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Tis December, I remember (doot-doot)... (webcast)

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Track Artist Album / Format Approx. start time
Options Get Happy / MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo mix /mash (CD-R)   0:00:00 )  
Options Jingle Bells   Beach Boys sessions  "Keep An Eye On Summer" Lp (CD)   0:06:33 )  
Options Mack The Knife   Sun Ra & His Arkestra (vocals by James Jacon)  Live-Ohio, 1/5/85 (MP3)   0:08:09 )  
Options Little Black Submarines   The Black Keys (featuring Nas, Jay-Z,Biggie, Mos Def)  Voodoo Farm remix (MP3)   0:17:59 )  
Options Repent Walpurgis   Procol Harum   Live, Stockholm- 8/31 67 (MP3)   0:20:13 )  
Options Tired Waiting For You   Bill Frisell  "Guitar In The Space Age" Lp (CD) *   0:27:32 )  
Options The Rose Room   The Sevens Collective  "A Too Much Divided Heart" Lp (CD) *   0:33:57 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's Looney tune / FMU Locked Groove   Tomas Daly  fxo mix /mash (CD-R)   0:36:56 )  
Options New York's A Lonely Time   The Trade Winds  "The Red Bird Story" compil. Lp (CD)   0:41:42 )  
Options I'm Going In   Radian Vs. Howe Gelb  "Radian Vs. Howe Gelb" Lp (CD) *   0:44:30 )  
Options This Summer   Yannis Kyriakides / Andy Moor  "A Life Is A Billion Heartbeats" Lp (CD) *   0:48:21 )  
Options Shout My Name   The Kleptones  Mashup: Ting Tings Vs. Lulu (CD-R)   0:53:59 )  
Options Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club   The Beatles  Bootlegs & B-sides mashup (MP3)   0:58:03 )  
Options Clawing Your Eyes Out Down To   People Like Us Vs. Matmos & Wobbly  FMU / Free Music Archive (MP3)   1:02:23 )  
Options Hahahrawrrhaha   Jeff Goldblum  Jurassic soundbite (Cassette)   1:06:04 )  
Options Warmth Of The Sun   Beach Boys sessions  "Keep An Eye On Summer" Lp (CD)   1:09:10 )  
Options Christmas For The Free   The Zombies  "Breathe Out, Breathe In" Lp (CD) *   1:14:18 )  
Options Thin Line Between Love & Hate   Ghostface Killah   "36 Seasons" Lp (CD) *   1:18:45 )  
Options I Wanna Love Him So Bad   The Jelly Beans  "The Red Bird Story" compil. Lp (CD)   1:22:24 )  
Options Love Don't Live Here No More   Ghostface Killah   "36 Seasons" Lp (CD) *   1:25:05 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Over The Over The Rainbow/ FMU Locked Groove   The Rainbow Guitars  fxo mix (CD-R)   1:29:20 )  
Options My Toe Is On Fire   Mouse On Mars (featuring Laetitia Sadier)  "21 Again" Lp (CD) *   1:34:12 )  
Options Mother Wolf   Marianne Faithful  "Give My Love To London" Lp (CD) *   1:38:57 )  
Options Second Best   Ayler Young  "Back In The City" Lp (CD)   1:43:23 )  
Options 2 Man Show   Timbaland (featuring Elton John)  "Timbaland Presents: Shock Value" Lp (CD)   1:47:07 )  
Options Orange Blossom Special   Seatrain  "Seatrain" 1st Lp (Vinyl)   1:52:05 )  
Options In The Mood   The Puppini Sisters  "BLISScoast Vol. 3 - JPOD remix" compil. Lp (CD)   1:58:18 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Exodus / FMU Locked Groove   R Stevie Moore  "Hundreds Of Hiding Places" Ep (CD-R)   2:02:17 )  
Options Flashlight Seasons   Gravenhurst  "Black Holes In The Sand" Lp (CD) *   2:07:23 )  
Options DNTEL / Jennifer   Faust  "Dublab & The Goethe Institute-Los Angeles Krautrock Classics" compil. Lp (CD) *   2:11:09 )  
Options Naked and Ticklish   Mecca Normal  "Empathy For The Evil" Lp (CD) *   2:17:29 )  
Options Then I Will Love You Again   Laetitia Sadier  "Something Shines" Lp (CD) *   2:22:15 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Why?... and we Repeat   Taj Mahal  "Music Keeps Me Together" Lp (Vinyl)   2:24:58 )  
Options Delusion Six   pHoaming Edison  "This" Lp (CD) *   2:27:18 )  
Options Horizonlator / Down South   Museum Of Love  "Museum Of Love" Lp (CD) *   2:33:17 )  
Options Delusion 6 / Reprise   pHoaming Edison  7" A & B (Vinyl) *   2:37:07 )  
Options Sleep To Dream   Fiona Apple  Surfchop Remix (MP3)   2:44:01 )  
Options Undeserved Ending   Bruce Kaphan  "Slider - Ambient Excursions for Pedal Steel Guitar" Lp (CD)   2:57:25 )  
Options Dance Macabre   The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein-Franz Waxman's Score" Lp (CD)   2:58:04 )  
Options end theme(s)   Hitchcock / Riddle mashup  fxo mix /mash (CD-R)   2:58:50 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 6:04am fxo:

goob morning, afternoon. Jes' sayin'.
  Mon. 12/15/14 6:06am P-90:

Good morning and Greetings of the Season, fxo!
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 6:09am fxo:

hey, P-90, hows bayou?
  Mon. 12/15/14 6:11am P-90:

Enjoying Sun Ra and the rest.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 6:21am Sem Chumbo:

Good morning, Frank, my old trout. How's it going, eh? Hey there, P-90.
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 6:24am fxo:

hallo, Sem, Dark, yet cloudy, so far, here in Jersey City.
  Mon. 12/15/14 6:24am Cooh John:

Nice music for this overcast, melancholy Monday
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 6:28am left:

I second that @Cooh John. Wintry, grey skies in Ireland too, these last few days. Hello fxo and everyone
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 6:29am fxo:

glad to oblige, Cooh J.

left: how are we?
  Mon. 12/15/14 6:31am P-90:

Frisell's a first-class talent. I like everything he's done for years now, he's really got the touch, IMO.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 6:32am left:

All good fxo. Slowly gearing up for a busy week ahead. And watching the songbirds outside my window as I work and listen :)
  Mon. 12/15/14 6:41am P-90:

@ fxo: Did the diner have one of those old fashioned jukebox systems with little stations at every table and along the counter, where you could drop a coin and play a tune?
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 6:44am fxo:

@P-90, right on target. A place to hang, and skip mass.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 6:55am maestroso:

Goob morgan FXO... cool air and cooler musicks this AM
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 6:56am Sem Chumbo:

Diggin' this set, fxo.
Skipping mass? I never knew, but then I had my back to the congregation:-)
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 7:00am fxo:

hey, there 'stroso.

@Sem- never turn your back to the Lawd...
  Mon. 12/15/14 7:07am P-90:

YAY! Flipshot: one of my faves of the year!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 7:10am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...sit up straight Carl ! - it's Monday morning...
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 7:12am fxo:

good ol' RevRab: good to hear from you.
  Mon. 12/15/14 7:19am P-90:

DJ Flipshot's F-book page:


Info and links to "Hahahrawrrahaha" and his other creations on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 7:20am fxo:

Thanks. P-90.
  Mon. 12/15/14 7:26am will:

Loved that Zombies cut -- originally on the generally reviled Argent LP "In Deep"....
  Mon. 12/15/14 7:28am P-90:

Time Magazine and a zillion other media picked up on the Jeff Goldblum remix, and Goldblum wound up getting asked about it by every living talk show host, but I heard it first right here on "(More than a Few) Exciting Moments."
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 7:28am fxo:

@will, forget the reviled piece. Rod Argent has always been great.
  Mon. 12/15/14 7:31am will:

I'm with you on that, FXO. The Zombies still rock, and Argent is the best "prog rock" (uh oh) keyboard player of all time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 7:41am Sem Chumbo:

Yeah, ole Faithful. You can always count on her. She is something else.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 7:53am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- mistook Sylvie Simmons for Marianne Faithful for a second...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 7:54am Sem Chumbo:

Seatrain. Now, it's been a great long while. A welcome, if bumpy, trip down Memory Lane. Nice one, fxo.
Hiya, RevRab.
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 7:56am fxo:

@RevRab: I thought you were speaking of Sylvia Sims.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 8:01am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I'm not always such a hipster when it comes to Cinema...the Rabbit is all ears, maybe...
  Mon. 12/15/14 8:02am P-90:

"In the Mood" put me in a good one.
Avatar Mon. 12/15/14 8:05am Jack:

Hey folks! G'morning and etc., thanks for the music Frank.
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 8:07am fxo:

thanks Jack.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 8:19am common:

monday. hello!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 8:21am Jeroen Kuster:

good show
Thank you for another great day of music
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 8:24am fxo:

@Jeroen - guten TZAG, ol' friend.

to you, as well, common.
Avatar Mon. 12/15/14 8:24am Big Davy King:

Morning Frank. Lovely show. Enjoying it in Northern England very much. Tell me what goes out 'on the WFMU air' when a programme is a webcast? xx
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 8:26am Jeroen Kuster:

@Frank -goede dag alles goed
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 8:29am northguineahills:

I haven't been awake near speakers to hear Frank in eons!
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 8:32am fxo:

@Big Davy: the FMU webcasts are between Monday to Friday, 6AM to 9AM. The FMU "air" is only for those times, EST.

Jeroen: I'll take it as a compliment.
@northguinea: glad you're out there.
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 8:35am Yair Yona:

Hi everyone
great show so far Frank
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 8:36am fxo:

thanks Yair.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 8:38am Jeroen Kuster:

yes it is always as a compliment
goede dag alles goed= good day all good
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 8:39am fxo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 8:47am Sem Chumbo:

I'm so glad we all had this time together, Frank. Been a fine time, with plenty of sweet spins. Have a good week, get to mass, and see ya later;-D
  Mon. 12/15/14 8:55am P-90:

Thanks for helping us get yet another week off to a relatively painless start, Frank! Enjoy the next seven days, and we'll rendezvous again for the pre-Christmas festivities...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 8:56am Ken From Hyde Park:

Enjoy the rest of the week, gang!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/15/14 8:57am northguineahills:

Thanks Frank, enjoyed the last half hour!
Avatar    Mon. 12/15/14 8:57am fxo:

times running out. Thanks y'all for the comments, 'ppreciate 'em. I'll be back next Monday, with a new live playlist. Be careful out there, the jerks are on the loose, holiday 'n all that. This webcast will be available in a few hours, for a month or so, or more. Deal with the XMAS days. Stay cool.
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