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Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, guys in bars, and her own Grandma Phyllis about where love and sex meets technology.

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Options March 26, 2014: #17 - Please Touch This

What happens when strangers enter our lives. I call up my favorite stranger-turned-friend Randy while he's on Spring Break in Panama Beach. He needs my help, and it's going to ruin my Google search history. And my friend Emile sent over a conversation with his friend Jesse about a puzzling OK Cupid date. Plus, my friends Callie and Holly Wood help it all make sense.

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
            What happens when strangers enter our lives. I call up my favorite stranger-turned-friend Randy while he's on Spring Break in Panama Beach. He needs my help, and it's going to ruin my Google search history. And my friend Emile sent over a conversation with his friend Jesse about a puzzling OK Cupid date. Plus, my friends Callie and Holly Wood help it all make sense. 
Beex  Beat, Beat   Options Necroscopix (1970 - 1981): Analog Music from a Lost World (V/A)  Artifacts/yclept  2013  MP3  Free Music Archive 
Randy            Follow @Randyisdaman 
Randy Ringone            For iPhone 
Randy Ringtone            MP3 Version 
Randy            Looks 26 when he wears a backwards baseball cap. 
Podington Bear  Delphi   Options Yearning  hush  2014  MP3  Free Music Archive 
Jesse            Jesse goes on an OK Cupid date. This interview was done by my friend Emile. 
johnny_ripper  sorry.jpg (with julsy)   Options don't  johnny_ripper  2014  MP3  Free Music Archive 
Holly Wood            Follow @girlziplocked 
Callie            Follow @cbrasmussen 
johnny_ripper  red wing   Options don't  johnny_ripper  2014  MP3  Free Music Archive 

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:00pm Callieflower:

Good evening, folks!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:03pm Callieflower:

So go watch that instead of complaining?
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:04pm ADL:

I love the idea that Randy is staying at the Fuckview Motel.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:04pm glenn:

so go watch girls, urf, you dick.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:05pm Callieflower:

Oh, good. It was dealt with :)
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:05pm northguineahills:

The redneck riviera!

Seriously, even when I was in college in Florida, I stayed far away Panama City, and any beaches during Spring Break.

Now glenn's comment makes no sense (or Callieflower).
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:08pm Ange:

I'd be happy to ban you, Urf. Please take your trolling somewhere else.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:09pm sc123:

Wow - Randy wanted you to wire him money?! That's so...sad.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:10pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Greenland must be pretty close to halfway around the world from Malaysia. Well beyond the range of a 777.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:10pm Ange:

Oh, he's going to keep asking about the $ stuff
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:11pm Ange:

Does anyone study military stuff? How wrong is Randy here?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:11pm sc123:

Were @lrmayer @danblondell the adorable couple where the guy said you call 911 for police?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:12pm Ange:

Yes, that's them. They are SOOO funny. Everyone has to follow them.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:12pm dale:

randy's part sounds like wurster wrote it. even my wife thinks this is phoney
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:13pm Ange:

I turned Randy into a ringtone for you guys -- here's the MP3 version blogfiles.wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:13pm sc123:

I did. They are GOLD and make you feel warm and fuzzy and generally hopeful about relationships. They are the kind of couple you want your relationship to become.
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:13pm Marmalade Kitty:

a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet :)
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:14pm Callieflower:

Oh my gosh, Andrea! Now to figure out who to punish by making the tone go off when they call
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:14pm Studio B Ben:

Okay, this isn't very respectful to sex workers. Assuming they are rife with diseases, even 'low end' ones, is kind of weird for this program, so I have to assume Andrea didn't write this part. The latest Savage Lovecast roundtable with sex workers should help provide some more information.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:14pm LeeRosevere:

Does Randy not know how to call the operator or 411?
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:15pm ADL:

I just love the idea that everything being bleeped out is Randy saying "cock" or "fuck."
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:15pm Listener Julian:

This really sounds like ammo for the Randy Is Fake camp.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

You think Randy listens to Joe Frank for ideas?
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:16pm Marmalade Kitty:

Benjamin walker!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:17pm glenn:

that fuzzy socksucker.
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:18pm Keith:

Why would you even talk to this sleazebag? He's a horrible person.
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:20pm Marmalade Kitty:

Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:20pm dale:

a 'player' is not this dumb. THIS IS FAKE PEOPLE.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:21pm JakeGould:

So people think Randy is fake?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:21pm dale:

correct grammar - FAKE (comma) PEOPLE
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:22pm dale:

jake beat me to it
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:22pm JakeGould:

Beat you to what. Randy is fake?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:23pm Listener Julian:

Ange, tell us the truth about Randy.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:24pm YETI BOB:

please stop giving this fool airtime
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:24pm dale:

no, bad or lacking punctuation
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:24pm madman:

give him hell Andrea
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:24pm dale:

did he call her collect? how can he not use his cell to call the credit card company?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:25pm nowah:

Quizno’s going bankrupt is the last thing I ever expected Randy to lose his job over.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:27pm chris:

Even though he's full of crap and just trying to scam Ange, I'm relishing thinking of him getting punched and having his wallet stolen. I must be a bad person, too.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:27pm dale:

the best show lives.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:27pm Ange:

Good question! He left his cell charger at home - and his phone was apparently dead at the time I called his motel room.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:28pm JakeGould:

I prefer this guy when he said Andrea was stumpy & smelled like fresh cut grass.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:28pm Ange:

Quiznos news: money.cnn.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:28pm Studio B Ben:

I mean, Randy is some pretty good meta-satire on the worst of men in the dating pool, but I can't quite reconcile that she would spend so much time engaging him, especially when he is so repugnant and immature. And I don't think a place as bad as Quizno's would hire him, since he is so bad at his slogans.
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:29pm Marmalade Kitty:

  Wed. 3/26/14 7:29pm BruceF:

How does Randy, @randyisdaman, have 30,000 Twitter Followers? Sumtins funky.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Amen, dale!

