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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Meridian Brothers   Errante Doncella Rimbombante   Options 0:00:00 (MP3 | )
La Tete a L'Enver Ses Malentendus   Le Jeu Des Sept Familles Track 1   Options 0:06:25 (MP3 | )
Carl Stalling, Milt Franklyn, Treg Brown   Beep, Beep (1952)   Options 0:07:41 (MP3 | )
La Tete a L'Enver Ses Malentendus   Le Jeu Des Sept Familles Track 5   Options 0:08:44 (MP3 | )
Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant   Sleepwalker's Lullaby   Options 0:08:59 (MP3 | )
Pierre Bastien   Talou VII   Options 0:09:43 (MP3 | )
Frank Pahl and Klimperei   Lyon Fritters   Options 0:11:51 (MP3 | )
Carl Stalling, Milt Franklyn, Treg Brown   Zoom and Bored (1957)   Options 0:14:08 (MP3 | )
Big City Orchestra   Because   Options 0:14:41 (MP3 | )
Beethoven  Moonlight Sonata   Options 0:15:34 (MP3 | )
The Beatles   Because   Options 0:16:38 (MP3 | )
Beethoven  Moonlight Sonata   Options 0:17:10 (MP3 | )
Seltaeb Eht  esuaceB   Options 0:17:41 (MP3 | )
Jonathan Borofsky   Dead Head   Options 0:18:25 (MP3 | )
Tafo   Sun We Bilori Akh   Options 0:20:13 (MP3 | )
Hans Reichel   Eros Vs. Education   Options 0:21:49 (MP3 | )
Lloyd Miller   Dance From Kabul   Options 0:22:59 (MP3 | )
Teiji Ito   Teiji's Song   Options 0:24:33 (MP3 | )
Music behind DJ:
Percy Faith 
Summer Place '76 (Theme From A Summer Place)   Options 0:26:42 (MP3 | )
Stephen P McGreevy   102.5 kmso missoula mt recin keeler sum08   Options 0:30:29 (MP3 | )
Hank & Slim   Dark Cloud Lightning   Options 0:32:47 (MP3 | )
Kenneth Goldsmith   The Weather - Summer 2005   Options 0:34:11 (MP3 | )
Astro Age Steel Orchestra   Flying Saucer at Big Country   Options 0:36:54 (MP3 | )
World Standard   Introduction   Options 0:42:38 (MP3 | )
World Standard   My Law - Chuned Banjo   Options 0:43:27 (MP3 | )
Astro Age Steel Orchestra   Flying Saucer at Big Country   Options 0:45:39 (MP3 | )
Korean yodel music   Cattle Call   Options 0:46:53 (MP3 | )
Gil Trythall mixed with Eddy Arnold   Cattle Call   Options 0:49:04 (MP3 | )
Matmos   Action At A Distance   Options 0:50:06 (MP3 | )
Music behind DJ:
Percy Faith  
Summer Place '76   Options 0:52:34 (MP3 | )
Music behind DJ:
Jane Birkin  
Jane B   Options 0:54:21 (MP3 | )
Music behind DJ:
Dressed in Black   Options 0:55:14 (MP3 | )
Shangri-Las   Footsteps on the Roof   Options 0:56:37 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/21/15 6:54pm vince:

Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 6:55pm Zepelim:

hello! me too! :)
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 6:55pm People Like Us:

and me!
  Fri. 8/21/15 6:56pm vince:

Wanna know my secret theory on Vicki's future plans
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 6:56pm Rich in Washington:

  Fri. 8/21/15 6:57pm vince:

She's taking over for Don for Over The Edge!!!
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 6:58pm People Like Us:

I am certainly hopefully channeling him but not on Over The Edge
  Fri. 8/21/15 6:59pm vince:

"Ah.. wel, that's where my theory hits a snag."
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:00pm People Like Us:

no, there's some truth in there
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:00pm vince:

Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:01pm People Like Us:

no, I mean that he does seem to still be around!
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:02pm Rich in Washington:

He ends up in a loop that goes on forever..
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:03pm People Like Us:

samples are like memories, are they not, they get stuck in your head
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:04pm vince:

with alot of echo!
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:05pm People Like Us:

oh yes, evening folks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 8/21/15 7:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& I've only just heard of 'Over the Edge': migawd those things are three hours long! Cinematic...
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:06pm vince:

is this the penultimate episode of the summer?
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:07pm People Like Us:

oh you have several thousand hours to catch up then
no, three more shows
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:07pm People Like Us:

