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April 28, 2015 Options
Off the rails
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
James Brown 
Cold Sweat (pt. 1)   Options b/w Cold Sweat (pt. 2)
(King 1967)

Bascom Lamar Lunsford  Speaking the Truth   Options b/w A Stump Speech in the 10th District
(Columbia 1930)
Grayson & Whitter  Little Maggie with a Dram Glass in Her Hand   Options b/w Barnyard Serenade
(Victor 1928)
Henry Flynt  Double Spindizzy   Options Graduation and Other New Country and Blues Music
(Ampersand 1975)
Jay Dee Pepper  You've Got to Love Her a Lot   Options b/w Movin' Out, Movin' In
(Spar )
Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty  You're the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly   Options b/w From Seven Till Ten
(MCA 1978)
Emma Ogosi  Going Back to My Wife   Options It's Not Easy
(EMI 1982)
Maynard & The Musties  Smart Ass   Options Fall On In
(Maynard & the Musties 2014)
Allen Ginsberg  Old Pond   Options First Blues
(John Hammond 1981)

Talkover Music:
Sohail Rana 
Soul Sitar   Options Khyber Mail
(EMI 1970)

Domenico Cipolla  Diu Fece Munno E Poi Le Genti Et Bersagliera   Options Zampogne en Italie
(Auvidis )
Giuseppe Velardo, Michele Borgese & Rosario Pirello  Alla Bagnarota   Options Italian Treasury: Calabria
(Rounder 1954)
E Zezi  Tammuriata dell'Alfasud   Options Tammuriata dell'Alfasud
(Dischi del Sole 1976)
Càlic  Los Barandons   Options La Cançò Catalana a Sardenya
Tenores De Oniferi  Muttos   Options Polyphonic Singing from Sardinia
(Music of the World 1999)

Talkover Music:
Joe Claussell & Kerri Chandler 
Escravos De Jo   Options Copa Mundial Muzique:
A Selection of Afro-Caribbean and Latin Sounds in Celebration of the World Cup '98
(Guidance 1998)

Sun Ra & His Arkestra  Visitant of the Ninth Ultimate   Options Omniverse
(Saturn 1979)
State Street Ramblers  Yearning and Blue   Options b/w Someday You'll Know
(Gennett 1928)
Coleman Hawkins  Body and Soul   Options b/w It Had to Be You
(Bluebird 1939)
Sonny Sharrock  Soon   Options Monkey-Pockie-Boo
(BYG/Actuel 1970)
Hugh Ragin Trumpet Ensemble w/Clark Terry  Spacemen   Options Fanfare & Fiesta
(Justin Time 2000)

Talkover Music:
Billy Butler 
Lonliness   Options The Right Tracks:
The Complete Okeh Recordings 1963-1966
(Ace )

Kazue Sawai  Crack Pot   Options Ta-Wa-Go
(God Mountain 1995)
Klaus Kinski (reading Brecht)  Der Barbara Song oder die Ballade vom Nein und Ja   Options Kinski Spricht Werke der Weltliteratur
(Deutsche Grammophon Literatur 1959)
Moondog  Oasis   Options Moondog (The Viking of Sixth Avenue)
(Honest Jons 1953)
Guigou Chenevier and Sophie Jausserand  La Beauce   Options A L'Abri des Micro-Climats
(RecRec 1984)

Talkover Music:
Hot Music (Jazz Mix)   Options Stop and Listen: Volume 1 (compiled by Dr. Bob Jones)
(BBE )

Roberto Darvin y Su Onda  Perdido Por No Encontrarte   Options Roberto Darvin y Su Onda
(Caytronics 1971)
Francisco "Bush" Buckley y Sus Magnificos (Vocal: Anel "Chombo" Castro)  El Tirano   Options Salsita
(Mate 1972)
Alfonso Lovo  Sinfonia Del Espacio De Do Menor   Options La Gigantona
(Numero 1976)
Los Kimbos  El Lapiz   Options Los Kimbos con Adalberto Santiago
(Cotique 1976)

