trills, twitters, tongue taps, hisses, grunts and has different sounds for when he bumps into something or when he’s disturbed or wounded.  He’s been a disc jockey at WFMU since 1976 and his band, NEBLUNG PRICE record all their material in an onion drying shed.  Without fatal accident, Jim has arrived to see the airbag and steam from the swelling minor. 


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Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


12:02pm Porest - The Parallel Broadcasts (Optimized for WFMU)

Porest unveils recordings from the covert sector of his archives. Culled from shortwave and FM broadcasts, these selections were intercepted via prepared radio – finely tuned to receive what is known in certain circles as parallel broadcasting. Content explores the trauma of emerging global consciousness, acute cultural antipology and the urgent placement of democratic music today.

Recorded on location in Jan/Feb, 2016 – Featuring contributions from Paul Staufenbiel and Michael Darr


Across decades, Porest (aka Mark Gergis) has issued a trail of confounding agitprop sound art, empirical hate pop, diabolical radio dramas and carefully rearranged realities on the Abduction, Seeland and Resipiscent labels. Porest’s blatant embezzlement of human syntax and cultural misunderstanding broadcasts vital mixed messages. Collaborations have included: Aavikko (Finland) Alan Bishop/Sun City Girls (USA), and Negativland (USA) among others. Porest’s forthcoming LP, Modern Journal of Popular Savagery is to be released by Nashazphone (Egypt) in 2016.

Gergis was a co-founder of the long-running experimental Bay Area music and performance collective Mono Pause – as well as its offshoot Neung Phak, performing inspired renditions of southeast Asian musics. Since 2003, with the Sublime Frequencies label, an ethnographic music and film collective out of Seattle, Washington – and more recently, with his own record label – Sham Palace, Gergis has shared decades of research and scores of archived international music, film footage and sound recordings acquired during extensive travels in the Middle East, South East Asia and elsewhere.


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Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


12.20pm Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan - Optimistic Women Live Longer, Healthier Lives Than Their Pessimistic Peers

Take a walk on the sunny side of the street with nine women from France, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Russia, Taiwan, UK, USA, and Zimbabwe.

Gary Sullivan founded the controversial and influential Flarf movement (2000-2010) and is author of half a dozen collections of comics, essays, plays, and poetry, including PPL in a Depot (Roof Books, 2008) and Everyone Has a Mouth (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012). He hosts “Bodega Pop Live,” a weekly international music program on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio.


Mix playlist:
Girlfriend of the Year | “My Song” | shh#ffb6c1 | UK | 2014
Awkwafina | My Vag | single | USA | 2012
Serebro | “Mi Mi Mi” | single | Russia | 2013
Guitar Vader | “I Love Love Love You” (Love Love Super Dimension Mix) | Remixes GVR | Japan | 2001
Joanna Wang | “I Don’t Give a Hoot” | BOB Music | Taiwan | 2015
Lady Laistee | “Un Peu De Respect” | Compilation Le Hip Hop | France | 2004
Amelia | “Number One” | single | Zimbabwe | 2011
Soap Kills | “Wadih” | Cheftak | Lebanon | 2002
Frau | “I’m a Sir” | Starlit Carousel | Indonesia | 2010

(Listen: )


Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


12:50pm Steinski - The Optimize Gospels, from The Book of Maximization

Artifacts of those seeking the positive outcome.

Steinski: Producer, writer, consultant, DJ.


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Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


1.05pm Brian J Davis - The Trial of Richard Prince

Brian J Davis is a filmmaker and digital artist living in Brooklyn. His most recent project is The Composites. "The Trial of Richard Prince" is a one act play adapted from a deposition given by Richard Prince.



transcript 1

transcript 2

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Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


1.20pm Irene Moon - Champagne Music

Champagne music with Irene Moon. Enjoy the bubbles in the wine.

Irene Moon (a.k.a Dr. Katja C. Seltmann) is a scientist and the Director of the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration at the University of California Santa Barbara. She presents musical lectures, science radio (on KCSB.org - Santa Barbara), and films about insects and other arthropods in an attempt to elevate Entomology (the study of insects) as a rock genre.

Find out more at http://www.begoniasociety.org (art), http://codex.begoniasociety.org (science).