I think... am I right?
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:08pm vince:

yes, "OTE" are large, and in many amounts!! You can try Phineas Narco's 'edits' on hie NCN/Bangcamp page, if you like
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 8/21/15 7:08pm Michael:

Hiya Vicki.
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:09pm People Like Us:

gooood evening
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:09pm vince:

oops.... bandcamp
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 8/21/15 7:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yes: Skedj goes to 14th Sept.: three more Fridays.
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:09pm Rich in Washington:

I think the recent OTE shows have been marvelous - sort of slowly, organically turning into something it wasn't - while retaining some of what it was. I hope it keeps on going, even if it's changing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 8/21/15 7:10pm Michael:

Darn. I take it no Fall sched for Do or DIY
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:11pm glenn:

hello, people and other people.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 8/21/15 7:11pm Ike:

Is there ever, Michael? It's always been a summer-only thing, no?
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:11pm People Like Us:

it can't continue how it was since it was a full-time-life job
and no, I won't be doing next schedule, my choice, but I will be doing some things with WFMU in the Spring
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:12pm Mrs P:

Hello Vicki and friends
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:12pm People Like Us:

oh I've been on the other season too
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:13pm vince:

Savor these moments, friends!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 8/21/15 7:13pm Michael:

Yea, I remember other seasons too. You need to do a fill in for Charlie next time he has to miss a day mebbe.
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:13pm People Like Us:

also I'll be at Monty Hall at the end of Oct if anyone lives in the fmu area
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 8/21/15 7:13pm Ike:

Oops, my kathump-blonk.
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:14pm People Like Us:

yes, love Charlie's show
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:15pm People Like Us:

meep meep
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:16pm vince:

  Fri. 8/21/15 7:16pm JakeGould:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 8/21/15 7:16pm Michael:

delivery from Acme Dynamite Company!
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:17pm JakeGould:

Acme is owned by the Koch family right?
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:18pm vince:

Those Koch-suckers!!!
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:18pm Webhamster Henry:

This is a pretty round-sounding world.
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:18pm JakeGould:

Maybe Wile E. Coyote should get Amazon Prime?
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:19pm People Like Us:

believe it or not I'm not the first person in the WFMU database to have played "esuaceB" by Seltaeb Eht
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:19pm vince:

Seltaeb Six!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 8/21/15 7:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...yup - pretty close to Moonlight Sonata backwards: somebody finally played it for me!...
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:20pm JakeGould:

Luap si daed?
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:21pm vince:

this is cute
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:21pm Webhamster Henry:

George explicitly said he based Because on the Moonlight Sonata backward.
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:22pm People Like Us:

John said Yoko played an arrangement based on the chords on the piano for him, so it is a variation
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:23pm Phil:

Beautiful noises to finish my work week by!

Glad everyone else has left, so I can enjoy the show in all its magnificent splendor - and full volume!
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:23pm vince:

He played on guitar on the "Wedding Album",,John did.
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:25pm People Like Us:

if anyone knows of any recorded interview with John that states the Moonlight Sonata/Because thing let me know - I don't mean in print, I mean an audio recording
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:26pm vince:

Hmmmm.. possibly, the '80 Playboy interview... If memory serves, he covers alot of Beatle songs in that interview
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:30pm Rich in Washington:

I'm still trying to find a higher quality version of the interview where he explains Revolution #9. He talks about tape loops and it's really meta-heavy content-wise as a sample source.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 8/21/15 7:31pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yeah, John went over several songs one by one in those - so maybe. & they were available for Download here: www1.rollingstone.com... ...buuut not anymore...
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:31pm People Like Us:

would like to hear that
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 8/21/15 7:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...pretty sure I put those on a hardrive before Rolling Stone took them down...
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:32pm People Like Us:

if you do find please send my way
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 8/21/15 7:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

..oh wait: RS interviews probly different...
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:33pm vince:

Might I suggest the great 'guest-DJ' set he did in 1974 on WNEW.. he was quite good at figuring out where certain 'riffs' came from..plus, he was funny
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:34pm Rich in Washington:

I got mine from a cassette about hidden messages in rock music but the quality isn't too good. To make matters worse, I digitized it in the late 90s, not really knowing what I was doing then, so it's less than stellar, digitally.
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:34pm Tome:

FFS got me batten down the hatches here ! lolz !
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:35pm People Like Us:

yes stay safe people with all the things in the sky
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 8/21/15 7:36pm Michael:

