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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options May 27, 2014: An action-packed show with phone calls from the actual Steve Buscemi and Jimmy Bower from Down and Eyehategod plus comedian Myq Kaplan and the awesome Yesway live in-studio!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Kyuss  Thee Ole Boozeroony   Options And The Circus Leaves Town  0:00:00 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave Hill intros the show... 
    0:04:41 ()
Dead Moon  Graveyard   Options In the Graveyard  0:08:44 ()
Cheap Trick  Oh, Candy   Options Cheap Trick  0:11:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave Hill back announces... 
    0:14:19 ()
Eyehategod  Worthless Rescue   Options Eyehategod  0:15:48 ()
Merle Haggard  I Made The Prison Band   Options Prison  0:20:43 ()
Dave Hill takes calls      0:21:29 ()
      0:21:32 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave calls Jimmy Bower of Eyehategod... 
    0:34:08 ()
Guided by Voices  Goldstar for Robot Boy   Options Bee Thousand  0:50:30 ()
Sweet Apple  Reunion   Options The Golden Age of Glitter  0:51:16 ()
Sam Cooke  Touch the Hem of His Garment   Options Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers  0:54:21 ()
The Spits  All I Want   Options The Spits IV  0:56:19 ()
Pentagram  Wheel of Fortune   Options First Daze Here Too  1:02:04 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave takes calls... 
    1:03:01 ()
Dave talks to Steve Buscemi      1:25:29 ()
Brian Jonestown Massacre  Straight Up and Down   Options Take It From the Man!  1:37:59 ()
Doug Gillard  Parade On   Options Parade On  1:42:50 ()
Magnetic Fields  Yeah! Oh, Yeah!   Options 69 Love Songs  1:46:19 ()
The Knack  Heartbeat   Options Get the Knack  1:47:49 ()
Vista Chino  Barcelonian   Options Peace  2:29:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave talks with Myq Kaplan 
    1:49:57 ()
Wreckless Eric  Whole Wild World   Options Greatest Stiffs  2:26:42 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave Hill in the studio! 
    2:28:49 ()
Dave with Myq Kaplan and Yesway      2:30:53 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:04pm Danne D:


Hey Hillage People!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:04pm Danne D:

Hi Shaina :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:06pm cameron_michael:

Ah, it's working.
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:07pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:07pm herb.nyc:

Hi Dave & all. (Sorry to babble)
(1) I love the show and im a(n about) 3rd time commenter. Wanted to say all yr interviews are great, and i always burst out laughing (even at the serious parts). I was so inspired by the Will Not Attend guy (sorry, no name recall) that i put a hold for it at ny public library! I then placed your book on hold too. (I presently have a vaudeville bk by TRAV S.D.).
(2). While listening to CHRIS T earlier, a woman called in at v.end. She made some vg points. So, why not encourage women to phone in?
(3). Maybe you can invent BACK & FORTH ANNOUNCING for yr songs. Evan will prob be impressed.
(4). I may not comment again, due to iphone app issues. Thats why im doing so now, via the web. I should mention to Ken about this. (We're all so glad he gave you a set of WFMU keys. Uh, maybe we can borrow them???)
Thanks, take care
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:07pm cameron_michael:

I keep my comments on the message board PG. I'm a Goddamned gentleman.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:09pm M.J:

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:09pm Danne D:

Canadian Cam, what's up? :)

I'm afraid of what STDs Dave may have contracted in the effort to get this great guest list.

I concur with herb regarding female callers. You need more Canadian callers too. And glad to see you check in :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:09pm F-berg:

Hi all! Hi Danne!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:10pm cameron_michael:

@Danne: oh, you know, shakin' responsibilities.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:11pm DaveHill:

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:11pm cameron_michael:

Oh, Candy? Absolutely.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:11pm cameron_michael:

Hey Dave!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:11pm DanH:

cheap trick!!!!!
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:12pm JeffHQ:

Yeaaah!!! Hello.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 9:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The backyard campfire is out and the cover is back on the pool. Time to relax with the show.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:17pm Danne D:

Wonder if Dave will play Candy O next week.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:19pm DaveHill:

Hey Cameron! Call in from Canada!
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:19pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:20pm cameron_michael:

Dave, my phone is charging right now. I know. Crazy lame excuse right?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:20pm Danne D:

I heard Glen Campbell on the stereo system the Stewart's Root Beer stand had this weekend and thought of Dave.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:20pm Danne D:

