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Street interviews, listener call-ins, vinyl gluttery, sporadic normalcy, original floperas and fiktion, blatant talking over songs, politix, tenderness, and a vague undercurrent of angst. Right up your alley!

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Options October 24, 2013: The Dusty Show

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Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:02pm kat330:

Hi, Clay!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:02pm Cecile:

I have not heard that Silver thing in 35 years. wow.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:03pm Carmichael:

Clay, how are you man?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:03pm kat330:

Wanted to get in an early hello because, per usual, I'm off the keyboard and in the kitchen now.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:03pm Clay Pigeon:

hi kat! our computer is working very s l o w l y t o d a y. Cecile you remembered it?
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Clay and Pigeonnaires! And Cult 45 Members! Let's get it started!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:04pm Philo Gristle:

Greetings Clay!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

From the last list:
Hey Carm--thanks for the typo alert!
@kat: Copyediting? Are you about to release a large tome?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:04pm Clay Pigeon:

Hi Carm! Philo, glad you're back.
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Cecile and Philo! Pre-emptive hey to St. Frances!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:05pm Cecile:

Yup, it was one of those weird little things that kind of got aired once or twice on our crappy local stations. They would throw everything up against the wall and make it stick. so we heard a lot of offbeat stuff for a week or two.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:05pm sFrances from VA:

Hey party pigeon peoples!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:06pm Clay Pigeon:

Cult 45 M.D., Matt.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:06pm david_:

oh Alex Jones...
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:07pm Clay Pigeon:

Cecile, sounds like a great station! I worked at a place like that, playing Bing Crosby and Wham back to back.
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

@david: That's 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee to you!
(Must be, they're running out of crazy there--reaching into AJ territory soon...)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:07pm Clay Pigeon:

good ear, david
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:08pm Cecile:

the main station was mostly terrible. But they'd play anything on a 45 once and sometimes twice.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:09pm Clay Pigeon:

Where was that, Cecile?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:10pm david_:

Alex Jones vs. Russell Brand 2016
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:11pm Cecile:

another one I liked would play soft rock during the day and a weird mix of hard rock at night (well 7-10 p.m. before they had to turn off the transmitter). One night, one brave DJ played about an hour of punk rock music as some kind of cultural experiment. THe only song that worked its way into rotation at night was Ultravox's Satday Night in the City of the Dead.

First station was WMPL, Hancock, MI. The other one was WHDF in Houghton, MI.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:11pm davex:

A very good evening to one and all...
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:12pm Matt from Springfield:

"Indecision 2016: Tossing out the hinges, and the whole door with it!" ;)

A very fine evening to you davex!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:12pm sFrances from VA:

Cecile: I love that Ultravox's Satday Night in the City of the Dead was 'punk rock' (& i love the song and you might be newest hero)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:13pm kat330:

@Matt: Ha! No, that's for next year. :) I was sending notes to a few SoundClouder follower-friends with typo or Grammar Puss suggestions.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:13pm sFrances from VA:

Carol Channing once told my chef friend that the cheesecake that she'd baked "Tasted sooooo good, just like HEROIN" oh Carol….
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:14pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: Ah, not professionally--good to know, I thought I must be the only FMUer who doesn't copyedit!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:14pm kat330:

@SF: And I can just hear her say "soooo" too! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:14pm steve:

i remember Carol Channing was charming on Space Ghost, but never knew who she was until now
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:15pm Cecile:

hahahha, thanks!
He did play "Love Comes in Spurts" and "Janie Jones" and "Anarchy in the UK", but Ultravox was the one that made the cut. hahahahaha

And of course I have side 3 of "The Song Remains the same" burned in my head. Because it was the DJ's bathroom break soundtrack.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:15pm dale:

never thought about it but carol sounds like a sexier moms mabley
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Pigeon Public Radio time! :D

Hey steve! Carol Ch. has a long distinguished history as a performer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:16pm Cecile:

this is hilarious, Clay.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:16pm sFrances from VA:

@Cecile: mmm Dead Boys….swoon! RIP Stiv.

