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Like a newborn baby discovering the melodies of existence for the first time! Experimental-hardcore-post-pop-punk-nuevo-hippie-dance-noise for the uncontrollably self-conscious. ALSO: Talking!

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Options February 3, 2014: Look in my face, I am the future! Legitimate human guest Colleen Kane stops by!

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
amEdeo & Therese  amEdeo & Therese   Options amEdeo & Therese  amEdeo & Therese  0:00:00 ()
Hayden Thorpe, Jon Hopkins  Goodbye Horses   Options Goodbye Horses  Mon Amie Records  0:26:08 ()
Focus  Hocus Pocus 2010   Options     0:28:42 ()
Roxy Music  Do The Strand   Options For Your Pleasure  Island Records  0:31:31 ()
Alexander Hacke  Per Sempre Butterfly   Options Sanctuary  Kool Arrow Records  0:35:26 ()
Teho Teardo / Blixa Bargeld  Come Up and See Me   Options Still Smiling  Sp├Ęcula  0:41:13 ()
Willy Moon  I Put A Spell On You   Options Here's Willy Moon  Island Records  0:46:18 ()
Cranes  Beautiful Sadness   Options Wings of Joy  RCA  0:48:37 ()
Alice Cooper  I Am The Future   Options Zipper Catches Skin  Warner Bros. Records  0:52:18 ()
Music behind DJ:
      0:57:35 ()
Cibo Matto  Lobby   Options Hotel Valentine  Chimera Music  1:27:48 ()
Noveller  Purchase   Options No Dreams  Important  1:30:59 ()
Olivier Libaux  The Blood Is Love   Options Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age  Music For Music Lovers  1:36:59 ()
True Window  Creeper   Options Circumambulation  Relapse Records  1:40:01 ()
Stephen Vitello + Molly Berg  Clarinet Assembly   Options Between You and the Shapes You Take  12k  1:44:21 ()
Quartz  Chaos   Options Cosmic Machine  Because Music  1:54:14 ()
Farthest South  Spheres & Constellations   Options Farthest South  Farthest South  1:58:12 ()
Cliff Martinez  Wanna Fight   Options Only God Forgives  Milan Records  2:31:50 ()
Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No, DJ Shadow  Rich Man's Plaything   Options The Music of Grand Theft Auto V - Volume 2: The Score  Rockstar Games  2:36:27 ()
Music behind DJ:
      2:40:14 ()
Johnny Dowd  Girl In A Suitcase   Options Do The Gargon  Mother Jinx  2:54:54 ()
Hospitality  Sullivan   Options Trouble  Merge Records  2:59:17 ()
Music behind DJ:
      3:03:00 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:02am BadGuyZero:

Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:03am Whooda:

Fire and water
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:03am P-90:

I'm squeezing through, gimme a second
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:04am BadGuyZero:

Andrew Lloyd Weber's Transformers???
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:05am Fuzzy:

phzzzzZOT! I'm back!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:06am BadGuyZero:

Jane Krakowski > Kristin Chenoweth
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:06am Whooda:

I lost a sock in the portal coming through did anyone find it? that thing is worse about eating socks than a laundromat dryer.
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:06am P-90:

Wow, it's nice in here, amEdeo always has cool GIFs and stuff
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:07am BadGuyZero:

"Cats On Wheels" is my favorite My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:07am BadGuyZero:

@Whooda: One of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is wearing it.
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:08am P-90:

Dino-meth cookers?
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:08am Whooda:

  Mon. 2/3/14 3:09am P-90:

The Go-Bots were SO lame by comparison
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:10am BadGuyZero:

Transformers birth robocops.
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:10am ADM:

Shut up you PUNKS I had go bots.
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:11am Whooda:

New Robocop remake coming out soon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:11am BadGuyZero:

Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:12am Fuzzy:

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots FTW!
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:12am P-90:

The Transformers have brains, just not organic ones. I'm unclear on whether Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox have organic brains, or ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:12am BadGuyZero:

I have no interest in seeing the Robocop remake. I'll sit at home and watch the original version of "Robocop" that was given an X rating because it was so violent.
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:12am Whooda:

Miconauts is what those football players had who had to sit on that ice-cold bench all game long today.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:13am BadGuyZero:

"Goodbye Horses" is the secret.
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:15am P-90:

Harrison Ford also didn't like the idea of Blade Runner having narration, an afterthought the studio insisted on, so he tried to kill the idea bt doing it so badly. True story.
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:16am P-90:

Flockheart 4-ever!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:16am BadGuyZero:

Is the EFD's social media airhorn?
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:17am P-90:

look! Godzilla! run!
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:17am ADM:

If your Callista-rol gets too high it can lead to a Flockhart Heart Lock. Pretty hard to get the Ford turned over at that point.
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:17am Fuzzy:

Either that or the Nat Roe Crazy Horn
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:17am Whooda:

Harrison Ford is still married to Flockheart.
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:17am P-90:

That fucking show is never ready when it goes on
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:19am BadGuyZero:

"The Empire Strikes Back" trailer narrated by Harrison Ford: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:21am amEdeo:

Hahaha. I am enjoying all of these comments! Hello everyone!
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:22am Whooda:

You sound better amEdeo but still a little stuffy in the sinuses. Hope your're feeling A-OK.
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:24am amEdeo:

I am feeling much better, thanks! Still some snots!!
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:26am Whooda:

You owe us a good big yodeling snot blow on mic.
YEAH Roxy Music
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:27am P-90:

Why not just play the original H. Pocus? if not every week, then like, usually? Your listeners would prefer it, other DJ's have "theme" songs the play on EVERY show, their fans don't get sick of them
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:28am amEdeo:

I wish I could, P-90! I wish I could!
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:29am Whooda:

@P-90 didn't the original copy take a crap and die some form of ugly death? And then replaced with v 2010
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:31am P-90:

Oh, did you damage the only vinyl copy? Now I remember... We'll have to find you a new one at The Record Fair
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:31am Fuzzy:

I don't hear Popeye in the 2010 version...I'm cry!
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:32am P-90:

I'm cry too
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:33am amEdeo:

Me cry too. We all cry too.
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:37am Fuzzy:

You can Youtube that jam:

  Mon. 2/3/14 3:40am P-90:

"Are you happy to see me, or is that an Edison wax cylinder of 'Hocus Pocus' in your pocket?
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:41am amEdeo:

I have a large collection of Focus pants wax cylinders.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:42am BadGuyZero:

  Mon. 2/3/14 3:43am P-90:

Ha Ha on that YouTube page there's a clip of "rare live performance from 1974" of H. Pocus, uploaded by"MuppetsFan123"
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:45am Fuzzy:

Didn't see that -- thanks for the heads up!
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:45am Whooda:

My wi-fi is sputtering out. This is becoming a pattern as it also crapped out at 3:00 AM last Monday morning. Happy happy week everyone.
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:46am Fuzzy:

Get thee to a charger!
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:47am P-90:

Enjoy that big box of gluten! Se you anon!
Avatar    Mon. 2/3/14 3:47am Whooda:

@Fuzzy it's a weak, inconsistent but free city provided connection.
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 3:47am Fuzzy:

@P90: Oh, I thought that was Focus on the Muppet Show -- that would have been great, with Animal filling in on drums!
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:49am P-90:

Just funny that someone called MuppetFan123 was uploading Focus vids
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:50am P-90:

Your Narrator:
amEdeo Serling
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 3:50am BadGuyZero:

Is this an Old Spice commercial?
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:51am P-90:

I like when he stomps around the studio making Beavis sounds
  Mon. 2/3/14 3:54am P-90:

@Fuzzy: Focus did a bang-up performance of HP on Tthe Midnight Special", i assume you've seen it, it's killer
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 4:02am Fuzzy:

@P90: I don't remember if I did -- I do know that there are lots of great Midnight Special performance clips on YT.
  Mon. 2/3/14 4:03am P-90:

in cheese years?
  Mon. 2/3/14 4:05am P-90:

Yeah,Fuzzy I remember it from when it was broadcast LIVE. Like I said, they killed it
  Mon. 2/3/14 4:05am P-90:

PotA: Jerry Goldsmith
  Mon. 2/3/14 4:08am P-90:

"Love Theme from Return of the Living Dead"
  Mon. 2/3/14 4:11am P-90:

Lalo S.: Mission Impossible TV theme, THX 1138, Enter the Dragon, Star Trek TMP etc.
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 4:13am Fuzzy:

Intrepidos Punks!
  Mon. 2/3/14 4:13am P-90:

Peaches 'n' Cream Fox sounds like a female character in a children's book
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 4:32am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 4:33am amEdeo:

! !
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 4:52am amEdeo:

! ! !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 2/3/14 4:56am hamburger:

Waow! Dramatique! Drone! Morning ! !
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 4:58am amEdeo:

Yes! I was only going to play an excerpt of this, but I don't think I can possibly terminate this prematurely!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 4:59am ! I X Key !:

! ! !
! !
! !
! ! !
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:02am ! I X Key !:

! ! ! !
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 5:09am amEdeo:

Ooooo. This goes really well with the top GIF.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:11am ! I X Key !:

! ! ! ! !
That stick in the water just keeps going along on its course like a seahawk
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:14am ! I X Key !:

! ! ! ! ! !
  Mon. 2/3/14 5:20am Drifting Off:

Between this music and the animated gif of the stick in the water, I'm completely relaxed...Ah....Time for nice dreams.
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 5:26am Berg:

am I the only one thinking this was a really great movie?
Avatar Mon. 2/3/14 5:28am Berg:

Martinez is an exceptional composer..
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:32am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:37am ! I X Key !:

Yum all up almonds
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:51am ! I X Key !:

! ! ! ! ! ! !
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:56am ! I X Key !:

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:56am ! I X Key !:

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:57am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 2/3/14 5:57am ! I X Key !:

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