(Phone won't run out of juice if you are calling with it plugged in, Cam)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 9:22pm Patrick:

hey dave, havent caught the show live in a few weeks.... my pants have been tight all day thinking about it. prob because i ate all those salty kilboza on Sunday.... but tight none the less
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:22pm cameron_michael:

I gotta leave my room to make a phone call. I live in a crazy old house with awful reception. I know. I'm lame.
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:22pm P-90:

@ Danne D.: I've noticed the similarities between Dave's voice and Glen Campbell's!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:23pm Danne D:

Cameron just move your Canadian hand-crank generator into another room for crying out loud!
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:24pm JeffHQ:

Was Shaina at Rock Shop?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:24pm cameron_michael:

You nailed it. Have you lived in Canada before? I don't know how you know so much about us.
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:24pm P-90:

Which guitar tonight, Senor Hill?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:25pm Danne D:

@P-90 I bet Dave has one of those Rhinestone Cowboy outfits too.

@Cameron I have my sources. South Park of course but other sources too like that McKenzie Brothers Documentary
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:25pm DanH:

Dave, which effects pedals do you use?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:25pm cameron_michael:

If the show was nothing but Dave playing over music I'd listen to that.
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:26pm JeffHQ:

Scream 7?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:27pm Danne D:

Mac is against those newfangled things like phone maybe ;)
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:27pm P-90:

@Danne D.: Actually, now that you mention it, Dave kinda looks like Mac Davis. Remember that guy? Quite a star f few years back.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:28pm Danne D:

SMH, Spurs wasn't even playing in the game.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:28pm DanH:

@Danne D: Does this mean Dave is the PC?
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:28pm JeffHQ:

Saw the movie. Whoa. Actor was awesome...guy fr Locke...name is...
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:29pm Danne D:

@P-90 yeah I agree:
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:30pm cameron_michael:

I hope Brad calls back.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:31pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:31pm cosmic matrix:

for heaven's sake
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 9:31pm steve:

yeah the guy on the phone is clipping somethin bad
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:32pm JeffHQ:

Mighty Mighty...Bouldertones
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:32pm Danne D:

I think Brad might've been clipping something too
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:32pm cosmic matrix:

no, it's dave too... it's on the whole LR mix.... and it's when they talk loud
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:33pm cosmic matrix:

  Tue. 5/27/14 9:34pm P-90:

@ Danne: picture a younger version of THAT guy, with a big cowboy hat and one of those nice cowboy shirts, not the real flashy kind--
CW Goddamn Dave Hill!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:35pm Danne D:

Not sure Dave looks like CW McCall, but I think he could pull off this look: 2.bp.blogspot.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 9:36pm Erma Gherd:

and a Nudie suit, can I request a Nudie suit?

Hi everyone.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:36pm Pseu Braun:

that's pretty homo-erotic, Danne...
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:38pm P-90:

@ Danne: no way, that short curly style Ali's wearing is all wrong for Dave H.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:38pm Danne D:

@Pseu yeah, Allie McGraw seems to only enhance that.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:40pm Danne D:

On a different note, Pseu, please tell me you'll be back on the schedule come November
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:42pm courtneynoir:

Pretty much the only reason I wanted an iPhone is so I could bike around Lincoln, Nebraska listening to WFMU - which I've totally been doing tonight!
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:42pm battleaxe:

This guys a real chatterbox.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:43pm Pseu Braun:

Hey Danne man, we could all be dead by November. Who's to say. Note I didn't use a question mark there. I'm cool like that.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:45pm Danne D:

@Courtney you're living right.

@Pseu well I hope you're back next cycle whether I'm dead or not.
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:45pm JeffHQ:

Submit those temp hours.
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:46pm battleaxe:

Did Dave just thank him for "talking" with me?
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:46pm JeffHQ:

  Tue. 5/27/14 9:47pm JeffHQ:

Buscemi is real deal.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Dave Hill! Melting faces--and minds!

Hi there everyone!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Oooh, what's this power pop? I'm likin'!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Guided By Voices--thanks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 9:51pm Erma Gherd:

hi Matt!
  Tue. 5/27/14 9:51pm P-90:

Guten TZAG , Matt von Schpritzfinger
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Erma! Guten TZAG P-90 (and all you time zones, for that matter)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 9:52pm Erma Gherd:

I want to know about the GBV show at Bowery last week since tickets sold out in approximately five seconds...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 9:53pm JakeGould:

Stavenhagen’s! www.youtube.com...
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Ah, it was Sweet Apple instead. That's cool.
Now I'm waiting for Sam Cooke to display so I can Star it already...Gospel Sam!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:55pm Danne D:

Erma! M_f_S! And greetings to everyone else I didn't properly greet!

