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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options September 23, 2013: Meaty Okra

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Manuel Gottsching  Deep Distance   Options The Private Tapes Vol. 2         
Richard Youngs  Spin Me Endless In the Universe   Options live at WFMU      full amazing session on Dan Bodah's Airborne Event show  0:20:52 ()
Harry Nilsson  Early in the Morning (alternate version)   Options Nilsson Sessions (1968-1971)        0:35:19 ()
Faust  So Far   Options So Far        0:45:28 ()
Disappears  Power   Options Era        0:51:18 ()
Sujo  Gaol   Options Ondan        0:55:43 ()
Abraham & Betty Lass  exc   Options American Pronunciation: The Correct Pronunciation of Hundreds of Frequently Mispronounced Words        1:02:15 ()
Qa'a  Perpetu   Options Vesprada        1:03:22 ()
Three Legged Race  Jet Animal   Options Wrong Element      Burning Star Core offshoot  1:07:25 ()
Body/Head  Ain't   Options Coming Apart      Kim Gordon/Bill Nace  1:14:06 ()
Crystal Stilts  Future Folklore   Options Nature Noir        1:20:03 ()
The Blind Shake  Can't Stand Life   Options Key to a False Door        1:22:34 ()
Crass  Smother Love   Options Penis Envy        1:24:14 ()
Arnold Dreyblatt & Megafaun  Home Hat Placement   Options Appalachian Excitation  Northern Spy      1:36:08 ()
Tamikrest  Assikal   Options Chatma        1:44:15 ()
amEdeo  Letter One   Options       cover: Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized"; summer may be over, but our Suicidal Summer keeps cooking!  1:48:58 ()
Gustav Holst  Neptune, The Mystic   Options The Planets        1:52:59 ()
amEdeo  Letter Two   Options         2:00:50 ()
Psychic TV  Mother Jack (A Children's Story)   Options Trip Reset        2:07:22 ()
Van Halen  Sunday Afternoon in the Park / One Foot Out The Door   Options Fair Warning        2:16:30 ()
Bablicon  tr 4   Options The Orange Tapered Moon        2:20:14 ()
Pigeons  Tout Nulle Part   Options They Sweetheart Stammers        2:24:46 ()
Pain Teens  A Knife   Options S/t, 1988        2:30:13 ()
Destruction Unit  Bumpy Road   Options Deep Trip  Sacred Bones      2:34:08 ()
Cured Pink  Body Body Body I Need It Need It Need It   Options 7"  Black Petal      2:40:23 ()
Xex  Form Follows Function   Options Change  Dark Entries  1981    2:45:07 ()
Drinking Electricity  Fall   Options Overload  Survival  1982    2:49:39 ()
Dennis Harte  Summer's Over   Options         2:53:24 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 3:03pm DCE:

happy Monday to ya, Scotty
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:05pm common:

good day, scott and dce!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:08pm Scott Williams:

Afternoon, buddies! Happy Monday to youze
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 3:11pm DCE:

sounds great, just wish I was in bed watching eyelid movies.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 3:17pm Yair Yona:

Scott you're good to me. I stopped Clint Mansel's soundtrack of Moon and you surprise me with kosmish!
  Mon. 9/23/13 3:21pm Matt W:

Hey Scott! I survived multiple bear attacks this weekend! Unfortunately, most of my limbs are gone...
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 3:24pm Ellirb:

Perfect start! Love that it lasted so long
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 3:28pm glenn:

i bet they weren't polar bears.
  Mon. 9/23/13 3:29pm bloopy:

Morning Scotty!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:30pm Irene Trudel:

This Richard Youngs track is quite lovely!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:30pm Scott Williams:

That's real good news Matt! Morning bloopy!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 3:31pm Yair Yona:

This is a really beautiful song by Richard
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:34pm tim from champaign:

Hi Scott and Scottifiers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:34pm Andrea:

This is incredible!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:35pm steve:

damn... great sound, this sounds as good as his albums. FMU engineers do it again!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...so...Julian Cope. Lonnie Holley & Richard Youngs walk into a bar - & the bartender is John Cale...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:37pm Scott Williams:

or Richard Thompson
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...different shift...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:41pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...anyhow - punchline - hilarity ensues...&tc. ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:44pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- oh yes! *You* was enga- near. Nice one indeed Sir SW!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:46pm Carmichael:

Danny Blumin played Richard Youngs via Dan Bodah over the weekend. Confusing.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 3:46pm Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, Scott, and all. Good luck with the not smoking thing, I hear its a bitch to stop once and for all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:46pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:47pm common:

i hear you, scott. I'm broke this week, and not smoking is a big bunch of no fun!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 3:47pm Chop Scott:

I hear ya brother, been chewing the walls...
  Mon. 9/23/13 3:48pm Torbjørn:

Hey, Scott. Hope your increased nicotine cravings aren't related to the mess that I feel was likely made of your office on Friday. My recollection is a bit low on details on the end there, but I might have left with the table there in quite a state .. Sorry about that, I'll make it up to you next time !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:50pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

~>>*You CAN DO IT !!*<<~
...think of your lungs - tasting food - being relaxed...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:53pm Scott Williams:

thanks for the support group, pals! Oh, I'm doin' it - no way back, no way. Torbjørn, great to have you with us the past week! Don't worry about the mess (which you can see pics of on the FB), it's a weekly thing!~ Tho I am thinking I'm gonna stop worrying abt it too, haha
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 3:55pm Carmichael:

Try chewing some o dat nicotine gum, and carry a short straw on your hand for fiddlin' with. Worked for a friend of mine.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:01pm Eyepatch Fox:

Torbjørn! Greetings to you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:02pm Mike East:

I chew a lot of gum now that I'm off cigarettes...gotta be the right brand/flavor, too, or else I freak out.
  Mon. 9/23/13 4:03pm Kathy:

I don't think it is the nicotine you are craving as much as the many hundreds of poisons and toxins they add to the tobacco. They are masters at controlling addictions and then blame us for our "behavior" while they manipulate us the whole time. In short ACTIVATED CHARCOAL
helps to detox us all, for any reason......
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:06pm Eyepatch Fox:

I agree Kathy. My fellow has Tourette's and he found that smoking always helped reduce the tics. When I started smoking an electronic cigarette, he tried as well, but found that the nicotine-mist didn't have any effect. We figured out it was all the extra awful crap in the cigarettes that calmed him, and that kept him addicted, not the nicotine.
  Mon. 9/23/13 4:08pm Kathy:

  Mon. 9/23/13 4:09pm Torbjørn:

Hey, Eyepatch Fox ! .. I hope I didn't say anything too stupid in the late hours there, I do have a tendency to rave and rant after a few. I popped into this bar right of Lorimer on my way home, which had this counter that was raised where you would lean on it. After setting two drinks directly on the raising edge, causing them to spill over the whole counter, I realized I was probably on my limit, and just had to bail out of there. Embarrassing stuff, but oh man, did I have a great time on Friday. Thank you !
  Mon. 9/23/13 4:11pm Kathy:

Activated charcoal is AMAZING.
It is used for pharmaceutical detox, food poisoning, most poisonings, headache, diarrhea, infections, gangrene and so much more.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:11pm Eyepatch Fox:

Hooray! You didn't seem excessively inebriated whatsoever, and I enjoyed our conversation! I'm glad you had fun!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:13pm Eyepatch Fox:

I like the fact that this pronunciation guide includes NY/NJ accents in it's correctness. "nauseous":D
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:14pm Eyepatch Fox:

(activated charcoal IS great. That and milk thistle is always in my medicine cabinet)
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:18pm glenn:

hmmmm. i'm willing to bet that a national health care plan would be a better solution to medical bankruptcy than activated charcoal.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:19pm Ellirb:

Couldn't find any pictures on FB ? Butt tattoo guy demands photographic evidence of Torbjørn messing up WFMU !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:25pm Scott Williams:

Ahhh, Ellirb, it's you! It's just a picture of a messy boozy table that Torbjørn was by no means alone in messing
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:27pm Cheri Pi:

Nice boozy beersies bottles BtW SW, i admired them this morning with pride.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:28pm tim from champaign:

Hey Scott, you can do it! I quit smoking cold turkey 8 years ago after smoking for 16 years. I remember feeling like a real jerk for quitting when I initially stopped. After about 6 months I could rationalize that having a smoke would make me feel like shit. After about a year, I felt like I was over the hump.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:28pm Chris M.:

great show classic song
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:28pm Cheri Pi:

Crass! Does anyone else have the "problem" of 20 year olds running around town w/ Crass tattoos?
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:30pm glenn:

not reeeeeeeally, c.p., but when the 55 year old's crass tattoos stretch and fade, that IS an issue.
  Mon. 9/23/13 4:30pm moose:

hi music and everybody from strolling through the 79th st transverse
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:34pm glenn:

gaol is british.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:35pm glenn:

From Middle English gayole, gaylle, gaille, gayle, gaile, via Old French gaiole, gayolle, gaole, from Medieval Latin gabiola, for *caveola, a diminutive of Latin cavea (“cavity, coop, cage”).
IPA(key): /dʒeɪl/
Rhymes: -eɪl
gaol (plural gaols)
(UK, Ireland, Australia) Alternative spelling of jail.  [quotations ▼]
Usage notes[edit]
Gaol was formerly the usual spelling, and is still preferred in some proper names. Most Australian newspapers use jail rather than gaol, citing either narrower print width or the possibility of transposing letters in gaol to produce goal. [1]
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:36pm steve:

Twenty Year Olds with Band Tattoos, a tumblr just waiting to happen
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:39pm adam_nspy:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:40pm Scott Williams:

Hey Adam! Yeah, it's great
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:40pm Scott Williams:

thank you Glenn! Steve, I agree!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:40pm Cheri Pi:

They had Rogue, they had Dogfish head, even winesies! If that boozy table of empties could talk.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:43pm adam_nspy:

Scott - the track is called "Home Hat Placement" - Did we forget to put the track titles on the CD packaging?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:45pm Scott Williams:

C.P. thank GOD that table cannot talk. Adam, haha - yep! It's probably on the disc. thanks for the title
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:47pm Scott Williams:

Adam, scratch that - no titles anywhere on here!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:49pm northguineahills:

Just reading about the Dreyblatt/Magafaun album during lunch.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:50pm Carmichael:

All hail Dead Guy Ale! Rogue River is highly enjoyable in its hopness.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:51pm DCE:

been sick and haven't had a beersie all weekend. life is certainly different without it.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:53pm Chris from DC:

This is brilliant.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:53pm Cheri Pi:

Oh noe! Hugsies (((DCE))) there is only disgusting Woodchuck "Fall" cider in the CP/HQ fridge, I moved it into the drawer reserved for batteries. I must get to the beersies-mart afterwork,. Maybe i cann clean the drains with that nasty cider?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:54pm Mike East:

i had a shocktop belgian white yesterday. not bad.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:54pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:54pm DCE:

never had that cider...seems like it's getting more and more popular these daysies.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:55pm northguineahills:

I love this realization of institutionalized.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:56pm Cheri Pi:

Yuck-don't do it DCE. try a dryer flavor and not the Fall varietal. Angry Orchard is the brand I trust with such things.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:56pm Cheri Pi:

I feel like there are several more parts to that piece we just heard.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:57pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

WAAH, missed a bit of Nilsson & Crass.
Howdy folks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 4:58pm tim from champaign:

Mrs. tfc enjoys the Woodchuck variety 12 pack except for the seasonals. I agree. They're grody usually. I like the Angry Orchard ginger cider.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 4:58pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