Talkover Music:
Augustus Pablo 
Drums to the King   Options Blowing With the Wind
(Greensleeves 1978)

Juma Kilaza & Cuban Marimba Band  Mwana Ambiyansey   Options Zilizo Pendwa
(C Saba )
Opambuo International Band of Ghana  Me Wu De Ka Agyamo   Options Show Me Your Love
(NGLP 1981)
Kyerematen Atwedie Stars  Ketewabiara Nsua   Options Faye Me Nkoa
( ca. 1972)
Tunji Oleyana  Jewele Jewele   Options A Nigerian Retrospective, 1966-1979
(Soundway )

Closing Theme:
Specks Williams 
We Gave the Drummer Some   Options b/w Specks Blues
(Jax 196?)

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:01pm Jesse K:

Thanks for the switch Doug, handing off the virtual logs for the evening!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:03pm Doug Schulkind:

And I am burning the virtual logs now! Great freaking show, Jesse!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:03pm glenn:

barking the truth, by luna.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:04pm glenn:

i wish streetcars still had cow catchers.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Could you hear my pooch in the background? Sounded pretty sonorous to me!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:06pm SeanG:

not enough kids named Bascom these days
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:07pm glenn:

quite probably none.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:08pm Doug Schulkind:

Mr. Grayson's first hame was Gilliam. Another archaic and lovely name.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:13pm northguineahills:

Henry Flynt! W000!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:14pm glenn:

any relation to hustler dude?
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:14pm Doug Schulkind:

Northguineahills! WOOO!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:16pm Doug Schulkind:

Only three names separate them on the "Flynt" page at Wikipedia:

Althea Flynt (1953–1987), fourth wife of Larry Flynt, co-publisher the magazine Hustler
Henry Flynt (born 1940), philosopher, avant-garde musician, anti-art activist and exhibited artist
Jimmy Flynt (born 1948), of Larry Flynt Publications (LFP) produces adult videos and magazines, most notably Hustler
John James Flynt, Jr. (1914–2007), United States Representative from Georgia.
Josiah Flynt (1869–1907), American sociologist and author, born at Appleton, Wisc
Larry Flynt (born 1942), American publisher and the head of Larry Flynt Publications (LFP)
Mike Flynt, linebacker for Division III Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas
Wayne Flynt, Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at Auburn University
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:19pm Uncle Michael:

You're killing it. Doug!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:20pm glenn:

probably not many kids being named conway these days, either.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:20pm Doug Schulkind:

Killing it dead, UM!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:20pm Uncle Michael:

One of the guys on my Cubs message board is Loretta's band leader. Shes playing near here in August and he's coming to the house to watch baseball and eat...then we're going to the show.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:21pm Doug Schulkind:

Pretty fancy, UM!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:21pm glenn:

your cubs rookies seem to be doing much better than my blue jays rookies. except maybe devon travis. he'll be the a.l. rookie of the year, i think.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:24pm glenn:

Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:26pm Uncle Michael:

I'm not sure which Cub will be NL ROY.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:27pm glenn:

don't play his song "ballad of rocky and bessie" around luna.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:28pm Doug Schulkind:

You know Joe, glenn?! He's a sweetheart.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:29pm Doug Schulkind:

@Uncle Michael
ROY Hobbs, mabye.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:29pm glenn:

i sent him money and and he sent me all his c.d.s., but no, i don't know him.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:39pm Doug Schulkind:

Joe is a swell guy.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:42pm glenn:

he writes great songs, that's for sure.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:50pm glenn:

speaking of songwriters, things ain't looking good for joni.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:54pm Doug Schulkind: is reporting that she is NOT comatose and unresponsive.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:56pm glenn:

yeah, i probably should have read the article before posting, then again, tmz is right much of the time.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 7:59pm Doug Schulkind:

The WFMU email list is now gabbing about Joni. Where's there's smoke, there's usually fire.
  Tue. 4/28/15 8:05pm Eric:

I head some of that in Sardinia, I used to buy moonshine from this guy who's in Coro Polifonico Montesantu di Baunei
  Tue. 4/28/15 8:06pm Eric:

I recorded them also:
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:09pm Doug Schulkind:

Ooh ooh ooh, thank Eric!
  Tue. 4/28/15 8:09pm Eric:

Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:16pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Hullo! - lovin' Sardians & Ra.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:17pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Tue. 4/28/15 8:19pm Eric:

where can I find the archive for the all Sardinian set?
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:20pm Doug Schulkind:

I'll try to find it and provide the link. Hang on...
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:21pm Doug Schulkind:

Here it is:
  Tue. 4/28/15 8:26pm Eric:

Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:27pm Doug Schulkind:

Hello, RevRabNov63!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:30pm Doug Schulkind:

And now, a treat from the late great Clark Terry!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:36pm Doug Schulkind:

There is no Best Show from Tom Scharpling and friends tonight, so whydontcha keep on listening?!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Sure! This is kewl.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:49pm Doug Schulkind:

Kewler and kewler...
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:53pm glenn:

grrrrrrr. is there anything worse than hitting into an inning ending double play with the bases loaded?
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:55pm coelacanth:

olá Doug; comrades.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:55pm Doug Schulkind:

Is it better to have loaded the bases and hit into an inning-ending double play than to have never loaded the bases at all?
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:56pm glenn:

gaaaahhhhh. existential baseball questions.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:59pm Doug Schulkind:

Greetings, coelacanth!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 8:59pm Van in DC:

Hi bye
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:00pm Doug Schulkind:

Hello and welcome, Van!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:02pm Mike East:

nice Moondog
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Sit, Moondog, sit. Good Moondog. Hi Mike East!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:06pm Mike East:

Hello Doug. Some interesting sounds tonight for sure. That Sonny Sharrock was out there.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:08pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:'re playin' the Real Stuff awlright
- so it pains me but I'm gonna fink out & dig Irene
...Thx for the stay!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:10pm Mike East:

2 saturdays ago Gary was in for Rob.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:10pm Mike East:

Is it me or do they have kind of similar sounding voices?
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:12pm coelacanth:

last saturday Lamin filled in for Rob. Brilliant program that was too!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:13pm Mike East:

I missed that cuz I was at the Yankee game drinking too many overpriced beers.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:13pm coelacanth:

Yes i'm happy to hear you "live" for once. i'm almost always working during both of your weekly shows.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:15pm coelacanth:

i plan to revisit it, as well as Gary's fill-in.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:15pm Doug Schulkind:

@Mike East
Wait just a minute. You're at the Yankee game tonight? Or do you mean two Saturdays ago? (Yankees are up, 4-2 right now, which you obviously know if you're at the game.)

I happy to have you live, too, coelacanth.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:16pm Doug Schulkind:

Here is the link to Gary's fill-in for Rob:
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:18pm Mike East:

@Doug - it was last Saturday that I was at the game (which is why I missed Lamin's fillin). And actually, if you asked me the score last Saturday I wouldn't be able to tell you...I was a bit tossed, and I'm not much of a baseball guy. I was there for a friend's bachelor party. I know they lost, and I know they were playing the Mets...that's about all.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:22pm Doug Schulkind:

@Mike East
Ah, you saw the game pitched by The Dark Knight!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:24pm glenn:

today in best of craigslist.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:26pm Mike East:

if you say so, Doug!

nice, glenn
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:26pm coelacanth:

oh man! hilarious and terrible!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:28pm Doug Schulkind:

Saw yes. Skill, not so much.
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 9:30pm Doug Schulkind:

@Mike East
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 10:02pm northguineahills:

Man, nice tour-de-force, Doug, thanks!
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 10:02pm coelacanth:

Thanks Doug!
ciao peepers
Avatar Tue. 4/28/15 10:06pm Doug Schulkind:

That was a blast! Thanks, NGH and coelacanth and everyone!
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