@Dave will you be at the WFMU Record Fair this weekend or are you out doing the rock star thing?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 9:56pm pacific standard simon:

Arf, he said.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:56pm DaveHill:

I will totally be there, Danne D! You?!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:58pm Danne D:

certainly Saturday afternoon. Maybe Sunday as well :)
A little more doubtful in terms of Friday.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:58pm Danne D:

Btw, folks there are still volunteer slots available for the record fair - email Scott@wfmu.org if you can help out. (I'm not sure I can yet - I may have work conflicts)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:58pm DaveHill:

Call in Danne!!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 9:59pm Matt from Springfield:

A proper greeting to ye, Danne D! :)
Arf arf, PSS.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 10:01pm pacific standard simon:

Talking over Mingus, that's a shortcoming, all right.
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:02pm Chris:

DH play a little something for the Agora crew
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:02pm Matt from Springfield:

There's no end to my short strengths.

Blue Cheer! Blue Sabbath Drug Detergent all the way!!!
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:02pm JeffHQ:

Great documentary on Pentagram on Netflix
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:03pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

I can !never! find my way back to this "comment" / "chat". Oops.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 10:04pm pacific standard simon:

I just arfed in to see what condition Dave's condition was in. I fear my presence is required at a Giants/Cubs game via the intrawebs, momentarily.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Only 3 minutes late, you're doing fine! :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Uptown Toddlers get tickled pink...
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:06pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

Something something Uptown Girl something something..
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:06pm P-90:

Silly me, I thought the Billy Joel was part of the ringtone
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:06pm cameron_michael:

Multiple "WFMU Artist of the Year" winner, Billy Joel.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Always, Remember: the Four Seasons' "Rag Doll" (1964)...
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Faces melting, dudes getting pregnant, good stuff.
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:08pm P-90:

@Matt: Billy HATES it when you bring that up
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Kearney Empire blocks even the Boardwalk Empire--booyah! :D
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: You're right--although he does love the song obviously, dammit if anyone other than HIM talks about it!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:11pm Matt from Springfield:

"Modern scoundrels"? Like Steve Buscemi's other characters??.. ;)
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:11pm JeffHQ:

Channel Samuel Jackson?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:12pm Matt from Springfield:

"Comment crawlers / heed the callers - You gotta call in / to get outtttt...OU OU ou outtt!"
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:12pm Danne D:

lol Kearny Empire?
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:12pm P-90:

"Comments Critters"?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:13pm Danne D:

sorry for calling you guys critters
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Very short, very erotic :)

@Danne: Ahh, never remember the spelling! :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:14pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

Breathmints.. breathmints..
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:14pm Danne D:

This is fantastic :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:14pm Matt from Springfield:

  Tue. 5/27/14 10:15pm JeffHQ:

Park Bench webseries. Duly noted.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:15pm Danne D:

Link to Episode 1 of Park Bench for folks to enjoy after tonight's show: on.aol.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:15pm Erma Gherd:

I freaking love him! He's got the whole world in his hands.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Grimes! Niiiiice...
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:17pm Danne D:

Would Ian Anderson being on Park Bench be too "on the nose"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:17pm Mike East:

sweet. Just in time for Steve Buscemi. Evening all
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:17pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

Actors on Park Benches Getting Tea?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Dick Cavett's the man :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:17pm Danne D:

Hey Mike :) Impeccable timing!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi there Mike!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: "Eyeing Little Girls with Bad Intent" podcast..
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:18pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

Welcome, Mike..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:18pm Mike East:

Hey, dudes. I got sidetracked watching that Muscle Shoals documentary.
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:20pm JeffHQ:

I touched Kirk Hammetts guitar once in hallway at A Band Apart.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:20pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

I understand they sponsor Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with car ads.. who sponsors Actors On Park Benches Getting Tea?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:21pm Danne D:

@SavetTheSaveables 84 Lumber?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:23pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

Only people I'd meet on Park Benches near me are bums sleeping..
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:25pm Matt from Springfield:

"So on a scale from Dickensian to sub-Dickensian, how would you rate..."
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:25pm JeffHQ:

Nicely phrased.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:25pm Matt from Springfield:

*puts away homemade shiv, for now*
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:26pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

Are they talking about Eastern State Penitentiary? I have a membership there.. the reason they made it in a spoke design is someone can look in any direction and see down every aisle of cells at once. At least one reason I think..
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:26pm Danne D:

Thanks for asking my question, Dave :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Time for me to place an early bid on Nucky's detachable collars, then! Easiest bit of memorabilia to acquire, it seems!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:29pm coelacanth:

that prison sounds like a panopticon.

