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Polkatively Yours...

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Options June 13, 2015: Request-o-rama with DJ Stashushu
Add your requests here. If you would like to tell us why you like this song, you can do that too. Do you want to dedicate it to someone, and if so, why?

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Artist Track Album Comments Images
And go...         
The Monkees  The Porpoise Song   Options      
Psychic TV  Tune In (Turn on The Acid House)   Options Feat Jack the Tab     
Laid Back  Elevator Boy   Options Dedicated to MONEYBAG$     
Oingo Boingo  Wild Sex (In The Working Class)   Options Nothing To Fear     
Beck  Girl Mix (Bit Rate Variations in B-Flat)   Options Requested by Is_Potato     
Misfits  Teenagers from Mars   Options      
Roy Orbison  In Dreams   Options Requested by Bennet     
Devo  Time Out For Fun   Options      
Benny Bell  Shaving Cream   Options To JakeGould     
The Raiders  Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)   Options      
The Magnetic Fields  Love Is Lighter Than Air   Options      
mNIPK  Nodula   Options To: M. Druek     
Palaces  Axiom   Options To Sean and Cat     
Downey Mildew  Hollow Girl   Options To: Neil     
America  Horse With No Name   Options      
Donovan  Ferris Wheel   Options      
Queen  Dragon Attack   Options      
Alabama Shakes  Dunes   Options This one goes to Alan Walker!     
King Kennytone  Summer Birthday Twist   Options      
Poss Miyazaki  Hilawe   Options Dedicated to Mr. Greg from Bloomfield  :)   
Las Nueces Magicas  Jeepers Creepers   Options      
Ornette Coleman  Moon Inhabitants   Options      
Boney M  Nightflight to Venus   Options      
Nightcrawlers  Space Walk Part II   Options SPACE WALK     
Harry Pussy  Dream Driver   Options      
Andrew Hill   So In Love   Options      
James Brown  Hell   Options      
Martha Reeves & the Vandellas  Quicksand   Options      

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 6/10/15 5:25pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I would like to send warm summery wishes to everybody in Radioland via "Hilawe" by Poss Miyazaki.
Avatar Thu. 6/11/15 8:14am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Hey Stashu, I'd like to request "Hollow Girl" by Downy Mildew (from the Broomtree album) and dedicate it to a past version of myself (circa 1987 when I first heard it).

Looks like I'm going to miss the live version of the show again : (
  Fri. 6/12/15 2:14pm MONEYBAG$:

I would like to request "Elevator Boy" by Laid Back because I'm stuck in an elevator
  Fri. 6/12/15 2:14pm MONEYBAG$:

PS please call for help
Avatar Fri. 6/12/15 2:30pm DJ Stashu:

You're stuck in an elevator!?!?!
  Fri. 6/12/15 5:07pm MONEYBAG$:

it's getting stuffy in here
  Fri. 6/12/15 11:56pm is_potato:

Hi! I request Beck's "Bit Rate Variations in B-Flat" (Girl remix by Paza {The X-Dump}). It makes me feel like I'm bouncy full of good vibrations. And I want to dedicate it to Kristin because she makes me feel the same way!
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 2:24am JakeGould:

Request: “Shaving Cream.” Thank you!
  Sat. 6/13/15 2:40am neil:

i got stuck in an elevator once. i was cleaning the state attorney generals office & thee building was locked up so thee elevator repair man couldn't get in to thee building to get me & my buddy out. it was quite an ordeal. <my buddy wanted to smoke dope while we were stuck in there, but i didn't think it was a very good idea><clearly we made it out, but it took many hours>this was about 15 years ago so we didn't have cell phones.<yet>true story!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:03am neil:

mass hypnosis. <feel thee power>
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 3:03am feedbackloop:

Most awkward request I ever heard at a wedding was for Clarence Carter's "Strokin'".
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:06am neil:

i tried to mount an orange once. <it was a phase><don't judge me>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:06am Tome:

Stashu !!! \\///\/\/\/\\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:07am ! I X Key !:

  Sat. 6/13/15 3:10am weehawk:

Wowow I just drank a red bull and I'm feeling wild!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:11am weehawk:

Who out there on they board feeling WILD?
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:11am MONEYBAG$:

so hungry...someone please throw me some toblerone
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:11am neil:

dance ov soundwaves<dr tim leary><in thee house>fuck yeah!!!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:13am weehawk:

Here money bag have a red baall
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 3:16am DJ Stashu:

  Sat. 6/13/15 3:16am Matt Warwick:

Cheeseburger in Paradise!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:17am MONEYBAG$:

thank you DJ Stashu, this raises my spirits considerably
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:21am weehawk:

Yay bingo boingo
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:21am neil:

scratch that itch.<scratch it>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:21am BennettCap:

It's a party!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:22am neil:

  Sat. 6/13/15 3:22am weehawk:

Way more fun than just letting the songs play!
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 3:29am DJ Stashu:

Time out for you
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:30am Ken From Hyde Park:

"Time Out For Fun" from Devo!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:31am weehawk:

  Sat. 6/13/15 3:31am KP:

Good morning, Stashu
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:31am JakeGould:

Dang! I had a strong desire to hear The Misfits tonight. Did on my own, then this! Thank you!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:32am MONEYBAG$:

fun fact: teenagers from mars is the first song taylor swift learned to play on guitar
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:33am BennettCap:

I love DJ Stashu!
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 3:33am feedbackloop:

Oh yes, this is a good song to get through a night shift. Thanks, Bennet/Stashu.
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 3:34am DJ Stashu:

  Sat. 6/13/15 3:34am JakeGould:

If you can't play "Shaving Cream" then maybe "Pop Life" by Prince who celebrated a birthday on June 8th. Thank you!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:35am neil:

  Sat. 6/13/15 3:37am dan in wisconsin:

Hey Stashu and all. I'd like to request the Magnetic Fields' Love is Lighter Than Air. Thank you!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:39am JakeGould:

Aaaassshhhhhhhhh! Shaving cream!!!! Thank you, Stashu!!!! THANK YOU!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:39am Ken From Hyde Park:

Wow...thanks for playing my request.
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:41am JakeGould:

Sorry for my Aaaaahhh! Having "Ass" in it. Enthusiasm late at night on a mobile device.
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:42am KP:

The Raiders!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:47am JakeGould:

Hey! NYC doesn't smell like hot garbage yet!!!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:48am KP:

South Down Road by the Paupers
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:48am KP:

Thank you
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:48am neil:

trap thee peasants.
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:50am neil:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:50am ! I X Key !:

Not liking potatoes should be illegal
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:50am neil:

garnish thee peasants!!!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:50am JakeGould:

Baked potato. Potato pancakes. Hash browns made of potatoes.
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:51am JakeGould:

Baked potato knishes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:52am ! I X Key !:

Rosemary can cause seizures & that fucking shit has sent me to the hospital more than once
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:52am neil:

blood voodoo chicken!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:52am Tome:

the uptight , new englander difference , from the "queen" herself and here minions -- >> bit.ly...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:54am ! I X Key !:

Rosemary is also in bodycare pro -- vht what do you call things? sorry!
  Sat. 6/13/15 3:54am JakeGould:

One other request if possible: "Pencil Neck Geek" by Classy Freddie Blassie. Dedicated to America.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 3:56am ! I X Key !:

  Sat. 6/13/15 4:00am neil:

ey. i got one that i bet is not in thee wfmu archive. band: saga. song: on the loose. dedicated to thee prison fugitives.<i bet they r listening><run u crazy sleezeballs>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:03am Ken From Hyde Park:

@neil - Ha...I remember that song.
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:03am Matt Warwick:

Bustin by Neil Cicierega
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:07am neil:

@ ken, it's hard to forget that guitar solo.<or thee key boards>
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:09am neil:

...but i bet someone threw it away @ wfmu.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:10am Ike:

Good eeeeeevening.
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 4:11am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:13am ! I X Key !:

I just got my ear flushed & I got earwax softener drops can anyone give me any advice or wisdom please
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:14am neil:

on thee wisdom of earwax?
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:14am KP:

This is good
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:15am KP:

Moody is good as the day is changing
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:17am neil:

thee greater thee wax, thee greater thee knowledge...the wax is from your brain. <plants & birds & rocks & things>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:18am ! I X Key !:

Thee wisdom ov earwax youth
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:19am Ken From Hyde Park:

Ear wax does not a good candle make.
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:21am neil:

you ever hear about stories about babies with cockroach eggs in their ears?<gross>
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:21am JakeGould:

Ear wax drops are cool. Have a nice shower and then tilt your head to one side and put a few drops in. Then wait, rinse the ear and enjoy the lack of wax.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:22am ! I X Key !:

Yes & I still have a problem I am seeking help about
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:24am ! I X Key !:

brb after I put a few drops in then wait
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:25am ! I X Key !:

Thank you
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:25am neil:

on thee dark side of thee pillow.<my ear drained after a very intense sauna session>
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:27am dan in wisconsin:

May I also request "Is it a Dream" by the Damned? Thanks for the Mag Fields song!
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:30am neil:

rodney king was on pcp, also when he died. <platypus in thee grass><chase thee platypus>do not put mercury in ur ear.
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:31am neil:

im a psychic large.<unless it shrinks in thee wash>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:31am ! I X Key !:

Does Mercury being in retrograde mean that from our perspective Mercury seems to be moving the other way from us sometimes
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:33am neil:

  Sat. 6/13/15 4:36am neil:

thee toilet zone?
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:37am neil:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:37am ! I X Key !:

When you were Elron the fabian commodore
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 4:40am ! I X Key !:

was my ear better next
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:43am barrie:

Loving the on-air banter this morning. All that drug talk made me wanna hear "Nod Scene" by Monster Magnet, which is certainly not a morning song. But it has a funny line about Whip-Its in it.
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:44am neil:

diskogs has 6,041,479 listed records.
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:51am neil:

downey mildew is not listed on diskogs...
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 4:54am DJ Stashu:

Loved Downey Mildew.
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 4:57am DJ Stashu:

Hard to google.
  Sat. 6/13/15 4:57am neil:

elf requested thee downey mildew, im still waitin' for thee st. eteinne,<or renaldo & the loaf song:hambu hodu from thee album thee elbow is taboo>thanks.
  Sat. 6/13/15 5:05am neil:

no sweat. im not like the playlist police...<biscuit>
  Sat. 6/13/15 5:07am neil:

a flock ov turtles?
  Sat. 6/13/15 5:15am JoeRay:

If it were collage radio, you would be pre-emptied by sports!
  Sat. 6/13/15 5:18am JoeRay:

  Sat. 6/13/15 5:18am weehawk:

Wowowo that bull is keeping me going
  Sat. 6/13/15 5:19am JoeRay:

or net!
  Sat. 6/13/15 5:23am JoeRay:

All players improvising at once!!!
  Sat. 6/13/15 5:38am Tomek:

Nightcrawlers? Saturday couldn't start better!
Avatar Sat. 6/13/15 5:45am BadGuyZero:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 5:52am Ken From Hyde Park:

Have a good week, DJ Stashu and friends. Thanks for the fun.
  Sat. 6/13/15 5:58am neil:

k. g-night.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 6/13/15 12:19pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Avatar Sun. 6/14/15 3:22pm Mdurek:

Danke danke danke danke!!!
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