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This is where all of culture and all of time are collapsed into one seductive portal and viewed through the panoramic lens of the exotic. Come and embark on an armchair-travel virtual-voyage to the heart of timeless darkness and beyond; embrace the numinous monolith of the exotic immensity. Let us find that place where hybridization meets its destiny as pure fantasy. Let us become observers observing those others who are ourselves. You wear your mask and I'll wear mine.

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Options July 23, 2015: Sugar Life: Beach Trip (with Moebius)

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments
Donn Preston with Shirley Bolt  Honolulu   Options Music for the BIG Scene – Sounds in Contrast  Contrast Recordings  1966?   
Dennis Wilson  River Song   Options Pacific Ocean Blue    1977   
Music behind DJ:
Syntonic Research Series 
The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore   Options Environments: New Concepts in Stereo Sound • Disc 1       
Alessi Brothers  Do You Feel It?   Options Alessi    1976   
Alessi Brothers  Driftin'   Options Driftin'    1978   
Beach Boys  Til I Die (Desper Mix)   Options Landlocked    1970   
The Sandals  Wild as the Sea   Options Endless Summer    1964   
The Sandals  Trailing   Options Endless Summer       
The Sandals  Jet Black   Options Endless Summer       
Spike  Strange Age   Options Orange Cloud Nine       
Santo & Johnny  Reflections   Options Hawaii    1961   
Spike  Crazy Lazy   Options Orange Cloud Nine       
Paradise Island Trio  Pagan Love Song   Options Paradise Island       
Music behind DJ:
Lalo Schifrin 
Jaws   Options       (Flash Strap Pink Widow edit) 
Monte Moya & the Surfers  Summer Time   Options Percussionata       
Dennis Wilson  Time   Options Pacific Ocean Blue    1977   
Dennis Wilson  Pacific Ocean Blues   Options Pacific Ocean Blue    1977   
Ashra  Nights in Sweat   Options Tropical Heat    1991   
Music behind DJ:
Ash Ra 
Monsoon   Options Tropical Heat       
Harmonia  Kekse   Options Deluxe    1975   
Cluster  Umleitung   Options Sowiesoso    1976   
Moebius & Plank  Rastakraut Pasta   Options Rastakraut Pasta    1980   
Moebius & Plank  Conditionierer   Options Material    1981   
Moebius & Plank  Missi Cacadou   Options Rastakraut Pasta    1980  with Holger Czukay on bass 
Moebius & Plank  Two Oldtimers   Options Rastakraut Pasta      again with Holger Czukay on bass 
Music behind DJ:
Bud Tutmarc 
  Sacred Hawaiian Melodies       
Cluster  Hollywood   Options Zuckerzeit    1974   
Cluster  Caramel   Options Zuckerzeit       
Cluster   Rote-Riki   Options Zuckerzeit       
Cluster  Isodea   Options Grosses Wasser    1979   
Cluster   Fotschi Tong   Options Zuckerzeit       
Cluster  James   Options Zuckerzeit       
Moebius  Contramio   Options Tonspuren    1983   
Music behind DJ:
Santo & Johnny 
Moebius  Transport   Options Tonspuren    1983   
Moebius  Etwas   Options Tonspuren       
Moebius & Plank  Landebahn   Options Rastakraut Pasta       
Alessi Brothers  Seabird   Options Alessi    1976   
Spike  E_S_Rever   Options Orange Cloud Nine       
Music behind DJ:
Syntonic Research Series 
The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore   Options Environments: New Concepts in Stereo Sound • Disc 1       

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:00pm hyde:

beach party tonight!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:01pm e12:

Hey Explorers, glad to be tuned in live for once.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:02pm Flash Strap:

Hyde, e12! old face, new face, lovely to see you both
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 7:02pm melinda:

Hello all!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:04pm Flash Strap:

Hello Melinda!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 7:04pm SeanG:

I'm strapped in
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:04pm Flash Strap:

SeeeeeeeeeeeeeanG, welcome to the beach
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:06pm Flash Strap:

This song is one of my favorite things, beyond all reason
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:09pm ndbob:

evening Evan and everyone!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:10pm glenn:

on a not really related note, i see a&p has filed chapter 11 again.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:10pm Flash Strap:

hello bob, have some okolehau
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:11pm hyde:

the Pacific Ocean Blue LP is generally pretty good for a non Brian Wilson Beach Boy solo outing
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:11pm Flash Strap:

hi glenn!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:13pm glenn:

howdy all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 7:14pm SeanG:

steam is outta sorts
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 7:14pm SeanG:

it's back
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 7:15pm northguineahills:

I have the whole series of Environments: New Concepts in Stereo Sound LPs (I got four of them from my grandparents).
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:15pm hyde:

i'm getting some dropouts here on the stream. is that just me?
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:15pm ndbob:

yep seems to be back now
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:15pm hyde:

@ngh whoa, nice! i only have gentle rain in a pine forest on vinyl.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:19pm Flash Strap:

Stream doin all right foe everybody?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 7:19pm SeanG:

YES! feeling it!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:19pm hyde:

yeah, seems ok now
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:21pm Flash Strap:

@Hyde: I really think Pacific Ocean Blue is tremendous stuff. Dennis' stuff on the 70's Beach Boys albums is pretty consistently great too
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:22pm Flash Strap:

ngh: jealous of your set, man
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:23pm Flash Strap:

really feel like the Alessi Bros have a sneakily mature songwriting style
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 7:25pm northguineahills:

I found the rest at random thrift and record stores, I really love them for some reason.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 7:27pm northguineahills:

There are 11 in all.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:28pm Flash Strap:

yeah, I only have a few, most pretty wrecked. They're sublime somehow. I love that you can play some of them at two different speeds
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:29pm Flash Strap:

one of the best Beach Boys songs, right here
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:30pm hyde:

songbird vs raptor drama in my yard right now as a broad tailed hawk gets harassed by freaked out robins and catbirds
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:31pm glenn:

"nature red in tooth and claw"
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:31pm Flash Strap:

Perfect scene for a surf soundtrack
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:32pm Flash Strap:

I like this record so much, I'm gonna let it play a few more
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:33pm hyde:

i could cut my own environments lp if i wasn't listening to this
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:34pm Flash Strap:

just watched the movie for the first time since i was a kid, anybody seen Endless Summer? pretty good right?
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:36pm glenn:

i've seen the summer of '42. does that count?
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:36pm hyde:

photography in that flick is great. it really makes you just want to grab a board and hit the waves.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:36pm Flash Strap:

no kiddin'. it makes you understand surfing, somehow
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:38pm Richard from Venezuela:

Good evening Flash and all the listeners.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:39pm Flash Strap:

Good evening Richard!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:45pm Richard from Venezuela:

First time listening this show. Very enjoyable.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:45pm Flash Strap:

Thanks, new friend
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:52pm e12:

I'm gonna have to call it a night. Thanks though for a great time as always.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:54pm Flash Strap:

hate to see you go e12
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 7:58pm Flash Strap:

love the take 5-ness of this
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:00pm ndbob:

right Evan _"Till I Die" is a fave
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:01pm ndbob:

and time to go - catch the rest on the archive!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:01pm hyde:

thinking about Endless Summer made me remember that Christian Fennesz record. I think I need to listen to that this weekend.

see ya, ndb.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:02pm Flash Strap:

it's my weekly heartbreak, watching you walk outta my world
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 8:08pm melinda:

I like this Ashra.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:11pm Flash Strap:

me too! more than a lot of "better" Ashra even. it's like a great mix of trashy early-90's sounds and Holger Czukay's "Movies" album. plus, very exotic
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 8:15pm northguineahills:

Thanks Flash, gotta skadoodle! See ya!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:22pm Flash Strap:

adios ngh, have a good one
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:23pm hyde:

love this record!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:24pm Flash Strap:

me too! oh god how i love it!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:25pm Flash Strap:

these frog bog sounds? que exotico!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:30pm Flash Strap:

I mean, seriously, try putting this stuff on at your next beach/pool/whatever party. It'll do the trick, and as an added bonus, nothing will feel normal about it. Somebody else would just drop Jimmy Buffett and turn the souls of the world into cold golf balls
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:35pm hyde:

the production on this one is just super cool, too
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:36pm Flash Strap:

Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:41pm Flash Strap:

Are you a dude of krautrock, Hyde?
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:43pm Flash Strap:

I'm curious to know what would go on your personal krautrocksampler, so to speak
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:52pm hyde:

I have dabbled in Krautrock, though I'm no expert. I like Ash Ra Tempel, Neu and Faust a lot, and I'm a big fan of the sort of deeper psychedelic early Can LP's like Tago Mago. I also have a whole slew of Popul Vuh, though some of those records I like more than others.