Hi everyone!
Great interview.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:29pm Danne D:

@M_f_S seems that he'll have an easy time parting with them.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:30pm Danne D:

Love this story :)
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:30pm JeffHQ:

Great Kaufman story. Thanks for calling, Steve. Respect.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow! You got the whole Andy Kaufman experience--awesome! :D
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:31pm Danne D:

Nailed It
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Standing O! Thanks Steve B! :D
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:32pm Mike East:

I saw conair in the theater and loved it
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:37pm coelacanth:

i'm pro-hydration.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:37pm Danne D:

Boardwalk Empire theme :)
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:37pm JeffHQ:

Is that an invitation? Bring lasagna?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:38pm Danne D:

A natural fit for a show set in the 1920s :D Great song regardless :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Bottles of whiskey are washing up on the shore of my soul, wonderful!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:40pm Erma Gherd:

this is one of those bands I always mean to listen to. Good stuff.
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:41pm Rickwaukee:

Waiting for The Ocean
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:42pm Danne D:

All the good bands are featured in the opening credits of HBO shows.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:42pm DaveHill:

Yes. Bring lasagna.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:42pm pollen:

why does everything sound like a walkie-talkie?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:44pm pollen:

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:44pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

Noted, Mr. Dave Hill. I'm building a guitar and figured I'd show up one day when it's done, but now I won't come without lasagna.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:45pm DaveHill:

Could you guys tell I was nervous talking to Steve Buscemi?!
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:45pm Rickwaukee:

sweet Claudia Gonson
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:45pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

Sounded great! I didn't think you sounded nervous.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:46pm Mike East:

naw man, you were cool.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:46pm Matt from Springfield:

I could not--in any event you were very focused and on top of it! Great job Dave! :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:46pm Danne D:

@DaveHill I think you were great, Dave. You settled right down once you got into it.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:46pm cameron_michael:

Cool as always, Dave.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:46pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

All thanks to Danne D's question I guess lol.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:47pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Danne!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:47pm Pseu Braun:

BJM, Gillard, Merritt = my jams! Buscemi was great. You held it together DH.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:47pm Danne D:

@StS hardly man :) Thank YOU Dave :) Glad you found the question useful.
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:48pm Rickwaukee:

Their better song
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:48pm Erma Gherd:

I thought you were great. I would have been all shaky-voiced and horrible but you were cool like cucumber.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:48pm pollen:

I liked it. it was more awkward than nervous. I felt a little uncomfortable which is nice. 7/10
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:49pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

@erma: Love Martin Starr.. you watch Silicon Valley? It's pretty funny.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Do the Moody Blues star in the "Days of Future Past" X-Men movie??!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:50pm JakeGould:

Huge Jackedman.
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:51pm JeffHQ:

Nice. Myq-nificent.
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:51pm P-90:

Sign me up for the "Jack-men"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:51pm Mike East:

one can learn a lot from evan funk davies.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:51pm Erma Gherd:

I love Martin Starr too - saving Silicon Valley for a binge-watch! Bill Haverchuck is one of my favorite TV characters ever, he just breaks my heart in all the good ways.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:52pm Danne D:

Side Face - one of the lesser members of the Dick Tracy Rogues Gallery
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:53pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

I'm a big Freaks & Geeks fan, and most of the actors who were on it. I have a rare copy of an old Martin Starr movie, Eyeball Eddie. These were hard to find because most people who worked on the movie kept it.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:53pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

PS - It's about a kid's stormy relationship with his glass eye.
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:54pm P-90:

@ Matt: I hear Patrick Stewart performs "Nights in White Satin" in "X-Men": DoFP
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Yuh who?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:55pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: Fine with me--Patrick Stewart can do no wrong! ;)
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:55pm herb.nyc:

Wasnt Myq Kaplan on npr, maybe 5,6 wks ago? Segment w Big Orange Head joke. If so, v niiiiice!
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:57pm P-90:

Heard he swings the mic cord and tosses his head like Frank Sinatra, the whole deal
  Tue. 5/27/14 10:57pm JeffHQ:

Wow. Podcast to bliss.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 10:59pm Danne D:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 10:59pm Erma Gherd:

Nice, STS!

