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Polkatively Yours...

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Options December 20, 2014: Chapter Three: The Peak of The Mountains

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
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Right Said Fred  You're My Mate   Options     0:09:39 ()
Prince Ital & Marky Mark  Happy People   Options     0:11:28 ()
Chyp-Notic  Free U and I   Options     0:15:21 ()
Zombie Nation  Booster   Options Black Toys    0:20:17 ()
E-rotic  Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex   Options     0:26:27 ()
Magic Affair  Give Me All Your Love (Max Cut)   Options     0:29:01 ()
Right Said Fred  We Are The Freds   Options     0:34:05 ()
Music behind DJ:
      0:39:25 ()
Alienboy  Arsenal Gunners   Options Nightcap City EP    1:03:21 ()
3-o-Matic  Success   Options     1:07:02 ()
Zom Zoms  Caught on Tape   Options     1:12:30 ()
Interactive  Who Is Elvis   Options     1:14:18 ()
Elvis Presley  That's Alright Mama   Options     1:18:11 ()
The Zambonis  Zamboni Race In Outerspace   Options     1:20:11 ()
Touch and Go  Tango In Harlem   Options     1:23:33 ()
Vitamin C  Smile   Options     1:29:10 ()
Can  Vitamin C   Options     1:33:10 ()
Music behind DJ:
      1:36:45 ()
Paffendorf  Smile   Options     1:56:17 ()
Jaydee  Plastic Dreams   Options     1:59:50 ()
Frank Zappa  Willie The Pimp   Options HOT RATS  Best album of the year award Presented by Stashu to a Mr. Frankie Zappio  2:09:38 ()
Zelda and the Unibrows  Panties   Options Remixed by Psilodump    2:19:06 ()
Zom Zoms  Deciduous Prophet   Options Yellow Rainbow    2:22:52 ()
2 for Good  You And Me   Options     2:25:31 ()
Severed Heads  Spastic Crunch   Options     2:29:18 ()
Music behind DJ:
      2:37:33 ()
Kon Kan  I Beg Your Pardon   Options     2:47:04 ()
Kevin Ayers  Song for Insane Times   Options     2:53:47 ()
The Seekers  The Carnival Is Over   Options     2:58:34 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/17/14 4:58pm First Commenter From Space:

Greetings. I come here for a piece of pumpkin pie. Is Thanksgiving already over?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 12/17/14 6:27pm steve:

thats a nice photo
  Thu. 12/18/14 2:21am neil:

natural majesty reaching towards thee sky<volcano>beauty surrounds yet in an instant<earths sensual tantrum> potential devastation...<remain in grace>thee presents ov your presence. <wonder>
  Thu. 12/18/14 2:22am neil:

or just a walk in thee park...
  Thu. 12/18/14 3:34am neil:

thee illuminated virtue ov nature.<with people thrown in>control is an instinct ov time.<temporary illusion>is everyone going to thee circus?<roar>
  Fri. 12/19/14 11:41am DJ DJ DJ:

This is going to be a nice place. I can just tell.
  Fri. 12/19/14 7:49pm P-90:

OK, I wanna hear a nice, un-bitter, UPBEAT show this week.
A real grateful-for-all-the-good-people-who love-us-and-other-blessings,
heart-touched-by-the-true Spirit-of-Christmas, don't-let -the-bastards (and bitches)-wear-you-down, HAPPY and GAY episode for the holidays. Let's be GAY if it fucking KILLS us, just for three hours. Is that an impossible dream, an un-grant-able Christmas wish? Otherwise, I better see a brand-new PLAYSTATION 4 under that tree...!
  Fri. 12/19/14 11:28pm MONEYBAG$:

great show stashu, I'm sleeping with the radio on absorbing the subliminal sound waves. please yell into the mic with lots of reverb to wake me up, thx
  Sat. 12/20/14 12:49am MONEYBAG$:

still asleep
  Sat. 12/20/14 2:22am neil:

hello stashu. my earlier posts were on wed & i wuz watchin tess on amc. beautiful movie by roman polanski. victorian england heartbreaking thomas hardy story...&&& all weirdness aside i hope you are doing better. two weeks ago it was hard to understand thee energy ov thee show. lots ov rules<or no> pretty sure many ov us were sorta confused. its ur show & you can do it as you want.<but> you do that so-sweet-it-hurts-pop-nostalgia-electro-dance thing so well an we kinda miss it when you are hurtin. its fine & normal to be emotional.<don't be surprised that we care> back to weirdness...time is how you look @ it.<or was it reflections>
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 2:28am DJ Stashu:

Wow some nice comments have accumulated. I'm very proud of the children of the internet! 1000101010010101010101010101010000000001110101101010101010101010010101010101010101010001010101010101000000
  Sat. 12/20/14 2:34am neil:

mental ploppery. lots ov coffee tonite...
  Sat. 12/20/14 2:55am neil:

...though i stand behind all ov my plops.
  Sat. 12/20/14 2:56am P-90:

01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 00100000 01011001 01101111 01110101 00100001 00100000 00100000
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:01am JakeGould:

Wow! This playlist is a thing now? Do the kids know about it? What’s up with this binary nonsense. We live in a HEX world.
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:03am JakeGould:

Yay America! FF000 FFFFFF 0000FF!
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:04am Kitty:

Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:06am JakeGould:

Red paw prints! Kawaii!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:08am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Good morning Princess Stashu! Shoutout to Kitty and Sam!
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:08am Kitty:

Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:09am JakeGould:

ASCII art version of the cat paw prints: (=^‥^=) #FF0000 (=^‥^=) #FF0000 (=^‥^=) #FF000 (=^‥^=) #FF0000 (=^‥^=) #FF0000
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:11am DJ Stashu:

Oh my god Kitty can type! Meow meow!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:11am the Canterbury wood-elf:

i'm confused - how long has this comments board been open?
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:12am DJ Stashu:

A long time
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:12am DJ Stashu:

Peace love unity respect and LOL
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:12am neil:

oh mannn you had to go to rabbit stories...i hit one on my bicycle @ night destroyed the bunny skin-rashed my body from head to toe,i mean lots ov skin. broke my collar bone & didnt go to a doctor for three days...<ouch> it happened so fast that it became slow motion...<whats time><?>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 12/20/14 3:13am Ike:

DJ Hard Boogers!
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:15am Kitty:

@wood-elf: the first generation born since this playlist opened has already gone off to college.
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:16am DJ Stashu:

Ike! I hope you are free. I hope you are better. I hope you get even better!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:17am DJ Stashu:

Also dancing of some sort if STRONGLY ADVISED. In general.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 12/20/14 3:20am Ike:

Very well then -- by your command, I shall shake my booty. But only briefly!
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:23am neil:

flow state
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:24am neil:

Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:24am DJ Stashu:

IN THE WORDS OF A WISE WOMAN: Shake it off, Ike. What is the capital of Flow state?
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:25am ŚWIĘTY MIKOŁAJ:

  Sat. 12/20/14 3:26am neil:

it moves around too...more dimensional.
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:27am neil:

its all purple & blue
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:28am JakeGould:

Max, don't play sax with your backs.
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:28am the Canterbury wood-elf:

"it will knock you off your legs"!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:29am DJ Stashu:

Polish Santa! What up bro
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:31am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Be advised. Under NATO pressure, Santa has relocated from the North Pole to the North of Poland. Pole shift.
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:32am DJ Stashu:

Whoa this song is deep.. "what is love... the same as hate if you're not careful" (LOL!)
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:33am Bubby:

Bubby is careful
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:33am Bubby:

Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:33am DJ Stashu:

Bubby is just the best
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:33am JakeGould:

Whoa! Sounds like someone watched the Batman or Star Wars film to get that deep.
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:34am DJ Stashu:

Where are the Freds?
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:36am The Freds:

We're always in your heart, Dear. As long as it's open.
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:37am the Canterbury wood-elf:

@Stashu they're more-or-less evenly distributed across the English-speaking world, with a few outliers. And at least one Fred (according to Curtis Mayfield) is six feet under.
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:39am MONEYBAG$:

That woke me up, thank you
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:39am P.L.U.R.a.L. -90:

Shit, I missed it- did he say start with the right foot, or the left?
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:39am neil:

  Sat. 12/20/14 3:42am Kitty:

  Sat. 12/20/14 3:46am neil:

eye i.
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:48am MONEYBAG$:

my roommate is a ceramic hippo
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:51am P.L.U.R.a.L. -90:

"Vitamin C water?" Is that what they're calling it these days?
I could use a shot myself...
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 3:52am the Canterbury wood-elf:

my roommates are a small knitted owl and a small teddy-bear amputee
  Sat. 12/20/14 3:54am neil:

heathen see thing. seasonal seethenings...healing cellings?<feelings>
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:00am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Apologies once again for checking out early, Stashu, but it's great to hear you sounding better - will catch the rest on the archives. Wesołych Świąt!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:00am DJ Stashu:

Thanks elf!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:01am DJ Stashu:

Have a Mary Chris Miss
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:03am neil:

me like. nauseating pleasure. explosive tranquility.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 12/20/14 4:04am Tome:

\\\\\/\/\\//\\// Hello DJ S ,, late night peeps and early risers ,, lovin' this .. !
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:04am DJ Stashu:

  Sat. 12/20/14 4:06am MONEYBAG$:

did you know that taylor swift is an anagram for STRAY FIT OWL???????
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:08am DJ Stashu:

Oh my god I knew there was something strange about Taylor Swift!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:08am DJ Stashu:

Honestly this set better have people dancing or I'm just going to scream.
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:10am DJ Stashu:

Probably my favorite line in a song is "Success... American Express"
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:11am neil:

  Sat. 12/20/14 4:13am neil:

Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:17am DJ Stashu:

I have a crush on ELVIS PRESLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:19am neil:

zombie elvis?<he was a handsome fellow>
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:21am neil:

rocket hockey?
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:26am nah:

beautiful background!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:32am DJ Stashu:

  Sat. 12/20/14 4:32am neil:

it is a volcano. yes.can.
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:34am sefton:

similar beats vitamin c / can . mash
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:35am neil:

stashu, you know where its @?<volcano>indonesia?
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:36am Marek:

Witamina C! I aspiryna! Teraz!
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:38am P.L.U.R.a.L. -90:

Fuji: Honshu Iland of Japan.
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:40am neil:

or snot. neither. or nor? <honshu eh. thx p-90>
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:40am neil:

  Sat. 12/20/14 4:40am Bubby:

Winnie the Pooh uses his paws to get the honey, no dipper necessary.
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:41am neil:

  Sat. 12/20/14 4:42am Pooh -90:

Whinney? Neigh!
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:45am Chris:

Zombi reminds me of The Thing, which reminds me of the cold and darkness. Thanks, Stashu!
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:45am neil:

cold dark empty yeah
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:48am neil:

mustard yeah
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:50am neil:

spreading thee love...<no mayo>
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:51am Chris:

Would you settle for a robo butler?
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:51am neil:

get out thee condiments...
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:53am Tomek:

Beautiful indeed! My head is OK :)
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:53am neil:

flowers...putin' thee fun in funeral.
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:54am neil:

Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:54am DJ Stashu:

Good point!
  Sat. 12/20/14 4:56am neil:

happy you are back!<smiles>
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 4:56am DJ Stashu:

Yeah I went to another planet
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:00am cynci:

loving this
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:01am neil:

journeys<not thee band>tell thee story ov growth.<planetary>experience & isolation.<space>aah yeah!
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:01am Chris:

There's so many doots!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 5:04am DJ Stashu:

I love all deez commentiers!
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:05am neil:

mystical energies. eeeeeeeeessss
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:07am Chris:

dootdoot We will reciprocate that love in donations when that time comes again (hopefully) dootdoot
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 12/20/14 5:09am Ken From Hyde Park:

This Jaydee track is a light little number.
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:18am neil:

ooh thee jazz hole. blowin' it out!!!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 5:20am DJ Stashu:

Oh my god I am in love with Zelda and the Unibrows
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 5:26am DJ Stashu:

Did I just say that out loud?
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:26am neil:

suppose you played zelda thee most this year. unless you count that show that you played a bunch ov weired al. <what you think><?>
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 5:26am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 5:27am DJ Stashu:

  Sat. 12/20/14 5:27am neil:

silly dj stashu!
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:29am neil:

nice heads!<severed>
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:31am neil:

one ov my first albums i bought with my own money was clifford, darling plese dont live in thee past...<heads>its a way ov life...
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:32am neil:

i was a strange child...
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:34am Kitty:

  Sat. 12/20/14 5:35am neil:

more like ziggy stardust. split personality style...<not my childhood>
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:36am neil:

way old
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 12/20/14 5:36am kuba:

the nerd in me forces me to say: it's "stasiu"... with a Ś! Śśśś.
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:36am Mark:

You're not boring. That was a contagious yawn. That just means she was listening.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 12/20/14 5:42am kuba:

I like that staś/stash synergy. I only get "Oh, like the island?" or "Oh, like the cocktail?". Plus, I get kubush/kub-tchoo for the nickname variations, too. :)
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:43am neil:

disinfect professor dum dum?
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:45am neil:

language is a virus.<alien>
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:46am neil:

humans are aliens.<on a trance mission>
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:46am P-90:

Deckin' the halls with angst-free jolly! Me like!
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 5:48am DJ Stashu:

Sometimes I just want to scream :)
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:48am neil:

abducted by culture.
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:54am neil:

<did u get my emails? im not used to communication in that medium. felt like i was bugging you><i dont want to bother you>great show tonite! thank you. thank you. thank you.
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 5:54am DJ Stashu:

WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Yes I get ALL EMAILS IN THE WHOLE WORLD
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:57am P-90:

Great show! Classic Stashu!
Have a very girly Christmas:
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:57am Marc:

Have a good day it was a great show
Avatar Sat. 12/20/14 5:58am DJ Stashu:

  Sat. 12/20/14 5:58am neil:

you do project amazing energies. like ear hugs. have a wonderful holiday!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 12/20/14 5:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

Have a nice, joyous Christmas.
  Sat. 12/20/14 5:59am neil:

have wonderful holiday. <ear hugs>
Avatar Mon. 12/22/14 11:47am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Kevin Ayers on DWM,S! I once met a 50-foot spectral KA in a dark wood (he was very chilled, and slightly apologetic, as you'd expect). Great stuff this week Stashu. Neil is right about the ear hugs!
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