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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options February 11, 2014: Pigeon Rumble

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
The In-Theme          0:00:00 ()
Papa  Mess   Options       0:01:45 ()
Mike McGear  Norton   Options McGear  Warner Bros  1974  0:02:54 ()
The Stupid Set & Enrico Serotti  Numble Rumble (1982)   Options V.A.: Italian Records - The Singles 7" Collection (1980–1984)  Spittle  2013  0:05:32 ()
Rolling Stones  Shattered   Options Some Girls  Rolling Stones Records  1978  0:13:04 ()
Motor Totemist Guild  Insular Phantastikos   Options Infra Dig  Rotary Totem  1984  0:16:50 ()
Mahavishnu Laurie  Bright Red Resolution   Options       0:19:36 ()
The Lovin' Spoonful  Didn't Want to Have to Do It   Options Daydream  Kama Sutra  1966  0:21:11 ()
Dust  Thusly Spoken   Options Hard Attack  RE: Repertoire  1972  0:27:12 ()
Brian Wilson  Surf's Up 1967   Options The Beach Boys: The Smile Sessions  Capitol  2011  0:31:48 ()
Muddy Waters  Still a Fool (1955)   Options The Best Of  RE: MCA  1958  0:35:34 ()
The Passage  Dark Times (1982)   Options V.A.: The Peel Sessions: Manchester, So Much to Answer For  Strange Fruit  1990  0:38:49 ()
Hoppy Kamiyama & Bradford Reed  Nepa Nepa   Options The Bubbleman 2: A Day of the Iron Sausage  God Ocean / Consipio  2000  0:43:01 ()
Monofonic Orchestra (Maurizio Marsico)  Mi: 6 Studi sull'Ansia   Options Music Design  RE: Alga Marghen  1981  0:47:15 ()
Can  Oscura Primavera (1968)   Options The Lost Tapes  Spoon  2012  0:56:51 ()
Blonde Redhead  Ego Maniac Kid   Options Fake Can Be Just as Good  Touch & Go  1997  1:00:12 ()
Catharsis  Vie   Options Et S'aimer ... et Mourir  RE: Spalax  1976  1:04:26 ()
Pulsar  Le Cheval de Syllogie   Options Pollen  RE: Musea  1975  1:09:47 ()
Rascal Reporters  Thank You, Art Zoyd   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 4  Hebbardesque  2014  1:16:36 ()
Visitors  Terre-Larbour   Options Visitors  RE: Musea  1974  1:21:07 ()
Visitors  Fllatwoods Story   Options Visitors  Re: Musea  1974  1:26:51 ()
Rascal Reporters  Land of Minodae -- The Dune Song   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 4  Hebbardesque  2014  1:30:12 ()
Fantasy  Circus   Options Paint a Picture  RE: Aurora  1973  1:32:04 ()
31 Flavors  Protest   Options Hair  RE: Out-Sider  1969  1:38:16 ()
Hoppy Kamiyama & Bradford Reed  Et Apres   Options The Bubbleman 2: A Day of the Iron Sausage  God Ocean / Consipio  2000  1:42:16 ()
Mountain Bus  Sundance   Options Sundance  RE: Gear Fab  1971  1:45:34 ()
Cathedral  Gong   Options Stained Glass Stories  RE: Syn-Phonic  1978  1:55:38 ()
Yezda Urfa  To-Ta in the Moya   Options Sacred Baboon  Syn-Phonic  1976  2:02:37 ()
Rascal Reporters  WASPS   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 4  Hebbardesque  2014  2:12:55 ()
Melt-Banana  Pigeons on My Eyes (GO TO Bed!!!)   Options Scratch or Stitch  Skin Graft  1995  2:20:12 ()
Nocturnal Emissions  Bestiae Clamor   Options Invocation of the Beast Gods  Staaltape  1990  2:25:22 ()
Can  Dead Pigeon Suite (1972)   Options The Lost Tapes  Spoon  2012  2:29:28 ()
"Blue" Gene Tyranny  13 Detours (2005)   Options Detours  Unseen Worlds  2012  2:41:14 ()
The Out-Theme  Gelbart: My Favorite Vacation [part of] + Die Trip Computer Die: Airborn [part of]   Options       2:55:23 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 11:57am Tony Coulter:

Hey ho, radio people.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 12:00pm pacific standard simon:

Signing in, ready to rock. AND roll.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:01pm Tony Coulter:

Heya, P.S. Simon!
  Tue. 2/11/14 12:01pm listener james from westwood:

Howdy from the elliptical trainer!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:02pm Tony Coulter:

Hola, James!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 12:02pm pacific standard simon:

App-Maaaan.... duh duh duh duh duh.... APP-MAN!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 12:04pm steve:

hey Tony and friends
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 12:05pm pacific standard simon:

Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:05pm Tony Coulter:

Hey there, Steve!
  Tue. 2/11/14 12:05pm listener james from westwood:

This cut works nicely for exercise.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 12:05pm DCE:

good day, sir
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 12:06pm pacific standard simon:

Pity that the McGear track isn't ON Norton Records.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:06pm Tony Coulter:

Greets, DCE!
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 12:13pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:13pm Tony Coulter:

Pie it is! Hola, Turnip!
  Tue. 2/11/14 12:14pm listener james from westwood:

This too will keep my HR up.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:15pm Tony Coulter:

Don't strain yourself. Take a pie break.
  Tue. 2/11/14 12:18pm listener james from westwood:

Bakery's just around the corner!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 12:18pm DCE:

do you have cabbage pie today?
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 12:18pm Rich in Washington:

Some Girls defiantly flies in the face of my belief that the Stones ceased being viable after '72
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 12:19pm Rich in Washington:

Cabbage crates coming over the briney!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:19pm Tony Coulter:

Heya Rich! Too bad Mick didn't quit the Stones and form an NYC No Wave band.
  Tue. 2/11/14 12:20pm ?:

why Rich - I thought Some Girls was shit overall and no where near as good as Exiles!
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 12:20pm Rich in Washington:

Yes. It could still happen!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 12:21pm DCE:

but ?, you gotta admit that Shattered is a classic
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:23pm glenn:

oh ?, you're so wrong. some girls is fantastic.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 12:24pm Carmichael:

Heya Tony. Hear in time for the hissless.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:28pm Tony Coulter:

A hissless hello to ya, Carmichael!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:28pm Tony Coulter:

And greetings, too, Glenn!
  Tue. 2/11/14 12:29pm ?:

Hey dadio, Dust could not be more different to The Ramones first album! not even near Warm Dust!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:30pm glenn:

yodel ay he hoo!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:31pm Tony Coulter:

Hola ? The covers of the Dust albums certainly don't suggest that such wistfulness could be contained within.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 12:31pm DCE:

I would not use Lemon Pledge on this Dust. I would let this Dust collect, and then snort it.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:32pm Tony Coulter:

I hear Lemon Pipers clean up Dust well.
  Tue. 2/11/14 12:34pm ?:

last couple of tracks could have been on first two Supertramp/Genesis albums!
  Tue. 2/11/14 12:37pm ?:

could you imagine The Ramones fronted by Peter Gabriel? Hey Dadio, I'm like a lawnmower down in the basement!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:40pm Tony Coulter:

I once heard Joey Ramone singing solo -- he was surprisingly croonerish. Sort of like a modern-day Frank Sinatra.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:43pm Tony Coulter:

Actually, it was him plus one more person: Ray Manzarek on keyboards. (I'm not kidding!)
  Tue. 2/11/14 12:45pm Nudewave:

Siouxie singing with the Passage?
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 12:46pm Rich in Washington:

Joey's take on John Cage from that tribute album I cannot remember the title of is really, really odd.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 12:48pm pacific standard simon:

Today's calendar quote from The Joy of Cooking is, "Before you begin, read your recipe over twice." Something I think even John Cage would endorse.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:48pm Tony Coulter:

Hey, Nudewave! Don't think so -- but you never know! (It doesn't say who's singing.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 12:57pm Uncle Michael:

Holy crap, Tony...the show has just been outstanding.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 12:58pm Tony Coulter:

Holy Uncle M! Thanks!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 12:59pm DCE:

beautiful side of Can
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 12:59pm Uncle Michael:

That Macca-lite track...produced by Macca. If I missed you mentioning that, apologies.
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 1:01pm Rich in Washington:

oh my god. It's an Optigan!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 1:01pm Tony Coulter:

Thanks, U.M.-- I mention Paul co-wrote it -- but not that he produced it.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 1:03pm Tony Coulter:

"mentionED" (I didn't mention Ed, though.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 1:04pm listener james from westwood:

nice to hear blonde redhead. and i think tony's show is where i probably first heard can in the far-off 90s.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 1:05pm steve:

is Blonde Redhead still around? can't believe this is 17 years old already! i remember seeing them the first time in 2001 at my college chapel like it was yesterday. hypnotic live band.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 1:06pm Tony Coulter:

Not sure, ak-tcho-lee. If they're still around, that is.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 1:08pm listener james from westwood:

i want to say they performed at an fmu record fair, but i'm not 100% on that.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 1:12pm DCE:

oooh cool phasey space guitar
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 1:14pm Rich in Washington:

Blonde Redhead were pretty good. I think they suffered the fate of bands who got the attention of NPR. Once the mainstreamy nerds of NPR snatch a band out of the nest, the hipster eagles won't take them back. It's called Yo La Tengo Syndrome.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 1:15pm DCE:

haha, very good, Rich
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 1:15pm Rich in Washington:

This sounds like Igor wakhevitch meets Steve Hillage.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 1:16pm Tony Coulter:

It does!
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 1:26pm Rich in Washington:

Jean-Pierre Massiera was a freaking genius. I can't get enough of his stuff.
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 1:27pm Rich in Washington:

Or is. Is he still alive? Wikipedia doesn't seem to think he exists
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 1:28pm Tony Coulter:

He is definitely still alive. And active.
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 1:30pm Rich in Washington:

Those Finders Keepers comps are amazing.
I think my all time fave JPM project is Horrific Child. That's my intro to his work.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 1:33pm Tony Coulter:

Agreed -- Horrific Child is his peak. But there are lots of great bits scattered throughout his productions, even the disco stuff.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 1:44pm pacific standard simon:

Hey-ho, off to work. Thanks for the fine getting-ready music Tony!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 1:45pm Tony Coulter:

See ya, Simon!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 1:47pm Uncle Michael:

You have such nice hippie music, Tony.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 1:49pm DCE:

I'm picturing this Mountain Bus looking like Furthur
  Tue. 2/11/14 1:49pm ?:

Mountain Bus - somewhat great Grateful Dead influenced band that had the misfortune to be called Mountain Bus - The other Mountain (the Cream rip off band) sued them over the name and won even though Mountain Bus were first to the name. They had no legal muscle like Mountain!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 1:50pm Uncle Michael:

DCE, you old prankster...you spelled the name right!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 1:50pm DCE:

I've done some copious research on that scene....man...
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 1:51pm Tony Coulter:

Thanks, UM!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 1:51pm DCE:

...and now I feel like dancing...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 1:54pm Uncle Michael:

The latest prank seems to be raising $300k to restore the original, abandoned and rusted out in the woods, Furthur.
  Tue. 2/11/14 1:56pm ?:

great more prog, great more prog, great more prog, great more prog, great more prog, great more prog, v great more prog, great more prog,
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 1:59pm DCE:

  Tue. 2/11/14 1:59pm ?:

its close to Mike Oldfield, Gentle Giant, Camel, with a bit of Canterbury!
  Tue. 2/11/14 2:02pm ?:

Aye, one day Tony, you will live near Glastonbury Tor, where you will imbibe the spirit of King Arthur and Lancelot, and Merlin will summon a dragon for you to ride on through the Gaelic worlds of magic and light!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:02pm Tony Coulter:

And Yes, no?
  Tue. 2/11/14 2:03pm Dean:

I'm hearing Genesis' The Waiting Room as performed live during the first Lamb tour.
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 2:04pm Rich in Washington:

Mark's Tongue in Catsup.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:05pm Tony Coulter:

Hey Dean! All the usual U.K. prog suspects are in there, methinks -- for both Cathedral and Yezda Urfa.
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 2:05pm Rich in Washington:

I think the part of my brain that makes (perhaps erroneous) connections between one band/song to another is really overstimulated today. Maybe lack of sleep or something.
  Tue. 2/11/14 2:07pm Dean:

Howzabout a trip down under for some Sebastian Hardie, hmm?
  Tue. 2/11/14 2:07pm ?:

Its Lark's tomato Ketchup!
  Tue. 2/11/14 2:08pm ?:

are they the great undiscovered Aussie prog band?
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:08pm Tony Coulter:

@ Dean: I do have a copy of "Four Moments" upstairs. Next time!
  Tue. 2/11/14 2:12pm Dean:

Super! Yes, Mr. or Ms. Question Mark, the great (un)discovered one--at least one of their LPs saw release in the US--not counting the band that Millo formed after the split, Windchase. They are perhaps less discovered than SH.
  Tue. 2/11/14 2:15pm ?:

nice symphonic RR!
  Tue. 2/11/14 2:17pm ?:

Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:20pm Tony Coulter:

Sorry, Mr. ?, wrong guess. But we do have this consolation air freshener for you.
  Tue. 2/11/14 2:21pm ?:

Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:31pm Tony Coulter:

Parts of this Can track will sound familiar to many of you, I'm sure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 2:31pm DCE:

it's nice to know Can memorialized a dead pigeon. At least someone cares.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:36pm Tony Coulter:

Certainly more sensitive than this album cover: rymimg.com...
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 2:37pm Rich in Washington:

Can Yoo dig it?
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:40pm Tony Coulter:

Just realized I played two songs about pigeons today. Must miss 'em. There are mostly crows where I live.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:47pm Doug Schulkind:

Hey there Tony! Was out all day and finally just strapping in to hear the last 1/12 of the show.
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:49pm Tony Coulter:

Hey Doug! Do strap in -- safety first.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 2:51pm Brian in UK:

Is this the way to San Jose?
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:52pm Tony Coulter:

Yes! Did you leave your heart there? Or was that in San Francisco?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/11/14 2:54pm Uncle Michael:

Thank you for the show, Tony.
Avatar    Tue. 2/11/14 2:55pm Rich in Washington:

Thanks, Tony! Loads o' fun!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 2:55pm listener james from westwood:

many thanks, tony, dug the hell out of the show!
Avatar Tue. 2/11/14 2:56pm Tony Coulter:

Thanks much everybody! See you all next week!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/11/14 2:57pm DCE:

great stuff, keep it coming week after week
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