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Options October 30, 2013: Priyanka Chopra is so gorgeous she could be a newscaster.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Pixies  Andro Queen   Options EP1  0:03:32 ()
Balancing Act  Whiskered Wife   Options Three Squares and a Roof  0:06:42 ()
Raag Billy Bop  Mirouch'elli   Options Stranger Here Myself  0:09:23 ()
Tom Wilson & Lou Reed  Tom Wilson interviews Lou Reed (1968)   Options The Music Factory  0:21:19 ()
The Velvet Underground  White Light/White Heat   Options White Light/White Heat  0:25:29 ()
The Velvet Underground  What Goes On   Options The Velvet Underground  0:27:40 ()
The Velvet Underground  I Heard Her Call My Name   Options White Light/White Heat  0:32:17 ()
Rob Garcia (w/Noah Preminger, Dan Tepfer, Chris Lightcap)  Little Trees   Options Perennial  0:38:44 ()
Shearwater (ft. Clinic)  Fucked Up Life   Options Fellow Travelers  0:45:07 ()
Ghost Train Orchestra  Celebration on the Planet Mars   Options Book of Rhapsodies  0:48:31 ()
JOE FRANK  JOE FRANK'S AMERICA   Options IN THE DARK (series)  1:01:43 ()
Aldana Bello  Ay Munay   Options A Los Botes  1:27:44 ()
Sebasti├ín Henriquez  A Contramano   Options A Los Botes  1:30:50 ()
Judson Fountain, Sandor Weisberger, and the Old Codger  The Nasty Roomer (script by Don Brockway)   Options Dark Dark Dark Tales ... And Other Dark Tales!  1:53:48 ()
Magnetic Fields  I Looked All Over Town   Options i  1:52:57 ()
Englishman  More Than Insects   Options Unsafe & Sound  1:59:06 ()
The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan  WFMU Silent Fundraiser spot 1   Options The Passionate & Objective WFMU Listener  2:01:12 ()
Papa Razzi and the Photogs (same guy as above)  Pseu Braun, Thanks for Playing Me On Your Show!   Options Celebrity People Are the Better People Yes True  2:01:48 ()
Kimbra  Good Intent   Options Vows  2:03:26 ()
Joan Osborne  Right Hand Man   Options Relish  2:09:45 ()
Chairlift  Sidewalk Safari   Options Something  2:14:24 ()
Larry Clinton Orchestra  Midnight in the Madhouse   Options Shades of Hades  2:18:03 ()
Zephyr & Mars English w/Schoolmates  Rock & Roll McDonald's   Options recorded, arranged and performed by Brandon Jemeyson  2:20:43 ()
Art Garfunkel  Art has lost his mojo   Options Tremendously Respective  2:24:44 ()
White Fang  If I Had a Van   Options Positive Feedback  2:30:12 ()
Jimmy Carl Black  Freedom Jazz Dance (comp. Eddie Harris)   Options Freedom Jazz Dance  2:32:48 ()
Clifford Brown  Sandu / Gerkin for Perkin   Options Study in Brown  2:40:21 ()
Noah Preminger  Morgantown   Options Haymaker  2:47:36 ()
The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan  WFMU Silent Fundraiser spot 3   Options The Passionate & Objective WFMU Listener  2:54:08 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:02pm rrg:

Playlist updated live!
  Wed. 10/30/13 3:02pm Brendan from Rockville:

Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:03pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Fuck Off !
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:04pm rrg:

Same to you, fella.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:05pm rrg:

59% raised!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I wonder if this was one of those proverbial Old Ladies they give Guinness to in institutions in Ireland...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:06pm Sean D. Daily:

Not sure if that letter is the most depressing thing I've ever read or the best thing I've ever read, or if it's even real.

Also hello all.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:08pm Parq:

Just dropping in to say that my copy of "Jazz Messengers" arrived on Monday and it's just as terrific as I anticipated it would be. Maybe even better, because the audio fidelity is exceptionally high for a CDR. Well worth my donation.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:08pm rrg:

Has to be real. Look at the old typewriter font, the creased paper, the stains.