Myq Kaplan is quite a wordsmith. His Twitter is full of word(s)play.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:00pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

What about if I made a donation to WFMU and in return you play a Dave Hill advertisement?
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:00pm JeffHQ:

Nice lineup
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:01pm mike albo:

mr hill...you are an awesome host. as easy as Sunday mornin. i am creamin in my jeans that you are on the radio.
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:02pm JeffHQ:

By hang out, i consider standing across the room of course.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:03pm Pseu Braun:

Effing MIKE ALBO...you are hotness!
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:04pm JeffHQ:

I am on your side(s)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

"We were younger then. Drunker, too. Ah, the bliss of yesterminute..."
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:05pm JeffHQ:

He also lived in ...
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Approx one-half of Nic Cage is avoid territory; the other half is watchable territory, some of which is very great.
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:06pm JeffHQ:

Family Man
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:06pm Rickwaukee:

Family Man
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:06pm Mike from MPLS:

Leaving Las Vegas is INCREDIBLE...elizabeth shoe
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:07pm herb.nyc:


And Mike Albo of The Junket, 45 bleecker? Yeeeeah!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Dan Savage--the only "Savage" worth listening to!
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:08pm Rickwaukee:

gotta drop the tranny
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:10pm Matt from Springfield:

29 Daves agree!
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:10pm Rickwaukee:

we don't say vegan anymore
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:11pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm an ex-vegan--I eat salad before dinner, and then I spoil my vegan streak! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:12pm Mike East:

I've totally done that with Chunky Monkey/Chubby Hubby...cuz he's right, chunky monkey sucks.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Non-GMO = OMG!
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:13pm P-90:

"fair trade, non-gmo" chocolate -covered pretzels?
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:14pm JeffHQ:

Taffy can be watermelon or fruit
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:14pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike: I've found Chunky Monkey is good if you buy it and serve it all at once. But if you try to re-freeze it, it'll taste like ass the next time you try it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:14pm coelacanth:

i dont understand that...I may have for breakfast:salad,sushi,rice with veggies,...whatever. (just not sweets.) Time of day makes no difference.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Sometimes "natural" sucks more--forget Breyer's mint choco chip, I want my artificial radioactive neon green color! Same with "banana" ice cream--add that sugary chemical and preservatives and it lasts longer.
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:15pm JeffHQ:

Skater Myq
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:16pm Mike East:

@Matt - haven't had it in years. These days I'm into Talenti Gelato cuz its delicious and comes in an awesome reusable screwtop container.
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:16pm P-90:

Chunky Monkey is OK in a bowl with another flavor. Like a scoop of Chunky Monkey and a scoop of Cherry Garcia or New York Super Fudge Chunk is good.
But yeah C. monkey buy itself kinda sucks.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:16pm Danne D:

@M_f_S and Mike - if you refreeze ice cream and it tastes bad the next time that's a GOOD thing. It means it's all natural.

When I worked in a grocery store a million years ago when the freezer went down most of it was savable and reusable - but the Breyers we had to throw all of it away.

Bergen County Represent!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:16pm Erma Gherd:

I just bought some Talenti and was vaguely considering busting it out.
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:17pm JeffHQ:

Menu mind.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Love those reusable containers! I also reuse Aurora Foods granola plastic containers. I'm also fortunate to be in driving distance of some gelato places.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:17pm Danne D:

Breyer's Vanilla is the best thing out there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 11:17pm steve:

Bergen County. the motherland.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:18pm Danne D:

Allendale = $$$
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:19pm Matt from Springfield:

201 "homeland" steve! :)
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:19pm JeffHQ:

Heh. Dave, behave. Judges judge.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:19pm Danne D:

my variation is when somebody says they went to school at, say, Yale, I'd say "heard of it"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 11:19pm steve:

wat. im from Allendale. my parents still live there. guess Myq's older than i am?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 11:20pm steve:

Allendale != $$$. Upper Saddle River == $$$.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 11:21pm steve:

i still get my hair cut in Allendale
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Jewish E. Vegan's fun palace.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:21pm coelacanth:

(nobody's a vegan,technically...at least not in western civilisation.)
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:23pm P-90:

Oh now I get what "Merv Griffin-style" means...
for years I was thinking that referred to a sexual position
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:23pm Danne D:

My sister used to be a cook at a luncheonette in Allendale
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:23pm Mike East:

explain please, coelacanth
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:26pm SaveTheSaveables.com:

Merv Griffin style SHOULD be a sexual position.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:28pm coelacanth:

P-90 -!!!