Miss Kenny G on the air
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 8/21/15 7:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...to further muddy waters, several episodes of 'Lost Lennon Tapes': littleabby.podOmatic.com...
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:37pm JakeGould:

Sky is falling?
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:37pm vince:

..and, I want my mommy
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 8/21/15 7:38pm Ike:

Kenny G.'s endless weather is so soothing....
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:38pm People Like Us:

it is
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:38pm vince:

awww... those steel drums... wish you play that Joy Division cover I told you about earlier this year
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 8/21/15 7:39pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...if send feelers out w/ BeatlePeople, no telling what may be found...
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:39pm Tome:

aliens with vape and steel drums ,, who knew ..
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:40pm People Like Us:

joy division on steel drums?
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:40pm Tome:

quite right !
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:40pm Webhamster Henry:

Kenny's Baseball Games are also soothing , but lack the quieter stretches found in real games - which are usually filled with short ads.
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:40pm vince:

Yeah.... perhaps on the first show of the season.. there was a link in the comments
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:41pm People Like Us:

yes I remember it but not well enough to know where it is now
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:41pm vince:

to the steel drum band playing "Transmission" on the back of a flat-bed....
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:42pm vince:

Sooooooo good!
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:42pm vince:

I know you seldom take requests.... but, if you could... I'd LOVE IT!!
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:43pm Zepelim:

atmospheric synchronicity, this week I've been listening to McGreevy's recordings on archive.org. great stuff. And this is awesome right now.
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:43pm People Like Us:

if you could re-paste that would be good
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:44pm People Like Us:

it's fantastic, yes Zepelim
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:45pm People Like Us:

I don't know where I got my McGreevy stuff from
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:45pm People Like Us:

glad it's are archive.org
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:45pm People Like Us:

I love radio on the radio
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:45pm People Like Us:

it reminds you that it's... radio
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:47pm Zepelim:

It's a magic loop
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:48pm Webhamster Henry:

Maybe a Daxophone/Kermit the Frog mash up some time.
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:48pm vince:

Here it is...V
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:48pm Zepelim:

radio was there all along
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:48pm Rich in Washington:

this is great! So dreamy. I am mucking out my office, in preparation of taking a week off. This is a great soundtrack to me sweeping paper work into a bin.
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:49pm vince:

can't do a link... but it's in the comments from the SECOND show
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:49pm People Like Us:

thanks Vince
yes, this is sweeping up music
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:49pm People Like Us:

radio WAS there all along, but we had to make a radio to hear it
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:50pm P-90:

More Korean Yodelling. Apparently there's a rich tradition to explore there.
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:50pm r i s k y:

Me and my mom are loving it!
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:50pm People Like Us:

glad to hear it!
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:51pm Mrs P:

Thank you for these creative shows. It is always like a wonderful journey to be with you.
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:53pm People Like Us:

you're welcome
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 8/21/15 7:53pm chris:

what Mrs P said! thanks, Vicki!
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:54pm Rich in Washington:

Thanks for a wonderful show! Always a treat.
See you on the radio next week!
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:55pm Rich in Washington:

Gil Trythall was the first person I ever fan-emailed and he responded.
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:55pm glenn:

polar bear vs. flowers. flowers win. www.cbc.ca...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 8/21/15 7:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

*Truly* Free Form.
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:56pm People Like Us:

yes, running like crazy away from form
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:57pm listener james from westwood:

Everytime I hear the Moonlight Sonata, I hear in my head, "In April 1945, the Third Reich lay in ruins."
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:57pm People Like Us:

oh lordy
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:57pm listener james from westwood:

I blame the History Network.
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:58pm People Like Us:

yes, for everything ever
  Fri. 8/21/15 7:58pm vince:

HA... nice
Avatar Fri. 8/21/15 7:58pm Zepelim:

haha awesome! great show!
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:58pm People Like Us:

  Fri. 8/21/15 7:58pm 4play:

The best of wfmu right here
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:58pm People Like Us:

burglars on the roof
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:59pm People Like Us:

thanks all
thanks WFMU!
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 7:59pm Webhamster Henry:

You should start your next show with this one!
  Fri. 8/21/15 8:00pm vince:

that's to you, I can't hear that 'climb the stairs..' part without thinking of "Downtown", on one of your albums!!
Avatar    Fri. 8/21/15 8:01pm People Like Us:

You're welcome Vince :)))
Don Joyce sampled that song too
Long live Don Joyce in samples that aren't even him

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