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Options January 18, 2015

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket  Paradise In A Purple Sky   Options In A Dutch Haze  2014  0:00:00 ()
Led Zeppelin  Heartbreaker   Options Led Zeppelin II  1969  0:27:26 ()
Led Zeppelin  Living Loving Maid   Options Led Zeppelin II  1969  0:31:40 ()
Thin Lizzy  Look What the Wind Blew In   Options Thin Lizzy  1971  0:34:20 ()
Moving Sidewalks  I Want To Hold Your Hand   Options The Complete Collection  2012  0:37:38 ()
The Move  Hello Susie   Options Shazam!  1970  0:40:40 ()
Mountain  Nantucket Sleighride   Options Nantucket Sleighride  1970  0:45:36 ()
Gash  In The Sea   Options A Young Man's Gash  1974  0:51:37 ()
Queen  Procession / Now I'm Here   Options Live At The Rainbow '74  2014  1:05:25 ()
Killdozer  I'm Not Lisa   Options Burl  1986  1:11:06 ()
John Entwistle  I Feel Better   Options Whistle Rymes  1972  1:13:40 ()
The Heads  Legavaan Satellite (Man's Ruin Version)   Options Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere  2000  1:18:13 ()
William Onyeabor  Something You'll Never Forget   Options Crashes In Love    1:50:35 ()
Tony Allen  Moving On   Options Film Of Life  2014  2:00:24 ()
Little Sister  You're The One (Parts 1 & 2)   Options Sly Stone's Flower  2014  2:07:05 ()
Aphex Twin  Minipops 67 (Source Field Mix)   Options Syro  2014  2:12:17 ()
Zola Jesus  Hunger   Options Taiga  2014  2:16:59 ()
The Knife  We Share Our Mother's Health (Shaken-Up Version)   Options Shaken Up Versions  2014  2:21:26 ()
Falty DL  Do Me (Bruk Mix)   Options ///I\II\\\\  2014  2:25:43 ()
Clark  Unfurla   Options Clark  2014  2:30:04 ()
English Heretic  Video Anxieties   Options The Underworld Service  2014  2:35:28 ()
The Chills  Wet Blanket   Options The BBC Sessions  2014  2:43:29 ()
Prince Rupert's Drops  Climbing Light   Options Climbing Light  2014  2:46:12 ()
Destroy All Monsters  Bored   Options Destroy All Monsters  2014  2:50:52 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 1/18/15 12:08pm blee:

Good Morning, Chris M. Keep em coming, this rocks!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 12:08pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Gee, that must have been some IBJ party last week!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:09pm Chris M.:

hi folks! filling in for the usual crew today because: "Garden State Parkway & Driscoll Bridge Closed due to Icing". hope you're all ready to rock
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 12:11pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I *thought* this was an unusual pick for Jonesy!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:19pm ottovonbqe:

Chris, I hope you brought a sidekick and are planning on doing an hour of banter between sets.
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:20pm mike east:

Wait what day is it?
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:23pm CousinDanny:

This is amazing!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:23pm Chris M.:

i might take some calls later on. stay tuned, talk fans
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 12:25pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Is Lulu there?
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:26pm Chris M.:

@Greg: haven't seen Lulu today! hope he's ok.
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:29pm r i s k y:

Ohh yeeeah! Second best thing to Jonesy and X-Ray, go Chris. Take it to the ranch!
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:32pm Listener John:

Wow, I turned on WFMU and was trying to figure out how I had slept through a whole day . . . Thanks for filling in, Mr. M! (And that "Paradise in a Purple Sky" sure was heavy . . . Great stuff!)
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:37pm Robert:

Isn't this amazing? Think how the freezing rain must've affected xport'n for a number of people, yet there are always people working at or near the station eager to pick up the slack. We may not think about them often, but they're there.
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:38pm Mike in SF:

Waking up to Thin Lizzy, gonna be a good day!
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:38pm Riggs:

Pump me up with some rock steady beats till the Packer game.
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:40pm r i s k y:

Yeah I just chomped down a sub sandwich to that Thin Lizzy, it was the soundtrack to a perfect Subday (Subday*).
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:40pm r i s k y:

  Sun. 1/18/15 12:40pm Robert:

I mean, it's not just the DJs affected, there's a good chance other volunteers & paid staff had trouble.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:40pm CZECHANO:

Awesome, what a pleasant surprise, it's Chris M! Here's a cool link to go with those Moving Sidewalks- www.expressnews.com...
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:42pm CZECHANO:

and Chris, don't forget to play atleast one Rick Springfield song or the Glen Jones crew will go ape shit.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 12:44pm Jeff:

Hail to thee, O emergency-fill-in radio hero!