Mike East "vegan" was invented by some guy in the 1950s. It meant there was no exploitation of animals at all...(which means one couldn't financially support a company or industry that exploits or hurts animals.)
..."vegetarian" means to eat NOTHING of animal origin...but the term's been perverted.
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:28pm Chris:

Wreckless Eric! Saw him open for Pere Ubu
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/27/14 11:29pm steve:

i love Allendale. so quiet and calm and dull.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:29pm coelacanth:

...so it's probably impossible to be an actual vegan.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:31pm Mike East:

ah, i see
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Gene Shalit's Jeans Chalet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:33pm Erma Gherd:

RIP Maxwell's
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:33pm Danne D:

Todd from Maxwell's is involved with a new venue that will be opening in Jersey City - White Eagle Hall
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:33pm Matt from Springfield:

That's an übersüss effect Myq! Do that again sometime!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:34pm Danne D:

(i.e. a new old venue given that it's been around forever but they are refurbishing it)
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:34pm JeffHQ:

Already watched some last night before my internet went out, great stuff.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:34pm Matt from Springfield:

The popular "CD" (cylinder disc) format!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:34pm Danne D:

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Effect again!
That stuff sounds like the stuff, indeed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:38pm Erma Gherd:

cool, Danne D. I'm glad to hear that.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:38pm Pseu Braun:

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:38pm Danne D:

this is nice :)
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Woooooohooooooo! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:39pm coelacanth:

i like it!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:44pm Matt from Springfield:

*snore* Whaaaat? Wuwuz zat? Why am I hearing great melodies and seeing candy everywhere??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:46pm Mike East:

there's not enough candy at Pete's Candy Store. Just a lot of PBR
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:47pm P-90:

Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:47pm Matt from Springfield:

This is incredible! So beautiful, so unique!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:49pm coelacanth:

...in case he gets it in the taint again!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:50pm Matt from Springfield:

All that hydration is causing these strokes...
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Candy's Pizza Store?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:52pm Matt from Springfield:

The Amazon Tindle™
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:52pm Erma Gherd:

Sofa city, sweethearts.
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:53pm JeffHQ:

All good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:53pm hola-soymilk:

Hello! Did I hear greenpoint?
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Maybe you SHOULD Tweet while you're tuning, Dave.
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Hola, just made it in time!
(I HOPE you didn't miss the Yesway?! Catch their songs in the Archive! And Steve Buscemi's call too! )
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:54pm Mike East:

yes, they were in greenpoint today...and debating whether Petes Candy store is in greenpoint or williamsburg
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:54pm pollen:

radio gold
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:55pm coelacanth:

THIS!...there's only 5 minutes!

(i have my taint-guard on.)
  Tue. 5/27/14 11:56pm P-90:

Tales of the Autastic"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:56pm hola-soymilk:

@MFS I missed quite a bit, I'll catch up tomorrow!
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:59pm DaveHill:

How awesome are these guys?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/27/14 11:59pm hola-soymilk:

I heard greenpoint has great Polish food
Avatar Tue. 5/27/14 11:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@hola: It's an amazing episode, you'll be glad you did! :)

Avatar Wed. 5/28/14 12:00am F-berg:

Good night all! What a fun show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/28/14 12:00am coelacanth:

Sho'z purdy...Thank you Dave Hill and Thank you Yesway.
Avatar Wed. 5/28/14 12:01am Matt from Springfield:

Oh hwow, they knocked my socks off, now my foot is pregnant!

THANK YOU Dave, Shaina, Steve, Myq, Yesway, all the callers and commenters!
Avatar Wed. 5/28/14 12:01am Danne D:

thanks for an outstanding show Dave and Shaina and guests :) OUTSTANDING :D

Good night all :)
Avatar Wed. 5/28/14 12:01am Matt from Springfield:

Have a good night, people! :D
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/28/14 12:01am coelacanth:

Thanks WBerger for allowing the over-run.
  Wed. 5/28/14 12:02am P-90:

Great show, packed/quality excellence from front to back!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/28/14 12:02am Erma Gherd:

better and better every week. Pretty harmonies.
Avatar Wed. 5/28/14 12:04am cameron_michael:

Great show, Dave. Really enjoyed all of the hot jams, especially Yesway.
Avatar Wed. 5/28/14 12:04am DaveHill:

Thanks, guys!!
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