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Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, guys in bars, and her own Grandma Phyllis about where love and sex meets technology.

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Options May 7, 2014: #23 - Space Jamming on Chill Pills

Meet Randy's mellow side. I'll play back a conversation I had with him before work one morning. Plus, I call his oldest friend Noah the Boa to learn more about Randy's past misadventures.

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Artist Comments
  Meet Randy's mellow side. I'll play back a conversation I had with him before work one morning. Plus, I call his oldest friend Noah the Boa to learn more about Randy's past misadventures. 
Randy on Quaaludes   

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:01pm Greg from Bloomfield:

First time listening live in WEEKS!
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:02pm Listener Julian:

Ange, this show is great.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:02pm Peanut:

Is Randy still pissed?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:03pm Studio B Ben:

@Peanut: When is Randy not pissed?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:03pm Callieflower:

"Space jamming" is a phrase that doesn't surprise me, coming from Randy
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:03pm dale:

did the rorer 712s a few times. BUT THAT WAS 35 YEARS AGO! where did randy get quaaludes that haven't been made in decades?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:03pm Peanut:

Good point.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:05pm Peanut:

Orange chill pills... Vicodin?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:05pm Ange:

Is vicodin orange? Is that what it could be?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:06pm dale:

ask gregory house.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:06pm Ange:

@Greg - hey! glad you're here! I totes have something for you on my desk still. @Julian - thank you!
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:06pm Peanut:

I dunno just making guesses. It's tough since it was from Mexico.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:07pm Studio B Ben:

Uh oh. Foreshadowing to mommy issues?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:09pm Callieflower:

Keep saying pop-pop, please, randy
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:09pm dale:

he sees his pop-pop and thinks it's an orgasm? okay.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:11pm Peanut:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:11pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I forgot them AGAIN.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:11pm dale:

i saw loretta swit at LAX ten years ago and she looked HORRIBLE - bulimic, puffed out callogen- injected lips and bleached out fried hair.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:11pm Peanut:

I'm still dying to see what he looks like
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:13pm dale:

oh - randy's in SAG
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:13pm Listener Julian:

Grade D BJ from an MP!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:14pm Peanut:

I just envision Charlie sheen
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:15pm Studio B Ben:

More and more, I'm surprised Randy wasn't in Tommy Wiseau's "The Room".
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:16pm Ange:

Is that a real marching song?
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:16pm Wow:

Andy Breckman can sometimes leave me liking him more than I did before, or about the same, but Randy never fails to deliver.

Of _course_ he prefers the sappy, stupidly manipulative, simplistic TV "M*A*S*H" to Robert Altman's masterwork; of course he thinks he has a Heaven-mandated 'purpose', of course he calls artificial respiration 'some dude kissing me', of course he thinks you need forgiveness and will tell you how wonderful he is for giving it to you. Of course he deprecates a woman good enough to give him oral sex, and doesn't think a fraudulently-obtained discharge 'getting kicked-out of the Army'...of course he cares how old he and others were when they ceased being virgins.

He never fails.
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:17pm jeff in Puna:

Wasn't The Seven Second Delay Show with Ken
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:17pm Robert:

I was in my late 40s.
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:17pm P-90:

I just confirmed with a physician who is an expert on pharmaceutical drugs and street drugs (and teaches at a big-city hospital) that bootleg Quaaludes haven't been seen anywhere outside of South Africa for many years. So whatever Randy was or wasn't high on when he made this call, Quaaludes it ain't.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:17pm dale:

it's like imagining what holden caulfield looks like. randy is a fictional character.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:19pm JakeGould:

You know what can solve Randy’s infuriating vocal fry? Drain-o. It can also solve Randy.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:19pm Peanut:

Secrets out it was ADVIL
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:19pm cosmic matrix:

i can hear andrea clicking.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:19pm Callieflower:

I thought he'd be working at Bennigans
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:19pm dale:

@wow - wow!
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:20pm Edward:

Andrea, I want to like your show, but I seriously can't abide this asshole.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:20pm Ange:

I was taking notes for Noah - sorry for the clicking!
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:20pm Robert:

I love Ms. Sllenzi's clicking.
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:21pm jeff in Puna:

Stay positive, everybody, as we enter this man's darkness.
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:21pm marmalade kitty:

why does this deserve valuable air time?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:21pm cosmic matrix:

just sayin'.
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:22pm Robert:

Edward, can you abide it as a perforance?
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:22pm marmalade kitty:

  Wed. 5/7/14 7:22pm jeff in Puna:

The Mother's Day special was great!
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:22pm Listener Julian:

"Do you not know what a 'gigantic D' is?"
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:23pm cosmic matrix:

anyway, this is INTENSE! bootleg hermit crabs?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:23pm Ange:

Does everyone know what a D is but me?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:24pm dale:

i say randy's a writer or actor, or both.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:24pm Blunterson:

"Bootleg hermit crabs" is pretty good
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:24pm Callieflower:

I had no idea, Andrea
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:24pm Studio B Ben:

What's the use in making Randy so, so, so, so, so repugnant?
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:25pm P-90:

Marmalade Kitty has a point. Even if this Randy routine is funny at times, hasn't it gone way beyond having any relevance in a show that's about dating and relationships?
FYI: I wasn't sure what a big "D" is either.
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:25pm jeff in Puna:

Agreed, and thank you, marmalade kitty!
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:25pm Callieflower:

"The prettiest they'll ever look" Thank you for saying that about 17-year-olds, Randy :(
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:26pm jeff in Puna:

WFMU is SO Much better than this. And so are you, Andrea!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:26pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I'm gonna start telling people that I forgive them all the time and it's gonna be awesome.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:27pm Peanut:

Randy sure loves to talk
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:27pm Robert:

Even when he started to explain it as a "dump", it took me a while to figure out he'd made a duty. The verb "pitch" threw me.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:27pm cosmic matrix:

people, i think randy is fake. he HAS to be. he just HAS to be. do you think?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:27pm cosmic matrix:

PLEASE say it's so.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:28pm Peanut:

Jeff Andrea just started her show , and it's good give her a break
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:28pm dale:

andrea's earnest persona of innocence and goodness needs this douchebag foil to make things fun and interesting. but maybe his time has passed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:28pm Studio B Ben:

@cosmic matrix: Totally agree.
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:28pm Curious Listener:

This is Spike's normal voice, isn't it?
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:29pm Robert:

I find this fun, but now maybe some of you will understand my dislike of Scharpling's show; he used to draw out stuff like this too far.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:29pm cosmic matrix:

@studio B ben: i mean, SHIT.
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:30pm cavorting with nudists:

Anybody who goes to the trouble of constructing a character should either be able to come up with something more interesting than this or turn their energies in a different direction.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:31pm Jeff In Puna Hawaii:

Randy randy randy
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:32pm JakeGould:

The Yiddish part of me values honesty. The kind of honesty that just tells it like it is. So with Randy, P-90, Marmalade Kitty & others. Randy’s schtick is wearing thin. There’s no depth to this guy fake or real. Respect Andrea’s show when it’s non-Randy. That is all.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:32pm Peanut:

Robert sharplings show was 3 hours that's hard to do every week let alone once
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:33pm cosmic matrix:

hey, jeff pledged!! whoo-hoo, nice pic!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:33pm Studio B Ben:

I'm just still sort of asking what the end game of this is. I think the thing that gets me the most is how she puts up with him. Someone *this* repulsive should have been shut off hours ago. There's nothing causing him to learn or change, and there's no lesson in indulging him.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:33pm Jeff In Puna Hawaii:

Edward - I second your opinion. This guy....
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:34pm Marc:

I work at a hospital and have a feeling the Randy Dandy character would be very well received by patients.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:34pm Peanut:

I have faith in this show, it's still in its infancy.
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:37pm P-90:

@dale, cosmic matrix, Robert, jeff, etc.: We're all listening. "Randy" isn't hurting the show's numbers, he's probably helping them a little. it's an axiom in media that "negative appeal" is still appeal. Even if you're tuning in to dislike Randy's act, to figure out how he could possibly be for real when he sounds so much like a by-the-numbers contrivance, you're still tuning in, you're engaged.
"...she choked on a cheese stick and died" --Oh brother.
Any way, imagine the attention Y O Y will get when it has the Big Reveal Special where Randy's identity will be revealed?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:37pm Jeff In Puna Hawaii:

It may be a schtick, but the thing is, some more impressionable young men might be listening to this, and think his misogyny is acceptable and OK.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:38pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:38pm JakeGould:

@Peanut: This show, I have faith in. This schtick should have been tap-danced off the stage already.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:39pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:39pm Jeff In Puna Hawaii:

I still luv ya, Andrea. Be strong!
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:39pm Robert:

Are you serious, Jeff?
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:40pm Robert:

I mean about young listeners taking lessons from Randy.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:41pm Peanut:

Wait so Andrea me randy by going on an ok Cupid date w him?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:41pm Peanut:

Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:41pm JakeGould:

“It may be a schtick, but the thing is, some more impressionable young men might be listening to this, and think his misogyny is acceptable and OK.” Wow, you are Yoda or something!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:42pm Jeff In Puna Hawaii:

P-90, you are right and wrong. That is the real axiom. And who said ai was still listening?
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:43pm Robert:

I'm hoping Jeff was joking.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:46pm Studio B Ben:

Ah. Randy in a trench coat. Of course. Sigh.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:47pm Peanut:

Go! Gadget Go!
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:48pm cosmic matrix:

with sharp weapons protruding from his sleeves? (shutter)
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:48pm P-90:

Hahaha, you knew Randy had a trench coat in his closet somewhere...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:49pm Jeff In Puna Hawaii:

Wasn't The Seven Second Delay Mother's Day show awesome?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:49pm cosmic matrix:

(shudder that is)
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:49pm Peanut:

I wonder if he has an assortment of watches inside
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:50pm Studio B Ben:

It's gonna be Randy.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:52pm Listener Julian:

Ange, he's going to hear you!
  Wed. 5/7/14 7:53pm Joseph Andrew:

Wow that poem was really corny.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:53pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:53pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:53pm JakeGould:

This 1 hour show is stretching it.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:53pm cosmic matrix:

  Wed. 5/7/14 7:54pm P-90:

More and more "poo" involved
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:54pm dale:

'angie baby' by helen reddy would be a good closing theme for the show.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:55pm cosmic matrix:

yup, yup, the podcast.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:55pm dB from Oakland:

Should we start a betting pool on whether Randy's podcast ever happens?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:56pm dB from Oakland:

He has a whole room devoted to baseball hats?
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:56pm JakeGould:

Here is a poem for Randy, entitled, “Randy.” This nasal vocal fry / This dude should say goodbye / Get an icepick / Right in his eye / Bye
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 5/7/14 7:56pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 7:57pm unmake:

Randy's dog impression isn't.
Avatar Wed. 5/7/14 8:00pm cosmic matrix:

  Wed. 5/7/14 8:00pm P-90:

Small point, not really worth mentioning, but...
most podcasts, as a rule, don't require or have an "engineer"...
They're recorded direct-to-hard drive and then uploaded to the net. Whatever
  Wed. 5/7/14 8:01pm P-90:

thanks, Andrea
  Thu. 5/8/14 12:27pm alexzendra:

I just signed up on WFMU to post this comment, love this show, but I can't stand Randy. I'm sure there's fans out there, but I can't stand his misogyny and lies. Seriously, I feel like this show has lost all of its focus, and it makes me really sad.
  Sun. 5/11/14 2:27am Bye:

by 7.01 it's official. Randy is a fake. And tedious or worse boring. The chill pill device. And the 6 stepbrothers back story- better to embellish new R episodes. Figured that the book deal last wk probably made R a fake but this week, the end... it is a bad art gig- for us. P-90 and Jake Gould I agree but can't hang in anymore. Bon voyage YoYers. End of show for me...though if I feel sad I might look for a Gramma Phylis episode. For good company I will go to Hearty White archive. & other FMU shows because it is only FMU for me.
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