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Polkatively Yours...

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Options April 1, 2014: Banana Split

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Artist Track Album Comments
Mum  Slow Down   Options    
Scotch  Disco Band   Options    
Pearls  Ice Cream Baby   Options    
Sandra Lou  Le Banana Split   Options    
Dixie Cups  chapel of love   Options    
Our Daughter's Wedding  Lawn Chairs   Options    
Loose Joints  Is It All Over My Face   Options    
Ramapo Valley Chorus  Disco Medley   Options    
Violent Femmes v Pharcyde  Passin It Up   Options   McSleazy Bootleg 
Yma Sumac  Taki Rari   Options    
Til Tuesday  Voices Carry   Options    
Girl Crisis  The Sign   Options    
Chuck Berry  Maybeline   Options    
Komeit  Don't Call   Options    
Russ Case & His Orchestra  War Dance for Wooden Indians   Options    
Jack Costanzo  Inch Worm   Options    
Music behind DJ:
Rolley Polley 
Blue Rumba   Options    
Wayne Newton  Danke Schoen   Options    
Strokes v Missy Elliot  Hard To Freak On   Options   Mc Sleazy 
Steve Winwood  Higher Love   Options    
The Cheers  Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots   Options    
Girls On Top  I Wanna Dance With Numbers   Options    
The Angels  My Boyfriends Back   Options    
Pointer Sisters  Neutron Dance   Options    
Bruno Spoerri  Baby Baby   Options    
The Paris Sisters  I Love How You Love Me   Options    
Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons  Liberty   Options    
The Drifters  Up on the Roof   Options    
Paul Young  Everytime You Go Away   Options    
Snowbird  Porcelain   Options    
Shelley Fabres  Johnny Angel   Options    
Julie Byrne  Prism   Options    
Music behind DJ:
Rolley Polley 
Blue Rumba   Options    
Sophia Loren  Bing Bang Bong   Options    
John Gibbs  Brazil   Options    
Frida Sonka  Mwami Gwe   Options    
Jack Hendrix  Rythmofeeling   Options    
Gilberto Gil  Bat Macumba   Options    
Lesley Gore  It's My Party   Options    
Dva  Nipomo   Options Nipomo   
Clara Rockmore  Tchaikovsky: Valse Sentimente   Options    
Liquid Liquid  Cavern   Options    
The Champs  Tequilla   Options    
Indian Ocean  School Bell / Treehouse   Options    
Fake   Frogs In Spain   Options    
Music behind DJ:
Santo & Johnny 
Sleep Walk   Options    
Chuck Berry  Maybeline   Options    

Listener comments!

  Tue. 4/1/14 3:05am neil:

dj stashu. we all screem for icecream! yaay...
  Tue. 4/1/14 3:06am neil:

Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:13am DJ Stashu:

  Tue. 4/1/14 3:16am neil:

my first nik name <when i was 3 or 4> was neil banana peel. <it didnt stick> slippery...
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:17am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:18am DJ Stashu:

I hope it didn't inspire a life of clumsiness?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:20am DJ Stashu:

I missed last week. What happened?!!!
  Tue. 4/1/14 3:22am neil:

i listened for a bit but had to work early. good time for a break. did you get some rest?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:23am DJ Stashu:

  Tue. 4/1/14 3:23am P-90:

Good Morning @ DJ Stashu! Fun sounds, and this is most high-calorie background yet!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:24am DJ Stashu:

Gotta burn it off by...... DANCING!
  Tue. 4/1/14 3:30am P-90:

Ramapo Valley Chorus kicks ass! Was this in those disco days, or more recent?
  Tue. 4/1/14 3:33am neil:

also also i was wikin' april fools day an it said in poland "serious activities are usually avoided". due to a long tradition ov pranks and hoaxes. well done poland!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:33am DJ Stashu:

I think it's back in the day. I THINK.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:33am Whooda:

I like stachews on mine.hehe. Missed you last week DJ Cashew.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:34am DJ Stashu:

Yr nutz!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:35am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:37am Whooda:

This is nuts...Here is college math question I missed on a test: Is there any difference between these two cups of ice cream; one is a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of chocolate. The second cup has a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of vanilla. I answered, "Yes, there is a difference."
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:38am DJ Stashu:

Some more info on the Ramapo thing: wfmu.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/1/14 3:40am Guido from Cologne:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/1/14 3:41am Guido from Cologne:

Good morning everyone!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:42am DJ Stashu:

Yum! At least the math question was tasty.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:43am DJ Stashu:

Are you SURE that MATH QUESTION WASN'T an april fools joke? By the way... the Polish are VERY serious... :)
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:43am Whooda:

@Good Morning Guido

@you make me laugh DJ Staschu, if I wasn't so old I'd dance while smiling
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:44am DJ Stashu:

You can dance with your... brain.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:45am Whooda:

Yes, my brain is drunk with dancing and high on whipped cream
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/1/14 3:47am Guido from Cologne:

The brain consumes most energy.
  Tue. 4/1/14 3:48am P-90:

Love the live Aimee Mann- tight performance, great energy
  Tue. 4/1/14 3:49am P-90:

Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:50am Whooda:

Ha! Chuck Berry was my first concert! Too bad he didn't show-up :( Maybe it was April Fools Day. Love this raw version of Maybelline, never heard this one before.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:53am DJ Stashu:

I don't want Maybeline to call me
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:55am Whooda:

Would you like a call from Mary Kay instead?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:55am DJ Stashu:

I'm thinking about it
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 3:57am Whooda:

FMU TV...who knew FMU was on TV? www.youtube.com...
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:00am KP:

Hey there Stashu
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:00am Whooda:

jump to 17 seconds on the video and it has a WFMU badge.
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:01am neil:

ullu banana. thee fooolish one. full ov wind. urdu:<banana> without standing? etymology <lookin stuff up> random banana...
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:04am neil:

ah ha
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:05am Whooda:

That's a hoot. When I was growing up Wayne Newton was on TV everywhere. One could not escape him.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:06am DJ Stashu:

He has a sweet voice
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:06am Whooda:

He ate too much ice cream
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:12am neil:

truth is relative. hocus pocus.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:12am DJ Stashu:

  Tue. 4/1/14 4:19am neil:

misdirection from thee smoke. truth is around here somewhere...
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:19am DJ Stashu:

Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH ICECREAM?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:22am Whooda:

never too much ice cream.
This is the scooter I road on highway 101 (Dixie Highway) [not this exact one]
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:22am neil:

icecream headaches can kill...
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:24am neil:

in thee freezer, no one can hear you screem...
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:25am DJ Stashu:

  Tue. 4/1/14 4:30am neil:

good times. <unlike being stuck in thee freezer with sam the butcher> <brady bunch> ...
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:31am DJ Stashu:

Didn't see that episode
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:32am Whooda:

Interesting link on the Ramapo thing DJ Stashu. FMU is full of surprises.
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:34am neil:

classic. bobby messin up again...
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:35am DJ Stashu:

Bobby always makes a booboo
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:37am Whooda:

You've lost one channel DJ Stachu
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:39am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:39am DJ Stashu:

Bless you.
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:39am neil:

when thee lady whispers it gives me goose bumps...
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:41am Whooda:

Yes still missing one side. I tested against good signal and seems to be a problem in your studio.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:43am Whooda:

My mistake my equalizer for this stream got off-balance. Sorry, errr, I mean April Fools?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:44am DJ Stashu:

Tee hee maybe I did it
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:46am neil:

john paul young: love is in the erre?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:47am DJ Stashu:

Love? What love?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:47am DJ Stashu:

I just pierced my nose. JK April fools gotcha
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:49am neil:

love is...a warm puppy. shultz...
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:50am neil:

or was it happiness is a warm peanut? confusion. fools game...
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:52am mixedupkid:

is the chuck berry tune being used in some weird ritualistic way or is my ipad possessed?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:52am DJ Stashu:

Probably POSSESSED!!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 4:54am Whooda:

@mixedupkid Chuck Berry was famous for putting things in the wrong holes.
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:55am mixedupkid:

just sending out for an exorcist.........
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:56am neil:

spring catharsis...<chuck berrys ding-a-ling?>
  Tue. 4/1/14 4:59am neil:

dream catchers mit?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:00am Whooda:

HaHaHa It just hit me! When I said Wayne Newton ate too much ice cream, I didn't mean *THAT!* I mean't he was FAT!
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:01am neil:

yeah, thee cha cha beat. love IS in the air...
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:07am neil:

whatever hapened to thee transylvania twist...<its called thee mash>
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:10am DJ Stashu:

The icecream mash?
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:11am mixedupkid:

jeez I'll see if my exorcist can bring backup!!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:21am Whooda:

@mixedupkid haha, they better wear gloves and bring lots of absorbent towels.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:21am DJ Stashu:

Someone bring me cake
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:23am neil:

icecream goggles?
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:24am DJ Stashu:

Those will work too
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:25am DJ Stashu:

Damn Dva is beautiful. I want to put them in a bottle.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:26am Whooda:

I love ice cream cakes
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:29am DJ Stashu:

I love shoes made of icecream while dancing on a floor made of cake
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:30am Whooda:

I want my own Theremin!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:31am Whooda:

Those sound like some sweet dance moves
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:33am neil:

spreading thee olde frosting...blowing thee candles out.
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:35am P-90:

Paging Pee-Wee
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:35am neil:

i wish. i wish i was a fish.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:35am DJ Stashu:

As usual.
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:38am mixedupkid:

You want one?check out Thumbjam on the ipad its fab!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:41am Whooda:

That Thumbjam is way too cool. Now I want my own ipad instead!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:49am bibi:

hello stashers, yeah i just popped up for the italo disco quarter.
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:50am Whooda:

I think I will live long enough to enjoy making music just by thinking and have it record directly into the computer.
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:52am j:

hey!!!! good night ms stashu... you have a beautiful voice!! there should be more dialogue!!!! good night!!
: )
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:53am bibi:

i think i missed the psychotropes absorption quarter.
sweet dreams.
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:54am sfrances:

I noticed your absence last week Julie!
Avatar Tue. 4/1/14 5:54am Whooda:

Thank you for the colorful fun sounds DJ Stachu. Glad your're better.
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:55am mixedupkid:

You can already do that - I hope you live long enough to 'be' the music in your mind!
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:55am neil:

its sweet to have you back dj stashu! i gotta make like a banana and go to bed...<split> cute dreams!!!
  Tue. 4/1/14 5:55am sfrances:

Dyed my hair red listening to yer show this morn!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/7/14 10:31am tomasz.:

hiya Stash <3 i'm listening back
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/7/14 11:15am tomasz.:

i agree with whoever said "more mic breaks" :3
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/7/14 11:19am tomasz.:

no shade to yr music, just wanna hear more Stashu! this Girl Crisis is rad btw
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