May all your Lizzys be thin.
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:45pm Wild:

rock star sunday morning! ☆★★☆
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:45pm PortableAnarchy:

TG the storm was today and not last week!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 12:46pm Greg from Bloomfield:

He never plays Rick Springfield! The Village People on the other hand...
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:47pm PortableAnarchy:

Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:48pm CZECHANO:

Yeah, but, Rick just won that butt lawsuit.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:48pm neil from heidelberg:

hey Chris, nice surprise to hear you!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:50pm Chris M.:

i'm as surprised as you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 12:50pm patrick321:

Ah, thx Chris! memories of my youth – fast cars on dark roads in rural NJ
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 12:52pm Nanker de Tucson:

Thanks for the Mountain, ChrisM !
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:54pm V Priceless:

Hey Chris M! I go from car to crib and miss Hello Susie? Drat!
  Sun. 1/18/15 12:55pm SeanG:

thanks for filling in Chris M--you rock like this rock rocks
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 12:56pm Siriusly:

Damn, just tuned in and missed the Mountain
  Sun. 1/18/15 1:02pm ?:

great surprise to have Chris M here. r-a-d-i-o !
  Sun. 1/18/15 1:07pm Noel:

Great set Chris. Love the Move,
second time I heard them today. Fire Brigade was on BBC Manchester at 7am
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 1:08pm Tim 07030:

Fred Blassie shopped at the A&P I worked at during high school. He was a super nice guy.
  Sun. 1/18/15 1:08pm V Priceless:

Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 1:14pm CZECHANO:

Jessi Colter's voice is really wrecked on this one.
  Sun. 1/18/15 1:15pm SeanG:

the ox
  Sun. 1/18/15 1:27pm SeanG:

jimmy page has a 25 year old girlfriend
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 1:28pm PortableAnarchy:

#SeanG Oh yeah? What is the name of her seeing eye dog?
  Sun. 1/18/15 1:46pm Marc:

Is her father a broke king in Africa?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 1:47pm Greg from Bloomfield:

  Sun. 1/18/15 1:49pm Marc:

She's smart but doesn't know of a famous Internet scam.
  Sun. 1/18/15 1:52pm rw:

Way to go Chris M.! Those questions were tricky. I think you did good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 1:52pm Greg from Bloomfield:

She was indeed a harsh Riddle Mistress.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 1:53pm Chris M.:

thanks, rw!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 1:53pm neil from heidelberg:

well played Chris, you're a shoo-in.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 1:57pm Chris M.:

thanks. i think my score was 8/4
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 1:58pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I have yet to encounter an Onyeabor jam that I have not clicky-starred.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 1:59pm coelacanth:

aloha Chris. i have trouble catching you on mondays;but here you are...and i almost missed you today too.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:02pm Chris M.:

i'm everywhere! they can't get rid of me
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:03pm coelacanth:

i should hope they can't!
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:06pm rw:

All morning I imagined I was listening to The Glen Jones Radio Programme but it was just my imagination.
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:06pm rw:

Where's my coffee? It was here a second ago...
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:08pm coelacanth:

great. now I want coffee.

...and i don't know why i'm sorry to have missed all that classic rawk,when i can just put on those records!
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:12pm rw:

coelcanth, there's something about live radio that you can't replicate at home.
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:13pm rw:

I mean coelacanth
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:18pm coelacanth:

it's true. maybe it's about someone else playing what i wanted to hear next,when i didn't know i wanted it.
certain djs i can trust for that; others,unfortunately not.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:19pm kiemzi:

hmm this song just reminded me, i wonder what to have for lunch!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:20pm coelacanth:

great. now i want lunch.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:23pm kiemzi:

i got the hunger//
maybe i'll have some soup and/or salad
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:27pm rw:

kiemzi, I'd join you but I just finished breakfast. I may need some more coffee though.
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:29pm StuBot:

thanks for filling in for the Dynamic Duo, but what's with the second half total departure from the musical format? Jones and Burns are eclectic, this last hour, not so. Got me turning the dial to WNYC for the Johnathan Schwartz show.
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:30pm StuBot:

Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:30pm Chris M.:

@StuBot: if you're going over to Jonathan Schwartz, that's your private hell. sorry that you hate music.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:31pm kiemzi:

i guess u like listening to somebody suck on a lozenge in between every song
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:32pm kiemzi:

sorry, in between every "standard" zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:32pm Stubot:

hate music? please. you're a dullard.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:33pm Chris M.:

@StuBot: thanks for you great comments. it's been wonderful hearing from you.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:34pm kiemzi:

dude, why are you still commenting if you're listening to WNYC? like gmafb
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:34pm Stubot:

I didn't think anyone listened to this kind of musical puke anymore. this totally clashes with the Sunday vibe dude. What's next, gregorian chant with monks and Casio tone beats? yawn.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:37pm kiemzi:

i totally agree, Jonathan Schwartz' show IS musical puke.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:38pm coelacanth:

"musical format"?
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:39pm kiemzi:

i'm really enjoying the show and your musical selections, Chris M! thank you for braving the elements last-minute to fill-in as a volunteer DJ! it is much appreciated!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:40pm kiemzi:

@coelacanth yes, the hallmark of wfmu, a strict musical format
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:40pm Chris M.:

i don't want anyone who listens to Jonathan Schwartz to like anything i'm doing on the radio. that is my dj goal.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:41pm PortableAnarchy:

Chris M must be like the Gimp in "Pulp Fiction" They keep him in a box in the basement and let him out in an emergency!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:42pm PortableAnarchy:

Glad you could fill-in. Lovin' thie crazy new Free Form format the youngsters are talking about!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:45pm coelacanth:

i remember J Schwartz from the 70s,coming from the bathroom as my father was getting ready for work.
i have nothing against him, but is he still playing that same shmaltz?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 2:45pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I agree, this is totally off-format. Chris, try to keep in mind that Sunday should feel "fun", "alternative" and "irreverent", while maintaining a "classic" and "inclusive" vibe. It's all right there on the mood board.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 2:45pm maestroso:

Totally enjoying your show, DJ Chris M.
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:46pm rw:

Sunday vibe is just fine with me. Thanks CM for coming in today!
  Sun. 1/18/15 2:46pm SeanG:

The Chills are so good!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:47pm PortableAnarchy:

Chris, you forgot to check Ken Freedman's "rules of airplay" book. You have 15 minutes to redeem yourself- or play some Ol' Blue Eyes!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:48pm coelacanth:

(that's when i get in the shower.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 2:50pm fred:

@PortableAnarchy: Speaking of Ken, I don't agree with your idea of Chris as the gimp. I picture Ken as Zeus saying "release the Chris M" in times of emergency
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:51pm Chris M.:

i can't wait to fill in at this time again next week! hope the Glenn Jones fans tune in again then
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:52pm PortableAnarchy:

#fred- you may be right- under the studio could be a water-filled cave with a heavy iron door!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 2:52pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

It sure would
be like Mr. Glen
Jones to go
right off format
under circumstances
like these here.
Even on a messy
Sunday like today.
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:54pm PortableAnarchy:

Great Chris M, and maybe Stubot will jump in front of a bus! Wait til his mommy and daddy find out he sneaked onto the computer again!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 2:55pm fred:

@PortableAnarchy: well, there's this: www.flickr.com...
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:56pm coelacanth:

Mr.Jones was different when he first came to fmu. Several traumatic experiences later he's comfortable now;but he's still got the fire in there.

...Jonesville Station was a brilliant interview show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 2:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Fun show today. Hope you can make it in for your own show tomorrow.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/18/15 2:57pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I could not be more psyched to not leave the house until tomorrow morning. Thanks, Chris!
Avatar Sun. 1/18/15 2:58pm coelacanth:

Thanks Chris. Excellent as always.
  Sun. 1/18/15 3:15pm Hel:

Thanks Chris, killer playlist- enjoyed the departure from the usual.
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