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Polkatively Yours...

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Options August 22, 2015: Magic Elevator Ride
Going up? Call 201-209-9368 for a live tarot reading by INNERstellarmedium!

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Artist Track Album Comments Images Approx. start time
13th Floor Elevators       
Rheingold  Fan Fan Fanatisch   Options       0:10:17 ()
Cabaret Voltaire  Sluggin for Jesus (part 1)   Options       0:12:05 ()
Paul McCartney  Temporary Secretary   Options       0:16:06 ()
Fehlfarben  Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran)   Options       0:19:12 ()
Marie Marie  Do You Brush Your Teeth?   Options       0:22:12 ()
Cabaret Voltaire  Your Agent Man   Options       0:25:55 ()
Cabaret Voltaire  Sluggin for Jesus (part 2)   Options       0:29:42 ()
Music behind DJ:
Kit Wilmans Fegradoe 
        0:32:32 ()
Steppenwolf  Magic Carpet Ride   Options       0:37:29 ()
Music behind DJ:
Kit Wilmans Fegradoe 
  Tarot      0:53:24 ()
Steppenwolf  Magic Carpet Ride   Options       0:56:34 ()
Single Cell Orchestra    Tarot      1:06:25 ()
Music behind DJ:
Further Reductions 
  Woodwork  Tarot    1:07:40 ()
Further Reductions  Woodwork   Options Woodwork      1:13:15 ()
Blanck Mass  Cruel Sport   Options       1:18:56 ()
The Highend Sound  After Traffic   Options       1:29:11 ()
Eden Ahbez  The Wanderer   Options       1:33:56 ()
Bee Gees  Spicks and Specks   Options       1:37:16 ()
Music behind DJ:
Mixed Signals 
  TAROT      1:47:02 ()
Tarot with Innerstellarmedium  201-209-9368   Options       2:10:45 ()
Tarot with Innerstellarmedium  201-209-9368   Options   Thank you Bad Guy Zero for Ella-Vader! (elevator) 
2:13:42 ()
Belle & Sebastian  Like Dylan in the Movies   Options       2:23:41 ()
Alley Boys Of Abbeville  Tu Peus Pe Me Faire Ce   Options       2:28:07 ()
Harry Belafonte  Hossana   Options       2:30:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tarot with Innerstellarmedium 
201-209-9368   Options Long Distance poison - Human Program      2:38:40 ()
Bjork Gudmundsdottir  Arabdregurinn   Options       2:56:53 ()
Absolut  Zivilpolizist   Options       3:02:11 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/20/15 2:02am neil:

where do cotton balls really come from? thee contented enlightened ones...
Avatar Thu. 8/20/15 10:55am Stashu:

Neil is referring to the image of the angora bunny I had posted here earlier. (Sorry Neil! I decided to change it to elevators, now I need a clever elevator comment!) ;)
Avatar Thu. 8/20/15 11:25am BadGuyZero:

If Ella Fitzgerald married Darth Vader her name would be Ella Vader.
Avatar Thu. 8/20/15 1:36pm Stashu:

That is pretty clever. Now I want to see that illustrated. Don't you?
  Fri. 8/21/15 2:34am neil:

thee bunny was super cute! now this elevator seems very institutional. perhaps @ a shopping center where thee elevator always gets stuck on thee 13th floor. like a twilight zone thing...no one wanted to go to thee 13th floor. o.k.<later>thee 13th floor is when an elevator enters its teen floors. lots ov changes behind those doors!<can an elevator get pimples><???>
  Sat. 8/22/15 1:07am MONEYBAG$:

I'm working on a new joke: "A bunny hops into an elevator...". That's all I have so far.
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 2:14am coelacanth:

good morning Stashu. if i'm not asleep by 3 then your program-via clock-radio- will probably keep me awake 'till 5,as it did last week.
just wanted to tell you,since i may be listening but not commenting.
...but now i'm intrigued. 13th floor elevators is one of my most favorites.
  Sat. 8/22/15 2:34am neil:

perhaps thee opposite version ov stairway to heaven is elevator to hell?<thee hellivator>
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:03am neil:

Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:03am BadGuyZero:

  Sat. 8/22/15 3:04am steve:

Hey... I made it!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:05am Stashu:

  Sat. 8/22/15 3:08am neil:

aaawww shit! cabs!!!
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:10am neil:

religious music on thee radio!!!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:10am Stashu:

:) !!!! NEIL!!!!!!!!! ha!
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:11am neil:

give till it hurts!!!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:12am Stashu:

ha Neil
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:12am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Good morning Stashu!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:13am BadGuyZero:

Oh noes! I'm going to have "Temporary Secretary" stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend.
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:14am Stashu:

Good I think?
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:14am Stashu:

Hi Elfy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/22/15 3:14am joeray:

Paul McCarney bip bop!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:19am BadGuyZero:

I heard a laser whip in that song!
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:19am neil:

woa. that had to hurt...
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:24am neil:

eight crepuscule. serious classic. richard h kirk & steven malander were way way ahead ov thee time. masters!
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:25am neil:

rudy do a do do.
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:28am Stashu:

Ha I just heard that part! It was funny and good.
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:30am neil:

do do dada. thank you!!!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:30am BadGuyZero:

King Of Music is probably off to the races.
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 3:31am BadGuyZero:

Speak across the ribbon.
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:32am neil:

don't break ur wish-bone.
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:38am neil:

great ghost ov steppenwolf. holy holy holy!!!
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:46am neil:

wield wield wield!
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:48am neil:

swords. with words
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:52am neil:

life force!!!
  Sat. 8/22/15 3:52am neil:

will thee will.
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 4:03am Stashu:

  Sat. 8/22/15 4:04am neil:

energy. adventure. ooh, cookie!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/22/15 4:07am Ken From Hyde Park:

Hello. What an upLIFTing show tonight.
  Sat. 8/22/15 4:14am neil:

eey. i was just listening <before ur show> to some early clock dva that sounds a bunch like this song...<random>
  Sat. 8/22/15 4:30am neil:

this <also> is nice.<dreamy relaxing>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/22/15 4:32am Ken From Hyde Park:

Q: How did Moray get up to the top floor?
A: He rode the eelevator.
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 4:34am Stashu:

I don't get it? :)
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 4:38am BadGuyZero:

@Stashu: Did you see the photo of Ella Vader I posted on the Facebook event page?
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 4:43am Stashu:

Not yet! Can't wait to see!
  Sat. 8/22/15 4:44am neil:

just learned that thee 13th card in thee tarot is death.<re-searchin'><regarding thee 13th floor elevators><going-up>
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 4:46am Stashu:

Wow Neil
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/22/15 4:46am Ken From Hyde Park:

Some pictures, including a moray eel and also an elevator - www.offset.com...
  Sat. 8/22/15 4:47am neil:

  Sat. 8/22/15 4:49am neil:

  Sat. 8/22/15 4:51am neil:

<yelling fire in a chat room>laser whip.
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 4:52am Stashu:

Where is the picture Bad Guy????
  Sat. 8/22/15 4:56am neil:

octopus garden?
  Sat. 8/22/15 4:57am Pedro:

Little shop of horrors? Rick Moraines ain't got shit on me! Haha thank you!
  Sat. 8/22/15 4:59am neil:

station id.
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:00am neil:

  Sat. 8/22/15 5:02am neil:

<kingdom come>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/22/15 5:02am Goyim in the AM:

Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:03am Stashu:

Yeah we need more ladies
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:04am Stashu:

Thanks Pedro!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:07am BadGuyZero:

@Stashu: I posted it on the Facebook event page for today's show. I posted it several hours ago so it may be down the page depending on how many other people posted stuff on there.
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:10am neil:

<set in thee way>
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:11am Larry:

I had a queer aunt! LOL! Wait, that's not funny!
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:12am neil:

great medium!!!
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:16am neil:

yup. im a taurus with close cancers in my life. <too>
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:17am BadGuyZero:

They still make Chia pets. There are also Chia Simpsons and Chia Spongebob Squarepants and other characters/people. I saw a TV commercial a few months ago for Chia Duck Dynasty. That's one of the signs of THEE apocalypse.
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:17am neil:

biggest statue wins!!!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:19am BadGuyZero:

I'm a Taurus but I won't kill for anyone. I will however bust kneecaps with a baseball bat for someone.
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:20am neil:

me too...<gore>
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:21am Stashu:

Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:22am Stashu:

My birthday is October 11th. I want a Chia Tree. Please let birthday-santa know
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:23am neil:

rocktober! good times ahead!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:24am Stashu:

Rock n roll station of the nation
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:25am neil:

Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:28am BadGuyZero:

Yesterday I watched a movie that starred Harry Belafonte.
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:29am neil:

limbo limbo limbo
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:30am neil:

  Sat. 8/22/15 5:32am robert:

mine is on 11th of octobre as well! OMGOOOOOOD!
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:34am neil:

good ring
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:39am neil:

  Sat. 8/22/15 5:41am Larry:

Portland has A great freeform radio station, KBOO, at 90.7 FM. Not as kewl as WFMU of course, but then what is?
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:41am Stashu:

Haha :) I've not listened to it yet. Thanks Larry
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:45am neil:

Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:50am BadGuyZero:

"Is this horse a mudder?"
  Sat. 8/22/15 5:55am neil:

loves. truth. yes!!!<nature>thanks stashu. medium. & crew. take care!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/22/15 5:57am BennettCap:

Great show!
Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 5:57am Stashu:

Avatar Sat. 8/22/15 6:00am BadGuyZero:

Seeya next time!
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