Hi Ange and Lovebirds! Cheer us up!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:30pm dale:

it's funny, just don't foist it on us like it's real. but that makes the whole show suspect.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:30pm madman:

see ya
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:30pm Austarr:

Chip Ole Tee? Chip Ole Yes!
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:30pm Marmalade Kitty:

this is how dumb ass worms work.. sad!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:30pm KK:

Hey Ange and everyone
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:31pm Ange:

This story gets really crazy. Stay tuned for my friend Holly to help it all make sense.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:31pm JakeGould:

Hey KK. So we’re trying to decide if Randy is fake. Not easy to say.
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:33pm P-90:

No, Jake, at this point it's pretty easy to say. The only question is: where is this going?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:33pm KK:

Fake in what way? like full of shit? I don't think there's a doubt about that
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:34pm ADL:

I dunno about leading in to a story by saying it's important and compelling...
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:34pm Ange:

She said, "Suck my dick".. if that's unclear.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:36pm glenn:

jeez ange. what's a nice jewish girl like you doing talking like that?
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:36pm Marmalade Kitty:

jerry springer!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:37pm KK:

being born with a penis would suck
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:37pm JakeGould:

Randy is fake? Okay. About this Jesse story. Yeow!
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:37pm Why:

oh why is this being aired on FMU ? Please make it stop .
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@MK: trish goddard! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:38pm dale:

can randy call frangry and michelle? they'd rip him a new one.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

They'd whomp him with pies, for sure!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:39pm Studio B Ben:

@ dale

Oh, how I would enjoy that. They'd shut him down so fast.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:40pm KK:

this guy is pretty vanilla... so turned off by the idea that she had a different thingy at some point in her life. people change, cmon, it's the 90s
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Maybe "Randy"s already calling..under a different name and character! Perform voice analysis on all FMU callers!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:41pm chris:

Agreed, @dale, that would be very cool.
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:44pm ceedubbles:

Poor Ken, the station makes its goal, he's in San Francisco pursuing his comedy dreams, and the FCC yanks the license!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:44pm Matt from Springfield:

"You can fuck me in the ass all you want, and it'll be just like fucking a pussy"--if, that's unclear...
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:44pm Cliff:

Good God, I'm in tears laughing right now
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:45pm chris:

Thanks, @Matt. Clear now. lol
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:45pm JakeGould:

Jesse should not ignore this lady because of the penis. Many other reasons to avoid sociopath.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:45pm dale:

matt - so is this really this guy's show?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Well, I gotta admire her willingness to "test the system" of traditional first date mores! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:47pm cosmic matrix:

this is a VERY GOOD SHOW
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:47pm chris:

sexual identity is not an ethical issue. arm chair philosophers. sheesh.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:48pm LeeRosevere:

Can we get Holly to analyze Randy? That would be one great show.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@chris: Heh!

@dale: Now now--I don't believe Andrea's a front for anyone else. But, she may be giving other entertainers a chance for some exposure.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:49pm Matt from Springfield:

"Incredibly elaborate real-life troll" !!!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:49pm sc123:

@Ange did you try to get in touch with the woman he went out with to get her side of the story?
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:50pm Cliff:

"Incredibly elaborate real-life troll" - good phrase to use for every episode of this show
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:50pm Marmalade Kitty:

Is this the other side of the story?
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:51pm lynn l:

love w.o.w.. love the listeners.. love this station.. only gets better and better
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:51pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Grandma Phyllis will have her analysis coming up next.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:51pm Paul Harvey:

Maybe. Maybe not.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:53pm sc123:

@Ange why not ask that lady listener who is going through the change what her thoughts were? At least she would have some relevant experience to apply.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:54pm Ange:

I messaged her before the show, and this is far from our last word on the subject!
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:54pm Lady listener:

She already has, sc123. She specifically sent me a message about tonight's show
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:55pm sc123:

Ah, good! Just think it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the subject, bearing in mind that the other person might have just been screwing with that guy for the fun of it.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@Paul: So when will we know the *rest*, of the story..
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:57pm sc123:

And good luck on your journey, Lady Listener. I hope you have a smooth transition and get the body you always wanted!
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:57pm Marmalade Kitty:

freak out dudes!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:57pm Ange:

I am from now on skeptical of anyone who calls their internet date "crazy" - it's usually 50/50
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:58pm Matt from Springfield:

"And THEN what did that crazy Andrea do??! She'd never get away with *that*, down in Maryland!"...
  Wed. 3/26/14 7:59pm earrie:

I think the word they mean is 'average'.
  Wed. 3/26/14 8:00pm P-90:

Oh yeah, I NEED that ringtone
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 8:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Great show, Ange! Thanks!
Have a good night, everybody!
  Wed. 3/26/14 8:01pm Marmalade Kitty:

leave that facebook alone! o.O
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 3:31pm Greg from Bloomfield:

New Tattoo Idea:
"Live old, die the way old people die."
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