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The promise of joy, the magic of blather. A call-in show for the New Age of Inquiry. The Man can't bust our chit-chat. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 28, 2014: 2014 Marathon Spectacular, Part 1

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 5:15pm Dan from Augusta:

I'm drinking a Tito's martini right now.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 5:17pm Dan from Augusta:

Am I too early?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 5:21pm Dan from Augusta:

I'd hate to force you to take a shoot of vodka on the air.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 5:58pm 4chewnahdoe:

Woo! Here we go! What's the topic tonight, F&M?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:00pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:00pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:00pm 4chewnahdoe:

Who made your jingle?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:00pm Carmichael:

Hall and Oates.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:00pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:01pm Just Ted:

wheres the live video feed???
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:01pm Peanut:

Raise that money honey.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:01pm WhatUpHotNerds:

What up everyone
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:01pm P-90:

Merry Marathon, Missies!
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:01pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is the video up yet?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:01pm Carmichael:

Ya, hot nerds. Give it up for the camera.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

A veritable cavalcade of weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:02pm Mary Wing:

@4chewnahdoe, this song is by Ladytron
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:02pm robyn:

hello weirdo nation!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:02pm glenn:

skin to win.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:02pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is Kelly drunk?

Is Frangry drunk?

Is Michele drunk?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:02pm Studio B Ben:

Pay the ladies, all you fellas.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:03pm Carmichael:

How many beers in???
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:04pm Carmichael:

Homepage video is NOT WORKING.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:04pm madman:

wow this is beautiful
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:04pm Carmichael:

"one on one, with Michele and I."
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:05pm WhatUpHotNerds:

@Carmichael try static-cdn1.ustream.tv...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:05pm Studio B Ben:

Got the video on the app. Looking like some money makers today!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:05pm glenn:

ummm hanging out with frangry AND michele would technically be 1 on 2.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:06pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele and ME

Proper Grammar, please!!!
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:07pm cutty:

michelle looks like lake bell but more native american than jew.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:07pm mb:

Miss u Kelly! We got a power trio tonight.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:07pm glenn:

not me.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:08pm BigLankyGeordie:

Awesome t shirt looks awesome like that. Awesome, weird and more awesome
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:08pm robyn:

my favorite show of all time is michele's punishments. that one was crazy.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:08pm TheMarmot:

2nd year for my Swag for Life pledge!
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry's hair looks almost as good & glossy as Michele's.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:09pm cosmickitty:

Yea...Michele is smokin' hot
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:09pm Carmichael:

@WhatUp: Can't get that link, either. I'll have to go to the iPhone app.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:09pm cosmickitty:

I like that she looks Native American
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele is a mean drunk.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:09pm Studio B Ben:

You two SERIOUSLY need your own tv show.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:09pm TheMarmot:

How do I get my heart?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:09pm Carmichael:

How much for the Sideways Ponytail pledge??
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:10pm WhatUpHotNerds:

@Carmichael try this one www.ustream.tv...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:10pm robyn:

oooh i do want that patti smith book.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:10pm robyn:

i can't wait for you guys to bundlewad me.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:10pm Carmichael:

@Marmot: check your profile. Down at the bottom, there's a check box.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:11pm Studio B Ben:

You're a bundle wad. No, YOU'RE a bundle wad!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:11pm Kevlicki:

I wish there were phone calls on the air. The marathon has really altered my Friday. How am I supposed to get my dose of Madman
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:11pm BigLankyGeordie:

Hey gals I'm a poor European weirdo and I've already pledge on Strength Through Failure. Should I eat this month or pledge again?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:12pm Kevlicki:

there's no 7 second delay on the webcam
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:12pm bogus frangry:

Is there a prize package that includes a boner reducing gf?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:12pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry :) <3333
Hi FoodBed :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)
Pledge :)
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:12pm bogus frangry:

U girls look like sisters.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:12pm Studio B Ben:

"Just Chug" -- famous last words
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:13pm robyn:

i guess you guys get excited about receiving money since you have no husbands to give it to you.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:13pm dale:

i'm giving, but i can't blow my whole wad over you ladies - have to blow some over hearty white and clay pigeon and fabio and......
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:13pm Danne D:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:13pm robyn:

oh man 5 shots in 15 minutes. frangry might be dead at 7.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:13pm dale:

you can't get those tee shirts at conways?
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:13pm MISTER JOHNNY:

The ustream kinda sux...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:13pm Studio B Ben:

@dale: sounds like a really fun Friday evening!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:13pm Danne D:

@dale - I'm in the same boat :( too many FMU friends to spread my pledges over.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:15pm glenn:

sorry guys, but the u stream blows dead bears.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:15pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

We're all supposed to be drinking with the drinkilng pledges, right? Please let me know I'm not this far down this dark road alone...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:16pm robyn:

"you're like my sexy, disgusting little sisters" and this is why i tune in baby.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You need a blizzard of pledges...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:16pm Carmichael:

Frangry: say "fructify". Cmon, SAY IT!
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:16pm WhatUpHotNerds:

wow 148 people on the livestream
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:17pm TheMarmot:

Hmm, no dice carmichael. Box is unchecked.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:17pm Studio B Ben:

One of those microphones is my adopted piece of WFMU. I'm so happy to see it in action, serving the SUW nation.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:17pm Peanut:

I like the word tally.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:18pm Danne D:

Frangry's been adopted.

However you can adopt Frangry's Butt:
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:19pm DMcK:

Drink like Tonya Harding!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:19pm Studio B Ben:

Ken's looking HOT
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:20pm MISTER JOHNNY:

More talk about Michele's bra...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:20pm robyn:

@Danne D I want to adopt Michele's hair.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:20pm robyn:

@Michele, how much do we have to donate to get a lock of your hair.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What's the stunt???
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:21pm Danne D:

@robyn you can adopt Michele's hair, and the rest of her :)


WOW $2500!!!! Ho-Lee-Crap!

I think Madman gave up his life savings.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:22pm Guido (Cologne):

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:22pm Peanut:

Remember in the 90's people used to call slaggs stunts. (in the hip hop communitay)
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is it Spike? Did he rob a bank?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:23pm robyn:

just the hair danne d. just the hair.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:23pm Danne D:

@2500 is the alcohol poisoning level pledge I think
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:23pm glenn:

25mm / inch
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:23pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:24pm Frangry:

CALL US LOSERS!!!!8009899368
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:24pm dale:

think it was madman? not tommy o'shea? so one of them gets a food bed. with sexy results
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:24pm Chingadera Con Queso:

Slags, strumpets, slip-slaps, and scalliwogs!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:25pm Danne D:

Hmmm....I fear if robyn meets Michele she might scalp here :/

@dale - there's more than a couple suspects.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:25pm WhatUpHotSlags:

Just for fun
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:25pm G. Damfino:

Okay, you're Losers.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:25pm Danne D:

"Natural" - Ken's euphemism for Hawt
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:26pm glenn:

okay. you're losers.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:26pm dale:

watching the feed and it's nice to see all the smiling and laughing. and possible nudity.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Was Ken talikng about their breasts???
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:26pm Studio B Ben:

Better than nudity? WHAT?!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:26pm robyn:

@danne d ;) just kidding. i would never do that to the hosts of SUW!
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:26pm P-90:

  Fri. 2/28/14 6:27pm heyjoeletsgo:

East Orange New Jersey "Slagsville USA"
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:27pm i think I love Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:27pm Chingadera Con Queso:

No death, no permanent damage!
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:27pm Kevlicki:

I was expecting that $2500 message to be something sleazy, but it was thoughtful. Must not e been a weirdo
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:28pm steve:

can a previous "Trip To Foodbed" winner come on here and do an AMA?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:28pm Chingadera Con Queso:

They did say it was highly coded, so it could be so dirty we can't even comprehend it.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:28pm WhatUpHotNerds:

What's the stunt?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:29pm Studio B Ben:

New strip club name: Slagalicious
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What does Frangry feed the $1000 person in the foodbed?