What cider you on, bub?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:01pm Carmichael:

Yikes, ginger sounds good. I'll coerce my local cider brewer into branching out. He only does apple and pomegranate currently, both crisp.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:02pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Always dug this choral bit in Neptune...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:04pm tim from champaign:

Pomegranate cider? Crisp? Sounds deeeelicious!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:05pm fleep:

I say! Jolly good padded cell.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:10pm Serpico:

yaaaay i made it at last to an airing of Scott's program again!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:12pm Carmichael:

I don't know why I like Suicidal Tendencies, as it's not at all my style of music. But I do, especially Institutionalized.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:15pm Serpico:

i <3 Psychic TV
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:16pm Ellirb:

Scott; Never mind, I'll just look at my table on sunday.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:19pm Serpico:

i also <3 Suicidal Tendencies...just not in the literal sense
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:21pm chris:

This track totally blew my mind first time I heard it... as I'm sure it did others... thanks for taking me back, Scott!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:22pm Carmichael:

Whoa. I know this dude ...
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:23pm PAF:

Ah - when my Blauplunkt was worth more than my Gremlin
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:26pm the glowing one:

is this a remix of the Morning Song from Frith's Step Across the Border?
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:27pm the glowing one:

because that riff I remember well
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:30pm tim from champaign:

Dang, Fair Warning is the only David Lee Roth era VH record I don't have. It'll now on my radar as I peruse the dollar bins.
  Mon. 9/23/13 5:34pm Torbjørn:

Cider came up, and I can't help myself but to give a shout out to Aspall Cyder; so good ! http://goo.gl/QaEe4l. Also Hardangercider, close to where one branch of my family comes from, is very good, but might be hard to find. It pretty much comes from a postcard, http://goo.gl/zt4SDh.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:35pm Eyepatch Fox:

Whoah. I want to go there and drink cider!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:38pm Serpico:

never knew there were so many types of cider
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:41pm glenn:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:45pm Carmichael:

Here's my friend's business page: www.tworiverscider.com Many delicious choices!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:45pm Serpico:

what state is ON? Ontario?
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:47pm northguineahills:

It's rare that I like a cider, most are too sweet for me.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:48pm glenn:

yes. ontario.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:49pm glenn:

which is an old indian word meaning "the mayor of our biggest city is a drunken crack smoking moron".
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:49pm Carmichael:

Try a Snakebite, apple cider and Guiness. When you're finished saying ewww, it actually tastes pretty ok.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:50pm Carmichael:

Glenn, sounds like DC in the good ol' days.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:51pm Serpico:

@Glenn aren't most mayors like that? XD
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:51pm glenn:

or new jersey, where mayors operate organ smuggling rings.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:52pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

neener neener neener
...it's *my* 'weekend'...
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:53pm Serpico:

DC has a mayor? i find that odd since its where the actual President of the nation resides.

mayors do that in NJ!!? :X i should protect mine since i live in the state.
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:54pm glenn:

Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:56pm glenn:

also this en.wikipedia.org...
  Mon. 9/23/13 5:57pm Steve-O:

Hey Scott.....great show today. =)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/23/13 5:57pm Scott Williams:

thanks Steve-O! and thanks everyone for bein' there. see you next week!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:58pm Serpico:



and nooo! the show is already over!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 5:59pm northguineahills:

Man, icepicks of the sun, awesome set, Scott!
Avatar Mon. 9/23/13 6:01pm Serpico:

all i wanted was a Pepsi, but she wouldn't give it to me :(
  Tue. 9/24/13 10:41pm Stan Lee Junior:

Sweet transitions, sweet moods.
  Wed. 9/25/13 8:48am raga:

good luck on the smoking cessation, Scott. it is an admirable goal, and you are right to do it.
  Thu. 9/26/13 7:28pm tahomajohn:

Great show Scott! I am now listening to it for a third time... love that archive:)
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