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Options June 27, 2015: The Top 40 Review: Hot or Not?

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
What's Hot, What's Not?       
Harry Revel & Leslie Baxter  Lunar Rhapsody   Options Music Out Of The Moon  0:07:49 ()
Harry Revel & Leslie Baxter  Moon Moods   Options Music Out Of The Moon  0:09:07 ()
Harry Revel & Leslie Baxter  Lunette   Options Music Out Of The Moon  0:11:36 ()
Little Big Town  Girl Crush   Options #37  0:21:02 ()
Whiz Kalifa   See You Again   Options #1  0:25:18 ()
Fetty Wap  Trap Queen   Options #2  0:29:13 ()
Jason Derulo  Want To Want Me   Options #3  0:31:42 ()
Where Are U  Jack U Skrillex   Options #4  0:33:07 ()
Hey Mama  David Guetta Nikki Minaj   Options #5  0:35:42 ()
Gongy gong gong       
Village People  Fire Island   Options   2:16:43 ()
Eddie Fowlkes  Warwick   Options   2:21:36 ()
Kurtis Blow  The Breaks   Options   2:29:02 ()
Bee Gees  You Should Be Dancing   Options   2:36:43 ()
K.C. and The Sunshine Band  Boogie Shoes   Options   2:41:08 ()
Soft Cell  Memorabilia   Options   2:43:13 ()
OMD  International   Options   2:47:45 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 6/24/15 11:56am βrian:

Good afternoon, Mr. Duane.
Avatar Wed. 6/24/15 12:04pm DJ Stashu:

This isn't Duane, unless this is a knock knock joke that is going over my head...
  Wed. 6/24/15 12:53pm MONEYBAG$:

the tarot predicted that Duane is going to fill in for this show
  Thu. 6/25/15 12:13am neil:

ghost ov casey kasem?<THATS a long distance dedication><...>
  Fri. 6/26/15 7:39pm P-90:

"Top 40" what?
  Sat. 6/27/15 1:01am neil:

top 40 sandwich spreads. aka: things that go well with bread. coming in @ #40 we got thee classic tomatoes. moving up into thee top 40 @ # 39 <here comes> pastrami. falling 3 spots to #38 american cheeze. holding steady @ #37 sauerkraut. everybody loves head lettuce @ #36. swiftly climbing thee charts @ #35 dijon mustard. spicing things up @ #34 egg salad...
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 1:06am JakeGould:

So what about Taro root recipes?
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:03am JakeGould:

Cutting out sweets is hard.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:04am JakeGould:

I need snacks when I work. And It’s hard. I have gotten myself to raisons. But I do treat myself with chocolate maybe once a day.
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:05am neil:

ha ha ha. me strong. me eat. me work hard. ugh. grunt.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:12am BadGuyZero:

  Sat. 6/27/15 3:13am neil:

  Sat. 6/27/15 3:20am neil:

fit. talk. <pop-top mocha><?>so this is gonna hurt...
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:20am P-90:

Hey BGZ!
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:22am BadGuyZero:

Should I fire up the Shazam app?
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:22am BadGuyZero:

Hey P-90!
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:22am BadGuyZero:

You're only listening to the songs occupying prime number positions in the top 40.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:23am BadGuyZero:

Next up...number 31.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:25am JakeGould:

I hear one is the loneliest number.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:27am JakeGould:

This kind of music has hidden messages in it. Like “Eat Popchips” and “Don’t worry.”
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:28am MrRecord:

wiz was painful
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 3:30am Paulie B:

Everything is so trebly! That's what happens when you engineer music to be heard through tiny computer speakers.
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:30am MrRecord:

this is painful. funny. painful
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:30am BadGuyZero:

Is trap music like that R. Kelly "Trapped In The Closet" record?
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:30am BadGuyZero:

Is this The Communards?
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:31am MrRecord:

even the gong is painful
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 3:32am Paulie B:

Where's the low end? Wasn't that what was appealing about R&B music? Culture has passed me by.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:32am JakeGould:

This is like hearing exactly what your neighbors are saying at this time of night if they are mumbling after coming home from the club/bar/thing/place/movie.
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:33am MrRecord:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 3:36am Paulie B:

All these snare rolls. I don't like it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 3:38am Paulie B:

Always the mark of a good song: You don't want to listen to it all the way through.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:38am JakeGould:

All this music was made by one robot.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:41am JakeGould:

They have a gong, but do they have Gene Gene the Dancing Machine? www.youtube.com...
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:42am BadGuyZero:

Didn't we already listen to this song?
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:43am MrRecord:

LOL. what if it's my real last name? btw I'm singular.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:43am BadGuyZero:

The Mr. Record here on the comments board is a doppelgonger. :rimshot:
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:45am BadGuyZero:

That's a Ricola horn!
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:45am JakeGould:

@MrRecord: What are you? Mister Mxyzptlk?
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:46am MrRecord:

sLight googLing will answer
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:46am JakeGould:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 3:48am Paulie B:

This show is making me lose faith in humanity.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:49am JakeGould:

I like this one specific synth thing. No more autotuned singing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 3:49am Paulie B:

Mostly music.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:50am JakeGould:

All of this music was made by some supercomputer. WHY!
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:51am MrRecord:

way better gong now. .n app 3?
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:52am JakeGould:

Ohhhh! This gong is shimmering now.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:52am BadGuyZero:

I bet The Watcher made all these songs.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:53am JakeGould:

Please! Please! Put on some New Jack Swing! That would be so much better!
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:53am MrRecord:

lol kool n the Wang
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:53am JakeGould:

@BGZ: This is the music Galactus makes after digesting dozens of civilizations. It’s his burp.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 3:54am Paulie B:

This is why Mark Ronson gets respect. For not being nearly as terrible as the music that surrounds his songs on the radio.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:54am JakeGould:

There is this creepy watcher in New Jersey: www.nbcnews.com...
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:55am JakeGould:

But there is also this Marvel comics version of the Watcher: en.wikipedia.org...
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:55am BadGuyZero:

I know where the house is! Next time I'm up there I'm going to go by there and get watched by The Watcher.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:56am JakeGould:

Someone quick… Be… THE GONGER!!! You just show up in the middle of the night and… GONG!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 3:56am Paulie B:

"Hey! Watcher! Leave those kids alone!" - Another Brick in the Wall 2015
  Sat. 6/27/15 3:57am MrRecord:

and aping GoGo
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:58am BadGuyZero:

I am sooooooooo fascinated by The Watcher.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 3:59am BadGuyZero:

They should sell t-shirts that say "I went to Westfield and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.

And watched by The Watcher."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 3:59am Paulie B:

Maybe it's telling that a discussion of pop music has evolved into discussion of a possible pedophile.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:00am MrRecord:

there's more than one actual mr. record. sorry to disappoint. i took mad creep for it growing up
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:01am BadGuyZero:

"Turn it up, Mr. The Watcher!"
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:01am BadGuyZero:

Those children are full of young blood.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:02am JakeGould:

This music is like what the bus driver puts on when he's cruising between stops.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:02am MrRecord:

smoke screen to push TPA
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:04am JakeGould:

MrRecord is the Watcher.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 4:05am Paulie B:

Nate Roose(sp?)... that started out awful and got worse.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:06am MrRecord:

ugh. http://m.imdb.com/name/nm0714548/
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:06am BadGuyZero:

You know what else is tasty?

Young blood.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:06am JakeGould:

MrRecord on the board is the Watcher.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:07am JakeGould:

Put little gongs on bathroom door... So when people wake up to pee... They get GONGED!
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:08am BadGuyZero:

He escaped from New York.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:09am MrRecord:

I'm scared.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:09am BadGuyZero:

DJ Snake escaped from New York.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 4:11am Paulie B:

You guys like DJ Snake? I think it's more like DJ Stockholm Syndrome.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:11am JakeGould:

DJ Snake Plisken from the movie Escape from New York, duh. Signed, The Movie Watcher
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:13am BadGuyZero:

Is this Bonnie Raitt?
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:13am MrRecord:

Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:14am BadGuyZero:

Gong remix!
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:14am JakeGould:

Gonzo goes GONGZO!
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:15am MrRecord:

crossover dunctry
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:17am meh-face:

Got an account to just say how horrible that was
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:18am JakeGould:

Meh-face is the Watcher.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:18am meh-face:

Hang on!
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:18am MrRecord:

this hop is horrible
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:19am JakeGould:

Hang on? For what? Young blood you creep!
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:19am MrRecord:

crack reference
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:20am meh-face:

I got baking soda
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:20am neil:

<listening to black metal><bathory><super high tonite>if i turn off thee lights its like everyone is in my room. then i turn on thee lights<to snack>& thee illusion is blown. <thats ok><yum>ooh.<found a coil vid thats 2hr30min long>& thee lights go out.<heady dreams><twang> there is some amazing music out there, somewhere...<burnt my nose on crack a long time ago>
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:21am JakeGould:

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Soda
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:21am MrRecord:

  Sat. 6/27/15 4:21am MrRecord:

Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:23am BadGuyZero:

Nicely done, meh-face.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:23am meh-face:

You're welcome :) I'm watching you all right now
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:24am MrRecord:

  Sat. 6/27/15 4:25am MrRecord:

I've shed the watcher, meh face, the over please
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:26am JakeGould:

A few weeks ago I had the "What's Happening" theme in my head.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:26am MrRecord:

total eclipse!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 4:27am Paulie B:

I'm jealous. I want some orange flavored seltzer.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:27am Elmo:

I should be sleeping
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:28am BadGuyZero:

I should be watching.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:28am MrRecord:

  Sat. 6/27/15 4:30am Rockwell:

Why do I feel like somebody's watching me?
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:31am MrRecord:

wow. shots?
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:31am meh-face:

All this talk about watching has made me paranoid.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:32am MrRecord:

sounds like a Whitney Houston rip
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:33am meh-face:

Oh my god amazing
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 4:34am Paulie B:

I'm tapping out, everyone. Goodnight, popsters!
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:34am MrRecord:

dunctry dancehall
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 4:34am Ken From Hyde Park:

In my opinion, they need to bring back Wacky Packages - www.wackypackages.org
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 4:35am Paulie B:

That song did make me give up.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:37am BadGuyZero:

I don't file my music collection by genre.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:38am MrRecord:

Post Ejaculation Depression cover of The Cure's "killing an Arab" free music archive. you won't be disappointed
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:38am BadGuyZero:

@Ken: Topps has been making new Wacky Packages for several years. Garbage Pail Kids too.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:39am BadGuyZero:

The Watcher only listens to "Every Breath You Take" over and over.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:40am BadGuyZero:

In "Silence Of The Lambs" Buffalo Bill was listening to "Goodbye Horses" in one scene.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:40am MrRecord:

we're doomed
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:42am BadGuyZero:

I had to go to a pharmacy last time I was in Jersey City.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:42am Elmo:

I wish I could change my username :(
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:43am MrRecord:

Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:43am BadGuyZero:

You can change your username in the profile settings.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:44am The Watcher:

  Sat. 6/27/15 4:44am neil:

  Sat. 6/27/15 4:44am MrRecord:

Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:46am meh-face:

Needs more foghorn
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:46am BadGuyZero:

Click on "profile settings." Underneath your photos click on "create a nickname" and you can change the name that displays with your posts there.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:46am MrRecord:

you have a diff theme every week? I'm in stitches
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:47am Skullfarmer:

Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:47am BadGuyZero:

That's why she has to go to the pharmacy so often. She's a grandma.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:48am BadGuyZero:

I bet Glenn Danzig is a skullfarmer.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:55am BadGuyZero:

Bring the jello. Bring the juice. Bring the baking soda.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:56am MrRecord:

i snorted. cott ch tissu
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:57am BadGuyZero:

Sho Hagen is Nina Hagen's brother.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 4:57am meh-face:

All hail the King of Music
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 4:58am Ken From Hyde Park:

@BGZ - Nice. They need to get the word out, maybe. Lots of web pages available with advertising squares they could use.
  Sat. 6/27/15 4:59am MrRecord:

Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:01am meh-face:

You don't really get this weird pop-country in the UK
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:03am BadGuyZero:

They have Sleaford Mods.
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:03am max:

tea, yes. and better cheese.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:04am meh-face:

We have songs about combine harvesters
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:04am BadGuyZero:

Is this Gwen Stefani?
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:05am Skullfarmer:

Do you have a link to the Spotify list?
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:05am neil:

get it? wheels<turning>m is for music, pop music.<talk about>pop music. new york london paris munich....
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:06am MrRecord:

I'm dying from laughter
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:07am meh-face:

Oh my god i just googled Sleaford Mods. Worse than country-pop
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:08am MrRecord:

now what?
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:08am Skullfarmer:

Someone told me this song is awful
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:09am MrRecord:

Elton ripoff
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:13am meh-face:

Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:14am BadGuyZero:

Is this the baking soda song again?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 5:14am Ken From Hyde Park:

I liked Sleaford Mods on their appearance on Bosh's show some months ago.
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:15am neil:

piles ov foilies.<stacks>
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:19am meh-face:

I may have been a bit harsh on my first evaluation of Sleaford Mods. I take it back!
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:22am DJ Stashu:

Good comments! Thank you!
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:23am neil:

more ov a ibiza chillout guy...<escapism> <refreshing>
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:31am Skullfarmer:

Is this what is called Old School?
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:32am Skullfarmer:

Do you have any Post-Pop-Punk?
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:41am DJ Stashu:

Everyone has different definitions of "post" no?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 5:42am Ken From Hyde Park:

Ha ha....The gym where I go plays this KC and The Sunshine Band song occasionally.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:43am DJ Stashu:

That's so corny!
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:43am DJ Stashu:

But so motivating.
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:44am neil:

stashu ooh, also dig your new picture/graphic/wall paper. well done! <props to thee artist>have a great vacation! <have fun>take care!
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:47am DJ Stashu:

Thank you! Greg Harrison made it. He's designed many a WFMU things. He is possibly a mastermind.
Avatar Sat. 6/27/15 5:47am DJ Stashu:

Dazzle ships!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 5:48am Ken From Hyde Park:

Sadly, out of all the stuff they play, that's one of the best ones. Most of their selections make me want to put in ear plugs. They usually play whiny teenage love songs.
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:49am neil:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/27/15 5:51am Ken From Hyde Park:

In the Top 40 GIF, I see what looks like a person twerking. Just to the right of center, facing right.
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:52am P-90:

Is this thing a radio? Hello!
  Sat. 6/27/15 5:59am neil:

lost my marbles.<no way>
  Sat. 6/27/15 6:00am jamie paterson:

How much do i love this station ? .... let me count the ways .... but every time i turn on this programme i never hear any music ....just dj blether ... am i missing something ?
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