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Options September 19, 2015: Sweatering to The Oldies

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Artist Track
The Troggs  Wild Thing   Options
The Troggs  Night of the Long Grass   Options
The Troggs  Wild Thing   Options
Barbie Sings  Nobody Taught Me   Options
Music behind DJ:
Mort Garson 
You Don't Have to Walk A Begonia   Options
Barbie Sings  Ken   Options
Shannon and The Clams  I will Miss The Jasmine   Options
The Troggs  A Girl Like You   Options
Shannon and The Clams  The Bog   Options
Vigiland  Shots and Squats   Options
The Flippers  Las Dunas De La Arena   Options
The Troggs  I Can't Control Myself   Options
Hypocrite In a Hippy Crypt  The Town Crazies   Options
Yo La Tengo  Autumn Sweater   Options
Buffalo Springfield  Pretty Girl Why   Options
The Troggs  66 5 4 3 2 1   Options
Moontrekkers  Night Of The Vampire   Options
Louis Prima  The Coffee Song   Options
Xray Eyeballs  Broken Beds   Options
Hall and Oates  Rich Girl   Options
Home Blitz  Perpetual Night   Options
  Josephine In the Flying Machine  
Hongthong Dao'udon  Huai A-Ba-Ni-Bi   Options
Lisa M  Everybody Dancing Now   Options
Pakava It'  Eau De Colongne NATASHA   Options
The Pixies  Crakity Jones   Options
Ataraxia  Astral Projection   Options
Halems  QP Dance   Options
Amara Toure  Cuando Llegare   Options
Louis Prima  Bongo Bongo Bongo   Options
Andrews Sisters & Danny Kaye  Bongo Bongo Bongo   Options
Music Explosion  96 Tears   Options
The Aquadolls  Mine   Options
  Mellow Mood  
Breakout  Pomaluj Moje Sny   Options
Humpe Humpe  Yama-ha   Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 9/16/15 1:01am neil:

scratching with richard simmons...<itching with dj ricky milton>@ theweightsaint<richard simmons official site>today just posted thee quote "it's fun being warm an fuzzy on the outside too"<for real> stashu, when are you gonna interview mr simmons? <you could do it while hula-hooping>his last public appearance<television><general hospital> was in 2013<photographed @ a charity event in 2014> but i imagine if you asked nicely enough he might do a radio interview.<think about it>itchy & stashu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 9/16/15 1:12am neil:

oooh further investigation <on imbd> says richard simmons was in fellini satyricon, as nymphomaniac slave.<unconfirmed>first credited<uncredited>role. that might be a good question...it is more ov a tunic movie <not as many sweaters>
  Fri. 9/18/15 9:28pm P-90:

It will be a sweatier autumn.
  Fri. 9/18/15 11:27pm MONEYBAG$:

sweater? i hardly know her
  Sat. 9/19/15 1:01am neil:

no sweat!<nose wheat>at once!<tout de suite><???>
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:00am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Looking forward to the Kurt > Stashu transition! Good morning all...
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:04am neil:

trouble.<here comes>
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:04am Ice in Brooklyn:

It's okay
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:05am the Canterbury wood-elf:

At the deepest, most fundamental and cosmic level, it's OK. Really.
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:05am J:

its still SUMMER!!!!!!! : )
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:08am Ice in Brooklyn:

Donna Summer
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 3:09am JakeGould:

Pizza pizza!
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:09am the Canterbury wood-elf:

neil wasn't joking about the Satyricon! Just checked the IMDB. Doesn't mean it's true, but hey...
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:13am neil:

if you break it you have to pay for it!<imdb><yup, that movie is freaky>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 3:15am JakeGould:

Thinga thinga!
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:15am V Priceless:

"Let's Rock!"
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:17am Ice in Brooklyn:

Move me
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:17am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Three hours of Wild Thing forwards, then backwards, then forwards, then backwards...?
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:22am neil:

sports talk! long maggot brain! 1 hour ov station i.d.s.<!!!>
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:23am Ice in Brooklyn:

Two gees
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:23am Ice in Brooklyn:

Or three?
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:24am neil:

  Sat. 9/19/15 3:27am JoeRay:

Amazing Journey
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:28am is_potato:

Tooooo much.
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:28am neil:

bell bottoms!
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:30am is_potato:

Vitalis and Brylcreem!
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:31am is_potato:

I have never heard anyone say "I am Barbie."

