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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake  Zulu As Kono   Options Modern Surf Classics  Swami  2015    0:00:00 )  
The Donnas  I Didn't Like You Anyway   Options Get Skintight  Lookout!  1999  B-O-R-I-N-G!  0:04:28 )  
Born Loose  Fair Warning   Options Blowout!  Hound Gawd!  2015    0:07:08 )  
Neil Young & Bluenote Cafe  Crime In the City   Options Bluenote Cafe  Reprise  1988/2015  early version with different lyrics than the one on Freedom  0:09:55 )  
The Rats of New York  Cannibal Cannibal   Options 7"  The Rats of New York  2013  great show Saturday night!  0:17:10 )  
Low Doses  You're Gonna Lose   Options single  Low Doses  2015  also great Saturday night!  0:20:32 )  
Prefab Messiahs  Orange Room   Options Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive  Klyam/Burger  2015    0:23:34 )  
The Jeanies  I Think You're The Wrong One   Options s/t  The Jeanies  2014    0:25:41 )  
The Muffs  Every Single Thing   Options s/t reissue  Omnivore  1993/2015    0:35:52 )  
Barreracudas  Long Explanation   Options Can Do Easy  Oops Baby  2015    0:37:51 )  
Baby Shakes  Teenage Cloud   Options Starry Eyes  Lil Chewy  2015  playing monty hall dec 12 with wyldlife and the real kids!  0:40:23 )  
The Bad Lovers  Pieces   Options Actin' Strange  Burger City Rock N Roll  2015?    0:42:42 )  
The Beatpack  Where the Water Runs Deep   Options 7"  State  2015    0:44:53 )  
Chris Isaak  Keep Hangin' On   Options First Comes the Night  Vanguard  2015    0:47:14 )  
Roy Orbison  (All I Have to Do Is) Dream You   Options Mystery Girl Deluxe  Legacy  1988/2014    0:49:55 )  
XL Kings  Observe! Record! Annoy!   Options Six-Fisted Tales  XL Kings  2015    1:01:34 )  
Kim and Leanne  The Science Test   Options True West  HoZac  2015  Kim Salmon  1:03:02 )  
Flesh Wounds  Kennel Cough   Options 7"  Merge  2014    1:05:40 )  
Twin Guns  Johnny's Dead   Options The Last Picture Show  Hound Gawd!  2015    1:08:01 )  
Hinds  Chili Town   Options The Very Best of Hinds So Far  MOM + POP  2015    1:11:57 )  
The Butterscotch Cathedral  Uncle Tommy's Song   Options The Butterscotch Cathedral  Trouble In Mind  2015  Matt Rendon of the Resonars  1:15:19 )  
Miriam  Love To Love   Options Down Today  Norton  2015  no sophomore jinx here!  1:17:59 )  
Lame Drivers  Eyes   Options Chosen Era  Bleeding Gold  2015  thursday at union pool!  1:31:11 )  
Sweet Talk  Witness   Options Double Perfect  12XU  2015    1:35:04 )  
Sally Crewe  What You Do   Options Later Than You Think  8-Track Mind  2015    1:38:41 )  
Baby Lemonade  Pop Tarte   Options Best of Baby Lemonade  Baby Lemonade  1996/2008  originally on 68% Pure Imagination  1:41:40 )  
Hooton Tennis Club  Jasper   Options Highest Point In Cliff Town  Heavenly  2015  another great Todd-o-phonic Todd discovery!  1:45:29 )  
The Optic Nerve  Penelope Tuesday   Options single  State  2005/2015  as first heard on the Fringe Factory show on the FMU Ichiban stream!  1:49:53 )  
The Reverberations  The Way I Want You   Options 7"  Hidden Volume  2015    1:53:49 )  
The Jackets  Watch You Cry   Options Shadows of Sound  Voodoo Rhythm  2015    2:05:42 )  
The Rumbles  Rock With What You Got   Options various - Music For the Masses, Vol. 1  Paisley Pop  2001    2:09:19 )  
Stephen Chopek  Back Track   Options Things Moving On Their Own Together  Stephen Chopek  2015    2:13:10 )  
Pete Donnelly  22nd St.   Options When You Come Home  Pete Donnelly  2012    2:16:11 )  
Chris Erikson  Ear to the Ground   Options s/t  Chris Erikson    h/t Michael Shelley  2:18:55 )  
Suzi Quatro  Curly Hair For Sale   Options The Girl From Detroit City  Cherry Red  2014    2:22:40 )  
The Safes  Leavin'   Options 7"  Merrifield Records  2010  4-track split with lexington Arrows where bands cover each other plus do one of their own tunes  2:25:33 )  
Psychic Baos  Can't Keep Us Down   Options 7"  Magnetic South  2015    2:32:32 )  
Qatsi  Dreams Surreal   Options s/t ep  Qatsi  2009    2:33:55 )  
Forests  Ego Bender   Options 7"  Gary Records  2014  split with White Lodge  2:36:46 )  
Shape Breaker  Spellbound   Options 7"  Gary Records  2014    2:39:10 )  
Los Wakamonos  Life In Vain   Options 4 Fancy Eleki Hits 7"  Go Ape!  2009  from Japan  2:43:42 )  
Maston  I Go To Sleep   Options 7"  Trouble In Mind  2013    2:47:19 )  
Tyler Keith  Do It For Johnny   Options Alias Kid Twist  Tyler Keith  2015    2:52:01 )  
Terry Dean & the Nightbeats   If I Can   Options various - World Beaters Vol. 3  Krazy World  1964/2005  new zealand  2:56:52 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:02pm V Priceless:

