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Way-left-of-center music and chatter. Guaranteed less than 2% rock and roll. (Visit homepage.)

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Options October 12, 2014

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Hafez Modirzadeh  Tetraspheres   Options In Convergence Liberation  0:00:00 ()
Vijay Iyer Trio  Optimism   Options Accelerando  0:05:30 ()
One of You  Life Is Hard   Options One of You  0:13:27 ()
Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers  Chemical Specialist   Options Threat to Creation  0:26:07 ()
Forever Pavot  Joe & Rose   Options Rhapsode  0:30:23 ()
Herbie Hancock  Death Wish (main title)   Options Death Wish OST  0:33:49 ()
Tangerine Dream  Asche zu Asche   Options Electronic Meditation  0:39:17 ()
Eberhard Schoener  Surija   Options Bali-Agúng  0:53:13 ()
Teiji Ito  Opening Chant/Gemstones   Options The Shamanic Principles  0:56:24 ()
Jimmy Giuffre Three  Ray's Time   Options The Easy Way  1:02:00 ()
Futuro Antico  Schirak   Options Futuro Antico  1:08:53 ()
ICP Orchestra  Bolly Wolly   Options East of the Sun  1:22:40 ()
Achim Reichel  As If I Have Seen All This Before   Options Die Grune Reise  1:26:10 ()
Jefferson Airplane  Don't Slip Away   Options Takes Off  1:31:39 ()
Judy Henske  Baltimore Oriole   Options High Flying Bird  1:34:21 ()
White Fence  Sandra (When the Earth Dies)   Options For the Recently Found Innocent  1:36:38 ()
Octopus  I Think It's Understood   Options Octopus  1:39:19 ()
Matt Nelson  Sworn Enemies   Options Lower Bottoms  1:48:45 ()
Janice Giteck  Thunder, Like a White Bear Dancing   Options Breathing Songs from a Turning Sky, etc.  1:57:43 ()
God Help the Girl  The Psychiatrist Is In   Options God Help the Girl OST  2:10:30 ()
Laura Nyro  Captain for Dark Mornings   Options New York Tendaberry  2:13:12 ()
The Vocal Constructivists  Concerto (Lauren Redhead)   Options Walking Still  2:17:46 ()
Peter Brötzmann & Sonny Sharrock  [track 7]   Options Whatthefuckdoyouwant  2:30:21 ()
Ogurusu Norihide  7:07   Options Modern  2:34:25 ()
Dave Holland Quintet  A Seeking Spirit   Options Prime Directive  2:41:35 ()
Here & Here & Here  Dragon Beware   Options Here & Here & Here  2:47:49 ()
Sun Ra and His Arkestra  Rocket Number Nine Take Off for the Planet Venus   Options In the Orbit of Ra  2:54:13 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 10/12/14 9:02pm 12539:

Worldorldrldldd off Echochohoo!
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:02pm Dave Mandl:

Evening, all.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:05pm Dave Mandl:

Hey, 12539.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:05pm doca:

Evening, Dave Mandl! Is this new Hafez Modirzadeh?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 9:05pm BDR:

Hey, good thing you're never up against local sporting events! on the middle evening of a three day weekend!
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:07pm Dave Mandl:

Hey, doca. Yes, about a month old.
  Sun. 10/12/14 9:08pm Carmichael:

Checking in.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:08pm Dave Mandl:

@BDR: It's either that or the Grammys, or the Oscars, or the Emmys, or Mad Men.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:08pm Dave Mandl:

Welcome, Carmichael.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 9:09pm BDR:

So glad you save your best playlists for those evenings.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:10pm doca:

@Dave: That's nice! I'll have to check that out
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:28pm northguineahills:

Shit, Style Scott. Thanks for the heads up.
  Sun. 10/12/14 9:30pm P-90:

Me: "Cool, Man, that sounds great, a little like Heroes era Bowie, with a little bit of a righteous Neil Young guitar vibe! And your drummer was really hot on that middle section, like Tony Williams, on a GOOD day..."

Him: :Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
Whaddaya tawkin about?!?!
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:32pm Dave Mandl:

@P-90: (Punches him in the head.)
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:32pm Dave Mandl:

@ngh: I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 9:42pm Ike:

Hello hello.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:43pm JakeGould:

Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:44pm Dave Mandl:

Hey there Ike, Jake.
  Sun. 10/12/14 9:45pm Jeff:

Haven't heard this TD track in forever. Nice one.
  Sun. 10/12/14 9:48pm P-90:

That was DEFinitely before the T Dream we know as a (nearly) 100% synth band
  Sun. 10/12/14 9:52pm Lonely Planet Boy:

Nice keyboard sounds on the Forever Pavot track.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 9:54pm Dave Mandl:

Welcome Jeff, LPB.
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:05pm Carmichael:

I feel like dying "Daddy-o".
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:05pm Carmichael:

Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 10:06pm Dave Mandl:

@Carmichael: Go for it. It's a free country.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 10:10pm JakeGould:

They hate us for our freedom.
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:15pm P-90:

Yeah, call someone "Daddio" in Syria and see how far you get.
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:17pm bloopy:

howdy dave. how's tricks
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 10:23pm Dave Mandl:

Hey, bloopy! Haven't seen you around here recently.
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:24pm surlybastard:

Insane Clown Posse Orchestra?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 10:24pm Andrew Waterloo:

I LOL'd at ICP is not International Camera ....
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 10:24pm JakeGould:

Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 10:26pm Dave Mandl:

I love the other ICP (the photo gallery).
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 10:28pm Andrew Waterloo:

I'll consider that a recommendation Dave.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 10:28pm sinister dexter:

hi Dave and Listeners from grand rapids michigan
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:29pm P-90:

Hail Grand Rapids, from Harlem USA
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 10:30pm Dave Mandl:

@Andrew: It is.
@dexter: Greetings!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 10:32pm sinister dexter:

Harlem! hi!
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:37pm P-90:

JUDY! She's the most, Daddy-O!
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:38pm HDF:

been a cold couple of days to be a baltimore oriole
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:43pm P-90:

HDF: Do they clear out as soon as the summer ends?
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 10:47pm JakeGould:

Ahim Reykul.
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:53pm Carmichael:

As a child of the 60s, I love percussion solos.
  Sun. 10/12/14 10:56pm Carmichael:

Of course, this may be synth samples, which means I hate it. But the stuff sampled is lovely. So much conflict in today's world.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:03pm marmalade kitty:

Hello Dave, Carm & all!
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:04pm Dave Mandl:

Hey, Kitty.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:12pm Carmichael:

Meow, Marm!
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:33pm earrie:

It's the FCC that prevents you from saying a title containing the word, 'fuck' on the air isn't it?

But you can say, 'tuck'??

Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:34pm Dave Mandl:

Yeah, the FCC is responsible for the totally incoherent obscenity policy.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:36pm marmalade kitty:

  Sun. 10/12/14 11:36pm P-90:

Just curious: be these not so-called "safe harbor hours"? when this is supposedly a measure of forbearance?
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:36pm earrie:

Just so we're clear that it's the U.S. Federal Communications Commission who bears responsibility for that, here, in 2014. Fuck.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:37pm JakeGould:

FCC is arbitrary to be honest. At least the modern FCC.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:37pm Michael Powell:

C'mon - be fair. I gave you Safe Harbor hours, which your program airs during. That obscenity is not directed at anyone and is fair game.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:38pm JakeGould:

P-90, stop.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:38pm marmalade kitty:

excuse my Welsh!
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:39pm Carmichael:

Is Colin Powell's son still at the FCC? That right there says a lot.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 11:39pm Andrew Waterloo:

It's hard no to use the F-word when you mention a Brotzmann/Sharrock Duo.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:39pm P-90:

gtfo! Is that Michael Powell who directed "The Red Shoes"? Are you a regular "Echo" fan?
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:45pm earrie:

Sorta doubly bizarro language policing given all the instrumentals, don'tcha think?

All lovely listening, Dave.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:45pm Dave Mandl:

@earrie: Thanks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 11:46pm Andrew Waterloo:

The thing about confusing legal rules is that it's one thing to be right, it's another thing to be right in a courtroom full of well greased corporate lawyers.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:46pm P-90:

So by the intent of that regulation, if you can say "F**k under any circumstances, wouldn't it be at this time of night, quoting the title of an album, on a show that's nominally for an "adult" audience, with no specifically kid-attracting elements? And in a friendly, agreeable manner and soothing tone of voice?
Or is it just best not to give them an excuse to make a fuss under any circumstances?
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:48pm Dave Mandl:

@P-90: Personally, I'd just as soon play it safe. I use enough bad language in my off-air life.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:49pm Tipper Gore:

Go ahead and self-censor, Mandl. "PARENTAL ADVISORY" stickers sell records. Well, at least they did when records still sold.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:50pm marmalade kitty:

It's a free country! lol
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:50pm JakeGould:

P-90: The spirit of the law, the letter of the law & the way the law is enforced are different things. Meaning, the law does not protect you—the station—in a case like this as much as it is a tool to potentially use against others. Meaning, we live in times of corporate interests & not really law of equality. Or some shit like that.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:51pm P-90:

Gotcha. Make a common-sense 'exception' but continue to be such pricks that sensible folks won't even risk using it. Ahh, my Amerika.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:51pm Dave Mandl:

@Tipper: Give it up.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:52pm earrie:

Jake, I put to you, whose legal system is it then? 100% corporate? That can't be.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:52pm 12539:

I want to know why they censored the track name!
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:54pm P-90:

Yo Tipper! What's shakin' girl? What time-warp did you step out of?
Wait, you're not here because of that Prince album in the New Bin, are you?
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:56pm P-90:

@earrie: are you a US resident?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 11:56pm Andrew Waterloo:

I thought Gaga sampled the Zombie Zombie version of this song, which was mostly inspired by the NRBQ version.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:56pm JakeGould:

@earrie: “Jake, I put to you, whose legal system is it then?” Who watches the watchmen? The answer is who cares right now. Your philosophy is correct but how do you practically propose that gets changed? Are you willing to risk a radio station license to prove a point? I mean, maybe a point can be made and enforcement adjusted to benefit others. But the chances of a fight being picked on that scale that would destroy an entity is high. So best not push the envelope for now.
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:57pm Dave Mandl:

@Andrew: Yeah, she didn't sample Sun Ra, but it's obvs. a Sun Ra piece ultimately.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:58pm 12539:

Thanks, Dave!
Avatar Sun. 10/12/14 11:59pm Dave Mandl:

Thanks, friends. Have a great week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/12/14 11:59pm Andrew Waterloo:

I've never looked up the Gaga song, but it makes sense that she'd sample the Zombie Zombie version. A great song for driving around btw.
  Sun. 10/12/14 11:59pm 12539:

(I can't believe you can say "Lower Bottoms" on the air! Heavens to Betsy!)
  Mon. 10/13/14 12:00am earrie:

Resident? Nope. 'For'nner'. And heck no - not to that specific of risk. It was the generality I questioned.

Thanks thanks music etc.
  Mon. 10/13/14 12:00am P-90:

Thanks, Dave! Looking forward to next week...
  Mon. 10/13/14 12:01am P-90:

earrie, wasn't teasing, if you're not "here" its hard to grasp how bad it is
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