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Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, guys in bars, and her own Grandma Phyllis about where love and sex meets technology.

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Options December 4, 2013: #1 - Home for the Holidays

Coming up on the show, I get to know the woman my mom's been living with all these years. Then, come along for a camel ride in a parking lot, and a trip to a frozen lake at sunset. Plus, we hear from my younger brother Mike, my second cousin Steve, my best friend Julie, and a cowboy named Jack who really loves his wife. Join me for a trip home for the holidays, on this debut episode of Why Oh Why.

BONUS: A (rejected) theme song from my pal Jim the Poet.

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    Coming up on the show, I get to know the woman my mom's been living with all these years. Then, come along for a camel ride in a parking lot, and a trip to a frozen lake at sunset. Plus, we hear from my younger brother Mike, my second cousin Steve, my best friend Julie, and a cowboy named Jack who really loves his wife. Join me for a trip home for the holidays, on this debut episode of Why Oh Why. 
Beex  Beat, Beat   Options Free Music Archive 
Black Wednesday at Saddle Up     
Christian Bjoerklund  Hallon   Options Free Music Archive 
BOPD  aint no thing   Options Free Music Archive 
Hump Day at Saddle Up     
Baby Huey the Camel     
Baby Huey the Camel     
melodium  qualm   Options Bandcamp 
Petitie Lake     
Mike and Julie     
Cousin Steve  Follow @hip_hipster_ray on Instagram   Options  
Tha Silent Partner  Billy (Starksy Instrumental)   Options Free Music Archive 
Twin Sister  I Want a House   Options Free Music Archive 
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Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:00pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:02pm spodiodi:

Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:03pm Mike Noble:

sorry I'm late!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:03pm spodiodi:

hard to hear...
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:03pm Ange:

More photos on the way... including THE CAMEL
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:03pm Mike Noble:

will have to listen while I walk home. new android app don't fail me now!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Dancing on the bar seldom leads to good things. Or at least truly *great* things anyway...

Welcome to the Captain's Chair and the perm schej, Ange!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:06pm Ange:

I think I almost cried when Ken and Andy intro'd the show!! This is super surreal guys.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:09pm Skirkie:

I always refer to Tilted Kilt as "Scottish Hooters."
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ange: And Marathon time isn't that far away--even more surreality so soon! (Start thinking of premium ideas!)
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:10pm ?:

This is awful
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:11pm Pine:

Give it a chance, even the great Night People had a rough start
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:12pm spodiodi:

Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:12pm Skirkie:

Awfully interesting
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:14pm JakeGould:

This is charmingly revealing. Two solid thumbs up!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:16pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:17pm glenn:

hell, this is already a thousand times better than night people will ever be.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:18pm SeanG:

I've been looking forward to this show
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:18pm Skirkie:

I guess camels can handle cold like that. Thing I learned today.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:21pm JakeGould:

Folks in the midwest like exotic animals the way people in NYC like exotic food.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:21pm Skirkie:

Joe Camel? Of course.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:21pm Ange:

I'm super interested in premium ideas! There might be some kind of Grandma Phyllis revenge rap service. There should be a podcast you all can subscribe to after this episode airs. Check back here for the links!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:23pm Jeff:

I can't stop listening.
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:24pm ?:

This is worse than bad NPR.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:25pm Matt from Springfield:

@Skirkie: Joke 'em all...

@Ange: Grandma Phyllis rap song? Promising idea! :)
Glad you're pro-podcast.
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:27pm tom:

i agree with ?
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:27pm Greg from Bloomfield:

@?: I'm looking forward to hearing *your* show. In the meantime put a sock in it.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:28pm SeanG:

if you don't like it, then go somewhere else ya worm
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:31pm glenn:

ya know what i love? people who have no balls anonymously slagging somebody's show. don't be a pussy, ?
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:32pm Pine:

The online is thing is tough, I gave up trying to find people but left a profile up for my true blue pokemon master friend to eventually find
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:33pm Austarr:

@Ange Congratulations. I want to say I'm proud of you, like it matters, because you were my 7sd blogging boss. I'm hooked because I love bad NPR.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:34pm Skirkie:

Who. The Fuck. Makes a date at 7am on Sunday?
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:34pm Jenna WB:

This show is the best. Also "what's your favorite sushi" is a super gross way to ask someone out.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:35pm JakeGould:

I did online dating until I realized what a headache it was. Deleted my OkCupid & now I do this “weird” thing where I go & meet people at non-drinky/bar places.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:35pm glenn:

if anybody asked me my favourite sushi, i'd go out with them in a heartbeat.
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:35pm Jenna WB:

I want your mom saying zydeco on a loop!
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:36pm marc:

Glad to be gay. No girl drama.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:36pm Ange:

@Skirkie: She was a nurse, and worked overnights! That's the kinda guy my cousin is.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:37pm Skirkie:

I love mornings and all, but damn.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:37pm Ange:

@Jenna Now I know what I'm getting you for hanukkah
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:37pm glenn:

because no gay drama?
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:37pm Mike East:

whats your favourite sushi, glenn? I dont want a date, I just like talking about food
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:38pm glenn:

i like the barbecued fresh water eel, the name of which i can never remember.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:39pm Pine:

Its the best Glenn!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:40pm JakeGould:

My favorite sushi is not-spoiled.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:40pm glenn:

and can anybody explain to me how the japanese, who don't eat bread, came up with panko?
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:41pm Corey:

Great Show! I met at WFMU DJ at a conference. Highlight of last month.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:41pm Mike East:

unagi...mine too!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:41pm glenn:

i have the skin of two 26 year olds.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:41pm Skirkie:

I'd love to see the Cialis commercial with the guy lying to his kids about his girlfriends age before they go sit in those separate bathtubs.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:42pm Mike East:

I don't know if you'd count it as sushi, but I've got half a dozen unshucked oysters left in the fridge.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:42pm glenn:

yes, unagi. thanks. (i'll forget it again).
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:44pm glenn:

mmmm. oysters.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:46pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm boysterous about oysters.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:47pm Mike East:

met my buddy from montauk last weekend and he brought about fifty of them that he dove for himself. delicious.
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:48pm Jenna WB:

i think maybe everything about this old guy sounds like horrible news?
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:49pm SeanG:

it's all about the sex
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:49pm Ange:

Playlist Poll: Is it OK to date without a longterm plan?
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:50pm JakeGould:

Yes. Date.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:50pm glenn:

wait. you're talking about kansas city? EVERY date should be at arthur bryant's.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:50pm Pine:

Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:50pm Skirkie:

You can try it, but it ain't gonna work.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:51pm SeanG:

short term can be fun
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:51pm Jenna WB:

it's ideal to date without a longterm plan, i think!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:51pm glenn:

oh my god. just live your life. whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:51pm Austarr:

Poll: It's OK. It's not bad. It's not good.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:52pm glenn:

just don't ever make the mistake of staying with somebody so you won't be alone.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:52pm JakeGould:

Okay, you know what… Don’t date… Just wait until you are a desiccated husk sharing peach slices & Sanka at a nursing home in your “golden years.”
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:53pm glenn:

what jake said.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:53pm glenn:

except sanka? jeeez.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:53pm Austarr:

Nursing home dating is pretty crazy.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Absolutely OK. But if you do have a long term plan, you probably need to date someone who also has a (similar) plan.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Cool, all background music from the FMA, and links to all the FMA tracks!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:54pm JakeGould:

Seriously, the idea of dating with a longterm plan is nuts. Either you get along or not. If you don’t you stop dating. If you do you keep on dating & guess what? You don’t have a long term plan, but you suddenly have a relationship without planning on it.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:55pm Mike East:

I think people with long term plans in general are doomed for dissappointment
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:55pm Pine:

I plan to become a stoner again when I retire
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:55pm anne:

great show, Andrea, thanx!!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:56pm Jeff:

Triumphant debut!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:56pm JakeGould:

I’m putting together a PowerPoint for my next date.
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:56pm thatsyourtrouble:

Great show, Andrea! It's really exciting that you'll be on the schedule on a regular basis.
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:56pm earrie:

New show!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Serendipity, the best kind of plan.
@Mike: Agree. It's hard to generalize things, but my observations tend to agree with your observation there.
  Wed. 12/4/13 7:56pm Jenna WB:

i am going to listen every week forever andrea!
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:56pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Nice work, Ange! And I'm stealing that PowerPoint idea.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:57pm JakeGould:

Also bringing a laser pointer & some doughnuts for the date.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Don't read off the slides, Jake.

Thanks Andrea, glad you have a regular show!
Have a good night, people! (Y-O-Y-ers?)
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:58pm Ange:

You guys are THE BEST LISTENERS EVER. I am so excited to make more radio for you, and get you more involved in the show.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:59pm Ange:

And I'm going to use this time to come out as strongly pro-powerpoint
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:59pm Mike East:

congrats on the slot, Ange. Looking forward to your output.
Avatar Wed. 12/4/13 7:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Eureka! The Y-O Wires! :)
  Sat. 1/11/14 2:52pm Helen of Schenectady:

I just listened to it (yes, in January) and I thought it was great. I'm subscribing to the podcast and looking forward to listening to more! But only after I listen to my most FAVORITIST podcast in the world, SSD :)
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