Has to be real.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:10pm Caryn:

@RRN63: ooh, not so proverbial. During my stint in the old folks' home in the UK, we had our old lady with her nightly Guinness. Then again, they used to regularly subscribe it to all patients in hospitals in the old days (because of the iron).
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:11pm ChrisB.:

Wow, Balancing Act. There's something you don't hear every day. Thought they'd be bigger, then just vanished.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- that was The Pixies? Or just Pixies - someone else?...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Guinness for Strength !
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

We should all be so lucky to get a transistor radio (or the functional equivalent of the time) when we're 97.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:14pm Caryn:

The old lady who wrote the letter reminds me of one of the ladies in the home, who said that when she died, she wanted to be reborn as a seagull, so she could fly over people she didn't like and crap on them. Ah, the elderly...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- new Pixies !
  Wed. 10/30/13 3:18pm Laura L:

Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:18pm rrg:

You have the whole Judson Fountain catalogue. I have none of it.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:19pm Caryn:

The things you learn from tv. That Ingmar Bergman liked Woody Allen movies and "The Omen": not surprising. That he loved "The Blues Brothers" and old Hammer horrors like "Blood from the Mummy's Tomb": a bit of a surprise.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:19pm Sean D. Daily:

Why am I not surprised that you're a Metal Machine fan, Irwin?
  Wed. 10/30/13 3:20pm Peanut Gallery:

Garbage can from Thailand!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:24pm Caryn:

I missed Ken's show today, but was it just the "Lulu" album played over and over again?
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Caryn: he played only 'Junior Dad' - which was beautiful.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:30pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Caryn - Just "Junior Dad" and then a set of typewriter music and also Khlam.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:31pm common:

junior dad was great this morn.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:33pm Caryn:

Thanks for the info, RRN63 & Ken from HP!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:35pm kirk from beer city usa:

my mind just split open
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- that's how you get the bad stuff out...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:37pm Caryn:

You know how some guy at a concert always has to go, "Freebird!"? We don't get that here. We get "Play 'Paranoid'!" (Maybe that's another symptom of the higher status of metal music here...) Found out this morning that October is "Play 'Paranoid'!" month this year. I wonder if Irwin would play some version of "Paranoid", if requested? Lou Reed didn't record a version only found on an obscure bootleg, did he?
  Wed. 10/30/13 3:39pm Mike:

You know this is really bad? Or does this supposed to be Good?
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

No - it's supposed to be bad awlright! : )
  Wed. 10/30/13 3:41pm Mike:

I like his solo stuff
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...now I got a heart again I don't feel guilty
...but I'm back to thinkin' it looks dopey!...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:47pm Droll:

How fascinating:
In Finland, "Paranoid" has the same status as Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" in the United States as a song the audience finds great humour to request during a concert. So regardless of the band or the style of music they're playing "Soittakaa Paranoid!" ("Play Paranoid!") can usually be heard at least once during any gig.
-- Wikipedia

I believe the Freebird thing in the US dates back to the "Freedom Rock" K-Tel compilation ("Is that Freedom Rock, man?" Yes. "Well, turn it up, man!"). I wonder how the Finnish thing started...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:48pm Irwin:

We're wrapping up the fundraiser this week. Anyone out there planning to pledge but hasn't gotten around to it? Please hit the widget at the top of the playlist. Thanks!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:50pm Caryn:

I might be able to scrounge up a small pledge. I'll have to have another look at the mailer WFMU sent out.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:50pm crateslinger:

"What song is i you wanna hear?" And the crowd goes "FREEBIRD" is off the double live album "One More from the Road" and they played it like that on the radio as a single. Still makes me cry...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:50pm rrg:

Did you have to prepare the bleeps yourself ahead of time, or did someone else do that for you? Like, is there a station library of bleeped versions of songs?
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:51pm Irwin:

Did 'em at home. My bleep is a special recipe.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:52pm rrg:

My brownies are like that.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:52pm Irwin:

Any pledge at all will tip the support level for this program to 60%. Go for it. You'll experience a wonderfully warm feeling.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- no one remembers, but there were garage band standards - great songs w/ a few chords that anyone could & would bash out if you'd only just set up instruments w/ some other losers in the garage or basement; 'Paranoid' was one of these - Sabbath had this status of Folk Music - 'Communication Breakdown' by Zep was another...'Smells Like Teen Spirit' came pretty close to this for a few months...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:58pm Mike East:

Smells like Teen Spirit was the first song I figured out how to play on bass guitar.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- exactly MikeE.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 3:59pm rrg:

The idea is to take us right up to 4pm.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:00pm rrg:

And it worked.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:02pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Me: Do you like Jazz?
Friend: If they don't know where they'er going, why should I care?
Me: They know - they're just in no hurry to get there!
Someone: 'A Craftsperson knows what they're going to end up w/ ahead of time - an Artist doesn't.'
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:05pm Mike East:

oh I love this episode!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:06pm Parq:

"Freebird" was preceded by "Whippen' Post". Legend has it that some guy was so taken by the call-out of that name in the middle of Gregg introducing said song on the fourth side of the Fillmore album ("Uh, you guessed it!" answers a momentarily flustered Gregg) that he started doing it at every show he attended, until other people started picking up on it. Yelling Whippen' Post became a fad ca. 1973 and continued until supplanted by "Free Bird". I'm told that this is why Zappa covered Whippen' Post -- to shut the cat-callers up.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:12pm glenn:

not as good as ed anger's america, but not bad.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:13pm Peteski:

I have a feeling that things might go awry
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...he would shout 'Freebird!' to a band that wasn't there...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:25pm Peteski:

I had a dream last night that I was working with James Gandolfini and was debating whether or not to tell him that I knew when and how he was going to die.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:27pm G:

aww crap, i was out -- where was this episode on the grim-tragedy-of-life scale?
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:28pm G:

it's ok, i just figured it out.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:37pm G:

music hath charms to soothe the savaged joe frank listener.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:37pm Droll:

G, With Joe Frank, on the scale of 1-10, it always at least 11.
  Wed. 10/30/13 4:37pm Dick:

were you working on a mini-series or something, or in a kitchen or gardening or on the railways etc?
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:38pm G:

this one always goes to 11.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:38pm Carmichael:

I'm just hangin' and chillin', listenin' to you youngins talk about oldies music, Like Nirvana and Black Sabbath.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:39pm Caryn:

@Droll & RRN63: you know, there's a comedy series where one episode featured a cop tasked with cleaning riff-raff off the streets because an international delegation came to town. He solved it partly by shooing away all buskers who refused to play "Paranoid". He kept around the one busker who agreed to play it, even though it was unrecognisable. Can't find a subtitled video online, dammit.
  Wed. 10/30/13 4:39pm Laura L:

Boo! When you gonna play some Judson Fountain? I have to leave early (at 5:15)... Consider this a second to PG's request for the Garbage Can from Thailand!
  Wed. 10/30/13 4:42pm Peanut Gallery:

Oh joy!
  Wed. 10/30/13 4:43pm Laura L:

Oh, even better--Don Brockway's drammer. Thanks, Irwin!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:44pm rrg:

This one!
  Wed. 10/30/13 4:45pm Peanut Gallery:

Legumes for Judson!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:45pm Carmichael:

Hey, this dude sounds like my previous post. Curmudgeonly!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:46pm Caryn:

"Get off my property!" Hmm, almost like the classic "Damn kids, get off my lawn!"
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:46pm G:

i once had a dog who was a mudgeonly cur
  Wed. 10/30/13 4:47pm Robert:

I'm hearing all these jabs at Rich Conaty that I didn't recognize when it 1st aired.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:48pm Irwin:

@Robert: I think Don had Danny Stiles in mind.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...this is like Firesign Theatre on PCP & 'ludes...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& what higher praise could there be...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:49pm rrg:

Speaking of the Boswell Sisters: on a YT post I made (years ago) of a Fleischer Bros. Screen Song cartoon featuring The Mills Brothers, a couple of people have recently been arguing back and forth about who's better, The Mills Brothers or the Boswell Sisters.

I don't have a strong opinion on the matter.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:50pm rrg:

73% raised!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:51pm G:

sing along with mitch, you bitch
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:52pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- is that who The Triplets of Belleville are based on - ??...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:52pm rrg:

Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:52pm rrg:

Be fair.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:53pm Carmichael:

I think I'M on PCP.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:54pm G:

a pinch of this
a pinch of that
a dewey button
and a french fried bat
  Wed. 10/30/13 4:54pm Jan:

Irwin's Halloween Special by Judson Fountain. For decades now, a seasonal classic, much like the beloved It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
  Wed. 10/30/13 4:54pm Robert:

rrg, nothing is ever raised on this program, only further lowered.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:54pm Caryn:

You know, theres' a 1.5-hour documentary on LSD on tv right now. This makes me feel like I really don't need to watch it.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:54pm Droll:

Carm, HA! I was just thinking the right way to measure this drammer (like you can measure and rank Joe Frank episodes) was micrograms of PCP!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:55pm G:

ok, mag fields...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:56pm Carmichael:

Is this the Danny Kapoi Trio?
  Wed. 10/30/13 4:57pm Laura L:

And Judson wasn't seen again... spooky, isn't it...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:58pm rrg:

And the Codger wasn't seen again! For two weeks.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:58pm common:

that's a great note from mary. just saw it.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:59pm G:

maybe judson fountain sprung a serious leak
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 4:59pm G:

a leaking fountain needs closure
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Judson Fountain's America...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:01pm G:

A440 next week. i can take it :)
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:01pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...can I interest you in a Joe Fountain or a Judson Frank? No?...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:03pm G:

frankly, no.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:04pm northguineahills:

I'm not sure why, but I really like The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:04pm Caryn:

Time for dinner: 3 slices of old pizza and my beloved Xmas apple soda (the one Xmas thing I'm glad is in the shops early).
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:05pm rrg:

A little later for dinner in your neck of the woods, Caryn.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:06pm rrg:

I like it when the eggnog starts showing up in the stores.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:06pm Caryn:

@rrg: yep. On the other hand, since we turned the clocks back on Sunday, it's an hour earlier than it would've been last week.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:07pm rrg:

Our clocks turn back this Sunday, but I'm sure you know that, being so in tune with North American time zones and all that.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:08pm Droll:

Jokerfan accurately captures the excitement of hearing your own songs on the radio, especially when the music isn't commercially viable. I have great respect for him and his music.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:08pm northguineahills:

Yeah, being that Caryn is omniscient.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:09pm Caryn:

@rrg: hah! I think the space in my memory banks that should handle that info is full of movie trivia.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:10pm rrg:

I liked it much better when Daylight Saving Time started on the last Sunday in April and ended on the last Sunday in October. Before the imbeciles started fucking with it.

Actually I'd be happier if the clocks never changed at all in this way. But I don't feel strongly enough to move to a place where that's the case.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:12pm rrg:

You have TWO brothers?

Or was that a metaphor?
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:12pm Caryn:

@rrg: we have the switch steadily on the last Sunday of March and October.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Caryn: Just imagine it's a movie...
rrg: Exactly - change the time if you must - but change the time you change the time? Now yer just messin'...
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:13pm Carmichael:

Move to Africa, rrg. The clocks haven't changed for 500 years.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:15pm rrg:

Right. The US started fucking with it in the 1970s, and until 2007, the rest of the world went along with it. But then (the last change moved it at both ends) the rest of the world said, "Enough is enough."

Except for Canada, of course. Enough is never enough for them.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:16pm rrg:

Do they have clocks in Africa yet?
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:16pm Sean D. Daily:

Soooooo i'm guessing this song is about her right hand man?
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:17pm Carmichael:

Only in Rhodesia, the big grandfather kind. Now that it's Zimbabwe, they refer to them as Devil Machines.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:18pm Irwin:

Can we hit 100% by 6:00? Any pledge welcome. Pledge for Joe Frank, Judson Fountain, Lee Morgan, the Old Codger, who- or whatever. Thank ye.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:22pm rrg:

78% raised!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:25pm rrg:

I always get my food advice from schoolchildren.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:27pm rrg:

Hey, that's not fair.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:27pm rrg:

On the other hand it is really funny.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:30pm rrg:

I heard that AG walks around America. Coast to coast. Something loony like that. But interesting.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:32pm Caryn:

AG talking about grooving and rock, I'm tempted to guffaw. But some of his points he's making are actually good.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:34pm Carmichael:

If I had a van, I'd loan it to Art Garfunkel.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:34pm Droll:

If I had a van, I'd van in morning, I'd van in the evening, all over this land. Not like that washout Artie who walks everywhere.
  Wed. 10/30/13 5:35pm sweet cheri:

hiya irwin & caryn, happy halloween!!
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:36pm Caryn:

I prefer AG walking everywhere. I don't need him roaming the land in some creepy van looking like Buffalo Bill from "Silence of the Lambs".
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:37pm Rick from SC:

this sure reminds me of ELP
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:38pm Carmichael:

Yeah Rick, I was about to say Jimmy Carl Emerson.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:39pm Droll:

Rick, "Startling resemblance" is the legal term.

And yes, the Prog Police have been alerted.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:41pm Caryn:

It's a miracle that Ken didn't pull the plug when he heard the proggy music.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:41pm Carmichael:

Black was involved with Zappa and the Mothers, so he could well be legally exempt from arrest.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:42pm Carmichael:

Ya Caryn, but he lets Andy play the Eagles. There's no accounting for taste these days.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:48pm Caryn:

No "Paranoid" yet. Of course, most weeks, the Joe Frank segment would cover paranoia pretty well. But this week was damn near chipper for JF, so that wasn't exactly a substitute.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- nice drums on 'Morgantown'
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:53pm Irwin:

Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:55pm Droll:

In college I had a roommate who listened to a LOT of Grateful Dead, and my favorite part of any of the tapes he collected was a fight between Jerry and a fan who was yelling out "Play Truckin'!" the entire show.

Jerry eventually breaks down and says "What? You gotta be a COP, man?" and some audience member yells out "Why don't YOU play Truckin'", as if that's an actual solution.
Eventually the band breaks into a very fast version of the song.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:57pm rrg:

Wait! Does that clock say what I think it says!

It does.

Time to leave. Our main drain is blocked. But that's another story.

Bye, all. Thanks, Irwin.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:58pm Carmichael:

Nice work, Jokerfan. Self-chorus.
Avatar Wed. 10/30/13 5:58pm rrg:

80% raised!
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