Laurence Welk - Bubbles in the wine mixed with Laurence Welk - Bubbles in the Wine
Excerpts from the book Wunderful, Wunderful - The Autobiography of Laurence Welk about the advent of champagne music,
Dex Dubious - Bubbles in the Wine
Messer Chups - Best Girl in the USSR - on album Messer Fur Frau Muller
Twink - Breakfast Machine - on album Miniatures Volume 1
Sugarcane Rag by Scott Joplin (1908)
Field recording of bubbles
Mort Garson - Good Morning Starshine - Album Electronic Hair pieces
Max Rabbe & Palast Orchester - Hallo, was machst du heut Daisy
Roll out the Barrel - Live with Andre Rieu & Heino
Delia Derbyshire and Anthony Newley - Moogies Bloogies
The magic hour transalantic flight advert from 1958 - new york to london - wine on the plane
Yon Visell of mashup of Moondog - Single Foot, with Laurence Welk Yellow Bird and Calcutta.

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Dina Kelberman has created “Half Full, 2016”
a series of animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations


1.50pm Heather Phillipson - Commiserations!

In COMMISERATIONS!, Heather Phillipson trashes the heart’s stylistic representations and reboots bodily imperatives. Mixing sporting detritus, bedroom intimacies, ideographs, pop lyrics, emotive connections and linguistic clichés, alongside the heart’s own tropes of rhythm, repetition, tonal-shifts and poetic mis-readings, her video proposes a metaphorical-biological hybrid. The heart is asserted as a mass-produced machine, exposed to love, sex, anxiety, stimulants, work-outs and dance music, and as a highly subjective, fatal core.

Heather Phillipson works across video, sculpture, drawing, music, text and live events. Solo exhibitions in 2016 include the Whitechapel Gallery, London; Frieze Projects New York; Images Festival Toronto; 32nd São Paolo Biennale; a major new project for the Arts Council Collection's 70th Anniversary Commissions; and a contribution to Borealis Contemporary Music Festival, Norway. Recent solo projects include Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, the 14th Istanbul Biennial, Performa New York, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Opening Times (otdac.org) (all 2015), Bunker259, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Serpentine Galleries (all 2014) and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (2013). Phillipson is also an award-winning poet and has published three collections of poetry: a pamphlet with Faber & Faber in 2009; NOT AN ESSAY (Penned in the Margins, 2012); and Instant-flex 718 (Bloodaxe, 2013), which was shortlisted for the 2013 Fenton Aldeburgh First Collection Prize and the Michael Murphy Memorial Prize. She was named a Next Generation Poet in 2014. 

Watch the video again

Heather Phillipson website

(Listen: )


2pm-3pm John Kilduff with Let’s Paint TV live from Monty Hall

Mr Let's Paint (John Kilduff) does it all! Multitasking his way through life...exercising, painting, cooking and taking your calls!

Taking your calls on Optimized! Live from Monty Hall at WFMU 6-10 June @2-3pm EST

SKYPE call now to: letspaintwfmu
Also, John can see your Comments in the Playlist and will respond!



3pm-5pm - Repeat of Noon-2pm Programming

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 3:28pm People Like Us:

See you here...
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 8:48am cory:

and i thought ken started his playlists early
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 9:13am People Like Us:

I've been making this playlist since last September
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 9:56am Charlie:

Looks like another optimal day.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 10:08am People Like Us:

indeed! And today we are going to get a live comments feed from here down to Mr Let's Paint so you can speak with him that way too
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 11:22am Ken From Hyde Park:

Yay, more optimizationment!
  Tue. 6/7/16 11:35am Milk::

Optimistic already!
  Tue. 6/7/16 11:37am Milk::

But better open 2 windows if you want to post here, because it interrupts the stream otherwise
  Tue. 6/7/16 11:56am vince:

Good hello, people!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 11:57am Michael:

Ready for Round 2.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 11:57am People Like Us:

Hello! Starting in a couple of mins
  Tue. 6/7/16 11:58am vince:

YES.... however, I don't know how anyone can compete with Shittyflutes, from last night's DO or DIY!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 11:58am People Like Us:

yes, this is streaming at the wfmu front page too from noon and it will never autofresh
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 11:59am People Like Us:

ok starting now.. will take a few secs to kick in
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:00pm cory:

People Like Us, i wish i could express how excited/happy optimized is making me.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:00pm People Like Us:

and we're off!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:01pm Cliff:

  Tue. 6/7/16 12:01pm noontime:

COME ON NOON ! It's time for Vicky It's time for Vicky It's time for Vicky It's time for Vicky
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:01pm People Like Us:

hello hello hello
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:02pm Cliff:

Awww Jim, I think you left out a number or two
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:02pm People Like Us:

so if you get fed up with commenting and the left hand video stops, just watch the stream from wfmu.org front page as a separate tab
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Jim Price on WFMU for forty years...quite impressive!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:03pm Cliff:

FORTY?! *falls over*
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:04pm Cliff:

I've only been listening for sixteen
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:10pm Charlie:

yay, Porest
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:11pm People Like Us:

amazing eh
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:11pm People Like Us:

this bit reminds me of "ready... suckers..." - vito acconci?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:12pm Cliff:

I'm moving abroad to become a TEFL teacher, this is so funny
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:13pm People Like Us:

Mark (Porest) lives in Hanoi
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:13pm cory:

i moved abroad once. she bought us beer and pizza
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:13pm Michael:

Long profile of Vito in the NY Times on Sunday: www.nytimes.com...
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:14pm Charlie:

I'd like to learn Englsih as a foreign language.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:14pm Cliff:

Andy Breckman had a cross-dressing roommate in college, he says he spent a semester abroad
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:14pm People Like Us:

you speak English as a foreign language, Charlie :)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:16pm Cliff:

Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:16pm Kat in Chicago:

OMG this NPR stuff
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:16pm People Like Us:

this is the voice that replaced Andy Breckman on 7SD, remember?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:17pm People Like Us:

I played this bit to Ken and he laughed a lot
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:17pm Kat in Chicago:

haha that's right
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:17pm Porest:

Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:18pm People Like Us:

Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:18pm People Like Us:

there's Porest :)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:18pm People Like Us:

ok I'm going to make some tea - speak to Mark Porest, people
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:19pm Kat in Chicago:

Porest, this is brilliant
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:20pm Porest:

Hi Kat in Chicago. We should be there having cultural tea time with Vicki...
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

No stinkyflute today. That was yesterday.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:20pm Cliff:

I, uhh, yeah
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:21pm cory:

Porest, that was great. Thanks
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:21pm Xxx:

That was fantastic.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:21pm Cliff:

Porest, I like SW radio too
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:22pm Charlie:

Wonderful as always, Mark, thanks.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:23pm Cliff:

I thought she was saying "My Veg" at first (as in Vegetable)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:24pm Charlie:

This Awkwafina is brilliant.
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:24pm Porest:

Thanks everyone -- more Porest to come next month
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:24pm People Like Us:

oh next next Bodega Pop!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:24pm Kat in Chicago:

I would love to have tea with Vicki some day. but I won't be in NYC this month till after she's gone. Wow this vag song!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:25pm Cliff:

I was wondering when Optimized would take advantage of the lack of FCC regulations
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:25pm Porest:

Cliff, have you noticed the decline in programming on SW radio in general?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:25pm People Like Us:

oh so actually this is NSFW (sorry)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:25pm People Like Us:

Gary Sullivan just took that advantage, yes
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:25pm vince:

Since it's almost 100 degrees here, I'm gonna have some Iced Tea!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:25pm Kat in Chicago:

Your NSFW secrets are safe within my headphones
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:27pm Cliff:

Porest, I just got out my radio and listened the other night, and was very sad to hear mostly static & nonsense. Did catch some NHK, and Radio Havana Cuba still going strong on 6000kHz though!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:28pm steve:

always great stuff from Gary. Gary you out there?
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:28pm hearingthings:

@Porest: I'm looking forward to another science report from Bill White.
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:30pm Porest:

Sad but true, Cliff - though the US wasn't ever the "optimal" in receiving at least there was more...it's a global problem though. I'll tell you. Down at least 50% worldwide. Enjoy while we can!
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:31pm Porest:

@hearingthings: If Bill is still with us, he will return.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:31pm People Like Us:

Perhaps we can summon Gary Sullivan (I'm not sure what his work situation is)... everyone HUMMMMMM
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:32pm Cliff:

I'm moving to Prague at the end of this month, but not hopeful that the radioscape will be any better there...everyone's expected to just listen on the internet nowadays! :/
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:32pm Porest:

GARY says "YEAH"
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:32pm Cliff:

and flap your wings
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:33pm Porest:

Sorry, Gary from Down With Culture thought you were talking about him when you mentioned Gary Sullivan. This is the problem with democracy rock stars.
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:33pm Porest:

@cliff: too true
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:34pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:34pm People Like Us:

Gary Sullivan just told me from facebook: "I'm in the office today and am trying to get online but internet kicked me out -- trying again now!"
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:34pm Gary:

Hi everyone! I'm actually in the office today (I go in once a week), and was having internet troubles, but am here now for a bit!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:35pm People Like Us:

there you are!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:35pm Cliff:

Hi Gary!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:36pm steve:

great mix Gary!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:36pm Gary:

Hi everyone! Damn, I missed "My Vag" :( ... one of my favorites!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:36pm Cliff:

I sure didn't miss that one, haha!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:37pm Gary:

I don't think of myself as a purveyor of NSFW material ... but, then again, I typically work from home ....
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:37pm Cliff:

If you look on my profile page, you can see the avatar I used to use which everyone kept telling me looked like a vagina on mescaline.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:38pm Charlie:

Hi Gary -- great mix here, loving it.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:38pm People Like Us:

yes it sort of depends where you work!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:39pm Gary:

Hi Charlie! ... sad about this girl singing right now ("I'm Number 1"), very young Zimbabwean rapper who died not too awfully long after releasing this rather popular track
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:39pm People Like Us:

I work in my own head normally, where it is reasonably safe
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:40pm Gary:

Wait ... POREST is Mark Gergis?!? Shoot, I gotta hear what he played
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:40pm People Like Us:

yes, Mark Gergis
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:41pm People Like Us:

it will be archived at 3pm
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:41pm Cliff:

Porest, if you're still here, where is the original of your jpg? I'm a language nerd and would love to study that chart :D
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:41pm Gary:

Awesome! I have a work meeting at 1 that will go to 2 but then I can leave for home and possibly make it back shortly after 3
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:42pm People Like Us:

I will timestamp each "show" start later in the week when I have more headspace, so you'll be able to listen from the beginning of each segment. I am also archiving the animated gifs, and the video specific shows (Clay Pigeon, Heather Phillipson, maybe Ken tomorrow)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:43pm Gary:

Great -- thanks, Vicki. And thanks so much for putting together this whole thing!
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:43pm Porest:

Gary, - it's been fantastic listening. Thank you.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:44pm Cliff:

Vicki, if you could refrain Ken from having Richard Nixon blinky-blink at us again, that would be great
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:45pm People Like Us:

well thanks for making the content :)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:46pm People Like Us:

so that jpg - apparently I pointed Porest to it
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:46pm Cliff:

Ah ok
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:47pm Torbjørn:

@Cliff, in case you didn't find it, here's a version of that langauge graph. http://blogs.opentext.com/wp-content/uploads/languageshqscmp.png. Looking forward to Let's Paint today, didn't catch it yesterday.
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:48pm Porest:

@Cliff: Vicki and I were discussing an image, then she pointed me to that jpg after she heard the program. Then, I made every country in the world speak English in about 3 minutes. Vicki, do you remember the source?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:48pm Cliff:

I have to miss Let's Paint TV today, unfortunately it costs $100 to reschedule a therapy session last-minute!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:48pm Gary:

Thanks, MG -- you're a big hero of mine!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:48pm People Like Us:

oh well done
I have NO idea where that jpg came from but I passed it to Mark Porest
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:49pm Cliff:

Thank you Torbjørn! I will download and study it furiously
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:49pm People Like Us:

Thanks all for finding that
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:49pm Gary:

I didn't list this in the track list, but it's a Cambodian version of Girls Like to Have Fun
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:49pm People Like Us:

Steinski's next!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:50pm People Like Us:

not sure if we can summon him
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:50pm Gary:

Yay, Steinski!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:50pm Webhamster Henry:

Hi Vicki & Steinski
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:50pm Porest:

@Gary: Thanks Gary! This Khmer "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", too! Thanks for Bodega pop and all of your work.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:51pm People Like Us:

  Tue. 6/7/16 12:51pm asm1582:

Hate to be dense, but where is the animated GIF/video, etc.?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:52pm Gary:

Based on this so far, Steinski apparently works where I work
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:52pm Charlie:

Yes, Steinski!
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:54pm asm1582:

Is it the frame with the space capsule, kayaker, flooded car, etc.?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:54pm People Like Us:

asm - one video feed is to the left of this panel and anohter at wfmu.org - if you can't see it then maybe you have an adblocker or flashblocker on?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:55pm People Like Us:

yes yes, it's that, asm!
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:55pm asm1582:

thank you
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:56pm Webhamster Henry:

And the motorcade optimized on!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:58pm Cliff:

Yes, the gifs aren't meant to be too distracting, this is radio after all!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:58pm Gary:

Okay, I've got to go to a meeting, but am soooo looking forward to hearing this when it resurfaces at 3
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:58pm People Like Us:

basically, we have animated gifs running by Dina Kelberman (specially made), and then there are video idents, text and video-specific shows - for instance Heather Phillipson is video and audio that she's provided. Clay Pigeon on Friday is video and audio (he's interviewing people in Manhattan). Tomorrow Station Manager Ken is doing a live animated gif show
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:58pm Lewis:

so how I am going to get more coffee now that steinski is on?....
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:59pm People Like Us:

this is challenging what radio is, or should be. Remember radio isn't about the medium that it's on or you could say it died with the transistor
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:59pm Porest:

@Steinski: Porest listened to Stenski & Mass Media on loop when he was 16. Thank you.
  Tue. 6/7/16 12:59pm vince:

  Tue. 6/7/16 1:00pm Porest:

Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:00pm People Like Us:

of course I meant this to happen, all of this that I don't know about
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:00pm Cliff:

Of course, of course
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:01pm People Like Us:

ideally I'd like this to be all specifically made audio and visual content but it's a LOT to sort out if you want really good quality
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:01pm People Like Us:

if I'd thought about it earlier I would have asked Hearty White to make visual (video) too
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:03pm Cliff:

What's the dividing line between TV and Radio with how much video you use?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:04pm Lewis:

One of the things I am noticing about my music collection and modern players is that my brain is tagging music with visuals (e.g. album covers or images specific to playlists). This is coming out because a lot of my music is not yet so tagged and I have a much harder time remembering or tracking those bits... (for what it is worth...)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:04pm People Like Us:

well it depends what you want because it's all maluable, don't you think? I think TV is more passive
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:04pm People Like Us:

if we were watching TV we would not be discussing this
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:04pm MrFab:

used to tape Steinski mixes off the radio back in the pre-internet day. Great to hear this fantastic new mix.

I don't think I was familiar with the word 'optimize' before today, and I'm still not certain what it actually means. But sounds good sampled.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:05pm Ike:

Wait, is the live event at Monty Hall on Thursday at 8 p.m., or at 7? The Monty Hall site won't open right now. It's 8:00, right?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:05pm People Like Us:

hello Mr Fab!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:06pm People Like Us:

doors 8pm, Ike. www.facebook.com...
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:06pm Cliff:

Wish I could stay, but gotta see my psychologist! And a thunderstorm is starting outside, great!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:06pm People Like Us:

do come along, foils
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:06pm People Like Us:

I don't know what a foll is
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:07pm vince:

Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:07pm People Like Us:

thank you
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:08pm Torbjørn:

My standard mode of consuming audio is having it like a stream in the semi-background, where I partly pay attention to it. Often done while on the computer, reading or talking with other people. Somtimes I do more active listening, but that is the standard mode. I consume this video stream in much the same way. I have the video stream in fullscreen on a TV, while working on this computer. Sometimes I look up and concentrate on the video, especially in the transitions, but for the most part it's a stream in the semi-background state.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:09pm Charlie:

Catching up with Steinski's picture: "Goddamit I love being scissors" could be his motto.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:10pm People Like Us:

expanding what radio means, how it's perceived, could be what saves radio, it could be what keeps WFMU going
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:17pm People Like Us:

So at the top of the hour when John Kilduff is on, we are setting up a computer in Monty Hall so he can read the comments here. So please talk to him :)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:21pm Kat in Chicago:

Irene Moon! <3
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:24pm Webhamster Henry:

That's better - calling via Skype meant getting the contact accepted or something. So I couldn't call in yesterday. I'm in an office today , maybe I'll call tomorrow!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:25pm People Like Us:

we are opening skype at 10 mins before starting (so at 1.50pm) - if we open before there's too much going on at once, potentially
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:26pm People Like Us:

he would really appreciate your calls/comments - he's in Monty Hall on his own, and we are all gawping at him from another room/building etc
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:28pm Lori 16mm Varga:

oh! I hear O kostev, russian culture jamming mashup music playing, this must be the genius of Vicki here...
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:31pm Bogdan Popov:

Just in case some people like me wants to listen to the stream while walk around town with their phone, they can use this file : http://iphone-streaming.ustream.tv/uhls/663537/streams/live/iphone/playlist.m3u8 !
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:34pm Charlie:

Yay Irene Moon :)
luv this Hair piece
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:35pm vince:

It's quite adorable!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:42pm Charlie:

Delia & Anthony :)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:45pm People Like Us:

sorry, I was just eating a really giant roll from America
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:47pm Charlie:

Everything's giant in America.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:47pm Charlie:

  Tue. 6/7/16 1:48pm MrFab:

My fave giant american roll is rock 'n'
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:48pm People Like Us:

coming up next, Heather Phillispon - which is video too
and then we will open up skype: letspaintwfmu
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:49pm People Like Us:

not until after Heather Phillipson
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:49pm MrFab:

Love the mix Irene, despite the lack of insect lectures.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:50pm People Like Us:

some NSFW language here, just a bit
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:51pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What lurks beneath those waves?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:53pm People Like Us:

Mr Let's Paint is set up and waiting downstairs
Can you see this playlist yet, John?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:53pm People Like Us:

time to start sending some messages to Let's Paint TV - questions about life, art, cooking, falling over
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:55pm People Like Us:

Actually Jim Price next!!!
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:55pm muwa:

this is so beautiful comparing to what's outside (Union Sq)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What is your favorite color?
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:56pm ?:

jim price at top of the hour, now.... soon?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:56pm People Like Us:

you can do better than that!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:57pm People Like Us:

Jim Price in a moment...
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:57pm muwa:

mine? blue? why?
  Tue. 6/7/16 1:57pm ?:

  Tue. 6/7/16 1:58pm hearingthings:

Are shoehorns irrelevant?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:59pm People Like Us:

sorry, no Jim Price! John Kilduff at the top of the hour (it's a bit confusing here at times)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 1:59pm People Like Us:

we will turn on skype once someone has a spare pair of hands here
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:00pm Lori16mm:

yesterday was great, Vicki is doing a great job- love the content! The music / videos are/ is making my ears pop off my head.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:01pm Lori16mm:

today, so far has also been wild ...so far... I wish I had some spare hands to hand you.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:04pm People Like Us:

In one minute we will switch to John Kilduff
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:05pm People Like Us:

here we go!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:05pm micah:

that was cool
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:05pm People Like Us:

You can message John here now!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:07pm People Like Us:

if you can ask your questions again Mr Let's Paint will see them
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:10pm People Like Us:

come on people :)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How would you like to paint Donald Trump? What style would you use?
  Tue. 6/7/16 2:11pm steev:

This is cool. Definitely the most optimum radio I've seen in a while.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:13pm Kat in Chicago:

I'm out of breath just watching!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:13pm People Like Us:

hi Steev :)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:14pm People Like Us:

do you ever eat your art, Mr Let's Paint?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:15pm Kat in Chicago:

I'm going to try this egg sandwich method
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:15pm People Like Us:

Chickens ARE DAIRY
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:17pm micah:

this should be on food network
  Tue. 6/7/16 2:18pm Torbjørn:

Mr. Let's Paint, your sandwhich sure looks good. Is your food and painting technique optimized for anything in particular ? Upbeat multitasking ?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:18pm lia:

Hey, do you paint the food you make?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 6/7/16 2:20pm -Ken:

Mr. Paint, how do you describe the difference between people in Los Angeles and people in New York City?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 6/7/16 2:21pm -Ken:

Wow Alex on skype sounds amazing!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:24pm geezerette:

I'm worried this guy is going to have a heart attack!
  Tue. 6/7/16 2:25pm hearingthings:

Art attack is the name of the game.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 6/7/16 2:25pm -Ken:

Dont worry geezerette. Mr Paint is a professional treadmill painter.
  Tue. 6/7/16 2:27pm Torbjørn:

Mr. Let's Paint, I hope the threadmill won't act up while you're using the knife there. How are we coming along the sandwhich ?
  Tue. 6/7/16 2:29pm muwa:

will you pulverize it and turn it into paint? Don't throw it away! Recycle! Reuse!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:30pm Michael:

Mr. Let’s Paint – who was the better cook: Pollock or de Kooning?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:30pm Lori16mm:

the tac texture! texture tac , too burnt is all right! let's cook an egg dish!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:30pm geezerette:

!!! Oh well then,...nope! still worried! {:c[
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:30pm Kat in Chicago:

Optimize and caramelize!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:31pm steve:

i have nothing to add but this Mr Let's Paint is wonderful and inspiring
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:32pm Charlie:

Is caremelizing to cooking what chiaroscuro is to painting?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:32pm Michael:

Have you ever worked with Taylor Ham?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:33pm geezerette:

Just don't fold the paint into your omelette.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:34pm dkrawc:

"I'm tired of talking about eggs... I've got some carrots here guys!"
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:35pm Vicki:

have you considered making a Cook Book?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:35pm Lori16mm:

where is the ice?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:35pm dkrawc:

This is my favorite TV show and it's being broadcast on my favorite radio station. The future is here! thank you John for preaching the word of the carrot peel!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:36pm Chud:

I like to just use the back of a knife to rub the barest bit off the outside of carrots, ginger, etc.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:40pm dkrawc:

Why do the job of the blender for the blender! a metaphor for life indeed. Hang in there John! we will make you a better blender!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:41pm geezerette:

Blending is an important painting technique.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:43pm geezerette:

Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:47pm People Like Us:

We are here performing for an in-house audience on Thursday evening 8pm Monty Hall, $5 door
  Tue. 6/7/16 2:47pm Alex in Brooklyn:

Give the man a call! Get involved!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:47pm People Like Us:

Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:47pm Cliff:

Hey, I made it for the last 12 minutes of the Let's Paint show!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:48pm Cliff:

What'd I miss?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:48pm People Like Us:

Mr Let's Paint & People Like Us
DIFM with Pseu Braun
live from Monty Hall Thursday evening
it will also be uStreamed through one of these playlist pages
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:49pm Cliff:

Hey John, glad to see the treadmill's still working!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:50pm geezerette:

This painting is gonna be rancid!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:51pm Cliff:

Looks like a skyline with a nice sunset! Byootiful! What's he been cooking?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:51pm People Like Us:

what will you do with this painting you're doing?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 6/7/16 2:51pm -Ken:

I think Michael is on to something. Tomorrow Mr. Let's Paint should work with Pork Roll and Taylor Ham, New Jersey's own STATE MEATS.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:52pm geezerette:

Eggs & smoothies.
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:52pm People Like Us:

and Clay Pigeon
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:52pm Cliff:

Sounds delicious....please be careful with that big knife!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:55pm Cliff:

I have to try some Taylor Ham one of these days, after hearing Jonesy and X. Ray talk about it so much for years and years.
  Tue. 6/7/16 2:55pm dadaist:

delighted to be watching this
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:55pm geezerette:

John is clearly suffering for his art. How romantic!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:55pm Michael:

A nice hard roll with Pork Roll. How I miss my Garden State...
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:57pm geezerette:

Ever been to SEACAUCUS?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:57pm dkrawc:

Thank you for the inspiration words John. if you can do it, we can do it too
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:58pm Lori16mm:

John, I hope you never wash that tie... the paint and food flakes are really making the style look flow!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:58pm People Like Us:

Thanks all!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:59pm Cliff:

Yeah, we did it!
  Tue. 6/7/16 2:59pm Torbjørn:

Mr. Lets Paint, do you have any menu recommendations for tomorrow ? So we can cook along at home ?
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:59pm People Like Us:

ok brief video break, then we'll be back
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:59pm People Like Us:

in a moment we'll be back with a repeat of Noon-2pm programming
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 2:59pm People Like Us:

just getting another embed code to paste... one moment caller!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 3:01pm People Like Us:

Tomorrow we start EARLY at 9am! Station Manager Ken will be on the air (fm/internet WFMU) AND Optimized with a live animated gif show for 3 hours wfmu.org...
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 3:08pm People Like Us:

back shortly, waiting for a new embed code for the video..
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 3:17pm People Like Us:

ok we're back - repeat 12-2pm programming
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