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Options August 26, 2014: Roll Out The Barrel

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Bye Prof Dum DUm now for the show         
Youtubeuser vk3ase for this mashup of abc announcers        0:05:26 ()
Big Blood  Pussycat   Options     0:06:50 ()
Good Question  Dance of the Sugarplum Fairieszz   Options     0:09:07 ()
Glass Armonica  Dance of the Sugarplum Fairieszz   Options     0:19:22 ()
Anton LaVey  Satan Takes a Holiday plus interview   Options     0:24:47 ()
The Tokens  The Lion Sleeps Tonight   Options     0:44:57 ()
anarcish1  Beer Barrel Polka   Options     0:48:40 ()
Bobby McFerrin / Famiz  Don't Worry Be Happy (Jamin Nimjah Jungle Remix)   Options     0:57:26 ()
POLKA PARTY        1:08:04 ()
Larry Chesky Orchestra  We Left Our Wives at Home   Options     1:08:58 ()
Larry Chesky Orchestra  Airline polka   Options     1:11:53 ()
MsCoMF  Polka Hardcore   Options     1:14:12 ()
Weird Al Yankovic  Now That's What I Call Polka!   Options Mandatory Fun    1:17:46 ()
Zelda and the Unibrows  Unreason   Options http://vimeo.com/13769339  http://vimeo.com/13769339  1:21:06 ()
Matmos  Zealous Order Of Candied Knights   Options Civil War    1:28:09 ()
Journey  Don't Stop Believin'   Options Live In Houston, Texas    1:33:21 ()
(DJ Bravo Remix)  Journey - Don't Stop Believin'   Options     1:36:53 ()
MK Ricardo  Chicken Dance   Options     1:41:33 ()
Disco Duck        1:46:37 ()
Julie Brown  Cuz I'm a Blonde   Options     1:49:33 ()
The Waitresses  I Know What Boys Like   Options     1:52:13 ()
Anton LaVey  Satan Takes a Holiday   Options     1:55:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
Pink Elephants on Parade   Options     2:00:38 ()
Hub n Bub n  Line Dance Polka   Options     2:02:58 ()
Shocking Marilyn Manson        2:11:18 ()
Walt Groller Orchestra  Swing Your Baby   Options     2:19:32 ()
Como Carousel  Those Were the Days   Options     2:22:15 ()
Como Carousel  It's Not Unusual   Options     2:24:20 ()
Jambor Brothers  Tinker Polka   Options     2:26:15 ()
Someone on a Glass Harp  Sugar Plum Faireeeeeeeeee   Options     2:30:17 ()
Calliope  Sunny (Fuzzdusk Remix)   Options     2:32:42 ()
Frank Wrightson  Gypsy Love Song   Options Magical Pipe Organ    2:36:59 ()
DJ stahshooo fave song        2:39:37 ()
Chuck Berry  Maybeline   Options     2:45:13 ()
Bernie Witkowski & His Silver Bell Orchestra  She Likes Kielbasy   Options     2:51:01 ()
Bye bye  Dance of the SUGAR PLUM FAIRY   Options     2:55:36 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 8/26/14 3:03am neil:

good knews! news @ 11. wine market up! dine @ 11?
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:04am J:

i have the sneaking suspicion that the ark of the covenant is in one of these barrels!!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:04am neil:

those barrels are heavy. earths strong.
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:06am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Morning everyone! DJ Stashu coming in firing with multiple barrels...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/26/14 3:07am Ken From Hyde Park:

At first, I thought the background was the catacombs. Then, I thought bullets. Finally, wine casks.
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:08am DJ Stashu:

Welcome to the house of doom and bloopers
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:10am J:

is there wine??
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:11am P-90:

Time to uncork another edition of DWMS!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:11am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Heavy! Visions of sugar plums dancing with Stanley...
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:14am neil:

yea bloops. <is thee earthquake thee doom><?>there's a pretty big storm outside my place. <like thee fourth ov july>
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:15am neil:

  Tue. 8/26/14 3:18am J:

on a completely different note, im going to niagara falls tomorrow!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:18am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Planning to ride over the edge in a barrel?
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:19am DJ Stashu:

Name that instrument
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/26/14 3:20am Ken From Hyde Park:

I'm guessing wine glass.
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:20am DJ Stashu:

Are you going over Niagara in a BARREL?
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:20am neil:

there could be bloops involved...<tiny harp?><or glasses?>
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:22am J:

mmmnn... not sure yet! seems touristy! but i will be on the maid of the mist and with any luck will see some floating by... ; ) if they are full i will snag some for next weeks show!!!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:23am neil:

does tchaikovsky family get royalties?
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:24am DJ Stashu:

Of course
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:25am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Sammy Davis Jr. apparently joined Anton LaVey's Church of Satan!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:25am P-90:

Celeste, Sillies!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:26am PsychopathJimFields:

Good Morning, DJ Stashu!!!!!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:27am neil:

thee interviewing fellow is rather rude.
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:28am DJ Stashu:

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:31am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Wot, no Crüe?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/26/14 3:31am sinister dexter:

you are just calling them and him to you .... you said the word ... too late
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:32am P-90:

Ohhh...the SECOND version of S.P. Fairy
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:33am DJ Stashu:

Yeah the first version I think was a computer program
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:33am neil:

wasn't jesus thee wine guy?
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:33am the Canterbury wood-elf:

I might consider becoming a non-worshipper of nothing....
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:34am P-90:

BLESS YOU and thanks for the dispensation! Will remain aboard.
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:34am the Canterbury wood-elf:

JC just borrowed that trick from Dionysus.
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:35am P-90:

The next version had the Celeste (or Celesta) the traditional Sugar Plum ding thing
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:37am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Nice choice of font colour this morning, BTW, DJ Stashu!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:38am DJ Stashu:

I'm getting better
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:38am P-90:

Poor St. Anton! That "journalist's" dopey questions and remarks were really scraping the bottom of the........oh, you know
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:39am neil:

ill buy an indulgence. <or two>
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:40am neil:

<even more thunder>
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:41am P-90:

OMG Mandy Tennyson! I totally ditched her daughter one night at the Limelight!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:42am DJ Stashu:

I hope she wasn't heartbroken
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:42am coalhard:

  Tue. 8/26/14 3:42am neil:

think leVay was in thee navy.<didn't google>
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:43am the Canterbury wood-elf:

@coalhard Ctrl-A dude
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:44am coalhard:

  Tue. 8/26/14 3:44am P-90:

  Tue. 8/26/14 3:46am P-90:

a weeema-way
a weeema-way
a weeema-way
a weeema-way
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:46am the Canterbury wood-elf:

@coalhard Put your cursor in the comment box, hold "Ctrl" and then press "A". It will highlight all text.
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:46am coalhard:

  Tue. 8/26/14 3:47am the Canterbury wood-elf:

don't be angry, be happy : )
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:48am neil:

ah yes thee lion sleeps...<right>
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:48am DJ Stashu:

  Tue. 8/26/14 3:49am P-90:

@ coalhard: Or are you using a MacIntosh OS?
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:50am the Canterbury wood-elf:

@J: When you go to see the Canadian side of the falls (far superior), don't forget to carry some change. When I was there you had to pay 25 cents to get back into the USA! ("Freedom isn't free" as my brother-in-law quipped).
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:51am DJ Stashu:

Canadians are far SUPERIOR!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:53am coalhard:

I have seen some stupid things in my life this is the worst
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:54am marmalade kitty:

daylight robbery!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:55am P-90:

Ahoy Marmalade!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:56am neil:

satanic polka beats. <check>
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:56am coalhard:

the music is good but I can't see shit are we hiding from terrorists or something
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:57am P-90:

........maybe daylight where YOU are, Kitty
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:57am marmalade kitty:

  Tue. 8/26/14 3:58am the Canterbury wood-elf:

@coalhard Try right-click and "select all". Failing that, don't worry, be happy...
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:58am P-90:

@ coalhard: YES! Shhhhhhh!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:58am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 3:58am DJ Stashu:

It's a FINE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:58am coalhard:

I can't read did someone call me a titty?
  Tue. 8/26/14 3:59am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Its correct UK pronunciation was being discussed on FMU just the other day.
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:00am DJ Stashu:

No you're NOT A TITTY
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:00am coalhard:

bye I should not be here
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:00am neil:

  Tue. 8/26/14 4:00am P-90:

"Marmal- ODD?"
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:03am neil:

minions ov stashu...
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:04am neil:

  Tue. 8/26/14 4:04am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Come back coalhard, all is forgiven!
And yeah, it's just mar-ma-laid, same as over there (it had been suggested that we might say mar-ma-lahd, as if...)
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:04am P-90:

  Tue. 8/26/14 4:06am neil:

running out ov air? <open thee fire door>
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:07am P-90:

Happy Happy!
Joy Joy!
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:08am P-90:

It's that damn turntable #3, right?
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:11am DJ Stashu:

Turntable three is possessed by SATAN and it's going backwards. I just scratched a record LIKE A REAL DJ.
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:12am neil:

yeoow yeeow yeoww!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/26/14 4:13am Ken From Hyde Park:

I enjoy polka music, but I find it impossible to dance to.
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:14am DJ Stashu:

Well you better start learning NOW
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:14am DJ Stashu:

Its easy just wiggle your nose.
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:14am the Canterbury wood-elf:

You could use turntable 3 to explore 1980s Christian allegations of hidden satanic backwards messages in "Hotel California" and "Another One Bites the Dust".
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:14am the Canterbury wood-elf:

  Tue. 8/26/14 4:15am polkamaniac:

WOAH lovin' the beat on this one but I can't keep up!!!
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:15am P-90:

@ elf: Turntable 3 is RESPONSIBLE for those allegations
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/26/14 4:15am Ken From Hyde Park:

Dance Lessons With Stanley
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:16am marmalade kitty:

This is a lark :)
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:16am P-90:

Shit my left clog flew off and broke a lamp
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:17am neil:

Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:19am DJ Stashu:

Mood crusher
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:20am JimHank:

I hav a new perspective on polka music now! Great show, DJ!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:20am DJ Stashu:

:) P:) hukserygiuty!!!!!!!!!
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:22am neil:

destructo. that's what happens when you play with satan...
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:23am DJ Stashu:

I'm gonna throw a link out there: vimeo.com...
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:26am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Don't forget this one (more Unibrows):
With a little cameo from DJ Stashu at the end...
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:27am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:27am DJ Stashu:

Zelda and the Unibrows is my Satan
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:28am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Who's your Santa?
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:29am P-90:

Where the Hell is Part 2?
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:30am DJ Stashu:

Santa is my Santa I never stopped believing. Journey told me so.
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:30am P-90:

  Tue. 8/26/14 4:31am marmalade kitty:

From polka to tartan! Like bonnie prince charlie
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:32am P-90:

DON'T! Stop believing!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:32am DJ Stashu:

I can't
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:33am DJ Stashu:

Satan controls my hands
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:33am the Canterbury wood-elf:

@P-90 you've completely ruined the song for me now : (
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:33am neil:

streetlight people ie: people with long necks?
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:33am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:35am PsychopathJimFields:

I hated this song for years, until they used it on The Sopranos. Now it's kind of reluctantly iconic.
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:36am DJ Stashu:

You just gotta dance Jim. Hi!!!!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:37am PsychopathJimFields:

I love to dance. I'll dance with you the next time I see you :)
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:38am DJ Stashu:

Dance like chickens?
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:39am PsychopathJimFields:

Wouldn't be the first time ;)
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:40am DJ Stashu:

Chicken DANCE!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:40am DJ Stashu:

You just gave me a great idea for the show!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:42am PsychopathJimFields:

You're welcome :D
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:42am the Canterbury wood-elf:

I was just reminded that South Detroit is a mythical locale which is actually in Canada (far superior). Were you born and raised in South Detroit, DJ Stashu?
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:42am DJ Stashu:

Get it? I just played THE CHICKEN DANCE
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:43am DJ Stashu:

I was BORN in Detroit smack dab in the middle of POLE TOWN with streetlight people
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:44am neil:

don't forget disco duck.<everyone else has><birds who dance>
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:45am DJ Stashu:

I won't forget
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:46am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Never forget anything.
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:47am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Quick reflexes! She's on fire this morning...
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:47am neil:

i cant feel my beak anymore...
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:49am PsychopathJimFields:

I got it :)
I was dancing in the kitchen when I went to get more coffee :D
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:49am DJ Stashu:

  Tue. 8/26/14 4:51am neil:

yeah yeah yeah! <ditto>
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:52am neil:

thee waitresses, serving up a hot pot!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:53am DJ Stashu:

Sax solos
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:53am the Canterbury wood-elf:

What was it with the 80s and sax solos?
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 4:54am DJ Stashu:

They loved sax
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:55am neil:

had something to do with thee lighting...<mood><sax>
  Tue. 8/26/14 4:58am neil:

<playing thee organ>
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:01am the Canterbury wood-elf:

@DJ i was dancing to an absolutely CRUSHING dubstep remix of Aretha's "Respect" this weekend, no idea who by, but that might be worth investigating...
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:02am neil:

anton leVay plays thee organ on Je t'aime by psychic tv...<its true>
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:02am DJ Stashu:

  Tue. 8/26/14 5:05am neil:

or wait for thee mystery machine to show up...<those kids love clues>
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:06am the Canterbury wood-elf:

@DJ Hasn't someone adopted your nose? Surely it's now their responsibility now...
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:08am neil:

nose interns...<don't get paid enough>
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:11am DJ Stashu:

Someone adopted my allergy nose
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:12am neil:

kleenex, thee brand ov generation x...
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:12am P-90:

Equal pay for gyrating boogers!
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:16am neil:

on tonites show, contemptus interviews.
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:16am andy the painter:

well, this is my first time listening to this show, i have to admit; though i've always been intrigued by the title.
but i just started a night job and just came home and turned on my ol' pal fmu and i think i'm in radio love. what beautiful spazziness in the middle of the night. thanks!
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:18am neil:

makes me dance. makes me think.
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:19am DJ Stashu:

Aw ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:19am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Welcome to the club, andy the painter. Easily the highlight of the week...
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:19am DJ Stashu:

THE PAINTER? Whaaaaaaaaaaat do you paint?
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:23am P-90:

"Roll Out the Barrel Edition" and still no Schmenge Brothers? We MUST be saving them for the Grand Finale, the only possible explanation...
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:24am neil:

was swinging baby soo much i droped em'...damn baby oil...
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:25am P-90:

@ andy the painter: Oils, acrylics, watercolors?
Still lifes, portraits, landscapes...?
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:26am neil:

more ov a mental picture...
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:27am DJ Stashu:

Paints... nails?
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:27am map:

satanic panic
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:29am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Maybe andy's a simple housepainter and we've all made him shy now with projections of artistic ability?
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:30am neil:

dance with me sugar plum.
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:32am DeaconDave:

Pour me in.
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:32am PsychopathJimFields:

Going to dance in the shower :D
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:33am P-90:

andy the painter seems to bring good luck.
The Sugar Polka Fairy usually doesn't appear until Oktoberfest, we received a rare early visit tonight...
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:35am DJ Stashu:

Por favor pour pour pour
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:40am neil:

mary. she's a lot ov fun.<clock thrower>
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:41am andy the painter:

oh, sorry. not used to being up now. trying to tcb a bit.
i do the fancy decorative painting, and gilding. (gold leafing)
was prepping elevator doors at the barney's store in manhattan for aluminum leaf.... getting power sander dust on all the really expensive, ridiculous clothes.
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:42am P-90:

This is a reissue of the original mono tracks! SO much better than that crappy stereo remix!
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:43am neil:

tha'ts what eve said...
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:43am andy the painter:

i also helped paint some stuff in monte hall and when the station moved to jc
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:46am crowd chanting::

"Schmenges! Schmenges! Schmenges!"
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:47am the Canterbury wood-elf:

i'm still working on that telepathic request from last week! Got your telepathy suit yet, DJ Stashu?
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:52am neil:

thanks dj stashu. sweet treats!!!
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:55am DJ Stashu:

Yep yep
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:55am DJ Stashu:

No blue suit yet :(
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:57am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Thanks DJ Stashooo, a strong contender for BEST EPISODE EVER. One happy elf signing off...
Avatar Tue. 8/26/14 5:57am PsychopathJimFields:

Fun show!!! Have a great day, DJ Stahsu!!!!! :D
  Tue. 8/26/14 5:59am P-Nineski:

Dziękują DJ Stashu!
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