OK back to working on photos from Luray Caverns...
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:16pm kat330:

Your harmony is always quite true, Clay, which I especially appreciate.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:17pm Carmichael:

I still recall a setlist from our beloved AM station: Tears of a Clown, Ballad of the Green Berets, and Sammy Davis' I Gotta Be Me. Radio was wild back then.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:17pm Mutant:

Another Clay Classic
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:17pm kat330:

He's a flute brute!!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:17pm david_:

We've got to get one of the CP radio dramas staged with live actors.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:18pm Clay Pigeon:

very lo fi need to use something besides the mic on my laptop .... too much bass, too
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:18pm sFrances from VA:

@david_ you are sooooo right!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@Carm: That's the kind of variety you'd hear on AFN stations overseas, one after another. Throw in a very country song and an occasional UK rising hit for good measure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:19pm Cecile:

gotta go, Clay. Want to get home before midnight. I"ll catch the rest on archives.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:19pm sFrances from VA:

damn you Taco Bell for ruining the phrase "run to the border"

thank you Clay, for reclaiming it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:19pm dale:

when are you writing an off off off broadway musical, clay? i could see that dirty clown being produced - tons of great visuals there
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

@david/Frances: A night of 4 or so Clay radio dramas, staged as one act plays! Ranging from the narrative stories to performance pieces like this one! :)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:20pm sFrances from VA:

TA Cecile!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Have a good one, Cecile!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:21pm Robert:

Anyone ever figure out whether the 'OBAMAAA!" guy is pro or anti?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:22pm kat330:

Is that a take on Les Miz (loaf of bread ;)
  Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:22pm sibeliuss:

Oh wow this one is just fantastic!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Robert: I thought the "OBA-MAAA!" was pro, recorded Election Night 2008 in Union Square, or so I think Clay has told us.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:23pm david_:

MFS- may be good programming for the new FMU space...
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:23pm Alex Jones:

Now this is what I tune in for. Thanks Clay.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:23pm kat330:

@sibeliuss: Finlandia!! :)
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Perfect, david!! :D
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:24pm Kathy:

Hey I wrote this song!!!!
and I was alone too.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:25pm david_:

though honestly, I've got my sights set on Broadway
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:25pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: I was just thinking the same! :) Some think of Kathleen Sebelius first, but I've known of the "Finlandia" composer for a lot longer!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:25pm Robert:

Matt, all I know is he sounds like Zero Mostel and I could imagine him equally well as saying, "What we need is Obama!" or "Obama has ruined my life!"
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:25pm Night Al:

The single's were always 45's ...LP's were 33 1/3.
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@Robert: "THAT'S our Obama!!!"
Too soon, for another re-do of The Producers? ;)
  Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:26pm sibeliuss:

Clay -- is there any place online that we can hear / read your other work? do you have a website for your writings? Such talent!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Fabio, Clay REALLY does know, ALL of these songs! That's why he brings 'em!!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:27pm kat330:

@Matt: Philo helped me learn the music for the anthem (I'd never heard it before to be honest, except at the Olympics once in a blue moon).
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:28pm Robert:

Maybe YOUR singles were 45s; mine were 78s. Plus even a few 33 1/3s.
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

"Finlandia" and other Sibelius pieces were common on WETA Classical radio (and WGMS before then).
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:28pm Pete the Flicker:

I love you Clay. But this is really the worst song ever. My fist vote goes to Fabiola even before his first song.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:29pm Philo Gristle:

@kat Unfortunately, it's NOT the National Anthem and thus not played at the Olympics. Lot of people think it should be, tho. Wait, I could have said this instead of typing.....
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:29pm Snortley:

I think there was a Peter Kapp at my high school, whose dad ran Kapp records. Probably not the same guy.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:29pm kat330:

AHH! Now he says it's NOT the national anthem. He definitely misrepresented in the past. But que sera.... Like "America the Beautiful" SHOULD be the national anthem of US. :)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:29pm Night Al:

When you copyright a song, you send a tape of it to the copyright library in D.C.

It costs $10.

But if you send a tape of a bunch of songs, you can call it a collection and just pay $10 for ALL your songs!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:29pm Alex Jones:

I would like to cast a vote for Dirty Clown
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:29pm Matt from Springfield:

@Philo: SHARE IT with the world! :)

Fabio's bed music! Wooohooo!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:29pm sFrances from VA:

already digging the fuzz that Fabio has brought to the party...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:30pm dale:

oh my, i think fabs wins round one with kaleidoscope.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:30pm sFrances from VA:

and by Fuzz I don't mean Pigs...
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:30pm david_:

For some reason I remember that "Obama" cry as an anti-Obama guy, just screaming his name in exasperation... I'll have to go back and listen to the archive.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:30pm kat330:

@Night Al: Yeah, I learned that lesson early on with my limericks and aphorisms. :)
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat/Philo: "I Was Sibelius, Before Sebelius Was An HHS Secretary"! "I Was Finlandia, Before Finlandia Was A Vodka"! ;)
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:31pm chris glenn:

dig it when you two play together...
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:31pm Robert:

I always add lyrics, "I'm thinking of you, I'm thinking of you...damn it, damn it!"
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:31pm Matt from Springfield:

@david: Ah, you're confusing that guy with most other guys screaming "Obama!" on Clay's street recordings!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:31pm steve:

i feel like OBAAAMAA guy was pro but appeared to be mentally ill?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:32pm steve:

Fabio wins this round
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:32pm Philo Gristle:

@Matt That's RIGHT. And Nokia used to make rubber boots. I owned a pair. They were great.
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:32pm djelrock:

Vote: Fabio
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:32pm northguineahills:

Vote: Fabio.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:33pm kat330:

Well, the artist's name is really ASSonant. [Dale Bacon]
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Eastern Mennonite University!!! GooooOOO Harrisonburg VA! And Clay's Classics!! (My Dad was not only a JMU/Madison College grad but was a townie for a couple years before then).
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:33pm Philo Gristle:

I vote bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Doesn't matter what Fab picks. I vote bacon.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:33pm sFrances from VA:

Vote: Fabio

(tho next round might go to Clay: a Menonite named Bacon? Hell yeah.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:33pm dale:

wifey kyle said i should change my name to dale bacon.
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:34pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Harrisonburg VA, home of Blue Nile, very groovy Ethiopian restaurant with a performance venue downstairs.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:34pm steve:

Clay might win a round with the sound of bacon frying
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:34pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

My god this Mennonite thing is whacked.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:34pm Night Al:

I wonder if some of these artists ever know when their old songs get played on a show like this?
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:34pm Matt from Springfield:

@Philo: Wow, like Mitsubishi I guess, manufacturing a wide variety of different things. (Too bad they didn't stick with rubber boots, could've made a spy phone inside a boot nowadays!)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:35pm kat330:

@dale: DO IT! But would SHE take Bacon as her surname??
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:35pm david_:

diebold is messing with the vote tabulations... i give clay and fabio 10 each so far
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:35pm steve:

geez Clay, talk about taking a quote out of context!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:35pm estimo:

I'm in for kaleidoscopic fabio at the moment!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:35pm Matt from Springfield:

@RTD: Have you stopped by in Harrisonburg, or visited there and stayed a while?
(And there at least usedta be a Blue Nile in DC, a common Ethiopian business name I presume).
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:35pm sFrances from VA:

i like how Clay selectively read Steve's comment about winning this round….
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:35pm Curt:

One website says: A a pure studio concoction, the futuristic “Kaleidoscope” was in reality the brainchild of Jim “Jimmy” Gordon, a session bassist who recorded a few other ‘60s instrumental freakouts on the Challenge label.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:36pm kat330:

Dale Bacon to Lee Moses? Something biblical about this battle.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:36pm sFrances from VA:

I'll be there…..
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:36pm sFrances from VA:

Fabio is the first one to make me go into Dance Party mode….
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@Night Al: "What the...a royalty check for 7 cents?? Where'd this come from??!"

I vote for THIS Four Tops instro!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:36pm chocolate monk:

woaaaaah that last clay song made me thankful i didnt eat those hash brownies
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:37pm kat330:

Wellllll, I meeeeaaaan, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. So almost any version would make me smile, but....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:37pm dale:

i'll give clay the nod on this one, only because it's an original tune he presented us with
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:37pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

@Matt - I played that Blue Nile in Harrisonburg couple of times -- the vittles upstairs were tasty indeed. Just passing thru on tour, didn't stick around long enough to dig the town much, alas.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:37pm Philo Gristle:

@Matt And of course, it really is the name of the city where the company was originally located. Thus even moreso, they overtook a town and made it a brand.
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:37pm chris glenn:

great Fab!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:37pm chocolate monk:

i love seven rooms!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:38pm benny:

clay with all good faith i can not vote for you...Fabio gets my vote on this one.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:38pm Night Al:

My first record was Sugar Sugar by The Archies. It came as a cardboard cut-out on a box of Sugar Smacks cereal. I played it on my sisters portable 45 record player. It was exciting!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:38pm djelrock:

Round 2: both songs blow. I'll hav to give it to Clay.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:38pm kat330:

Thanks for finishing my sentence, dale.
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@RTD: Tibs + injera 4evah!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:38pm steve:

vote Fabio
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:39pm dale:

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:39pm kat330:

Whatcha talkin' about Willis?!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:39pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:39pm Mutant:

Wow, this is a tough one
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:39pm sFrances from VA:

-50 to Clay for playing anything by Bruce Willis…;)
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:39pm Greg from Bloomfield:

<forehead smack>
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:40pm Eric:

bada bing
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:40pm sFrances from VA:

Clay: do you have anything by The Remainders? featuring Stephen King, Amy Tan…..
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:40pm Mutant:

Fabio can win this round by playing anything that isn't bruce willis
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:40pm dale:

remember how we were glued to moonlighting to see if they would do it?
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:40pm Matt from Springfield:

ZOMG! Ha! :)
One of the jukeboxes my grandfather bought on clearance had this as a record! :P

Only found out later this was originally a very good Staples Singers song from '71!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:40pm kat330:

WHATever Fabio plays, he'll win!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm InBrkly:

But Hudson Hawk was under rated!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm sFrances from VA:

ooops, I meant the Rock Bottom Remainders
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm Consuela:

Vote: Clay!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm chocolate monk:

i liked moonlighting as a kid, then this just killed it.
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Out of context quote central from Clay tonight! :)

@kat: I dunno...WHAT is he talkin bout?? ;)
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm benny:

Vote: clay via the slick willy
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm northguineahills:

John Holt wins, hands down!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm Matt from Springfield:

JOHN HOLT!!!! A great and sometimes overlooked classic reggae singer!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm DMcK:

OK, looks like Clay is trying to lose on purpose now.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm kat330:

Clear Fabio vote. Reggae gets me every time.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm david_:

John Holt the education reformer had a reggae singing career, who knew.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm steve:

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:41pm sFrances from VA:

ouch. -50 to Fabio for anything reggae.

is there a 3rd party that i can vote for on this round?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:42pm steve:

sFrances, apparently you can also vote for bacon
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:42pm Eric:

yeah all reggae is stupid, that's not what people who dress like me listen to
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:43pm Philo Gristle:

I once handled the Willis record. It was the strangest smelling record I've ever sniffed. Really. I'll give this round to Clay if he confirms the record smells funny.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:43pm kat330:

Speaking of "cut in" -- that was quite a Clay cut to Fabio just then "wears on you." :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:44pm davex:

Clay, play some reggae too...
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:44pm sFrances from VA:

Clay, you left out the negative 50 points that i gave YOU!!!…..(& while reggae doesn't appeal to me, i don't think it's stupid. just not my thang)
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:44pm djelrock:

Round 3: Clay. Bruce Willis singing? That's a rare find. I'm sick of reggae covers.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:44pm kat330:

Hahahahah! You are a hoot and a half, Clayster!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:44pm dc pat:

Me like reggae + 100
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:45pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Sounds like somebody needs some reggae inna their jeggae...
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:45pm c glenn:

great Clay great!! let's boogie...
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:45pm sFrances from VA:

ok, i dig anything that's bobby soxer -ish, so good on ya Clay but we'll see what Fabio brings….
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:45pm Matt from Springfield:

You could have played an actual Jamaican candy single, Millie Small's "My Boy Lollipop". An early intro to the ska beat for Americans back in '64.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:45pm kat330:

Yeah, Frances, get riggy with it! ;)
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:46pm dc pat:

Dumb duck = 100
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:46pm Andy says hi:

Sandy pillow ligning?
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Clay, all the latest and greatest in Bobby Soxer and Bobby Soxer-ish tunes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:47pm estimo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:47pm steve:

negative eleventy billion
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:47pm Mutant:

Fabio should just play Goblin again
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:47pm david_:

gumdrop = +100 for its "shave and a haircut" style ending.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:48pm dale:

they were both good, but fabs wins by a nose.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:48pm sFrances from VA:

BOOOM, this round goes to Fabio again.
play that geeeeetar like a washboard!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:48pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Always great to hear both Clay and Fabio!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:48pm mickah:

Fabio here. This ones dangerous.
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:48pm c glenn:

weirdly wonderful Fab
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:48pm steve:

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:49pm Night Al:

Finally got a cool front that moved through St Petersburg, Florida today! Suns still up and it's only 69 degrees!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:49pm Joe B:

Adrian Lloyd cut this crazy vocal LIVE while playing the drums!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:49pm dc pat:

Dang Fab, great tune! Let's see... Uh, 2000 points?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:49pm sFrances from VA:

but this round was the most neck & neck round...
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:49pm Matt from Springfield:

"Fill 'er up" Phillip! How are ya? :)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:49pm kat330:

Yes, Fabio on this one.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:49pm northguineahills:

yeah, that guitar kills!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:49pm estimo:

Fab = Fab + 101
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:49pm E.T.Smith:

Fabio is trying to win by musical discretion. Clay Pigeon by raw charisma. Clay pigeon is winning.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:50pm kat330:

Sample the screams for next Thursday folks.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:50pm Night Al:

Bo Diddley beat and Iggy screaming... LOVE IT!!!!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:50pm Philo Gristle:

Great Fab! Second only to Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:50pm glenn:

i approve this adrian lloyd.
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:50pm Ted:

Fabio is as hot as a smoking pistol in A Fist Full Of Dollars 198.654 points!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:50pm kat330:

Matt, I notice how "politic" you're being. DC has taken you over, my friend.
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:50pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Great Matt! Hope everyone has been well since i last communicated.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:51pm dale:

clay's selections have heart and soul - fab'seses has flash and beat
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:51pm djelrock:

Man, this is nuts. I didnt like either. Tied at Zero votes. I LOVE when you guys do this. Always entertaining n educative.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:51pm sFrances from VA:

ooooh, i've loved this song for quite awhile…this one could go to Clay….
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:51pm kat330:

Ooooh, I like this, Clay! Fabs, your work's cut out for the next single.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:52pm kat330:

FRANCES!!! Ooooh, a jinx on an oooohh! :)
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:52pm dc pat:

  Thu. 10/24/13 6:52pm djelrock:

Terrible 80's music Clay. -infinity
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:52pm sFrances from VA:

is it bad the only song i recognized so far is about crack? uhhhhh….
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:52pm Phillip in San Antonio:

This reminds me a bit of M.C. Scat Cat.
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:52pm Consuela:

Fabio plays great music of the type I already like, Clay forces me to enjoy things I'd never even think to listen to. Got to give the point to Clay!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Great, Phillip!

@kat: Just gettin' out in and amongst my voters, er, commenters! Never forget a name...and NEVER put on a hat! (see: Dukakis, M)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:53pm chocolate monk:

ahhh, the inspiration behind Princes "Sign 'o' The Times"
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:53pm Mutant:

This sounds like Prince's cousin or something
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:53pm sFrances from VA:

Kat: i'll buy a Pepsi for the jinx!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:53pm david_:

"death lives in the rock house," there's a lesson for all of us in there.
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@chocolate monk: MANY inspirations, or stuff that came before. Grandmaster Mel's "White Lines", other great tracks on that subject.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:54pm chocolate monk:

or the other way about??? I aint down with the pop music.. 7 points to clay
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:54pm sFrances from VA:

Consuela: you deserve a few points for your comment, well said.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:54pm sFrances from VA:

Clay wins THIS round….
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:54pm Matt from Springfield:

"Hey Aqualung!"
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:54pm c glenn:

fingers snappin' Fab
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:55pm Night Al:

I loved it that they ended Breaking Bad with Bad Finger's song Baby Blue!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:55pm kat330:

@Matt: How many babies have you kissed today?
@Frances: Shall we make it a gingerale instead? [Pepsi's too, er, something for me.]
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:55pm djelrock:

Much better vibe, 60's beat jazz. Not bsd. Round 5: Fabio
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:55pm benny:

fabio is covers only man vote for clay.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:55pm steve:

another one for Fab! Technical Foul for Clay taking not one but two of my comments out of context! boooo
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:55pm dale:

jazz flautist goes down in flames
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:56pm sFrances from VA:

@Katt: ginger ale it is! or hooch.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:56pm InBrkly:

Not once this week have I heard Stars on 45. Too obvious?
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:56pm mb:

fabio is killin'. clay is coming at him with the ironically mediocre.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:56pm david_:

Clay gets +30 for weather and traffic on the 6's
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:57pm kat330:

OK, sarsaparilla it is.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 6:57pm davex:

The verdict: All your songs sound very nice.
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: None yet, but there's still time to run outside and kiss some in their strollers! And a camera, for the op.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:57pm estimo:

Its a tie except fab wins
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:57pm Night Al:

Tell Andy to change his theme song!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:57pm kat330:

THANKS, dudes! It was a news hour treat! :) Bye all you good people!
  Thu. 10/24/13 6:58pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Fabio wins
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:58pm Philo Gristle:

Rubber Duck out! Night, owl!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 10/24/13 6:58pm dale:

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:58pm sFrances from VA:

cheers y'all! keep those memory alive & not in a jar!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 6:58pm chocolate monk:

fabio (as always) wins the duel
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@davex: All radio duels are very nice! :)

Bye kat and Philo! Jam-packed hour of fun indeed! Maybe even preserves-packed! Night owl!
Avatar    Thu. 10/24/13 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Clay and Fab for a joyous hour! Good night all Pigeonnaires! Never forget--SINGLES!
  Thu. 10/24/13 7:00pm Eric:

is this record on the right speed?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 7:00pm cbk:

Fabio always wins, for pure cool.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 10/24/13 7:02pm davex:

@Matt and all: good night!
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