Hey Mr. B!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:02pm Cheri Pi:

heya JayBee!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:03pm Hoboken Jack:

Happy Monday! (not to be confused with the Happy Mondays)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 12:04pm KP:

Hello Joe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 12:06pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Yo Joe!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:08pm SmokinJ:

The best! Mornin' Joe!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:09pm Joe B:

Hi everyone! thanks for tuning in!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:09pm FernandoBelmondo:

Hi Joe! Today I'm listening to TCM from the top and it's already rocking hard!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 12:12pm common:

good day!
  Mon. 11/30/15 12:13pm Marie:

Hey Joe. Thanks for the Neil!
  Mon. 11/30/15 12:15pm Figures of Light:

Total snow here - a perfect day to chill out (no pun intended) to some hot music (pun intended, I guess).
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:21pm Joe B:

hey VP and CP! hey jack. I did see the Happy Mondays once. weren't that great
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:21pm Joe B:

Hey KP! Hi Greg! J!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:22pm Joe B:

Hi Fernando, hey common! You are welcome Marie!

hey FoL! bumemr about the snow, sounds like a good day to stay in!
  Mon. 11/30/15 12:26pm Dungaroos Kipawah:

Damn, this Jeanies song is fantabulous! Great kickoff today, Joe.
  Mon. 11/30/15 12:27pm Patolds:

Bernie Sanders wants this country to be more like Denmark. Surprisingly, so does conservative Chris Christie... he's a huge fan of the danish !!
  Mon. 11/30/15 12:34pm BrianFromMA:

Donnas...too bad I'm at the office and not out driving down the interstate!
  Mon. 11/30/15 12:34pm Figures of Light:

Christie is also a huge fan of Napoleons.
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:40pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

I heard the heavyweight championship changed hands this weekend but The People's Champ is still securely on his pedestal!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:49pm SmokinJ:

I heard that! 8-)
  Mon. 11/30/15 12:52pm Marie:

Hey. I just saw Roy and his band give a great performance on and old SCTV episode, sometime in the late 80's. They were so good.
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 12:52pm Joe B:

on mel's rockpile!
  Mon. 11/30/15 12:59pm Figures of Light:

Hoe about the "other" Roy - Roy Head? Surely one of the most overlooked & undervalued performers of the 60s - or any era.
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:00pm Joe B:

just saw Roy perform in new orleans in october. he is INSANE! he played til 4 am, wouldnt get off the stage!
  Mon. 11/30/15 1:00pm Bluesman:

91.9 is a brief blip up her in Sloatsburg Ny
  Mon. 11/30/15 1:05pm GH:

That Roy Orbison demo features ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Rick Vito (post-Buckingham) and Mickey Curry, longtime drummer for Bryan Adams, former drummer for Hall & Oates ... and the skinsman on The Cult's Sonic Temple!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:05pm Joe B:

thanks G! hey blues!
  Mon. 11/30/15 1:09pm Figures of Light:

Great to hear that Roy Head is still working it. Gives one faith in a really messed up world.
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:10pm Joe B:

hey todd - o -phonic! Hi Brian! hey Dungaroos!

thanks everyone for tuning in and commenting!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:16pm Grok-o-matic:

Nice, sounded like some cool 60s stuff, but there was definitely as quality about it that made it obviously modern. Diggin it
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:17pm Stevel:

Great selections, setting me straight after the holidays.
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:17pm Joe B:

agreed Grok! thanks for checkin in!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:18pm Joe B:

Hey Stevel! thanks
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:21pm V Priceless:

I tell ya what...I'm loving this Miriam record!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:29pm Joe B:

me too VP!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:30pm Grok-o-matic:

Woah, that opening sounded nearly the same as R.StevieMoore 'I Like To Stay Home'
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:31pm Grok-o-matic:

Is that why they're called Lame Divers? No just kidding. Diggin' it!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:35pm Joe B:

not sure Grok
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:35pm Grok-o-matic:

Like that you have all this new stuff to play and it sounds like all the great old stuff I love.
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:36pm Joe B:

the kids are stealing the right stuff!
  Mon. 11/30/15 1:40pm Amy:

This Sally Crewe song is brightening my day.
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:42pm Joe B:

same goes for me Amy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:45pm Grok-o-matic:

Gotta dig a band that gets it's name from a Syd Barrett song. The only good thing about Pink Floyd.
  Mon. 11/30/15 1:46pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

Thanks for the shout out earlier! Been listening on my phone, back to my desk now. Go Joe go!!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:48pm Joe B:

you got it Cheryl! hope you are hangin' in!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:49pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:52pm Joe B:

hey Glynis!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:53pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Hey Joe! Diggin' the show!
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 1:54pm Joe B:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:58pm chris:

Hey, Joe! Great show! Yes, I do ask myself what the hell I'm doing, each and every week... How did you know?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 1:59pm common:

me too, chris
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 2:08pm Joe B:

hey Chris, hey common! No, I meant you all ask that about me!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 2:08pm chris:

  Mon. 11/30/15 2:22pm Amy:

Ooh, Suzi Quatro!
  Mon. 11/30/15 2:25pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

It's all gonna work out, Joe! Powered by rock and roll!
  Mon. 11/30/15 2:41pm Bluesman:

A good friggin day to call out, tell the man eff you $
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/30/15 2:41pm Stevel:

Shape Breaker rhythm is grabbing me in a good way.
Avatar Mon. 11/30/15 2:55pm V Priceless:

Fab show! Thanx, JB!
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