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Two hours of rollicking delite: '60s jams, cartooniness, seriousness, sing-alongs, and Simpsons talk. P.dece.

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Options March 18, 2015: 2015 MARATHON WEEK 2 with co-host Scott McDowell!!!

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Artist Track Album Label Format Comments Approx. start time
  Flaming Moe's           0:00:00 ()
George Harrison  Got My Mind Set On You   Options         0:02:42 ()
ABBA  Head Over Heels   Options         0:06:29 ()
Marianne Faithfull  Give My Love to London   Options Give My Love to London  Easy Sound  CD  WIN THIS CD by pledging now!  0:10:36 ()
  I Love         sung by me  0:14:43 ()
The Monkees  Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)   Options         0:32:05 ()
D. Charles Speer & the Helix  Wallwalker   Options Doubled Exposure  Thrill Jockey  CD  WIN IT! Pledge $20 or more now.  0:34:11 ()
Hap Palmer  Little Ants   Options Squeaky Feelings: Nazario Scenario 2015      ON MY DJ PREMIUM! Pledge $75 to get this squeaky track and 28 others.  0:36:59 ()
Graham Parker and the Rumour  I Want You Back (Alive)   Options         0:39:03 ()
Supersnazz  Stay With Me   Options         0:41:49 ()
Nick Lowe  Cracking Up   Options         0:56:20 ()
Neil Young  On the Road Again   Options A Letter Home  Third Man  LP  WIN THIS LP!  0:59:28 ()
The Chipmunks  I'm Henry VIII, I Am   Options       On MY PREMIUM, Squeaky Feelings, which is yours for a pledge of $75 or more!  1:02:22 ()
Slade  Cum On Feel the Noize   Options         1:17:27 ()
The Creepies  Teach Me How to Rock and Roll   Options Squeaky Feelings: Nazario Scenario 2015      Reminder: $75  1:21:10 ()
Fay Wray  Amanda   Options         1:34:05 ()
Traffic Sound  La Camita   Options Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul, and Psych from Peru's Radical Decade (V/A)      WIN IT NOW! $20 or more will get you in the running.  1:36:43 ()
Sodsai Chaengkij  The Boat That I Row   Options         1:39:46 ()
The Yolks  You Don't Live Here No More   Options Kings of Awesome      WIN THIS LP!  1:51:58 ()
The Roommates  Glory of Love   Options         1:53:20 ()
The Hollies  The Air That I Breathe   Options         1:55:13 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 11:54am listener james from westwood:

w00t! Amanda's week 2 of the Marathon! Pledge and keep the station rolling in dough!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 11:59am Amanda:

What he said.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 11:59am Jeff Golick:

Huzzah! Two of my fave woof-moo-ers! And james makes three!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:01pm Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Hey everyone,

I probably should go to bed soon.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:01pm Stevel:

Definitely going for a dollar a day this year. Can't beat the value!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:01pm Scott McDowell:

Wallets out!
  Wed. 3/18/15 12:02pm P-90:

"w00t!" Indeed.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:03pm listener james from westwood:

Thanks, Jeff!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:04pm Scott McDowell:

Hey everybody it's time to pledge to Nazario Scenario, all hands on deck! $75 gets the premium exclusive to this show Squeaky Feelings. Pledges galore is the expectation of you.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:04pm SeanG:

  Wed. 3/18/15 12:05pm G:

remember there were two videos for this harrison -- a young-people one for MTV and a middleaged one for VH1? marketing lol
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:05pm SeanG:

god i love this song
  Wed. 3/18/15 12:05pm P-90:

Cowabunga! Has anyone else noticed what a brilliant Paul Simon parody the "Flaming Moe" jingle is, in addition to functioning as an alternate-universe rendition of the "Cheers" theme?
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:05pm doctorjazz:

Go Amanda!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:05pm Artie Haywire:

Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:05pm Jeff Golick:

It is impossible not to love this tune.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:06pm Jeff Golick:

(I've tried.)
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:07pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:09pm listener james from westwood:

Big guns coming out this fine Wednesday afternoon! Pledge for the station that reveres pop!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:09pm Amanda:

Hi, everybody! Happy marathon week 2 to yiz.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:11pm MattBelow:

Rock on Amanda and Scott!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:14pm conkrete dawg:

marianne's still hot
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:14pm Dominick:

Not squeaky
  Wed. 3/18/15 12:15pm P-90:

Marianne should play a pirate queen in the next Pirates of the Caribbean joint.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:15pm Dominick:

Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:16pm Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Yay for loving pugs!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:16pm Jeff Golick:

Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:17pm Gary:

That was terrific
  Wed. 3/18/15 12:17pm Sean:

Holly guacamole, that was great!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:17pm Stevel:

Always good to hear Amanda sing.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...cue Micky Dolenz saying - that was really - dumb!...
- nah, that was sweet...
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:19pm Bob Dylan:

I'm in.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:20pm Early, Acoustic Dylan:

Me too.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:22pm Born Again Bob:

Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:22pm Dylan's Rabbi:

Seems kosher to me.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:26pm Gaylord Fields:

And I pledged before I even heard "I Love"!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:27pm pacific standard simon:

What about slowing down voices to represent, you know, elephants and bears and such?
  Wed. 3/18/15 12:29pm P-90:

Is there a way to earmark a pledge specifically for Champagne and Lamborghinis?
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:30pm ndbob:

afternoon Amanda an everyone!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:30pm Roberto:

Hey Amanda, my daughter and I watched the "Nasty" episode of The Young Ones for the 4th or 5th time over the weekend. The plot finally made sense!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:30pm Citizen Kane:

I keep it 100 and don't you forget it! www.rottentomatoes.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:32pm Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Goodnight everyone!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:32pm Son of Dylan:

In as well!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:36pm Scott McDowell:

Keep on pledgin'. D Charles Speer record is up for grabs, you have a VERY GOOD SHOT at winning, too.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:36pm Scott McDowell:

Do you guys know how much Lamborghinis cost.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:36pm pacific standard simon:

Hey, this rocks.
  Wed. 3/18/15 12:38pm G:

If you have to ask, you can't afford one.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:38pm MattBelow:

I want the little ants as a pet!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:38pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:39pm Roberto:

The kids are really going to love that CD when I play it in the car on our next road trip.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:40pm Uncle Michael:

kids of all ages!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:40pm pacific standard simon:

Either that, or they'll be facepalming the whole way.
  Wed. 3/18/15 12:40pm P-90:

Was that the famous "slip cue"?
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:41pm Amanda:

@P-90 - yeah! sure!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:45pm northguineahills:

Now, I have a second face-to-face interview next week. If either one pans out, I can give some coin to the stream come Mayish.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:45pm listener james from westwood:

Supersnazz, played by super Nazz. Where would our Wednesdays be without Amanda?
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:45pm pacific standard simon:

If you can play the riff, you don't NEED to know what the words mean.
  Wed. 3/18/15 12:46pm G:

downstream :)
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:50pm Gary:

Yay Rebecca!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:51pm pacific standard simon:

Hooray! I'll love it. Thank you!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:55pm listener james from westwood:

Amanda: 0:57 here for the widget intro & line www.youtube.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:58pm pacific standard simon:

Swag for life is definitely worth it -- it enables me to pledge at a higher level than would be possible otherwise. And then there's the shower of DJ premiums!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 12:58pm Scott McDowell:

Thanks for your pledges!

Neil Young's A Letter Home LP is up for you to win in exchange for a pledge - gonna pull for it soon!
  Wed. 3/18/15 1:01pm Sean:

Ha! Beat me to it, James.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:04pm doctorjazz:

anyone see Neil on the Springsteen special...man, can he still rock!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:04pm Scott McDowell:

We set a goal! We set a goal!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:05pm pacific standard simon:

Amanda, isn't there some kind of electronic studio gizmo that will give you a squeaky voice so you can sing along with the Chipmunks?
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:06pm doctorjazz:

He and Crazy Horse LOOK like they need rocking chairs, but, boy, they played harder than anyone else there (including Bruce)
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:09pm listener james from westwood:

Yay mouse pledge!!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:13pm listener james from westwood:

Yay SECOND mouse pledge!!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:18pm MattBelow:

Oh yes!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:19pm Gaylord Fields:

Mouse pledges — they support their own!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:20pm Stanley:

(gets up off sick bed to make feeble attempt to pledge)
Slade's wot made me dun it.
  Wed. 3/18/15 1:20pm P-90:

No need for a "chipmunked" version of Cum on Feel the Noize, every version sounds that way already
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:24pm Amanda:

@PSS, I suppose there might be a voice-distorter like that, but I'm a purist.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:26pm Scott McDowell:

Simpsons lovers, time to step up, we know you're listening. The Simpson's prize is up for grabs right now for a minimum pledge.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:30pm Dan B From Upstate:

I know it's not the case, but I chose for years to believe that frequent commenter Matt From Springfield was Matt Groening.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:31pm listener james from westwood:

I do indeed! (And I did indeed re: Olive!) That Lenny/Carl exchange is basically their relationship in a nutshell. That and Mt. Carlmore.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:32pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Howdy Amanda, Scott & Nazariots all. Did my Scenario duty. Yup, that be me!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:32pm Charlie:

"A stranger's just a friend you haven't met!"
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:34pm Joe non Papa:

Thanks Amanda. Looking forward to my prize.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:38pm northguineahills:

Thanks Amanda and Scott, good luck and keep the good work up! Gotta jet!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:38pm Carmichael:

Hey there Amanda, Scott and fellow music beasts.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:39pm Scott McDowell:

Up for grabs for a pledge - you could win - excellent chance, too! Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych from Peru's Radical Decade
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:41pm jay c:

another excellent marathon show! happy wednesday!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:42pm Scott McDowell:

Pledge til it hurts.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:45pm Stanley:

She's Scott it - Little Richard!
  Wed. 3/18/15 1:47pm Doug Schulkind:

Yay! I'm on my state-mandated 30-minute unpaid lunch. Working for the man, listening to the great woman of the Drummer Stream!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:48pm Jeff Golick:

"The Alchemy Of Scott Lafaro" by Ornette Coleman. There you go, Scott.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:50pm Brian in UK:

Doug, with you in spirit. Polish raw spirit.

Stanley what you sickening for?
  Wed. 3/18/15 1:50pm Robert:

I wonder if you could unearth Michelle Boule for GTDR.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:51pm Carmichael:

Doug, you have a job, so you're a leg up on a lot of people. Or is it head and shoulders up? Or Head, Hands and Feet?
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:52pm Stanley:

Hi Brian - a burg.
Opened the sluices at both ends!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:53pm Brian in UK:

Oh man, norovirus is evil. GWS
  Wed. 3/18/15 1:54pm Doug Schulkind:

True dat, Carmichael.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:54pm Scott McDowell:

Good call, Golick but kind of a stretch!!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:55pm ndbob:

nice song here - an excellent pledge show Amanda!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:56pm MattBelow:

Hollies mean Springtime
  Wed. 3/18/15 1:56pm G:

God, did they play the crap out of this Hollies on Brasilian top 40 radio when I lived there...
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:56pm Jeff Golick:

...yeah, it's a tad specific, Scott.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:57pm Scott McDowell:

Finish strong, get those last pledges -- gonna pull for the Hard Day's Night DVD/Bluray very shortly.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:57pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Anudder weiner!!! Great shew, AN. Looking forward to a true potty-mouther w/ Matt tomorrow.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:58pm Amanda:

He better not try that s#!t with me
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:58pm Jeff Golick:

Thanks for making my sick day wicked sick, as we usta say in Massachusetts, Amanda and Scott!
  Wed. 3/18/15 1:59pm Sean:

Does anyone else have a mental image of Amanda kissing her biceps upon hitting her goal, or is it just me?
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 1:59pm pacific standard simon:

I wish I could get this song without the drums.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 2:00pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for the show, Amanda and Scott!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 2:00pm Joe non Papa:

I regret that I won't be able to listen to tomorrow's show live. But I promise to send some of my casino winnings.
  Wed. 3/18/15 2:02pm P-90:

Thanks, DJ Amanda for another year of you and all the limbs. That you went out on.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 2:03pm listener james from westwood:

Always a joy, Amanda! Thanks also to Scott for MC'ing!!
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 2:08pm Amanda:

Thanks, everybody, for pledging to the show!!! It's totally OK to continue pledging through Sunday if you wanna see me meet the goal. But for now I want to say how grateful I am to each and every last one of you who kicked some money our way.
Avatar Wed. 3/18/15 2:08pm Scott McDowell:

Thanks, all! What a blast.
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