And Ken's singing, too.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:31am is_potato:

This sounds like Debbie Reynolds.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 3:34am JakeGould:

Barbie and Ken don’t have genitals. No love for those plastic eunuch freaks!
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:35am neil:

nope, its barbie. <songs by stretch armstrong><sing along with thee smurfs><crooning with thee cabbage patch kids>
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:36am is_potato:

I'm thinking 'bout that song by Aqua.
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:37am neil:

wanted to be a wookie?
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:37am is_potato:

Rapping TMNT.
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:39am V Priceless:

What's Talking Tina got to say about that,,,,
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:40am is_potato:

F is for friends who do stuff together...
U is for you and me...
N is for anywhere and anytime at all...
down here in the deep blue sea!!!!
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:43am neil:

hi, im ken. im into surfing. i like having a good time. i think good things are nice. im cool.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:44am is_potato:

F is for fire that burns down the whole town!
U is for uranium... bombs.
N is for no survivors!
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:44am is_potato:

I think Barbie and Ken are best in the Toy Story movies.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:45am the Canterbury wood-elf:

I proofread a PhD thesis recently that had a chapter on "human Barbies". Apparently there are "human Kens" too!
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:46am is_potato:

Oooo, Lt Cmdr Data is sad. Or would be, if he had feelings.
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:46am Mdurek:

I'm so glad you guys are on
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:47am is_potato:

Really, okay... I'm googling "human Ken"... brb
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:47am neil:

ken sounds dreamy.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:48am is_potato:

Whoa... human Ken looks like he lacks genitals.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:48am is_potato:

He kinda looks like a slavic Keanu Reeves manga character.
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:49am P-90:

This has really been a revelation. Barbie and Ken are a completely different experience with orchestral accompaniment. I'll never look at them the same way again.
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:49am neil:

im built like ken...i had an accident with my banana seat when i was 7...
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:49am is_potato:

I've got a yam for Ken?
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:50am the Canterbury wood-elf:

It's gettin' ugly:
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:52am is_potato:

Freeky deeky.
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:52am P-90:

Now if they had managed to get Barbie and Ken together with the Troggs, they would have really had something. They could have taken it to a whole new level.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:53am is_potato:

So, why wasn't there a Ken and Barbie cartoon where they solved mysteries, like Scooby Doo or Josie and the Pussycats or The Charlie Chan Clan?
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:54am is_potato:

See, in the Barbie and Ken cartoon, they'd totally meet the Troggs. And the Harlem Globetrotters. And Don Knotts.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:55am is_potato:

Mdurek: Glad to be here!
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:56am P-90:

And Jimi Hendrix, and Jimmy "JJ" Walker...
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:56am neil:

the speed ov darkness is faster than thee speed ov light! emptiness everywhere.
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:57am neil:

paragraph pile. i like that!
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 3:57am is_potato:

Awww, don't cry, Stashu!
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:57am neil:

aaw. real!
  Sat. 9/19/15 3:59am neil:

thats why roots go deep. tree people.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:00am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Checking out now, Stashu. Stay cosy...
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:00am neil:

yeah kurt!!!
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:01am neil:

later elf. <have a good one>
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:01am is_potato:

I'm googling pictures of tree roots. Kinda fascinating.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:01am is_potato:

Bye, Canterbury wood-elf!
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:02am is_potato:

  Sat. 9/19/15 4:03am neil:

for some reason people think trees cant feel.<people: wrong>
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:03am P-90:

The Hanna-Barbera Studio did briefly consider something called "The Barbie and Ken/Herculoids Musical Comedy Hour", but they couldn't work out the licensing with Mattel. Or so the legend goes...
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:04am is_potato:

That's right, neil. That's why I like the Ents in the LoTR movie.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:05am is_potato:

Barbie the Astronauts ship is caught in a time vortex and she is flung to a faraway planet in the far future.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:06am is_potato:

You know, I don't know anything about the Troggs except for Wild Thing. But hearing this, I know they're part of the British Invasion, which I didn't pick up from Wild Thing.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:08am is_potato:

This reminds me a little of the Underdog theme song. A little.
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:09am neil:

bog rock! thee fleshtones! thee cramps!<not dog rock>
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:09am neil:

bog bog bog
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:09am is_potato:

Dancing in the bog, hauntingly.
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:10am neil:

wet trees!
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:10am neil:

ha. there it is!
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:10am is_potato:

Wet trees, emotionally crying.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:11am is_potato:

Rain is the tears of trees.
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:11am P-90:

Actually, the plan was for for a possible spinoff in which Barbie's sister Skipper and a comical dog named Mutley would in fact be hurled through a time vortex into a groovy "Barbarella"-like future time period.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:11am is_potato:

We are doing squats... and shots.
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:11am neil:

breathing living growing.<beep>
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:12am is_potato:

That's like a bar full of weightlifters. Getting drunk and doing some lifting.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:14am is_potato:

That sounds outrageous. Truly, truly outrageous.
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:18am neil:

as for children's variety shows from thee 70's go...thee one that most don't remember is, the hudson brothers razzle dazzle show. <holy cow>
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:19am is_potato:

ba ba baba ba BA ba ba baaa
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:20am is_potato:

Bill, Mark, Brett! Los Bros Hudson! One of whom married Goldie Hawn and sired Kate Hudson.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:21am is_potato:

Ha, I thought there was blue thread in the sweater pic, but it's the stars from the playlist.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:23am Stashu:

Do you know that baby?
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:23am neil:

wild. must be all about the hair. <mustache> a sweater knitted from mustache hair?
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:23am is_potato:

Oh, man, I just go Sweatering to The Oldies. I must be soooo tired! I'd like to think I'd have gotten that sooner if it were 4pm.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 4:23am Īke:

Hey hey hey!
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:24am neil:

hello stashu!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:24am Stashu:

hallo hallo
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:24am is_potato:

Hello, my Zippo lighter/Dalek friend!
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:26am neil:

ike, is that from vileness fats?
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:26am is_potato:

I like this Yo La Tengo,
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:27am Mdurek:

You relaxed me when a cop stopped traffic on 139 for 30 minutes, at 3:15am, for some construction.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:27am Mdurek:

Great show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:28am Stashu:

Well it is allergy season.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:29am Stashu:

Thank you for your kind words. To anyone and everyone with kind words I thank you if you have not been thanked.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:29am is_potato:

Oh that twangy electric sound is neat.
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:29am ?:

Listening from Pontypridd (Wales/UK) Love your work Stashu! love it! ha ;)
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:30am is_potato:

Yay, it's the first night on the fall lineup, too. Or was that last Saturday?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:30am Stashu:

Are the Troggs from the UK or the South? Why can't I figure it out? What does anyone know about The Troggs?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:32am Stashu:

Oh yes, to everyone's dismay I am here until June ;)
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:33am is_potato:

I don't know much, but when you played the 2nd track, the Night of The Long Grass, I knew they were British Invasion. All I'd heard before was Wild Thing and I thought the were American. But the other stuff you've been playing by them, definitely have the British Invasion sound.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:33am Goyim in the AM:

They're from Hampshire -- the old one, not the new one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:33am Stashu:

Why does that lead singer have such a strange accent?
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:33am neil:

<no dismay><joy> i have to go on personal blast for a moment, next week im going to kraftwerk in denver on wed...then driving 1004 miles to chicago to see severed heads on friday<missing ur show>then god flesh saturday then the orb on sunday. <hehehehe>
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:34am is_potato:

I am now curious about Old Hampshire. It sounds like a really bad whiskey.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:35am is_potato:

Oh! Old Hampshire is the butt of the UK bunny rabbit.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:36am Goyim in the AM:

Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:37am is_potato:

It's very bucolic looking by the pix. Right above the Isle of Wight. "... you'll be older, toooooo."
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:39am neil:

<ok its severed heads on saturday, godflesh friday><my bad>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:39am Goyim in the AM:

Looks like Reg of the Troggs had an old fashioned Hampshire working class accent, which is purportedly dying out.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 4:41am Īke:

@neil@4:26, say what? You mean my avatar? I wasn't aware the Residents were into Doctor Who, ha ha.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:41am Stashu:

Thank you Goyim!
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:44am is_potato:

ooo, microsleep stage.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:45am Goyim in the AM:

Here is Reg talking about crop circles: www.youtube.com...
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:45am neil:

ike, it looks very residents<Y>. from the film vileness fats...but upon further investigation...it looks better than thee shopping kart battle in thee film...doctor who eh? soo many shows.
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:47am is_potato:

I still say Zippo Lighter Daleks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 4:48am Stashu:

*club music*
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:48am is_potato:

Rock that night away.
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:49am neil:

  Sat. 9/19/15 4:50am neil:

thai beat a go go?
Avatar Sat. 9/19/15 4:50am is_potato:

Up she goes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 4:52am Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, how's everybody doing?
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:52am is_potato:

Cambodian club music!
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:54am neil:

eyelash dancing!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 4:55am Jay/London:

good morning all just checking in ....eyelash dancing???
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:56am is_potato:

Good morning, Ken! Groovy tunes by DJ Stashu. Loony Tunes by Warner Brothers.
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:56am neil:

x ray eyeballs with dancing lashes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 4:56am Īke:

The show probably blew half of its £4200 per episode budget (ha ha!) making those special arsonist Daleks in 1965.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 4:57am Jay/London:

yes the Troggs are English
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:57am neil:

layer upon layer upon layer.<human onion>
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:58am is_potato:

Gotta catch Shannon
  Sat. 9/19/15 4:59am neil:

no no no. bad things are bad. im ken.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:00am neil:

  Sat. 9/19/15 5:02am is_potato:

Troughs, bogs... What next? Frogs? Logs, we did (trees). Sprogs? We did blogs (LiveJournal). Snogs? Dogs?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 5:02am Ken From Hyde Park:

Dengue Fever were live on Terre T's program a few years ago, too.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:02am is_potato:

Stupid autocorrect. Troggs, not Troughs.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:03am neil:

i like thee troughs...
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:04am is_potato:

Oo, I must check the archives.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:07am neil:

across thee fields and through thee troughs...following thee trails around thee furrow...
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:09am is_potato:

It's not just the music, it's the sensibility behind it. Since I discovered WFMU, I can't bear random shuffle. It's all gotta be human selected playlist. And I've come to love DJs. And I used to hate radio DJs, but that's changed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 5:10am Stashu:

Yes eyelash dancing to Pakava it'
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:12am neil:

let thee music stir your face...move it all over thee place...<face dance>
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:13am neil:

<everyone's doin' it>
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:14am is_potato:

Happy clappy!
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:16am is_potato:

I love spaceship lounge music.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 5:17am Stashu:

Tote bags I do too!
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:19am neil:

nice! see, nice IS good! music for future tote bags!
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:20am is_potato:

Make that flying saucer lounge music! I think that's better than spaceship lounge.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:20am neil:

speaking ov toking... ill be back in a min...
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:25am is_potato:

What's the difference between a tote bag and a purse? Is it because a tote bag only has hand straps and no fastener to close it?
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:31am neil:

k. stashu, as previously stated i will be gone next week, then in 2 weeks you will be gone. so, i wanted to say, hope you have a great birthday! you are awesome! many more good times ahead!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 5:32am Stashu:

TANX! :)
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:33am neil:

there you go!!!<bongo>
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:34am is_potato:

Happy bongo bongo bongo!
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:35am neil:

<perhaps a little racist><?!?!><bongo>
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:36am is_potatotoo many teardrops:

Cry or cryonics?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 5:36am Stashu:

Yeah I think it was a little which made me sad
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:38am is_potato:

do do do do doot do do do
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:40am neil:

visions ov native people as america formed a national identity through media...<not too good>
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:43am is_potato:

I'm slow sleet this makes feel like she's singing like smooth maple syrup aver panckes
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:44am is_potato:

Oh, that's a wakey wakey guitar chord.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:44am neil:

oooh another fun<?> fact for thee day...im sorta an earthquake nerd...& right now<in thee last week>there have been 12 earthquakes with a value ov greater than 6.0. thats a whole bunch! nothing to be worried about, but strange & should be news worthy...
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:44am is_potato:

Is this Polish?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 5:45am Stashu:

Yep yep!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 5:45am Stashu:

Thats alotta EARTHQUAKES!
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:46am is_potato:

Godzilla awakens.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:46am neil:

13 earthquakes<greater than 6.0> one just happened!
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:47am is_potato:

Color my dreams with soft crayons and yarn.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:48am Seriously:

Can you play 99 Luft Balloons?
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:48am is_potato:

And felt.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:49am Seriously:

because you are sad?
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:49am is_potato:

Crying is good for us.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:49am neil:

i color my yarn with soft dream crayons!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 5:49am Ken From Hyde Park:

The equake add-on for Firefox alerts you when quakes occur. addons.mozilla.org...
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:50am Seriously:

I was once in Bayonne and astral projected myself to Hoboken
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:51am is_potato:

Transpacific sound paradise is a nice phrase to say at 5:51 am.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:51am neil:

ken i just look daily. for many years...though not many in nebraska...<where im @>
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:51am neil:

do thee earthquake!!!
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:52am Seriously:

it is one long trip into blackness
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:53am Seriously:

nice set break, Stashu
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:53am is_potato:

I was on the CA-NV border during a quake epicentered in Truckee NV. I could see the land roll.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:54am neil:

yeah i just got ur premium a few weeks back. i listen to it in my car. sometimes it makes me feel like im in a video game.<and i dont play games><so thats wierd><!!!>
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:55am neil:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 5:56am Ken From Hyde Park:

If it's any consolation, the average color of the universe is beige. www.pha.jhu.edu...
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:56am neil:

is potato rocks & roll!!!
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:56am Seriously:

until it is sucked into a black hole
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:57am P-90:

Many thanks, DJ! Have a Stsu-liscious week.
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:57am Seriously:

The FCC is lovin' you right now
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:57am neil:

  Sat. 9/19/15 5:57am is_potato:

Thanks, DJ Stashu! Best wishes!
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:58am Seriously:

excellent. a wild thing wrap around
  Sat. 9/19/15 5:58am P-90:

That's "Stashu-liscious"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 9/19/15 5:58am Ken From Hyde Park:

Let us know what we can do to help celebrate your upcoming birthday. Have a nice, Troggulous week!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 9/19/15 5:58am Stashu:

I said funky
  Sat. 9/19/15 6:00am P-90:

I predict: you will receive a reply from Mr. Simmons soon. It's in the cards.
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