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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options December 19, 2013: The deep end of Failure + Tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Swans  Coward   Options Holy Money  0:16:57 ()
Skullflower  Elephant's Graveyard   Options Kino II: Form Destroyer  0:17:38 ()
Sun Araw  Deep Temple   Options off duty /boat trip  0:22:00 ()
Truth  Archimede's Pad   Options Psychedelic Head Swirls vol. 2  0:40:40 ()
Günter Schickert  Gitarre Wahnsim   Options Kinder In Der Wildnis  0:52:27 ()
Blow Mind  We Won't Go Back To the Past   Options   0:52:57 ()
Zbigniew Karkowski  ElectroStatics (excerpt)   Options ElectroStatics  1:13:14 ()
Bilting/Karkowski   Als der Himmel Brannte   Options Phauss / Karkowski / Bilting  1:14:26 ()
Zbigniew Karkowski  Consciously Unconscious Unconsciously Conscious   Options Consciously Unconscious Unconsciously Conscious  1:19:12 ()
Zbigniew Karkowski  Nerve cell_0 for Cello and Computer (excerpt)   Options Nerve cell_0 for Cello and Computer  1:32:18 ()
Zbigneiw Karkowski & Tetsuo Furudate  Floating World   Options World as Will  1:41:29 ()
Zbigneiw Karkowski & Li Chin Sung  Transparency (excerpt)   Options Revenge of Ying and Yang  1:51:27 ()
Helmut Schäfer & Zbigniew Karkowski  Eminent Risk Factor IV   Options Eminent Risk Factor  2:00:32 ()
Ludo Mich  Moonshine (excerpt)   Options Qu Tche Boo B  2:22:00 ()
Musica Elettronica Viva  Message (excerpt)   Options Leave the City  2:29:09 ()
Dokaka   You Gotta Move   Options 1  2:34:09 ()
Neu!  Lieber Honig   Options Neu!  2:38:41 ()
Language Removal Services  Scene 2: In a Detectives office, Orpheus discovers the ELE   Options The 100 Headless Diva  2:45:56 ()
Rolling Stones  Time waits for no one   Options It's Only Rock 'n Roll  2:57:06 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:19pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Gracious Fabio... That Swans tune was the first I ever heard from them, many years ago. Was hooked instantly. The rest, as they say, is mystery...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:19pm tim from champaign:

Excellent chrismas music.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:20pm common:

yea! swans!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:21pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

...& this skullflower track is another perfect classic. Three tunes, three stars a-clickie'd.
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:21pm nic:

love the swans coward_super _skullflower 2
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:22pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:23pm tim from champaign:

I caught the last 2 minutes of the Kamikaze show. I'm assuming I missed out today?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:24pm DCE:

a tardy hello to one and all.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:24pm kirk from beer city usa:

my new favorite, sun araw!
yes tim, you missed lots of TROUBLE
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:24pm Cheri Pi:

It was pretty killer TfC.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:25pm fearson:

the force is #strong with this one
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:25pm steve:

that is some nice bass rumble
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:26pm ?:

u know favio was 4 yrs sum1 i thoiught was pop or like disco r whatever so i nvr listen but in past yr i LEARND that FAVIO was RAD m BEST n WOWWWWWWW n YUMMMMM n GR8,,,!!!!!! now i go arxiv n go flavio ,,!! so i say fmavio i like u and i luv yer music and u r gr8 ok thks u ,,,,!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:26pm tim from champaign:

Crap, I figured as much. kirk - are you going to the Curtis No Bails birthday party show in K-zoo next month?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:28pm Cheri Pi:

I need to listen to this Sun Araw rekikid more often.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:29pm kirk from beer city usa:

tim, that's a maybe - haven't talked to sara about it. you?
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:30pm !.!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

dammmmmm u all b CHIL' n stuff,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLAVIO in DA HOUZ,,,yo........get WIFFFFF it, dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, @kirk forg8 yer ballz dude just go flabio, dammmmm,,,1111111!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:31pm Lulu:

This song is soothing my senses.
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:33pm !.!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

and tim: no, "bro", FLAV AINT DOIN DAT, hex liek more EXPIRIMINT u fgotsts FEEL it ,,, not go all"i am RICH abd CHAMPAHNE" u no..,,,????? stiill i like u tim, same fm,abio but i luv flabio
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:33pm tim from champaign:

Yeah, I'm planning on it. I'm actually going to be in GR that afternoon. My dad's getting a big muckity muck Masonic degree. I'm going to the ceremony. We should hang out if you don't go to K-zoo that night. I'll check in with you off the FMU board about it.
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:34pm !.!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

no, i stay my WG|FU frend jason lebogen but thanks u @tim
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:36pm kirk from beer city usa:

33rd degree?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:38pm tim from champaign:

@kirk - he's got that. It might be for one of the mason's offshoots too.
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:38pm Lulu:

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:38pm Lucy:

I'm sticking my 2cents in here and saying whatever I want to.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:39pm tim from champaign:

Yo NSA, tell Obama to send me my goddamn check!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:40pm Ike:

Greetings, humans!
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:40pm ?:

Type type type.
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:40pm ?:

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:40pm BigLankyGeordie:

Howdee girls and boys from a freezing, subversive English night. Loving the Sun Araw escapades and hope NSA are enjoying the show.
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:41pm Lulu:

they might suspect us of sending encrypted messages to each other on here, like they suspected World of Warcraft players of doing....
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:41pm !.!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

dj flav nevr stop me he let me run free he is great i luv him always heere archiv its so gud,,!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:42pm Lucy:

"I JUST WANT SOME SKANK!" (a song request and a lifestyle philosophy)
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:43pm BigLankyGeordie:

Can we have some Boards of Canada tonight please Fabio?
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:45pm !.!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

@BLG: no, srry, we don do REQUET but i am TELL u that TRSUST ME,,,, dj flabio is GR8 and YOU CN JUST LISTN HIM,,,!!!!!!!! so trtust :)))))))))
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:46pm tim from champaign:

@Lulu - Is that true about NSA and the World of Warcraft players?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:46pm Lucy:

my previous post was a message encrypted for you LULU, didjagetit?? It can be desciphered using the Egyptian book of the dead, the colorwheel and the spanish alphabet: go NSA go!
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:48pm Marmalade Kitty:

Archimede's Pad" by Truth Sounds alot like "Square Room" - Them
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:51pm dale:

it is kitty
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:51pm BigLankyGeordie:

Awww, looping loveliness and fireworks in the attic, excellent this is.
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:52pm Marmalade Kitty:

I thought so!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:54pm Cheri Pi:

Every star a-clickied.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:54pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Veering close to stapler-eatin' tunes here.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:55pm dale:

fabs, speaking of das germans, have you ever played novalis?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:56pm BigLankyGeordie:

Everyone loves a snack of staplers, mmmmm. Lacrer-moosh
  Thu. 12/19/13 3:56pm Lulu:

@tim from champaign it was in the news, but I don't know like for certain
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:56pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Wow, Dale, there's a reference I haven't heard in ages... their Sommerabend LP is the bee's knickers. Gotta run home & play that one tonight.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:56pm Chris from DC:

Blown mind here.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 3:59pm controlled overflow:

That was amazing Blow Mind
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:00pm dale:

i have 'brandung' good rev. some nice bloviated wagnerian stuff on that one
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:01pm BigLankyGeordie:

Loving the comedy German Fabio! ;-)
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:02pm BigLankyGeordie:

Vorsprung durch WFMU
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:03pm Rich in Washington:

Al Goldstein just died.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:05pm dale:

the regenerative circuit blows my mind more than the internet does.

al goldstein has done more for free speech than the nsa has
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:05pm DCE:

Harry Reams provided Linda's snack.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:06pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Still wrapping my cortex around the whole Zbigniew departure.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:07pm DCE:

our local experimental DJ played a full hour (one track) of Zbigniew material last night.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:07pm Cubicle Carl:

Harry Reams was indeed in Deep Throat. He played Deep, Linda was Throat.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:07pm steve:

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:08pm dale:

saw deep throat in the early 80s in one of those times square area theaters. a lot of hands under bouncing raincoats
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:08pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

...roaster of many a PA system, that Zbigniew.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:08pm Lucy:

YES!!!!!!! ZBIG!!!!! bring it FAB!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:09pm steve:

i said it during Bryce's show but ZKs set in Brooklyn a few years ago was one of the loudest, most earth rattling things i've ever heard
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:09pm ScottC:

I think you may have just left the impression to a casual listener that David Bowie is dead… my ear caught a little connection there -" bass player dead - and Bowie checked out"
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:10pm ScottC:

I know- I'm a pest...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:10pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Here comes one mofo of a clicked star...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:11pm BigLankyGeordie:

if the NSA find out David Bowie is dead there's going to be hell to pay....
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:11pm nic:

yeah he's really awesome!!!
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:11pm Bryttia:

What, David Bowie is dead?? Hey, has anyone seen the movie MacGruber?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:11pm Cheri Pi:

Toast my earbuds until they have a nice crackly surface.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:11pm Lewis:

@ScottC - indeed I did a "wait, Bowie didn't die" "ah but his bass player did…"
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:11pm Chris from DC:

Yes, thanks for the Karkowski here.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:12pm YETI BOB:

as much as I'm interested in ZK "on paper", I just can't hang with it this afternoon. sorry, will be back later.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:12pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

[rapidly breaks out the big puffy headphones]
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:12pm dale:

i think my radiola is busted. all i got is static
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:12pm ScottC:

@Lewis Year-End Lists are always a verbose
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:13pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

My kingdom for a subwoofer the size of god.
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:13pm Bryttia:

I am a big fan of Peter O'Toole--such a devil-may-care, live your life approach. The first volume of his autobio is really good. Oh yeah, he was so handsome and dashing.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:13pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

  Thu. 12/19/13 4:15pm Bryttia:

More Blow Mind. More Blow MInd, More Blow Mind!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:15pm Cheri Pi:

I'll buy the next round of staples.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:15pm dale:

this is like the tinnitus i had once from standing next to the speaker at an elvis hitler show
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:16pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Karkowski's on, Pi, so I'm up to jumbo binder clips. You should hear the clattering noise when I spin the chair around...
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:17pm !.!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

just say sex
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:18pm Cheri Pi:

Your dewlap must be made of British steel RTD. Beginners take heed...
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:19pm =:

ya, at 21.19 BMT heere @cherry u r rite,,,!!!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:20pm DCE:

oh man, OUCH
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:20pm Chris from DC:

Apparently I do have some high frequency hearing left, which is nice to know.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:21pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

It was the MAGIC LANTERN lp that got me from staples to binder clips. Now, with dewlap distended, the sky's the limit. Just thank Cthulhu for the big puffy headphones at times like these.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:21pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

...and chewable antacids.
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:22pm ScottC:

don't look now but the internet is exploding with stories of David Bowie dying of either a flesh eating bacteria or a para-glider crash in Barbados
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:22pm Bryttia:

Nobody saw Macgruber??
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:22pm Carmichael:

Well holy hell and howdy, Fab and friends. Quote a playlist so far. Can I retro-clicky?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:23pm cold shutdown:

This makes one wonder what they played at this guy's funeral.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:23pm Cheri Pi:

Heya Carms :)
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:25pm Carmichael:


Heya Cheri! Beersies imminent? I just did the Xmas shopping at the ale store.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:26pm tim from champaign:

Beersies! Beersies! Beersies!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:27pm Chris from DC:

Off work early, beersies about to commence. Harpoon Winter Warmer most likely.
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:27pm ?:

thing is why expimemnetal music os so sterile is ppl who luv so afraid of sex ,,, we in hiphop are NOT afr8 of sex so just ENKJOY n LUV same-same FALBIO does,,,!!!!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:28pm Cheri Pi:

Say, did someone say beersies??? I could definitely use a cold one after the pleasant day I've had and killer shows I've listened to.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:29pm Cheri Pi:

Im thinking I might try the Great Lakes Christmas beersie tonight.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:29pm dale:

i hope fabs stays for clays show and we get to hear this back to back with some grand funk
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:29pm Cheri Pi:

Good call Dale, I'll drink to that.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:31pm Carmichael:

Clay will show up early to tell Fab that he's playing pseudo-intellectual crap, and then he'll crank out some Winger.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:31pm dale:

already have a glass of wine in hand and the woodstove going. when it gets dark at 4:30 i can't help it.
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:31pm bloopy:

I'm listening to Fleetwood Mac's Brown Eyes simultaneously to soften this piercing noise...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:36pm tim from champaign:

Great Lakes Christmas beersy? Sounds delicious. I love the Winter Warmer style. After work, I'm going to a mexican joint with some co-workers. I'll start with some Dos Equis but may have to pick up some xmas ale on the way home.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:36pm tim from champaign:

@ dale - live the dream, baby!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:37pm Lucy:

oh, come on ploopy. turn up the volume, lay on the floor, close your eyes and imagine your own personal nightmare version of Inland Empire! It's easy to enjoy, baby! You just have to use your imagination!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:40pm Cheri Pi:

I'm trying all the Christmas ales this season, why not eh? The Bell's was very tasty and 12 dogs of Christmas was also a winner.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:41pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

This is JUST FINE.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:41pm Chris from DC:

The Anchor Christmas Ale is nice if you can find that. It's been on tap around here for a bit.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:43pm loyalty royalty:

Hmmm Anchor Steam, hmm on tap, yummm on Pier 9 double yum yum yum.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:43pm dale:

damn, hasn't this plane crashed yet?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:43pm Cheri Pi:

Dat's one of my faves CfDC.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:44pm tim from champaign:

Young's Winter Warmer is a favorite of mine. I'm intrigued by the 12 Dogs of Christmas. I'll give that a shot. I bet the Anchor is deeelicious too
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:44pm Bryttia:

I like your thingy Kenzo. (note, no mention of "beersie")
  Thu. 12/19/13 4:45pm Marmalade Kitty:

workers unite! you have nothing to lose but your sobriety..!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:45pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

It's a visual of all my shows combined into one. No beersies involved.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:47pm DCE:

CP, that Great lakes Christmas is VERY DANGEROUS
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:48pm Cheri Pi:

I like the sound of that DCE.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:49pm Cheri Pi:

Very nice GIF Kenzo.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:52pm glenn:

my a&w root beersies went down a treat, i must say.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 4:56pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 12/19/13 5:00pm nic:

love love love love
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:05pm steve:

super tribute
  Thu. 12/19/13 5:13pm nic:

yeah i read it_great !!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:14pm fearson:

wait what is the party
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:19pm Carmichael:

A movie from the 60s with Peter Sellers.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:20pm Fabio:

Fantastic Text by Zbigniew Karkowski.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:20pm northguineahills:

Holy shit, I missed the Zbigniew Karkowski retrospective. I had no idea he died. Crap!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:23pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

goddamned meetings! I'll have to dig the archive...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:25pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

....and now off to workplace xmas party, with much beersies, poor attempts at conversations over amplified boom-boom-boom, and, uh... a failed attempt to work tomorrow.
  Thu. 12/19/13 5:25pm Marmalade Kitty:

Finally, one i can hum along to..!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:27pm Carmichael:

RTD, you should be headlining that party!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:29pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

HA, Carmichael! Just landed this job, I want these people to LIKE me...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:30pm northguineahills:

Ludo Mich, i really like this!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:30pm Chris from DC:

But would they at least let you stream this, RTD?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:34pm northguineahills:

There needs to be more failure. One can get bored clicky starring every track.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:36pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

@Chris: I would KILL to hear this amplified at club volumes in there.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:36pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

[this = dokaka]
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:37pm steve:

is this a cover?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:41pm tim from champaign:

@steve - I know the Stones did You Gotta Move. I suspect the Stones covered it also.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:45pm steve:

thx tim. weirdly it reminded me of Your Mouth (i think that's it) by Zappa, which i realize now is way way off...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

"Qu Tche Boo B" - great album name!

"Ku ché bu bé", yeah sure Fabio! :)
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Yeah, looking at Keith it's hard to believe he's *only* 70 now!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:55pm Fredericks:

That is why the doctors want Keith's DNA, Fabio!
  Thu. 12/19/13 5:55pm Marmalade Kitty:

Thanks Fabio!!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:55pm dale:

keith started taking care of himself years ago though. saw him and the expensive winos and was happily surprised
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:55pm glenn:

i think keith's tombstone should say "ridden hard, and put away wet".
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

This is a great RS one, what's the title? "Time Waits For No One"?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 5:57pm David L.B. is RRN63:

  Thu. 12/19/13 5:58pm Eric:

is that Jerry Garcia on guitar?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 6:01pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Ron Wood ?
...Keef born 10 days after Jim Morrison...so similar, so different...
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