ANd then there's Tangerine dream, of course. I was fixated on Phaedra in high school. Really love a lot of the soundtracks too (Sorcerer, especially).

I'm probably leaving lots of stuff out.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:53pm Flash Strap:

This track has top-tier composition, I think. I marvel at it's construction, the elegant beauty, the minimalist overlapping and intertwining
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:54pm Flash Strap:

Can up through Landed is some of my favorite art or music ever made, and then I love Czukay's solo stuff too. Neu is great.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:55pm Flash Strap:

And then, there's the astonishing Zuckerzeit, which we'll hear in a moment
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 8:56pm Flash Strap:

And I agree, Popol Vuh is sort of hit and miss for me too. Usually miss, loath as I am to admit it. Same for Amon Duul, which I never really understood the love for
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:02pm hyde:

Can thru Future Days is the stuff I know best. Those LPs are almost all amazing. After that I don't know the records all that well....i just found Soon Over Babaluma the other day and listened to it just once so far. It didn't totally grab me, but I'll try again.

I also really like that Cosmic Jokers first LP. And I do also admit that I dig Amon Duul II a lot, myself. (I also left out Cluster since you were already playing it, but Cluster is great.)
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:08pm Flash Strap:

Soon Over Babaluma is the best post-Damo record, and one of their best records, period, in my opinion. Landed is also really grand, though its starts to show some weariness. After that it's tough until the spli, when they all did cool solo stuff. Definitely give Babaluma another deep listen or two, side two has some cosmic mysteries
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:11pm Flash Strap:

I've never really given the Cosmic Jokers records a fair shake, since they're such notorious criminal enterprises, but I really should. As for Amon Duul, it is MY shame that I don't like them very much, not yours that you do.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:11pm hyde:

yeah, i won't give up on it even though i didn't really dig it at first. i'll give it a few more spins and see how it settles.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:12pm Flash Strap:

you won't regret it, I'll wager. We got any other krautrock lovers in this virtual space?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 9:21pm SeanG:

Heino is god! :-)
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:23pm hyde:

on another semi-related note, this morning before work I was playing those Peru records that you posted a long time back on your blog. Constellations especially I like a *lot*. Continents is cool too.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:25pm Flash Strap:

Oh good! Yeah, those are a lot of fun. Macchu Picchu has grown on me too.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:27pm hyde:

do you know anything about them? there doesn't seem to be much english language info about them that i could find in a cursory search. seems like they are Dutch, maybe?
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:30pm Flash Strap:

Not much, I can't remember where they're from now... I know they are also the band Nova, pretty much, which was pretty popular in parts of Europe. Peru was the less commercial-oriented project
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 9:30pm melinda:

Nice Moebius.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 9:32pm SeanG:

long live moebius
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:35pm Flash Strap:

Long Live Moebius
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:36pm Flash Strap:

They are Dutch, Hyde, you were right about that.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:39pm Flash Strap:

Some of Nova's stuff is pretty good, too, but not as good or as Berlin-school as Peru
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:43pm hyde:

with the Nova clue I found a little bit more. Apparently one of those Nova songs was a #1 hit in the Netherlands, which seems weird. I guess also one of the members (Rob Papen) is today a big software/hardware guy, he invented some sort of digital/analog hybrid synth called the Waldorf Microwave that has seemingly been used by some big names like Vangelis.
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:45pm Flash Strap:

That's cool. I knew that had some hits – I think "Africa" was a hit too – but I had no idea about the microwave. Cool that Vangelis used one
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 9:45pm SeanG:

never heard these bros before, but diggin' the Alessi Brothers!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:46pm Flash Strap:

They're great Sean. Check out the whole first LP
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/23/15 9:49pm SeanG:

Thanks Flash
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:49pm hyde:

Ok, man, have fun at the beach + et cetera. See you in September. (See you, when the summer's done.)
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:51pm Flash Strap:

The summer won't be done yet, if I have anything to say about it! August is still beastly
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:51pm Flash Strap:

Thank you Sean!
Avatar Thu. 7/23/15 9:51pm Flash Strap:

And thanks to everyone else. Good night and see you later.
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