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:29pm dale:

for ten large ken will let you shave his lady parts. he loves the station that much.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:29pm robyn:

they probably behold the nude ken in the showers all the time. oh wait, it's WFMU. there is no shower.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:31pm dale:

this is why we give to freeform radio. this and so that whole kiev thing doesn't happen here
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:31pm Johnny Muller:

Trip to foodbed is worth every penny. Anybody can see or hear Frangry and Michele, but in foodbed, you get a chance to SMELL them. Priceless.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:32pm Danne D:

The Squirrel Man should pledge $15 for each of his prank calls - that would be more than $2500
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:32pm TheMarmot:

Im enrolled in the Swag For Life automatic renewal for my pledge, credited to this show. How do I get my heart, Frangry?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:32pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Chingadera Con Queso - The Player Hater's Ball...funny Chappelle episode.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:32pm Kevlicki:

Frangry laurel pounds out you're 60% of the way not 56%
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:32pm Chingadera Con Queso:

@Ken From Hyde Park: It's my favorite one! :D
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:32pm Robert:

For pie in the face, use the kiddie foam soap -- less eye sting than shaving cream.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:32pm Kevlicki:

That's "points out"
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:33pm Kevlicki:

6,000 out of 10000...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:33pm Danne D:

(btw Frangry and Michele I will be getting your premium when my whole big swag check list is done) :)

@TheMarmot - I think you probably can check in with Joe McGasko about that
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:34pm Studio B Ben:

Odds that AT LEAST one Weirdo has a pie-in-the-face fetish? I'm thinking 10-1.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:34pm robyn:

foodbed is in a motel 6 in jersey city.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Chingadera Con Queso - The Prince basketball skit was pretty good, too.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:35pm Peanut:

I want a BUNDLE WAD from Ken.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:35pm Chingadera Con Queso:

That was close, though my accent isn't that thick!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:36pm Chingadera Con Queso:

@Ken From Hyde Park That one is good, too!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:37pm Caryn:

Hmm, could we get this set up with Michelle and Frangry in the booth, and Kelly screening calls, every week? It's been highly entertaining. I could listen to Kelly call the girls "sluts" and remark about Joe McGasco's ass all the time.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:38pm robyn:

yes, kelly is a great co-host. pseu was super fun last year too
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:38pm Kevlicki:

Where's madman?! Or is chuck in the truck?
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:39pm Kathy:

Where is this "foodbed"?
and would all winners have to share the moment together????
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:39pm Caryn:

Michelle and Frangry also seem to have better banter in this set up.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:40pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:40pm dale:

i hope it's all 'finger' food in this food bed....
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:40pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Caryn - When the WFMU big rec room finally opens, they'll have space to throw lots of things at each other....with video feeds. That's some entertainment!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:42pm Chingadera Con Queso:

  Fri. 2/28/14 6:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Will Michele talk dirty Spanish in the foodbed???
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:43pm dale:

they're tearing that ketel one a new one for under an hours time. i hope some of our pledges don't go to a stomach pump
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:44pm Caryn:

Didn't we miss the hair braiding & pie fight by like a couple of hunder bucks last year? Come on, let's not have such a close loss again! Pledge!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:46pm BigLankyGeordie:

As a British lover of slags I can confirm you two girls are way too classy to be real slags
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:46pm laurel:

Kevlicki is on the phone right now
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:47pm Peanut:

I still wanna see Ken's Bundle Wad.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:47pm Studio B Ben:

I pledged! Sent the mail flier in and specifically designated a part of my pledge to SUW. They just haven't said my name yet... boo...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:48pm dale:

i'm an attentive, gentle and giving listener. unlike those OTHERS!
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:48pm Skirkie:

You called yourself Francine on the air last week, Francine.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:48pm Nick Name:

HA HA, Kelly you are the best MC! i reckon you should be on weekly with Shut Up weirdo
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:48pm WhatUpHotNerds:

The marathon map is pretty cool wfmu.org...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:48pm Danne D:

Yo Skirkie
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:49pm LovecraftDude888:

what about the "Snack LoveCouch"
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:49pm robyn:

i love when michele goes into her soccer mom Coach Michele mode.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:49pm davex:

A lot of us pledged before the show started - that made it seem like it slowed down.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:50pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry is a little like Hitler, right?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:50pm Danne D:

Um, doesn't the $2500 pledge from earlier get FoodBed?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:51pm Danne D:

C'mon Weirdos - don't you wanna see Frangry Puke With Pie on Her Face?!?
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:51pm WhatUpHotNerds:

how do you get the heart for pledging?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:51pm dale:

that pledger should get two and a half food beds. a food bunk bed. and a cot.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:52pm Chingadera Con Queso:

This show is so awesome It makes me want to make my own foodbed.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:52pm Kevlicki:

Yeah madman, now just tommy o Shea has to come thru
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:52pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:52pm Ken:

1800 away! WhatUp, you get the heart when you make an online pledge but if you made a phone pledge, the heart is delayed, but I can add one for you, Let me know
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:52pm davex:

@WUHN: It appears if you pledge from your account.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:52pm BigLankyGeordie:

Er, what is is a foodbed?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:54pm robyn:

aw you guys are so genuinely excited its sweet.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:54pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:54pm dale:

is it a cream pie? or a fruit pie. or a pot pie.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:55pm dale:

biglanky - it's a sloppy sexy dining experience
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:55pm Kevlicki:

"What's the stuff that trickles in?" What?!!'
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:55pm Studio B Ben:

Pie in the face! Gross but awesome!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:55pm Chingadera Con Queso:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:55pm glenn:

it's a fur pie.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:55pm WhatUpHotNerds:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:55pm Danne D:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:55pm Caryn:

Start braiding, slags!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:56pm Studio B Ben:

  Fri. 2/28/14 6:56pm Kevlicki:

This is as exciting as The Best Show fundraising from last year
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:56pm LovecraftDude888:

Frangry looks a bit like Toni Senecal from that TV show....hehe! Sep. at birth
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:56pm dale:

well, i'm taking my shirt off if no one else will
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:56pm Longfellow:

You guys rock!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:56pm Danne D:

LOL! Hope that was only on the webcam
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:56pm Kevlicki:

There goes that 10g to the FCC
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:57pm robyn:

that was awesome. yay girls!
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:57pm FCC:

That's a 10k fine, ladies.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:57pm chalmers:

Best night ever then busted by the FCC!
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:57pm Steve-O:

Hey, guys! I'm so happy for you, that you made it over the top! =)
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:57pm glenn:

Ha! frnagry hits the goal and gets wfmu kicked off the air in the same sentence.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:57pm cosmickitty:

Michele, are you freaking out right now over the f word Frangry just said?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

First the pies, then washing out Frangry's mouth with soap.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:58pm Skirkie:

Munch those pies, ladies.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:58pm Longfellow:

Missed the fine- worthy thing - dumped over the air.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:58pm Steve-O:

Wow. Alright, y'all, this was a great show. And I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. =)
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:59pm davex:

Wasn't that dumped on the air?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:59pm Studio B Ben:

That was awesome.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 6:59pm robyn:

now to braid your hair together, like the giant weirdos you are.
  Fri. 2/28/14 6:59pm ColinT:

Didn't hear it steaming
  Fri. 2/28/14 7:00pm Steve-O:

@longfellow: I didn't catch it either. I doubt anything will come out of it, TBH.

Anyway, have a fun time, guys. =)
  Fri. 2/28/14 7:00pm WhatUpHotNerds:

It's weird listening to Billy Jam's show over the livestream.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:00pm Skirkie:

I'm imagining Ken diving over two desks to hit a dump button within 7 seconds.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:00pm davex:

That was an amazing rally. That goal seemed miles away...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:01pm Studio B Ben:

Braiding up!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:01pm robyn:

wow that was fast. frangry won!!!
  Fri. 2/28/14 7:02pm G. Damfino:

That was adorable. Congrats, M&F.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Good luck topping this stunt! Bionic arm for the win!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:02pm Danne D:

Frangry definitely won the Pie Battle :)

Way to go Weirdos :)
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:03pm Caryn:

Aw, Michelle is bleeding!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:04pm earrie:

Great ending to a great ending.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:04pm dale:

michelle looked like carrie covered in blood!
  Fri. 2/28/14 7:06pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry won the first battle of the pie war, but Michele will win the last.
  Fri. 2/28/14 7:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry drew first blood.
  Fri. 2/28/14 7:10pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Did they forget to switch off the comments board?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:11pm Caryn:

We'll just keep commenting until next week.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:13pm Caryn:

M&F were drunk, giddy, and covered in pie and blood. They ain't thinking about the comments board. Everyone else was busy gawking at the pie fight, so they ignored turning off the board too.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:17pm robyn:

that's so funny. i can't believe frangry drew blood.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 7:22pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:45pm madman:

see ya next week
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